The Count of Karthus Cristo


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St Michaels Graveyard Queens NY

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The rain pours in this night. The water seems to be going straight down, but not really only slightly to the side. Their is a light fog near the cemetary near St Michaels church. One can almost get a bad feeling tonight. The sky darkens and the moon seems to be not as bright. The stars look faded over near the cemetary and voices.

People seem to be subconsciously staying away from the cemetary at this night. Well until there happens to be a shriek what could be from maybe a teenage girl coming from the cemetary grounds. Another shriek and then its silent.

Seriously? Stay AWAY from cemetaries? Are you mental!? Yaretzi's out taking a tour of one, self-guided of course. With the year nearly half done, Dia de los Muertos is fast approaching, and she'd like to get a feel for the local cemetary so she might have a better idea of what to expect when the city's buried ancestors aren't honored properly. Unless she finds evidence of the plots being - HOLY ZOMBIE JESUS! What was that? Yaretzi looks up from a headstone, violet eyes wide.

Miruan's path just happens to take her that way. She seems content to avoid it as much as anyone else. She has an umbrella with a softly glowing LED handle, to give her better sight and visibility (Cabbies give no f's). She looks peaceful as usual, a tote bag over her shoulder as she heads home. But then the shriek? "… I hope that's not goths screwing around," SIgh. She frowns and heads towards the noise, peering. Is that Yare…?
Kenneth Zaraki was there when the first scream came out. Fated, most likely, as Ken had come to ruefully accept. He wasn't quite sure what he was doing out in the rain, but knew such weather was not great for riding. And he had been stuffed in his apartment all day; it was good to get out. Well, before the rain really started getting heavy. It looks as though his not-so-peaceful walk would be even less calming.

He was just at the cemetary when the second scream came. He struggled to listen to where the screams came from, when silence was all that was left; other than the constant fall of water from the heavens. Typically, any ordinary human would not be able to discern such sounds very well in such conditions. But Ken was not ordinary. And he would now rely on such abilities that rose him above the rank and file, listening in and trying to determine the exact location of the screams. (Telescopic Senses)

He had to wonder if plants were involved again…

You paged (Ken, Miruan) with 'hearing murmuring sorta like a chant and obviously the shrieking and it seems the shriek was forcefully ended'

Adam moved down the street, fists jammed tightly in his pockets, walking home from work. Of course, it hadn't been raining when he left the apartment this morning, so here he was in his usual jacket, moving from awning to stoop to awning in order to keep himself dry and continue to make progress. Of course, that's when he hears the first scream. He's alway the way across the street when the second shriek rends the air, and it's not until then that he realizes that he's actually moving toward the sound. Yeah, he was looking for trouble, for some insane reason. Still, the church was only 157 yards away, and he begins to trot toward the sound, although whether to find out what's going on or simply to get in from the rain is anyone's guess.

Ken pages: So, we can't tell the direction it's coming from?
Yaretzi pages: Unlidded Eye: Anything shiny out there?

You paged Ken with 'yes from the center'
You paged Yaretzi with 'yes something say legend 5.'

For those inside the grounds one can hear the words being chanted but only from one source, the surrounding sources are making moans and groans and muffled words. Except for one. In a booming voice a shrill is sent through the air "Klaatu. Berata. Nishinnuhuh." The air is still in the cemetary as it appears something has gone seriously wrong in the cemetary.

<OOC> Yaretzi says, "Occult Check: Epic Intel +2, Perfect Memory; Occult 3, Anthropology 3 - What can I tell of the language? Magical? Ritual?"

<OOC> Vargr says, "intelligence + occult"

(Judge) Yaretzi rolls Intelligence + Occult: [ -1- 2 4 5 8 9 ]
Resulting in 2 successes.

<OOC> Vargr says, "anyone else?"

(Judge) Ken rolls Intelligence + Occult: [ 3 7 8 ]
Resulting in 2 successes.
<OOC> Ken says, "3 for me."

You paged (Yaretzi, Ken) with 'those are what is believed to be magical words for a ritual. But something isn't quite right. Like the words wasn't spoken with every exact sylable.'

Ken knew that he had to act. So focused was he on the chanting and the screaming that he disregarded much of anything else and went into the cemetary. He was considering which weapon to call forth from Red Tongue, and was glad that it could change almost instantly.

Ken was unfamiliar with the cemetary, but not foreign to them as a whole; he visited a few good friends of past in one. So he would figure that there would be a center area that the chanting is probably coming from. As such, he decided to run into the cemetary, but weaving between the headstones, making sure that at least he wasn't caught. Ken would not know what would be watching him, but it never hurts to be careful. He figured that whatever he was facing, they wouldn't enjoy him intruding on their "bonding time." Ken didn't care.

With what little knowledge he had with such lore, though, he thought it odd. These words did seem to be used in chants; they just didn't seem complete. It was as though there was something missing with each word. But whatever, he could figure out after he was done with them.

"There'd better not be any evil guys in there," Sigh. She squints a bit. She frowns, as the scream was rather forcefully ended. "… those probably aren't gregorian monks," Why can't it ever be those nice, peaceful musical monks? Miruan shakes it off, trying to spot what's going on before she goes too close. After all, she's more of a gun person and just in case- She spots Ken, and will follow a few feet back. Worry is evident in her expression, for the one who screamed likely. Miruan glances this way and that, out of habit.

Umbrella held over her head, Yaretzi blinks her sight toward the Legendary…. and pales lightly at what she spies. The bright shine clearly visible through the hazy rain, Yaretzi swallows, then draws herself up and starts over. The words makes the spiritualist tilt her head, mind working out the incantation. No.. it can't be… Bruce Campbell, seriously? As she draws closer, she spots another glowing figure; granted, the figure is glowing with far less intensity as the Army of Darkness cosplayer. Oh hell… What did that moron summon?

<OOC> Vargr says, "well done Yare, you caught the second easter egg so far. But you don't need to put it in a pose"

<OOC> Yaretzi says, "It was funny! :P"

Adam finally makes it to the grounds of St. Michael's, and spots a few people moving in toward the source of the disturbance. Well, whoever was making all this racket, they'd have some sort of trouble on their hands. He continues to trot, slowly closing the distance behind a dark-haired woman (Miruan), although with the rain and the dark night, he doesn't quite recognize her just yet. Still, with the chanting and the screaming and the rain, she probably couldn't make out the splashing of his steps as he continued to gain ground on her. Maybe he's pre-occupied with work, maybe he's just losing his touch, but something feels absolutely…. wrong about the rain. The pressure is off, it really should be warmer. Pieces begin to fall into place as he reaches the edge of the cemetary, and Adam decides that in this case, discretion is the better part of valor. He moves over behind a larger headstone and presses his side against it, keeping his profile slim and his features in shadow. He needs to get closer, but not be seen doing it.

So when the intrepid heroes get closer to the center the fog turns into a deeper and thicker mist. A skeletal being is seen in robes. He lifts up a book into the air. "The Macabre Night falls from the skies. The void expands as all light dies. We command your hearts and your demise. By my apocalyptic hand, the dead shall rise!"

The ground shakes and spasms as fists and legs and heads start to arise from the ground. In mass nothing a normal necromancer could do. Moans start to be heard from everyones feet. As one can hide but the dead in the graveyard is everywhere.

"Damn it…" Ken was too late to stop the reinactment of Thriller, but he wasn't too late to shut it down. Ken closed his hands together and gave a small prayer, and then Red Tongue formed into its tachi form, looking rather elegent with a soft glow, before it faded. Ken had no time to admire it as he started seeing zombies arising everywhere.

At least he'd be able to do what those punks in Resident Evil couldn't.

However, there may be just too much to handle, and Ken figured that the one target to set his sights on is that walking skeleton in robes. (Whether it was a skeleton or not was not his concern) He didn't care how many zombies had to be cut up; he would end this.

He did wonder, however, if he wasn't the only one with this mindset.

You paged Ken with 'well thriller does fit but it wasn't exactly what I was looking for but you have your +1 success pool'

Wait. What? Where's the screaming person? Where'd she go? Miruan looks duly alarmed as the ground starts to shake and people start popping up. Either he's the world's greatest MJ fan or something evil is going down. Miruan spots Ken and his sword. She slips her black manacle bracelet from her wrist, shifting it into an alarmingly large Remmington rifle (Is that thing a sniper rifle!? Could be!). It's zombie season.

Oh, this is going down. Yaretzi can see the glowing sparkles all around as the cemetary turns into a Plants vs Zombie round. But now she can see Ken, thanks to that very distinctive glowing sword of his. She rushes to his side, Main Heal stacking up on her Tank, and places the palm of her hand flat on his back. A quick prayer and the blessing is up. Her eyes then track to the necromancer. "You know, we've got to stop meeting like this. Your girlfriend might get the wrong idea," she quips at him.


(Judge) Yaretzi rolls Stamina + Fortitude: [ 4 5 6 ]
Resulting in a failure.

1 success

Adam can feel the ground begin to shake and his eyes bulge practically out of their sockets. Really?! Zombies?! No time for subtlety, it seems. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a leather glove. A hasty tug has the thing on and in place, and he actually runs in earnest, trying to move close enough to get his hands on whatever is causing the ruckus. He crests a small hill and actually spots the thing. A skeleton necromancer. There's something about an undead creature that can raise the dead that reminds him of I, Robot, but he quickly shakes it off and begins to run down the remainder of the hill, stepping around tombstones and swiftly breaking plots of turf alike. He spots what appear to be three other people, but from this distance doesn't quite have the ability to recognize them yet. Still, he's coming on fast, and that should change any second.

"Children! Feel my Requiem! Defile and lay waste to the city and bring forth the walls of pain." The dead start to now leave as the zombies are heading towards the exits. But not before each and every grave starts to come alive as a zombie or skeletal warrior.

He then hears and sees a few of the living still in the cemetary and in a spectral voice "Children slay the living." Zombies are now mindlessly shambling towards each person in the graveyard looking to latch onto the nearest living breathing thing. (yes combat may begin)

"Yare!" Ken was surprised, yet pleasently, as the Latina showed up and hardened him… barely. Well, every bit helps. "She'll just have to deal." Ken observes the sombies coming towards them. "And so do we. Get ready, we'll have to mow down!" Ken came up, and pointed his sword to the deranged cultist at the top, looking sternly at him, and marking him as his target.

As such, Ken realized it would take a while to get through the mess. So, there's only one way he could fight this: one drone at a time.

He then shot forth, finding the first lumbering drone, still in… his funeral clothing. Ken decided to take advantage of the area, and started jumping on top of head stones, and then whipping around to gain momentum and slash at the first zombie in range.

"Be careful! Ese brujo is very strong! He's glowing almost twice as brightly as you do," Yaretzi warns Ken not sure that there are any other Scions around. She backs away as Ken moves forward to engage the mobs. "Okay, pinche brujo. You wanna play with magic," she asks Skeletor in a dark murmur, drawing forth the very worst of the curses she has at her disposal. Not fight ending by any means, but it could help slow the raid boss long enough for the DPS to show up. Let's hope it doesn't pull any aggro though. (OOC: WoW reference FTW!)

Roll manip + presence

Judge) Yaretzi rolls Manipulation + Presence: [ 3 6 7 <10> ]
Resulting in 3 successes.

<OOC> Yaretzi says, "Epic Manip, and your +1 bonus from earlier. Skeletor can kiss my butt."

Miruan's got her remmington out. It's on. She is doing her best to stay stealthy though, carefully pulling her weapon out. Maybe she'll try a fancy shot and… aim for the book and hit him in the heart? Seems to be how legends are built. Regardless, she kneels by a gravestone and takes steady aim. Boook… boook…

You say, "roll dexterity firearms"

(Judge) Miruan rolls Dexterity + Marksmanship + 3: [ 2 3 4 7 7 7 7 7 7 9 ]
Resulting in 7 successes.

<OOC> Miruan says, "It's marksmanship, not firearms. ;P So 9."

As Ken started to slay more of the minions. The massive skeleton grew what appeared to be angry "D'oh don't just stand there sally forth!" He is still holding the book up as he gives a smile to Yaretzi "Witch I am a mage too and my power is far beyond yours!" Then out of nowhere Miruan blasts away the book he is holding next to him as the round hits him as well and if one could see sweat on a skeleton one would "Fools!" He remarks sharply. He will also interrupt anyone who tries to speak during his monologue by saying "Fools" "Just because you destroyed a copy, doesn't mean you will get it." He pauses for dramatic effect "You all will never get the Necronomicon! The boy in the church will be ours!"

During this time the zombies and skeletons that have risen from their graves have turned to ash. And the skeletal figure throws an orb to the ground "You will rue the day when you crossed me heroes!"

"Ala verga, pinche puto brujo," Yaretzi all but spits at the Bruce Campbel cosplayer before calling out to Ken. "You try to take care of Skeletor, I'll see if I can keep these things from getting too far out into the city!" She starts toward the nearest cemetary exit. Exactly WHAT the healer thinks she's going to do with nothing but an oversized purse and a soggy umbrella is anyone's guess. Maybe she's going to cast Holy Nova and pwn the zombies. Starting to pray aloud, Yaretzi skids to a stop in the mud, surprised that her prayers to the Holy Trinity of the Roman Catholic Church did so much. Did I do that?

<OOC> Yaretzi says, ""Seemed to do so much" *"
<OOC> Vargr says, "I must apologize for the server crash"
<OOC> Vargr says, "if there wasn't a crash this would have been more dramatic and epic"
<OOC> Yaretzi says, "OMG! You hakkzor!"

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