The Cold - Haldor's Apotheosis



Scene Title The Cold - Haldor's Apotheosis
Synopsis The fight of his life. Hundun! Chiyou! Kamui! Haldor's almost defeat and rise to be god of battle. Haldor's Apotheosis

And woosh, Haldor is back in his own body. Just moments prior to his adventure in his past life as Runolfr Thorson, this is what happened..

Haldor finds himself in a colliseum of sorts. Surrounded and gathered in the stands is a tall, powerfully-built man with the hooves and head of an ox, four eyes and six arms. He wears bronze armor and a fearsome helmet adorned with an aureole of blades. He stares down at Haldor, letting out a faint snort as the area itself is surrounded by an energy of some sort.

On the other end is Kamui, a cocky grin curling onto his lips. This time he isn't surrounded by the five elemental spirits which he had summoned before. He's dressed in all black in the same fashion that Maia was dressed in when she sacrificed her life. In his hands are black ofuda as he peers towards Haldor and gives him a respectful, perfectly 90 degree bow.

"I will send your soul to the afterlife where perhaps you may find peace once more. Maybe Maia will be waiting for you."

Haldor pads along toward the light, his fury growing by the moment as his brain runs through the whole situation again and again. As he enters the colliseum proper, Haldor lets his icy blue eyes flicker to and fro to consider his surroundings carefully. Interesting place to find an energy field, he muses, but not unexpected all things considered.

The Viking puts on his sunglasses with one hand and draws his drumsticks with the other hand. He knows just what Kamui's ofuda can do, after all, they have shown down with Speed 1 weapons before. Even so, Haldor feels compelled to execute an equally perfect bow to Kamui. Just because Haldor aims to kill a man, it doesn't mean he has to be disrespectful to the culture that bred him and his brand of crazy.

"Or will it be that I will send your soul to the afterlife - again - where it will be chained into place and made to suffer for your crimes?"

It seems that there was a temporary dazed look on Kamui's features. Did he get sent back as well? He chuckles and loosens his robes and hrmms for a few moments as he strokes his chin.

"I held back before on you before, in this life and in previous lives." Is he referring to his last incarnation as Abe no Seimei? Who knows?

"Things change, people change. History does not necessarily need to repeat itself. I willno longer hold back on you." his tone firm and resolute as he starts to get into a defensive stance. The wind around him whips, his midnight black robes fluttering a bit as the ofuda starts to form an origami sword until suddenly, the papers are removed revealing a perfectly black and simple katana. It shimmers a little, whatever light in the arena glistening off the black metal.

"I will send you to Maia. It is the least I can do."

Light glints along the top edge of Haldor's shades, the dvergar steel gleaming with polish as the Viking sizes up Kamui. Or, at least, that may be what it looks like while Haldor's brain is "whizzed" back into his body. He blinks a few times and spins his drumsticks in both hands as Johanssen starts expanding outward over Haldor's body. A gleaming knight of gold and steel, the Viking utters a low pitched rumble of disgust at Kamui's response.

"That's the /LEAST/ you can do?"

For a moment Haldor sounds almost incredulous at Kamui's assertion. Only for a moment though. Haldor's lips peel back into a menaching sneer that is enhanced by the golden plate armor locking itself into position over his body and the way his Aviator's are turning into a smoke-lensed visor. Metal interlocks and shifts, molding to fit Haldor's body just the way it should for his enormous flexibility and terrible physical power. Ice snaps and cracks audibly around him, a cape of fog rolling from Haldor's golden-plated shoulders already as Johanssen finishes the change by concealing Haldor's face under a protective golden helm.

"All things are in a constant state of change. That includes us, but you think you already knew that, don't you, Kam? Whatever that was? You shouldn't mistake me for being Runolfr Thorson."

Haldor inclines his armored head as he starts to lean into a fighting posture. Both of his drumsticks are held back, shifting with uncharacteristic sloth into a pair of Viking long swords. Every excruciating moment of their transformation is visible, the blades expanding backward and outward from Haldor's sides like long, smooth metal wingbones. As they complete their transformation, Haldor lets out a tremendous roar that would probably rattle any other colliseum.

"I am Haldor. I am your judge. Your jury. And your executioner. That was your life. This is the end of the line."

"Such posturing for someone about to die."

If Kamui is the least bit intimidated by the thunderous roar from Haldor's lips, he makes no show of it. Instead he just stares and chuckles softly as he hrmms for a few moments and pulls out a calligraphy brush as he starts drawing out the kanji for guardian in the air. The entire time, he's muttering gibberish, or rather what's Sanskrit, his voice deep and rumbling. When he finishes his last brush stroke, he's once again surrounded by a light blue aura, the pentagram, one of the symbols of the omnyouji forming on the ground beneath him.

With the unseen shield now up he sits once more and chuckles, pulling out a mirror. Is he trying to pull the same trick again from before? Or what? A wry grin curls onto his lips as he prepares, drawing other brushstrokes over a roll of paper in front of him.

"That is tough talk, Haldor Englund. I know who you are. If you were half the man Runolfr Thorson once was, perhaps you may defeat me, but you are not. You are still a scared little boy raising up his bravado as he faces a god. Like I told you before, Haldor, I will not hold back this time."

Haldor can taste the energy coalescing into the forcefield - the Unseen Shield - around Kamui. The Viking's icy blue eyes can see the way the light plays as it impacts gentle slopes of the light blue aura. Under the pounding drumline of his heart, Haldor's pretty sure he can even hear the thrum of Kamui's very ichor as it draws in and focuses energy into the intricate patterns. Behind his golden helmet's gleaming faceplate, Haldor can smell the faint tang of imaginary ozone as the Unseen Shield's energies burn off molecules in the way as it forms.

Rime starts to crystallize on Haldor's armor as the thermally and electrically conductive metal chills rapidly against Haldor's frigid skin. Ice even momentarily washes across his smokey visor before it seemingly burns off of its own accord. The Viking barely moves as he stares Kamui's down, sizing him and his "tactics" up with care. Haldor's fury may be boiling over, one can tell by the growing sheet of ice creeping across the colliseum floor, but he will not underestimate Kamui again.

"Does this look like motherfucking Kingdom Hearts?"

Abruptly Haldor skates backward across his sheet of ice, vanishing into the colliseum wall's own shadow. He emerges a moment later from Kamui's shadow but still does not attack. The Viking merely skates about within the Unseen Shield, circling about Kamui as he draws in all of his anger, all of his rage, and all of his terrible fury. It is distinctly within the realm of possibility that Haldor is laughing at Kamui. Light suddenly coalesces around Haldor's golden armored form, rippling and shimmering for several fractions of an instant before he becomes a very, very loud point of brilliant light.

I bet you forgot that Johanssen can mimic Divine Radiance.

Like the birth of a star within an implausible atmosphere, Haldor howls his terrible RAGE so loudly it almost seems to enhance the brilliance of his Divine golden Radiance as it fills the core of the colliseum floor with light.

As the bright light of Haldor's divine radiance starts to fill the colliseum, Kamui merely looks at the mirror. Still, there's an unexpected bit of the divine radiance hitting the mirror as it gets into his eyes and he lets out an annoyed yelp as he's temporarily blinded fromwhat happened.

Now staggering in the shield, Kamui lets out an annoyed grump, the light even shining brightly against the dark black robe absorbing the color, leaving him dazed for only a few moments. Still, it bought Haldor sometime as it slows down the impending ritual while he remains within the safety of the now /visible/ shield that he has created. Too bad Haldor is inside said safety of the shield too.

He presses his palms together, his fingers from each hand intertwining with each other in odd and unusual ways. He starts and repeats a variety of symbols before he chuckles and simply takes a deep breath while placing his sword over the palm of his hand. The black metal slices across his palm, leaving a trail of crimson ichor in it's wake as he hisses softly from the pain.

"Now answer me, Haldor, the question I ask, for now the truth would I know: What weapon can send you to seek the house of Hel below? Lævatein is there, that Lopt with runes, once made by the doors of death; In Lægjarn's chest by Sinmora lies it and nine locks fasten it firm. But hear this oh Thorson for now it is now in my possession, feeding upon my blood so that it may do the same, where one was once in Sinemore's chest, soon not one, but nine will be in yours."

A predatory grin curls onto his lips as he lets out a soft chuckle of amusement and lets the black sword absorb his blood before he places it in front of the mirror. With each passing second, there are swords forming next to it ever so slowly as his ichor continues to drip down on the ground.

"I'd ask you if I look like Fjolsvith or Vithofnir, but I imagine one blurry grey blob looks like any other blurry grey blob to you at the moment."

Kamui starts summoning Laevatein, which might ordinarily unnerve Haldor. In fact, if Haldor were a rapper rather than a metal drummer, he would be very tempted to comment 'That shit be ridiculous'. Fortunately Haldor is not a rapper and such words do not pass his lips. Haldor, instead, just keeps laughing at Kamui. Needless to say, it is not the full-bodied and hearty laughter that normally escapes Haldor.

Malevolence and anger taint his laugh today as the Viking continues to skate circles around Kamui from within the bubble of force. The Viking flexes his fingers, adjusting his metal plated grip upon his swords for long moments before finally he slams both swords together into one hand. Haldor's ice encrusted fingers pop and snap, ice shearing off as new ice starts to form between his fingers. Beads of rime seem almost to fuse together, growing progressively larger as Haldor's control of the cold starts to twist things to his advantage.

From what he recalls of Abe no Seimei's mirror, attacking up close and personal was just what the old man wanted. Diving headlong into the same feint, the same trap a second time would be fatal this time and Haldor won't abide by "fatal" this time. This time, Haldor hungers for blood. It's written in his awful, murderous laughter and the way his Divine Radiance seems to turn the growing ice knives an internally lit blood red.

"Oh. By the way, Kamui. I think you missed something important in what I said."

More and more of his crimson ichor drips down onto the ground, his brows furrowing as he hrmms, canting his head to the side as he still looks towards the blurry form that is the Viking known as Haldor.

"No, this does not look like Kingdom Hearts, you have no keyblade." Yes, he knows these things, for he still is a father to two young boys back on Earth when he isn't trying to destroy all that is. "Or are you talking about your fate? It is fated that you will die this day." he says firmly and resolutely. Not having passed the Dark Hour tests himself, he has no idea that his opponent has the power to break fate as more and more of the swords are cloned.

With a simple flick of his wrist, several ofuda start being thrown towards the hilt of each newly formed blade. At this point, there are three complete blades, the fourth almost finished, but even an ofuda slams onto the black hilt of the blade. He chuckles once more as he nods while muttering more Sanskrit under his breath as he puts his hands together in front of his face.

"I think you talk too much, Haldor Englund. I think that by giving me more time to complete my ritual due to your own arrogance, you are ensuring your own doom. That is what I think. Is that something you missed?" he asks curiously as more of his ichor drips down his arm and down the black omnyouji robe before dripping down onto the ground, completing more of the blade until there are four complete blades on the ground.

"The first is for my father. The second is for my mother. The third is for my siblings in my home town. I pray for your souls. Spirits of those who have come before me and have possessed this great sword, I callyou into being now, to let my power course through you to give you form to animate the swords. Feed not upon my ichor, but that of my enemy, Haldor Englund whose image is in the mirror of the moon.."

With that said, the swords start to rattle about before they start to levitate in the air. "Spirits… dance! I command thee." he says so as the swords now start to whirl in the air.

Under the rime-crusted gold of his faceplate, Haldor cracks a smile. It is a nasty, ugly, feral thing that could almost invoke Game Face. No one should ever smile like that, least of all at the sentence that comes out of Kamui's mouth. And yet, by waiting it out, Haldor has gained valuable intel.

Patience directs his aggression, his fury, his unquenchable hunger for blood toward that mirror. That horrible mirror. Haldor flexes his hand around both sword hilts, the weapons fusing into a single massive war hammer as his icicle knives finish growing from betwixt his knuckles. With a snarl, Haldor explodes into forward motion once again. His right hand swings up and forward, launching the icicle knives toward Kamui and his ambulatory clone swords even as he accelerates toward full speed.

Naturally it is a feint. It is but sharpened cover for Haldor's true intention - obliterating that mirror. The Viking roars as he builds his speed to its obscene maximum of over 200 miles per hour, the very air howling with fury at his frigid passage in spite of its attempts to slow him with friction. Haldor's left arm swings the enormous war hammer about, bringing it from a backhand sword grip into a two-handed murder grip, rage crystallizing as Haldor draws into range.


The Viking tightens his grip on the war hammer and he channels his strength into every motion, power all but filling the air within the dome with a palpable pulse. Ice cracks over the hammer's edge as he swings it around and down, aiming to smash the mirror with one mighty, elegant blow.


His eyes widen at the sharp icicle spears that start going towards him. He doesn't think that Haldor can really plan things ahead that far and so he goes in the direction that he's wanted. A soft chuckle escapes from his lips at the statement though.

"Okay, the Viking former known as Haldor Englund. Do you have a symbol as well?"

Still, he watches and seems rather confident as the Viking heads towards the mirror to make smashy smashy. While the Viking is strong, the mirror is not broken. At least that mens there's no seven years of bad luck for Haldor! That's a good thing, but instead it seems that the Viking has fallen fora trap. The mirror looks like it shatters around him for a few moments as the world starts flicker for a few moments. It looks like for a few moments that's he's back in the apartment and there's Maia curled up, but the image shatters, the illusionist not able to break the resolve of a man in rage.

Still, when everything goes back to normal, he'll notice something unusual happening to Kamui's body. There are bits of him that are intangible as if barely there.

Kamui is clearly upset. He knows his illusion didn't work and his plan did not work as it should. That's Haldor's power of breaking fate already happening. Still, he grumbles and looks towards the Viking.

"It seems you've improved…" he says with a bit of annoyance. With that, the four dancing Laevatein start to whirl towards him, making slashes when they get close enough.

"I don't know yet, I'll let you know if anything strikes my fancy while I AM PUNCHING YOUR BLOOD THE FUCK OUT OF YOUR BODY!"

Reality shatters around Haldor, his eyes watering under his smokey visor as he spies Maia on the couch. Murder fills his heart, his resolve hardening like liquid diamond as Haldor lets out a baleful howl so clarion and striking it resonates off of the Unseen Shield that surrounds them. The Viking flexes his fists around the haft of his hammer as he draws in one murderous breath, fixing his eyes upon the Kamui he knows lurks beyond the veil of the breaking illusion.

Boiling fury sends new cascades of frosty mist billowing out from Haldor's body as the hoarfrost hardens on his war hammer, the rime starting to thicken on his golden armor. Faintly horn-like icicles even seem to be starting to form on the sides of his helm. He storms through the illusion, rage building toward what seems like a crescendo as the blood pounds in his ears and his vision momentarily swims from the building blood pressure in his system. The Viking doesn't stop, he's not even sure he could stop now, as he roars toward Kamui…

Kamui who seems to be flickering in and out of existence in places. This is clearly not encouraging, but it makes Haldor all the madder. Power ripples off of Haldor's body as he storms in toward the dancing Laevatein, aiming for their master beyond. Haldor roars as his war hammer separates into a pair of Viking long swords, one to a hand, as his body summons up power from his ichor. Unnatural fluidity suffuses Haldor and Johanssen, Viking and armor alike shifting and twisting in an impossible dance.

Sparks fly in all directions as Haldor's blades glance off the ground, off of this Laevatein or that Laevatein, and even as Laevateins scrape across the smallest of exposed surface areas on Haldor's body as he bends, flips, twists, and spins. Never does he stop moving forward, never does he stop roaring toward Kamui at an ever increasing rate of speed. Haldor roars again, a might cloud of fog rolling out from the front of his faceplate as Haldor draws closer still.

With a final serpentine twist, Haldor all but oozes out from betwixt the quartet of Laevatein blades to stand upright in front of Kamui. The Viking's straightening up is fluid too though, his body turning all of that momentum into something new. Sojobo don't train jobbers, y'know, and Haldor definitely learned his lessons well. Haldor swings one sword upward in a rising crescent that marks his transition to fully upright.

A moment later, Haldor transitions into an impossible forward flip over his own extended arm. While his body is inverted in the air over his blade he suddenly whirls about and around, swinging both swords toward Kamui in an effort to cleave into some tangible portion of the dark onmyouji's body as he completes the flip and lands light as a kitten upon his feet.


One secret about Kamui that is revealed in this story. He does /not/ have untoucheable opponent. Instead, he watches Haldor very carefully. His eyes start going through REM like motions as he watches the Viking move with rage and grace as he twists and turns through the barrage of the clone relic swords swinging and starting to cut him.

His brain processes this at ridiculous speeds. What he lacks in physical power, he more than makes up with mental facilities as he notices a pattern, a weakness in the demigod's movements and a wry and predatory grin curls onto his lips.


He says this as the sword goes through part of his body initially. He had flickered with his phased body, but in the end, the sword slams against his chest, ripping at the dark black robes before sending him several yards back, the dust from the arena rising up from the knockback of that attack.

Kamui just starts laughing a terrible maniacal laugh. His voice bellows through the realm itself as they remain enclosed in the unseen shield he has still set up.

"I will pray for your soul." he says matter of factly as he hrmms for a few moments and looks at the dancing, whirling swords. Two head on over and remain by his side, ready to parry should anything happen but with another flick of his wrist, the two swords start moving and whirling as they start surrounding Haldor.

They spin, soon whirling with buzzsaw like speeds as they act like little agile UFOs around the Viking. Suddenly and abruptly, thw two spinning blades of doom rush towards the Viking from different and unexpected angle.

Meanwhile, Haldor's parallel attention may notice something in the corner of his eye. There's a little chirpy "HEE!" as the head of Black Frost slips into the arena in the safety of the shield peering around. What. The. Fuck.

Dust flies all around Haldor, but his visor's Penetrating Glare keeps him aware of what's going on at all times. Haldor snarls in disgust as he notices that Kamui isn't spewing blood from arcing cuts in his body nor from giant sword-holes in his torso. The Viking resists the urge to spit, instead letting another roll of fog wash outward from his faceplate as he whirls his long swords about.

Kamui screamed about checkmate. Haldor's not quite sure what the onmyouji thinks he has Haldor on right now, but Haldor figures he should wait and see what's going on first. The Viking hunkers down, focusing all of his divine power into a wall of force around himself. It's no Guardian boon, but it does help protect him from terrible death. As Haldor starts to go into another graceful, agile dance he finds himself ever more unable to keep from taking direct strikes from the buzzsaw-like blades hissing and zipping through the air around him.

Sparks fly in all directions, Johanssen's golden glory echoing and thundering loudly with every impact. Haldor launches forward again, spinning and twisting as one blade finally slams into his thigh, the other thundering into the dead center of his spine. For a moment, Laevatein seems almost certain to have scored mortal blows upon Haldor.

Yet the Viking just sails clear of the terrific impact in a tremendous spray of sparks and the Nordic cursing of Johanssen. Johanssen's golden patina is starting to fade with all of the wear and tear, but Haldor seems to have gone completely unharmed by this latest offensive. Haldor streaks forward, skating across the sheet of ice spreading out from his feet on the ground as Black Frost inexplicably pops into the Unseen Shield.

Under the smokey visor and golden helm, Haldor squints. What the fuck is going on n- Oh. Oh. OH! Haldor roars in renewed fury, his paternal rage suddenly spiking as he senses - if unconsciously - Drake suffering terrible explosive damage from Maia and Aya blowing up the Blade of Japan. Haldor slams his swords down into the ice, turning them into ski poles as he suddenly transitions to slaloming on his wave of ice. The Viking launches forward again, spinning in mid-air as he jerks his swords out from beside his body.

Blades sing in the air as Haldor tilts on his axis at the apex of his jump. Haldor hurtles toward Kamui, tilted awkwardly in the air like some kind of Viking Yo-Yo of Death. Ice and fog fly in all directions from the tips of his Viking swords. And then, abruptly, Haldor's swords are replaced with a positively enormous lance and he erupts out of his yo-yo pose to plant its tip in the frigid ground with tremendous force. The impact shatters the colliseum floor, a spider web of cracks spreading outward as Haldor transitions his mass and momentum into bending the lance in an impossible, perhaps utterly unanticipatable angle of attack.

Like some sort of insane golden scorpion stinger, Haldor descends upon Kamui from above, affixed to a wickedly curved tail anchored to the scorpion body of the colliseum floor. Power coalesces around Haldor's boots as he attempts an utterly new technique.


Whatever Black Frost is about to do, Haldor kind of hopes the little bastard does it fast.

Such impressive power. Kamui's eyes widen as he remains standing even though the ground is broken. He wobbles a little, but he doesn't fall down and just remains standing. He knew that he didn't have the physical advantage here. Even as a god, the Viking still trumps him on that regard. And while he looks at the echoing glory of Johanssen's, there's a predatory grin as he thinks the sword impales the Vikings back, only to find it hitting it with a twang as he gets all dodgey.

There's a grumble under his breath as he starts making the various hand seals once more. His usually calm and cool visage marred with lines of annoyance as he purses his lips. With the last of the hand seals performed, there's a bright flash of light.

It's not like any bright flash of light. It's like looking directly into a lunar eclipse, as Haldor's sight starts to become hazy and everything becomes a blur. Even the protection of Thor's aviators cannot protect Haldor's eyesight as the fiery corona surrounds his entire body. Again, there's a maniacal laugh as he starts rushing towards Haldor and lets his body twist and turn around him. He's no longer keeping his distance. The pull of the moon is at full effect now for the child of one of the moon gods as it makes the Viking a bit more susceptible as gravity warps, causing the swords to hit more viciously, as they're still spinning with the ferocity and speed of divinely controlled buzzsaws.

Still, his eyes widen when he feels something pass through him. The Scorpion strike of Haldor does go through his chest, and even, through his heart. It would have been a fatal wound to the god, if he didn't have his body phase right at that instant, etting the sword instead go down towards the ground.

He chuckles as he remains only about five feet from the Viking at this time. The black ofuda glows brightly as he starts preparing his spell. Around Haldor various kanji starts to glow around him, and being able to read Japanese, he'd know that the words being formed are BINDING, PRISON, ETERNITY.

"I don't have to hit you Haldor. To defeat you I just have to keep you here.."

There's another triumphant laugh as he stares at the Viking. "You think that I really wanted to fight you? All this time I have been preparing for mycoup de gr.."

And before he can finish, Black Frost spins angrily as he rushes at insane speeds with a high pitched excited "HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" before glomping Haldor on the leg. A snowball forms in his hand and he throws it smack dab in Kamui's face. Bulls' eye! The omnyouji is not happy.

But something happens. As the little kami glomps onto Haldor's leg, there's a renewed sense of vigor. His rage, his power, it feels like he's over 9000! Haldor's muscles start to ripple with a new sense of power. His body becomes much colder. He can feel the ice that he has created. He can feel his control over the frost. Is it because of the presence of the little Black Frost? What's happening. There's a sense of calm, cooling him down, as for some reason, Haldor knows that Maia is allright. He knows she's back in the living. What will this renewed sense do to him?

Kamui gets out of the way, though even with Haldor's DDV that is only by the skin of his teeth. Not to mention only because his Half-Moon Phase Body opens a channel through which Haldor's feet can harmlessly pass to pound the ground. Considering Haldor has an FoS rating of over 251 tons at the moment, the entire stadium shudders with the force of the impact. The floor itself splinters at the point of impact, collapsing in on itself unto a pile of ultra fine dust.

Again, fortunately, Kamui is using Haldor's DDV. He gets out of the way of the implosion of pulverized matter with relative ease. The Viking lets out an enormous roar of fury, the combination of increased blood pressure, blood flow, and all the activity has him sweating under Johanssen. Ice cracks and snaps, hissing and popping as Haldor's sweat freezes and shatters with every motion of his body. For precious seconds, Haldor hangs suspended in the air with nowhere to go and nowhere to turn.

The Eclipse Halo consumes Haldor's vision like it were cocktail weenies, the Viking howling in pain even as his lance finally *TWANG*s and unbows from its awkward position. It naturally propells Haldor up and over, Tidal Interference and his own rampant blindness stymying Haldor entirely in his efforts to regain control. He sails up and over and smashes face first into the ground where Kamui's divinely guided Laevatein buzzsaws lay into his downed body time and time again. A terrible cacophony of metal and ice thunder fills the air as the blades slam into Johanssen and his own wall of force that blunts their terrible potential.

Even that is not enough, liquid steel ensconcing Haldor's body under his golden armor in a tremendous wash of molten metal. Haldor gurgles and sputters, snorting steel all over his visor as it reawakens him. The Viking starts spinning and twisting, channelling some of his childhood in the 1980's to bust out some BREAK DANCE FIGHTING MOVES! Yeah. Yeah. What? Uh. Uh. What? Uh. Yeah. What. Bend Like Reed. Shake It Like A Polaroid. 1080 Inverted Head Spin. R-R-R-R-ROBOT Dancin'. Oh. What now? Hell yeah, he is breaking it down phat phunky phresh style, beyotch, and sending up gouts of sparks and flames from every mitigated impact, every transition caused by a death strike, every…

Is Haldor keeping the swords at bay by doing one of those crazy gymnast whirling his legs around while he suspends himself off the ground by his upper body strength alone?

Yes. Yes he is. Officially the strangest fight ever.

Particularly when a Black Frost just erupts out of nowhere again and *GLOMP*s onto Haldor's leg as a Laevatein slams into his faceplate and knocks Haldor backward and into a bizarre Willy Wonka in reverse roll. Somehow Haldor ends up by standing on his face with a Black Frost clinging to his leg, providing the perfect perfectly insane opportunity to snowball Kamui in the face.

Energy, divine or otherwise, surges into Haldor's body en masse just as he felt himself starting to wear thin on energy. This was, by far, one of the most draining battles Haldor has ever had the misfortune of getting himself stuck in the midst of - particularly with a headstrong blood lust. He lets out a howl of mixed pain and ecstasy Johanssen has to actively shift and resculpt to Haldor's suddenly and rapidly increasing mass. Divinely empowered, Haldor suddenly jerks his muscles and launches himself up into the air enough for him to adjust his center of balance and, impossibly, land on his own two feet.

Apparently Haldor is getting to be too strong for gravity to restrain him adequately. The Viking flexes and twists, a low and resonant growl of fury escaping his faceplate along with a tremendous bank of fog. With a final flex of his muscles, Haldor takes a few steps toward Kamui - just far enough for Haldor to reclaim his lance which has been embedded in the colliseum floor. Quiet at first, but rapidly gaining volume, Haldor lets out a tremendous and cheerfully hearty laugh. Kamui may find this more disturbing than Haldor's earlier semi-out-of-character muderous laughter because, after all, Haldor should not be enjoying himself.


Good job, Black Frost is apparently pilotting Haldor's sense of humor. In addition to, y'know, serving as the conduit to let Haldor unleash CHILL THE BLOOD on Kamui. By which we of course mean that Haldor is reaching out and touching Kamui's innards with a blistering, numbing cold.

Odd thing. When the snowball strikes the dark omnyouji's face, the kanji that has been starting to form around Haldor immediately dissipates. There's an impish 'hee-hoo' escaping from the little creature glomping onto Haldor's leg. The primitive force taking over the Black Frost's body seems to be channeling phenomenal cosmic power in itty bitty living space, but that's to the benefit of the Viking.

Kamui, for the first time the entire time, finally loses his cool. Which is ironic since Haldor was trying to cool him down, quite literally even. He glares at the little creature and lets out a gasp, his eyes wide as he actually starts to have his hands quake a little. What is it that he sees when he looks down towards the little jester clinging on tightly to Haldor's leg.

Still, he shivers just a bit when Haldor tries to unleash his newfound powers over him. Still, it doesn't chill his blood completely, but he knows when the tide has turned.

"You were fated to die this day. It seems the Dark Hour truly does allow one to defy fate itself.." he muses under his breath, shaking his head a little while stroking his chin at the thought. "I will letyou live for now.." says the words of the defeated god before he suddenly disappears in a flash of darkness.

That is not a good thing. There's a new god inside Hundun who has been watching the entire time. Chiyou, the ox man who has been watching in the arena roars as he bellows and starts slamming at his chest. He jumps down and lands with a thunderous crash, sending a shockwave through the arena as dust rises once more. The avatar is not pleased as he stares at the little Black Frost who somehow managed to get into the realm.

"Hooooooo.." says the Black Frost sadly. There's another hole that is big enough for Haldor and the little creature to fit through as it seems that there's a Maia and a Drake on the other side wandering in the jungles of the Congo. He tugs a bit at Haldor's leg before pointing down through the hole. He does not want to stay here it seems…

"… Tut, tut, Kamui. Seems like you've come down with a bad case of the chickenshits. I think you might be hot blooded, running a fever 'bout a hundred 'n' three. Let me check it and see?"

Haldor starts to advance toward Kamui when the Dark Onmyouji simply winks out of existence. Admittedly, this is a great trick in a realm where chaos reigns supreme and existence itself is almost just a figment of someone's imagination. Even so, Haldor is less than pleased because this is not the end of the battle for which he hungered. It's not even the one he would have been content to live with just moments before as he was putting the last of his energy reserves toward Break Dance Fighting his way away from imminent death.

With no Kamui to sustain it, the Unseen Shield collapses more or less in tandem with Chiyou's thunderous arrival in the colliseum. Haldor looks the gigantic ox man up and down, eyes narrowing behind his visor as he briefly considers doing something foolish. Fortunately, Black Frost's plaintive noises and leg tugging draws Haldor's parallel attention toward the hole in reality that leads to the jungles of the Congo.

"TTFNB," is Haldor's cavalier pronouncement as he twists toward Black Frost to scoop the little guy up in his arms, "Ta-Ta For Now, Bitches."

Intent upon making his escape before anything can go horribly wrong, Haldor takes a single Holy Bound through the air and into the portal. Once within its confines, Haldor pours on the obscene divine speed to, hopefully, emerge from the Titan Realms and into the World once more. So he can scoop up his fiancee and his dog and get the spork out of Dodge.

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