The Dark Mirror Apathy


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Scene Title The Dark Mirror - Apathy
Synopsis What goes on with the trio upstairs..then Gene comes up in time to see the first dark mirror, apathy.

"Note to self: Knock newbie out.." Maia says, still huffy and puffy from the whole ordeal as she wrinkles her nose while running her fingers through her hair as she sighs softly, toning down her light just a bit. "Um..need me to focus? I can focus it into a flashlight?" she offers, letting Rupert go out in front before sighing as she wraps her arms around Haldor's and leans against him. "I hate David by the way..just needed to get that said."

Rupert simply glances back at Maia over the top of his sunglasses, then pushes them up and dashes quietly up the dark passage. "Just point it behind us in case something gets the idea to flank."

Haldor, with a Maia wrapped around him, looks over his shoulder. Somewhere during this time, one of his drumsticks has turned into the Viking equivalent of a xiphos. Sometimes you just need to have a really frickin' short sword. The Viking shrugs a little bit at Maia and offers a subdued smile.

"He has his moments."

"He's always like that. His dad didnt spank him hard enough.."she says with a bit of a huff.

At the request she focuses most of her light towards her palm becoming more of a spotlightout in front. However, the rest of her body provides enough illumination so that the trio can see each other quite easily. Visibility towards the front is now a good fifteen feet or so, and everywhere else is about six.

As they make their way up the stairs they reach a long corridor. There are wet squishy sounds that can be heard, and as the light starts to reveal what's in front of them, various symbols can be seen. It's the symbols of their perspective pantheons on the walls and it continues for a while until there's an impish giggle. It sounds like a child, but the sound is out of the range of Maia's 'flashlight'.

Rupert can see something ahead outside of Maia's range. It's a young boy dressed in a pair of khaki shorts, loafers and a white shirt. He's black haired, brown eyed and only about four feet tall. He's waving towards the trio.

Rupert freezes in his tracks and grips his bagh-nakh. "Oh, that's not bleeding suspicious at all, is it?" he mutters to himself, then adds to the others, "Be on your guard. There's a kid up there, and ten'll get you twenty it's not really a kid."5r

Haldor pauses a moment or two after Rupert does. The Viking continues to mostly face the rear of the group, guarding the "flank". Briefly he glances in the same direction as Rupert, but sees nothing. With a shrug, Haldor returns to guarding the rear.

And soon the boy starts approaching. It doesnt look like he means harm and soon he's even visible to Maia and Haldor. He's smiling brightly, cute as cute can be as he cants his head while peering towards the trio. "Hello!" he chirps merrily beaming the entire time. "It's been a long time since anyone's come here ya know.."

Maia just freezes and looks towards the boy. She smiles merrily back not knowing any better. She tends to give people the benefit of the doubt afterall. "Um..hello!"

"Back off, boy," Rupert warns, claws at the ready. "Less you wanna lose an ear. I'm not as nice as Sailor Senshi, so how's about you tell me a story? It involves where we are, what's going on, and who you are."

Haldor watches the child out of the corner of his eye. Color the Viking suspicious, but he'd rather keep an eye on the rear than watch this kid who… Well. You know.

"Ooooh storytime! Okay!" he chirps merrily letting out another soft chuckle under his breath as he wriggles his fingers towards Maia and then Haldor. Soon he speaks in a poetic stacatto: "Dreamless dorm, ticking clock; I walk away from the soundless room. Windless night, moonlight melts; My ghostly shadow to the lukewarm gloom. Nightly dance of bleeding swords, Reminds me that I still live. I will burn my dread. I once ran away from the god of fear and he chained me to despair."

And then he cants his head towards Rupert beore he applauds giggling once more quite happily. "How was that?!?"

"Maia," Rupert intones in a sing-song voice. "Deal with this kid or I'm gonna cut him."

Haldor offers a subdued smile to the child. Well, technically it's a subdued half-smile because Haldor is not directly facing the kid, so he can get away with a half-smile. Under his breath, Haldor mutters something about 'Good night moon.'

"I wish I had Bulfinch's Mythology..or Edith Hamilton's would've helped.." she wrinkles her nose as she baps Rupert upside the head. "He's a kid. Don't cut him!" she whines a little wrinkling a little as she looks towards the both of them. "God of Fear..that's the Titan Mikaboshi amongst my people. What about you guys? It might be a connection?"

"Mum's group don't categorize like that," Rupert replies, rubbing his head. "Plus, if he's actually a kid, I'll eat my belt. And need I remind you, riddles don't help a sodding thing? Unless you'd care to figure out how to speak gibberish in the next minute."

Haldor shrugs a little bit. "I suppose it could have something to do with Loki and Fenris… Or, uh… Wasn't there a Greek immortal that got chained up to be eaten by vultures on a daily basis?" The Viking is a little out of his element.

"The god of guys do not know much.." the boy giggles with amusement as he starts running towards them before he starts looking towards them curiously, wrinkling her nose as he hrmms for a few moments. "But I think I like you three..I'll help you out!" he chirps merrily. "But you have to be my friends and promise to visit me.." he says with a sage nod.

"Right, kid," Rupert says, blowing smoke. He crouches down to look him in the eye. "We'll drop by from time to time. Maybe bring biscuits."

"Yeah, well. I'm not supposed to be the smart one," remarks Haldor. He continues to offer that subdued half-smile to the child. The Viking's attention is continually split between the kid and the rear of the group. Just in case.

"Then get smarter. Your dark mirror knows more.." he says with another bright smile as he looks towards Rupert before canting at him curiously. "And you..can care more. No sexy groupies if the Titans destroy the world!" he says with a soft and amused chuckle under his breath. "And you.." he says pointing towards Maia. "Need to grow up.."

Maia just twitches a little. She just got told off by a ten year old.

"It's not about caring, boy. It's about playing to my strengths," Rupert replies. "And with this lot, I've got damned few of them." He shrugs. "Anyway, I'll tell you that story when I come back. For now, what's with the riddle? Keep in mind we're not the world's greatest brains here."

"Yeah. I never got into mystery stories, kid. Can't we just talk straight forward?"

Haldor lets his smile droop a bit. This is vaguely creepy - especially the part about his dark mirror.

"Then you're not thinking enough about your strengths.." he says with another soft chuckle of amusement under his breath as he looks over towards Rupert. "And you have to figure it out. Before it's too late.." he says with another bright smile and a thumb's up. He then peers over towards Haldor and hrmms for a few moments. "The loom of fate is broken..everything is a mystery now. But your dark mirrors, they all know…each and every one of you..have a dark mirror..BEWARE!" he says before laughing and falling onto his butt as he giggles with glee.

Maia's lips just continue to twitch, speechless.

"That's what you brought us up here for?" Rupert asks in disbelief. "To tell us we're not good enough, we got, er, Dark Mirrors, and nobody knows what the bloody hell is going on." He rolls his eyes. "Can you tell us anything, I dunno, useful?"

"So is your riddle a test we have to pass in order to continue on our way?" inquires Haldor. The Viking sizes the kid up with one eye, the other one still directed back the hallway and stairs. Quietly he ponders the riddle and the child's… Creepy amusement.

"Uh huh! See, you're not slow of wit!" the boy says beaming happily as someone is starting to get things now. He chuckles softly as he continues laughing as he bows before them. "I will tell you one thing..the Dark Hour will continue every night. The doors will open every night and it will be only a matter of time before something comes out." and he starts to skip merrily around the trio.

"Voiceless town, tapping feet. I clench my fist in pockets tight. Far in mist a tower awaits, like a merciless tomb, devouring moonlight. Clockwork maze, end unknown, in frozen time a staircase stands. Shadows crawl on bloodstained flood, I rush straight ahead with a sword in hands, but…" and he pauses looking towards them again. "Hopefully you three do not get cut!" and he laughs once more quite amused and pleased with himself.

"That's it," Rupert states. "I'm done. If I want to listen to utter gibberish and laughing kids, I'll do another concert in Tokyo." He steps back and leans against the wall. "One of you see if you can make any sense of that rubbish."

Soon, the boy starts to sing: "We're all trapped in a maze of relationships. Life goes on with or with out you. I swim in the sea of the unconscious. I search for your heart pursuing my true self…""

It's with a soft whistling that goes eerily well in tune with the boy's singing that someone approaches from the direction of the stairs - the light from Maia spilling over the fedora'd godling in silhouette, casting his features into darkness as he pauses to take note of something he sees upon the wall. Then, onward, Gene approaches the gathered scions. "Hello," he greets in casual tones once more, "Everything going alright up here? Dark Hour's almost over, from certain frames of reference."

"Get up on your feet, teardown the walls. Catch a glimpse of the hollow world. Snooping 'round will get you nowhere. You're locked up in your mind~" the boy continues to sing as he lets out a soft chuckle under his breath as he looks out towards the others, blinking towards them. "Still havent figured it out? That man has.." he says pointing towards Gene.

"Clockwork maze? Devouring moonlight?"

Haldor looks like he can almost taste the sense that these clues should make. It's just a matter of being able to articulate his theories where Haldor is having trouble. The Viking pauses a moment and brings his viking xiphos up, about a half-second from lunging at Gene before recognition sets in.

"The… Phases of the moon? The eclipse cycle?"

Rupert just continues to lean back against the wall, arms crossed in front of him as he lets the others get frustrated for a while. And ponders.

The young boy claps five times and cries out as he jumps nup and down towards Haldor, "And Bingo Was His Name-o!"

Haldor arches his eyebrows at the kid. Silently he looks from the child to Rupert to Maia to Gene and then back again. Apparently, Haldor is a little taken aback… Not to mention not entirely sure which answer is the right one. While he's looking around, Haldor's xiphos changes to a war hammer.

"So. Uh. Time to break some walls?"

The words of the boy's song continues to go through her head and a sudden realization comes down. "This..this can't be real. Do what he says..break down the walls!" she cries out with a bit of urgency.

Rupert glances over at Haldor and shrugs. "What the hell." He turns and aims a series of high kicks at the wall behind him.

"All things fall apart," Gene observes, his lips twitching in a slight smile at the calls and words of the others, pausing not far away from the others — though far enough that he doesn't get accidentally skewered by Haldor.

Haldor takes a deep breath, channeling his power through his body.The Viking promptly sets about smashing his increasingly large war hammer against the walls decorated with furthark runes.

And soon, the walls tear down in the wall. Once again there is an inky blackness but soon, the quartet finds themselves in another room. There's red carpet on the floor and there's a bed. On it is Rupert having sex with five women at the same time. Though it really isnt Rupert for he's still standing with the others.

"This is bloody 'mazin. Just sex. I'm so fucking high off my ass. I am fucking the greatest person ever. Fuck the others. I hate 'em. I feel useless. I cant do jack shit. I cant fight as well as David. I'm not as smart as Maia. I'm not as strong as Haldor. And Jolie..she has a sweet ass, I'd like to tap that.."

Welcome to the first dark mirror: Rupert.

Rupert tilts his head to one side and stares. "….the hell? You can't feel useless -and- like the greatest person on earth at the same time, shithead."

"She does have a nice ass," Gene points out absently to Rupert as the world's torn apart around them by the hammer's mighty crash, adding after a moment, "I'm just saying. I was walking behind her earlier. Nice view."

"… Man. I didn't need to see this."

Haldor facepalms, although he may be discretely attempting to not see or even unsee the scene before him. The Viking's hammer seems to have disappeared, replaced by a drumstick.


Maia stands behind Haldor, mirroring his movements as she closes her eyes and buries her face against his back. "Ewwww, Hairy Indian Sex.." she grumps.

And there is 'Rupert' stepping out of bed in his full hairy naked glory. He laughs heartily and stares towards the quartet, letting it all hang free. "No..that's why I go off, cause they're better. I havent done jack. I'd rather have sex with my groupies anyway. It's much more fun. Who cares if the world gets destroyed? As long as I got my rocks off.."

Rupert blinks. "This is sad. David's gotten so jealous of me that he's found a way to look like me." He turns back to the others. "This is what happens when you make a monkey a god and let it have kids."

Gene leans himself back against the wall, one foot lifting up to rest against its surface as he settles in there to observe the situation; idly taking some notes in his pad, though he keeps one eye on the 'fake' Rupert for any signs of aggression.

Haldor just keeps his eyes shielded. This is not how he planned on spending his night, nosireebob. When Haldor was considering what to do this evening, observing the mating habits of a mystical clone of a famous metal star was nowhere near the list.

And Maia continues to just stand behind Haldor definitely grossed out. She's a virginal shrine maiden afterall! she facepalms and wrinkles her nose, quite grossed out as she didnt want to see this at all.

"Ha! No. David's not jealous. I'm jealous of David. I mean he's fast and can kick ass. So that's why I just wanna go have sex, cause in the end, I know I have nothing to contribute.." Faux Rupert says as he starts to head back to bed with the various Indian women. "Man..that's good.."

"Yeah, -all- he can do is kick ass," Ripper comments casually, adjusting his sunglasses. "And I'll leave him to it. No reason to tag along." He glances back at the others. "Sort of a superficial copy, isn't it? I'm offended."

"Kick ass and be a royal prick," corrects Haldor.

The Viking makes a face under his palm, but doesn't much lower his eye shielding. He really didn't need to see this… Or hear that noise. Or that one. Or that one.

"Kind of comic book-like though."

"Oh, wow." Gene's head tilts a bit, "…flexible, isn't she?"

"But I am you." faux Rupert finally says with a wicked grin curling onto his lips. He lets out a soft chuckle under his breath as more squishy noises are made along with other sorts of noises that really shouldnt be explained right now for it is far too graphic and would make this..well..yeah.

"I'm scared. I know I can't do anything therefore I leave it to people better than me. All I can do is have sex and live a life of hedonism.." he says.

Maia in the meantime wrinkles her nose and just covers her ears, not wanting to hear or see any of all that's going on. Though she is tempted and brings out her cellphone deciding to video tape just a bit. Might make a good bit of money later on if sold to the paparazzi.

"Life of hedonism sounds right dandy to me," Rupert says, smirking, before double-taking at two of the women. "Are those the sisters from the club in SoHo?" He shakes his head. "Never mind. So, look. If your plan is to pull shit off the top of my head to shake me to my core, you're doing it wrong. Haven't had a groupie in about a week. Haven't missed a fight yet. Haven't skipped out on my duty, and my mum's still proud, so sod off and stop taking my bloody comments so bloody serious, eh?"

Haldor is covering his eyes like one of the three monkeys. You know what monkeys.

A sigh spills from Gene's lips, just a hint exasperated. "This is all… metaphorical," he points out from his comfortable spot against the wall, "And, I notice, you're falling right into its trap, Ripper. What are you doing? Nothing. No-thing. Go kick your Sloth-riddled double over there in the face, or something. We'll wait. No hurry. Take your time." He shakes his head, glancing down to take another note before noticing the cell phone. A pause, and he leans over, stage-whispering, "I'll totally pay you for that, glowbug."

And the faux Rupert simply laughs as he lets out a soft chuckle under his breath. "You even have to get someone to tell you what to do? Our mother is one of the most powerful goddesses in creation. She's a mover a shaker a changer. And we..are sloth. We don't do anything. We just watch and let everyone else do things. I'm always going to be here to serve the Titanspawn. I'm going to fall and serve them. Then my friends will turn on me..hahahahahaha!"

Meanwhile Maia continues to tape it as she looks over towards Gene. She chews on her bottom lip and lets out a soft chuckle on amusement and whispers back. "It better be good. Totally highest bidder."

Rupert sighs and rolls his eyes. "Always comes down to a fistfight." He shakes his head and takes a puff off his cigarette. "No, I don't think so." He strolls into the bedroom and leaps nimbly onto the couch across from the bed. "Oh, ladies?" he calls out in his stage voice. He lowers his glasses to reveal dark eyes that almost appear to swim in shadows. "Leave the shadow and get over here near the real thing. After all," he adds cockily. "One of us still shows up and does his duty, while your man there seems content to take everything at face value. Who'd rather be with?" He smiles wickedly. "A man who will be a god, or a whiny shadow of the real thing?"

And the ladies look up and stare between the two Ruperts. They hrmm for a few moments before starting to head over letting out a soft giggle under their breath and soon everything fades once more. It's the young boy and a young blonde girl standing next to him. "So you're not as thick as we thought you were…the Dark Hour is almost up. Byeeeeee!" they say together and suddenly everyone is outside in the terrae incognita once more.

The egg that was given to Rupert the previous night starts to glow as it appears in front of him once more. It's cracking and soon, there's a chibi doduo looking thing. Really, it's a gandaberunda, a two headed bird of the Hindu mythos. IT's chibi and it's just a baby now, but wait till it grows…

"We can talk barter later," Gene offers with a roguish grin flashed to Maia, leaning back then and turning to regard the scene before him — nodding to himself a touch in subtle satisfaction as Rupert takes his own path. As the boy, and the girl appear from the darkness then, he offers the blonde a wink as he pushes away from the wall.

Then, they're outside, as the Dark Hour ends. The godling's head lifts to look up at the spire, and he scratches under his chin, expression thoughtful.

Maia looks out as she hears the voice of the small boy and there's a girl too. "You're too young for this!" she cries out spastically about to run towards them, but suddenly she finds herself standing behind Haldor outside the spires once more. The doors are closed and she wrinkles her nose as she sits back down on the rubble. "That…was…weird.."

Haldor blinks a few times as he feels the breeze of the outdoors washing over him again. The Viking peeks out from between his fingers and looks around. A clearly puzzled expression spreads across his face and Haldor leans back against some rubble.

"Is teleportation really that common an ability?"

"No shit it was wierd," Ripper mutters. "And I saw that bit with the phone, so if you don't want my lawyers knocking on your doors, you will erase it. Don't need divine power when you've got the best firms on both sides of the pond."

He looks at the odd creature on front of him and picks it up. "The hell are you?" he asks it.

"I think there's other questions you should be askin' yourself other than that," Gene points out in answer to Haldor's words, chewing on the end of his pen for a moment, teeth clicking to the metal cap. He glances down to his pad, then flips it shut, turning to stroll away from the spire and the other godlings. "You got my card, glowbug. I'll be in touch."

"Well sure, but I'm still trying to erase all of those noises from my brain first."

The Viking remains comfortably leaned against the rubble, looking up at the spire thoughtfully.

"Bye Mr. Horkos!" Maia cries out before her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red as she was caught taping horrible things. She wrinkles her nose and peers at the chibi bird and awwws at the cuteness. "That's adorable. Too adorable really.." she says softly as she hrmms for a few moments. "I think that's a's the symbol of Bangalore, right?" See, she has her nerdy and useful moments, such as this!

She looks around at the pair left and hrmms for a few moments. "I think I've had enough weirdness for one night.." she says, letting out a snerk at the various squishy noises. "So um..anyone up for going clubbing? I'm down for a dance or two.."

Rupert hmns. "Gandaberunda, huh?" He shrugs. "Isn't that just a two-headed bird? Ah, well. I'll trot it out on stage when it gets bigger." He smirks.

"Nah. I got my shift here in a few hours. I'm gonna go grab some food and get a couple of big ass Gatorade bottles, so I have somethin' to drink and piss in while I'm watchin'," replies Haldor. The Viking promptly starts his march toward the nearest bodega.

Immediately after the Darkhour.

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