The Atlantean Gifts


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Scene Title The Atlantean Gifts
Synopsis Scott, Gene and Minerva (NPC) find Atlantean the other Pantheons!


"Land ho!"

Of course, Land Ho. It's a ferry barge. It's not like they're sailing the Seven Seas. Still, that's what Gene calls out as the island comes into view, standing as he is at the front with a broad smile in the early afternoon sun.

"Not quite a romantic cruise." Minerva Manolis, scion of Athena, sister to a zombified corrupted Scion of Aphrodite, leans against the rail on her elbows, and turns to give the man she has been…well, at least having a liason with, and gives him a smile.

"After three days?" Scott Cornwall, non-virginical nerd boy Scion of Thoth, raises an eyebrow. "And I thought I was high maintenance."

Minerva swats Scott on the back of the head playfully. "Jerk."

"Well, at least you can't say I'm boring." Scott leans in to give her a quick kiss on the cheek, as the ferry moves along.

"Alright, you two lovebirds," Gene glances back over his shoulder with an amused twitch of his lips, "Pull it together. We've got an old man to go talk to. He might be a priest of Uncle D, I'm not really sure…"

And the island of Santorini is in sight. It's a gorgeous day, the water is a clear crystal blue, and at the port there are various people wandering about, mostly tourists who are just trying to have a romantic getaway. Little do they know that there's young godlings heading towards them.

Eventually the barge connects to the docks and people start getting off the barge. Minerva beams brightly, snickering softly as she shakes her head a little at the kiss before she reaches out to let her fingers entwine with his own. "All right..let's go and find him. What did you say his name was, again?" she asks curiously.

"I always believed that…well, a priest of your uncle would be heading a frat at some party college. The modern version of the Bacchanal." Scott hefts his backpack over the shoulder opposite of the hand intertwined with Minerva's and steps off. "But, when in Athens…"

"Mercouri Gerasimos." The name's offered as Gene leads the way along off the plank to the docks, the wood creaking and groaning softly with the weight of feet and the stirring of the tides. "Well, he sort of got driven into exile out here after they caught him fucking the younger actresses at the theatre, so…"

There's a little snerk under her breath as she sighs and shakes her head a little at it. "That..sounds like a priest of Dionysus.." Minerva says matter of factly as she hrmms for a few moments. "I guess we can always start with a phonebook then?"

"Let's see…" Scott rummages in his backpack, and manages to get his iPhone out. "Internet white pages," he explains, and starts putting in touch-terms for the search. "Hopefully, this won't give me outdated information. For a world wide web you run into old info a hell of a lot…"

"Worth a try," Gene admits, glancing over to Scott.

" iPhone..arent you fancy?" Minerva quips, snickering a little as she peers over his nshoulder and continues looking at it.

Eventually, there's the information. He still lives here apparently, at a mansion up on the hill..

"Mr. Aston," Scott says, with a slightly embarassed look, using the assumed name of Thoth. "Has enough money from his books to keep his son in whatever mundane technogadgets said son feels would be essential to his work." He shows Gene the address, and a google-map to the place. "And it's kind of really awesome. Couldn't convince him a DS was vital, though."

"Where does he get these wonderful toys," Gene quotes easily, looking to the map—and he nods, stepping to the curb and whistling sharply at a cab, one hand lifting. Time to go see Mister Gerasimos!

And Minerva follows taking the middle spot in the cab as she waits for Scott to head on in as well. She snickers softly and just shakes her head once more as she relaxes in the cab. "All right..let's go find this lecherous old man.."

"Let's," Scott says, holding the door open for Minerva before getting into the cab himself. "From the Google Earth image, he's got a nice spread up there. That's a lot of acres to play with."

The address is given to the driver, and Gene leans back in his side, glancing out the window to watch the island move by. "So," he asks, conversationally, "When do you think we'll be attacked by dragons, or mercenaries, or a Nemean Duck or something? Things've been too quiet."

"Nemean Duck? I don't think Nemeans are around here. Stymphalians..yes..not Nemeans.." Minerva says matter of factly, snickering a little as she idly runs her fingers through her hair. "You guys get attacked that often that you're anticipating one already?" she asks curiously.

It's about a thirty minute drive and eventually they arrive in front of a gated mansion…and it's a tleast fourty acres worth of land..

"I have thought about it, but in silence. Mostly because if I had said anything, it would be tempting fate," Scott says with a smile as he settles into the cab. Minerva is given another nod. "Yes. The man-motorcycle hybrids, the vorpal rabbits, psycho stalker corrupted Scions of Agni…I'm trying to collect the set." He whistles softly as they come up to the mansion. "I bet Hef would love this."

"Fate." A sage nod from Gene, as he watches the street roll by, "Any time we get too many of us together, well… it tends to conspire."

"Hephaestus? No..he's not really into this..too gaudy.." Minerva quips, not really getting the reference as she stares at the gates and hrmms for a few moments. "So um..any ideas on how we get in? I don't exactly see a buzzer.." she grumps before raising her brows towards Scott once more. "Psycho Stalker corrupted Scions of Agni..what?

"Hm." Gene steps forward, his knuckles rattling on the metal gate and his voice lifting in a call in Greek, "Hello! We're here to see Mercouri Gerasimos. Mind opening the gate?"

"You should know. This fire-wielding Scion named Preethi? She's taken a liking to me. She wants to kiss me, shag me, burn me, and kill me." Scott sighs. "She didn't specify which order; the Library of Congress back in the states has less issues than she does." He goes quiet as Gene introduces them.

Minerva starts laughing quite heartily as she shakes her head and ruffles Scott's hair playfully. "Hey, I only did two of the four there.." she quips, waggling her brows before she peers towards the gates. "They arent opening…" and she sighs a little as she starts to climb up the fence, slowly but surely. "Probably have to knock on the door.."

Scott has at least enough grace to cough into his hand as Minerva speaks about what they've been doing recently. He checks himself, to make sure all of his impliments are in place and easily at hand in case the worst. "No one? Not even a rent-a-guard telling us to take a hike, in the appropriate language?" He looks to the others. "Bad feeling about this. Needed to be said."

A small velvet roll is produced from Gene's inner pocket as he steps forward, slender picks drawn from their case as he crouches down to work on the lock — choosing it as a better alternative to climbing, apparently. They click and rasp in the lock, seeking the tumblers. They roll over, and he steps back, "Ta da."

Easier, maybe, but certainly more illegal looking.


Minerva yelps a little as she gets to the top of the gate as it opens and soon jumps down, landing in a crouch as she sticks her tongue out towards Gene. "I wish you told me you knew how to do that before I started climbing.." she says matter of factly before pointing up the way towards the mansion. "So shall we?"

A shameless grin's flashed to the girl. "You didn't give me a chance," Gene quips, before strolling through the gates, up towards the mansion, "Follow the Yellow Brick Road, my friends. Follow the Yellow Brick Road."

"Good point.." she says softly, shaking her head as she reaches out and takes Scott's hand as she starts pulling and tugging towards the mansion itself. The garden in front of the mansion has a variety of statues, lots of warriors and women in various poses, not necessarily lewd, but some are..threatening..

The statues are regarded with a slightly wary eye, and Gene raises one hand to call for a halt. "I don't like the looks of this," he murmurs quietly, "These could… shit. I'm paranoid." A shake of his head, and he walks through the garden towards the doors. "I'm sure they won't animate and try and kill us or anything."

"Let's hope that's all there is," Scott murmurs as he walks with the others. In his free hand is the Monocle, ready to use at a moment's notice. "Sorry I'm being paranoid, Min," he says quietly. "Just from experience, it usually pays to be wary."

Minerva continues to walk towards the mansion, eyeing the statues as well, hrmming for a few moments as she chews on her bottom lip and nods. "No..I understand.." she says softly as she looks around as well. They're getting closer and closer towards the mansion though…

"I've just got a bad feeling about this," Gene murmurs.

Let's see," Scott says, as he brings up the monocle to his right eye, murmuring something in some unrecognizable language. The lens on the monocle flashes, as Scott checks the area, calling upon the Unlidded Eye to reveal the presence of any magic.

Suddenly and seemingly from nowhere arrows strike. One gets Minerva right in the back, causing her to fall forward unconscious as the other two strike Scott and Gene in the arms, not causing too much damage but still…causing a bit of bleeding.

The threads of magic are all around the mansion, the statues bound by the threads of fate, a sort of guardian to keep an eye out for trespassers on the mansion grounds. Of course, Scott can see what sent the arrows, three beautiful women covered in togas, their hair flowing as they stare down towards the two men.

"Trespassers shall not live.."

As the arrow skims over his arm, tearing through the jacket and leaving a furrow of blood in its wake, Gene's jerked back a step. "Fuckin'…" He hisses in a breath, then looks towards the trio of women, his eyes narrowing before he forces a smile, "Hi. We're here to see Gerasimos. Don't suppose you could let him know we're here?"

"Min-arrrg!" Scott has just enough time to see Minerva fall unconscious before he's hit in the arm with another arrow. He hisses through his teeth at the pain, but makes an effort to crouch by Minerva, seeing what he can do to help her. "What the hell…"

"He does not want to see anyone. Leave this place.." the women say still staring back towards the two scions as they motions towards the gates. "He has not wanted to see anyone.." they say matter of factly together, even. "The girl will be all right, there is a sleeping potion in the arrow…just leave this place and never return.."

"Can't do that," Gene replies with a shake of his head, "His granddaughter sent me, I'm afraid. The sacrifices to Dionysus have been disrupted, and I need to set that right." His eyes narrow a touch as he pulls himself straight, one hand clapped over the bleeding of his arm, "My name is Gene Horkos, Son of Eris, and I will not have my way barred."

"And Minerva here is a daughter of Athena," Scott adds, a bit relieved at the mention of the sleeping potion. He lets out a breath he didn't realize he was holding, and he shakes his head. "His mom asked him to come here." There's a few other things he might want to say, but they have bows.

The three warrior women look towards Gene for a few moments, hrmming for a few moments. They don't detect any lies as they continue to speak together. "Then we shall consult with him. You can come..bring the girl. Once he decides that he no longer wishes for your company..then be gone..or else.."

With that said, they start leading the conscious pair towards the door of the mansion..

"Spare your threats," Gene replies sharply, though he turns a bit to look to Scott — giving Minerva a concerned look despite the assurance that it's only a sleeping poison. "Bring her along, hopefully she'll wake soon," he murmurs, turning back to follow the warrior women as bidden.

"Go on ahead, if I can't keep up," Scott says quietly to Gene as the door. He's decides to carry Minerva in his arms, which is a bit awkward for him. He's watching, through, trying to remember the magic patterns and threads he saw through the monocle just before the attack.

The threads of magic and fate are all around. The three women are clearly fatebound to the mansion, though the reasons arent exactly obvious, or are they? They continue leading the pair, opening up the doors to reveal a large foyer, red carpet on the floor and a rather large living room to the side..

Gene strolls shamelessly into the place, glancing around the foyer and asking casually, "So. Shall we wait in the living room for Mister Gerasimos, ladies?"

Scott stands there, looking into the living room before he enters, to put Minerva down someplace safe. He's already worried, and his eyes go wide as he sees what's in the room as trophies. A shield shaped like a point-up triangle, a sword with a wicked curve and bladed on one edge. A pair of gauntlets of some thin steel, enamgled in seafoam green. "Hoo boy," he says, mostly to himself.

The markings on the various relics should be familiar to the Scion of Thoth considering they're clearly atlantean. Soon enough a rather young-ish looking man no more than his mid to late 20s arrives. Reverie's grandfather? He's wearing nothing more than a red plush robe as he eyes the two men before him and the young girl, letting out a soft chuckle under his breath.

"Roofies…meh.." he says with a shrug of his shoulders. "You wanted to see me? And Maenads tend to get a bit overprotective. People have been trying to kill me as of late.."

""Mister Gerasimos, I presume…" Gene turns towards the door, a smile twitching a bit wider, "…I'm not surprised, given everything right now. They were probably after the stuff over there my friend is ogling on the wall, to be honest. Reverie sends her love… or, well, something like that."

"S'funny," Scott says as he cranes his head around to take in the room. "People try and kill us all the time. Like, hey, just now…" He goes back to the stuff on the walls. A Goblet of dark, pewter-like metal with Atlantean symbols on it. A single Silver ring on a black velvet pillow… "The Atlanteans are on the move again. This is like a magnet for them. It's all fascinating, but wow…"

"Oh those things? I found those years ago before I retired from the whole..serving the gods thing. It got boring.." he quips, shrugging his shoulders as he motions towards the various relics. "And yes..found those when I into scuba diving..Atlantis you say? Well..that would explain some of my visitors then speaking gibberish.." he snerks softly before looking towards Gene.

"Ahhh, Reverie..yeah, I hide from her. She's mortal..have to shapeshift every time I vist.." he grumps a little. "But how is the theatre doing?"

"She consecrated it with boxed wine," Gene replies with a faint snort of breath, nostrils flaring, "You should've clued her in a bit, honestly. So now every time they try to put on a play - they're doing Medea - the actors keep murdering each other."

"Yeah, that's going to be a bit of a problem for the box office," Scott says. He's still looking at all the Neat Stuff. But he's not touching them because it's also Dangerous Stuff. "If they do Oedipus Rex…" He doesn't complete that thought, because 'ew'.

"Medea should only be committing suicide..after killing her children of course. That is how the play goes.." he says as he hrmms for a few moments before he laughs heartily at the consecration with boxed wine. "Mmm, father did tend to get touchy every now and then..I'll see what I can do then.." he says firmly and resolutely.

"And Reverie can make the wine..she just doesnt want to get her hands dirty..she's trying to be cheap.." he grumps.

"She doesn't even believe in the gods," notes Gene, rather dryly, "She doesn't know how to consecrate wine, that's why she sent me to you. At least, she claims she doesn't know."

"And, that whole 'stopping the bodies from piling up' thing. It would be a real aid," Scott says. He's a little fidgety, obviously not looking comfortable at all where they are.

"It requires the blood of a priest of Dionysus. I am her grandfather, she has my blood as well.." he explains as he snickers once more as he starts heading towards the kitchen. "So technically, she has to cut herself and mix it with the wine..that's all it takes. It's just that she's a I can understand why she doesnt want to do it.." he continues, hrmming for a few moments.

"But bodies are piling up, so we better get the big D appeased.."

"Figures." Gene looks over the wall, asking casually, "You mind if Scott takes a look over all this Atlantean shit? Could help out with some other business we're on right now…"

"Yes. And soon, before anyone else is killed." Scott turns his head as his name is brought up. "Gene, I'm not touching any of this. Especially with everything going around, there could be some serious bad mojo associated with it. But, if I can translate the writings…" Back to the notebook again, and a pencil.

Over in the kitchen, he's already cutting himself and letting his blood drip down into a glass. It's very morbid goth vampirey, but really, it's not. He just wants to have that effect cause youknow..he's a Scion of Dionysus.

Meanwhile, the various relics have different names on them. Is he mistranslating or are they really names? Amnis, Badarus, Demosia, Heshon, Kuros, Skaft, and Versak are written on the variuos relics.

"I said look, look, not take off the wall and carry around," Gene replies with a roll of his eyes at Scott, "See what you can translate." That said, he walks along over to the kitchen, watching the spill of blood into the glass and musing, "Really a shame the Christians stole that tradition. 'This is my blood' and all."

"I think this…I think some of these are names, and there's a few recurring ones that seem to be present on multiple items." He starts writing those names down, not speaking them out loud. "Are these the names of their owners, maybe? Gene, do any of these names look recognizable to you?"

As the notebook's shown over, Gene turns to look at the notes, a step taken that way. "Mmhm," he agrees, "That first one? Kali wanted his - or her - relics. Those're probably the names of the pantheon."

There's a bit more on the various relics talking about tales of greatness. There are even the names of well known gods and goddesses on them such as Amaterasu, Osiris, Zeus, Odin, and the Morrigan. That is..odd.

As the notebook's shown over, Gene turns to look at the notes, a step taken that way. "Mmhm," he agrees, "That first one? Kali wanted his - or her - relics. Those're probably the names of the pantheon."

"Hoo boy, no wonder they want these so badly." Scott's eyebrows lift. "And these," he says, pointing out other glyphs. "The Jade Emperor, Osiris, the Morrigan, Zeus…" His jaw pops open. "Oh shit," he says as the translation hits. "These were gifts from the Atlantean gods to…the heads of other pentheons. I wonder if these were the reason the gods declared war…" Reflexively, Scott takes a step back away from the artifacts.

"You sure know a lot.." the priest of Dionysus says as he finishes making the consecrated wine as his wound soon closes up. It's a lot easier for a Scion to heal up than a mortal afterall. He heads on over with a large jar of consecrated wine and waggles his brows as he looks towards Gene. "Try to get her to do the orgy part as's fun.." he quips before looking towards the variuos relics.

"It's possible..I had a few naked people trying to break in to try to get them. That's why the Maenads are a bit touchy..they like their sugar daddy don't they.." he says in a rather lecherous fashion at the warrior women.

"It could have happened before everything went to hell, too…" Gene looks over the artifacts, his brow furrowed, "…hey, does your father know you have these?"

A turn to the priest, and he reaches out to accept the jar with a slight grin, "Oh, I plan on it."

"Scion of Thoth," Scott says, letting that be the answer to the host's comment. "Oh, that's who the women with the bows were. Fascinating…" He turns to Gene, then to the Dinosyean scion. "Do you have an antidote for that sleeping potion? For Minerva?"

"It'll wear off eventually…but I guess I can wake her up. I doubt Aunt Athy would be pleased.." he hrmms for a few moments as he heads on over and brushes his fingers against her cheeks before leaning in for a soft and tender kiss on her lips. And just like Sleeping Beauty or Snow White she wakes up looking a bit confused as she wrinkles her nose and chews on her bottom lip.

"Where are we?" she asks looking around and then she figures it out. "Arent you supposed to be really..old?" she asks looking towards Gerasimos.

He snickers softly and shakes his head. "Wouldnt you like to know.." and then he looks towards Gene. "I don't think he knows. The Dodekatheon isnt exactly omnipotent.."

"As much as they like to think," Gene agrees with a shake of his head, looking back over the collection where it hangs on the wall and noting, "There's going to be a lot of people looking for this, Gerasimos. Not only the Atlanteans. If the Dodekatheon found out, I'm pretty sure they'd be after them too."

"And from the Pesedjet," Scott says. "And the other pantheons. If these were given as gifts, and gods have long memories when it comes to tributes." He goes to sit down near Minerva, scowling at the kissing man's back. "Just a sleep potion," he says. "And we found a ton of Atlantean relics here which are engraved gifts to the heads of the other pantheons. Something's up."

Awww, Scott is jealous. How cute! Minerva just leans against him as she sighs softly and takes a deep breath as she looks over towards the various relics and wrinkles her nose as she scratches the back of her head as she's filled in. "I see…so how did he get them?"

"SCUBA.." he says matter of factly while crossing his arms over his chest. He stares at the others and shrugs his shoulders. "Well, I found them, so finders keepers..they're just mere trinkets anyway..not like I'd ever want to go and face a S..Titanspawn again.."

"Well, he said he was Scuba-diving," Scott explains to Minerva, putting an arm across her shoulders. His nose wrinkles as Gerasimos almost says something before substituting the word 'Titanspawn.' "I'm sorry, you said you wouldn't want to face a 'what' again? Started with S…"

A look over, Gene's eyes narrowing a little as he waits to see the older man's response.

"Scions!" he says, his eyes widening as he looks towards the others, his cheeks flushed red from both anger and embarassment. With that, he just starts to dash off…

A gun whose metal was tempered in the blood of slaughter is swept from its holster under Gene's arm in a smooth motion, his eyes narrowing to slits as he takes aim after the fleeing Scion of Dionysus. "Stop."

With his free hand, Scott takes out the Monocle again, putting it over his right eye once more. He says nothing, but merely takes aim in case he doesn't stop. He glances to Minerva, and winks. Now, he's getting cocky.

Is the child of Dionysus really going to stop? Of course not, not when he has meatshields in the form of three beautiful women stepping in the way as they growl and pulls out their bows aiming an arrow at each Scion.

"These arrows are not filled with the sleeping potion. Put down your weapons.."

"You will put down yours, daughters of the Grape," Gene replies defiantly, his aim shifting towards the maenad archers as the priest ducks past them, the jug of consecrated bloodwine tucked under his other arm, "I've slain more skillful servants of the Titanomachy than you."

"And we're really not trying to cause a ruckus," Scott says, staying stock still. "See, we were lied to. We take that a bit personally, especially since it might mean us dying, or the end of the world. I'm a bit sensetive about it."

The three archer women continue to keep their weapons aimed towards Gene, Scott and Minerva. There's clear deadly intent in their eyes as they keep the arrows ready to fire at any time. "We would lay down our lives for our master..take our lives, but you won't take his.." the lead one says matter of factly.
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"You know, ladies, the thing is… you don't sound like maenads at all. All that wildness, madness, you know how the stories go. So I'm going to guess that you're not entirely in your right minds, which is the only reason…" The gun's been slowly lowering this whole time as Gene turns away from the trio, taking a step as if to let the matter go. Then he whirls around on one foot, the gun swept up sideways with the blurring movement at an arm almost faster than the human eye can follow, the hammer falling once - twice - in the same movement before the spin's complete. Twin bullets scream through the air with the voice of the Furies, seeking not flesh but wood and sinew… and the bows in the hands of those aiming at Minerva and Scott.

"…that you're not already dead."

Snap. Snap. The bullets cut through two of the bows as lead meets lacquered wood, and finds the latter wanting. Gene's eyes gleam auric as he looks to the trio through the shadows cast by his fedora's edge, stating flatly, "Now get out of our way."

Thwack! Thwack! Two of the bows are broken, but the third makes one of the Maenads use her quick reflexes to let the arrow, filled with poison this time straight towards Gene….

"We never said we were going to kill him," Scott replies simply, barely even flinching at the sudden gunshots, but his grin is apparent; he thought that move on Gene's part was crazy awesome. "Such a waste…" As things start, Scott gets up. "Scatter," he says to Minerva. "Don't give them bunched up targets. If you have any defenses, use them." He looks at the Maenads, trying to calculate velocity and mass and when the best time to move out of the way of their strikes would be.

"But for now…" The lens on Scott's monocle flashes. "Wise Thoth, hear me," he says. "Brilliant Thoth, hear your child's call. Like the power of the sun of the symbol of Atum Re, shine the light of fortune on her, so her eyes might be illuminated to the extent of her folly and the nearness of her demise."

As Scott invokes the spell, the image of a small sun rises behind the mage Scion, carrying with it the hint of the dry desert wind as a beam from the sun strikes out against the face of the maenad who still has an unbroken bow.

Minerva isnt exactly useless in a fight. Athena doesnt raise no Damsels in Distress. She rushes and heads towards one of the Maenads, placing a hand on her shoulder from behind and soon, the Maenad falls sick and ill, passing out from high fever.

"Please..stop.." she says, huffing a little as beads of sweat form on her brow from the physical exertion. "No one needs to die and no one needs to get hurt.."

And then there's the sound of a garage door opening! The other Maenads justlooks surprised towards the others. Will our heroes be fast enough?

The arrow slices through the air towards Gene, and he moves his head ever so slightly to one side without even blinting, the arrow whistling right past his ear. Then the sound of the garage door opening reaches his ears, and he swears under his breath, moving forward in a sudden blur of motion; swift as a cheetah he darts straight towards the maenads, twisting in mid-moving to do a home-run slide /through/ the archer's stance of one of them, head bending back to touch the floor, before rolling forward to try and get up still running.

"She shaves," Gene calls back, even as he hits his feet and runs for the door.

"If he wasn't guilty of something, why would he run," Scott asks, his gaze flicking momentarily in the direction of the opening garage door. His expression gets confused as Gene speaks. "What-OH!" Ahem. "Never mind,"

"Because..he admitted that he fought other Scions..he is a traitor then.." Minerva says softly looking towards the Maenads as she ushers them to go ahead. "I'll take of these..just go help Gene.."

And that's when the garage has finished opening and there's Gerasimos in the car, revving it and ready to go. Evil villain flee! Flee!

The front door's smashed open, and Gene tumbles down the stairs, coming up without even his fedora knocked off. He skids to a halt in the gardens, turning towards the garage as the door opens wide enough to reveal the car. The journalist's eyes narrow behind his shades, and the gun's swept up in his hand.

The car's too hard a target. But the mechanism raising the garage door… now that's a softer one. The pistol snarls out its sound of death once more, as he fires, hoping to bring the door crashing down on the vehicle.

The bullet slams into the gears, and they're shattered with the sound of breaking metal — the belt cut loose, the whole assembly falls apart as the door comes crashing down onto the car attempting to pull out.
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"Okay," Scott says, actually taking a moment to wink at Minerva before he attempts to shuffle past the remaining maenads, trying to get around them to help Gene. That's about when he hears the gun go off and the crash. "Well, that's one way," he mutters, still trying to get past.

Oh, Gerasimos is cursing up a storm. It was his Rolls Royce too that Gene just ruined! Oh noes! He gets out seething angrily, but alas he has no relics on him and just stares towards the two. "Fine…you win.." he grumps..

"Now," Gene spins #19074 by the trigger guard once, then it drops to one side, remaining in his hand as he regards the other man with narrowed eyes, "Maybe you could go over that for us one more time, old man?"

Now that the car has stopped, Scott's taking a bit of time to get outside. He leans in the doorway, crosses his arms and sighs. "From the top. With feeling, please. I promised my girl a musical." There's a twinkle in his eye as he says it. "Should have just started with this, could have saved you a lot of money on repairs."

"So I fought and killed a few other Scions. Who hasnt?!?" He says with a harumph as he crosses his arms over his chest as he stares down at the two and looks more concerned about the car than anything else.

"That's not details," Gene replies, a brow arching over his shades, "That's an excuse. So why don't you start from the beginning… what , exactly, did you find down there?"

"Those relics, they're Atlantean like the kid says. Even I knew that…" and then he sighs softly as he takes a deep breath and hrmms for a few moments. "And some scrolls. I can't read them, but there's one scroll there. Mentions Seshat.."

"So," Gene's chin tips up towards the other man, "I think we'll be repossessing those particular ties, and the scrolls, and… we'll neglect to tell our parents of what exactly happened down there, and why they've been hidden away all this time."

"'s not like you can do much with them. They're inert. No special powers, no nothing.." he grumbles under his breath sighing a little as he looks defeated. His beautiful car.

"These Scions," he asks with a jerk of his chin up and over to the Dionysian, "Did you know who they were with, or were they Atlanteans?"

"No..just a bunch of kids who anonyed me.." he says matter of factly. "I have no idea how they came to possess such relics though..even that's a mystery to me.."

"Charming." The man's regarded for a long moment, and then he turns with a snort of breath, "We'll take the old relics and leave. Enjoy your retirement, old man. Nobody else should be coming to bother you."

"Fine.." he says with a defeated huff and a puff, crossing his arms over his chest.

Inside, then, Gene's head shaking as he heads to the living room, calling, "Everything all right in here, Minerva?"

And there's the Scion of Athena with three unconscious Maenads on the floor as she looks towards Gene with a bright smile and nods. "Yeah, everything's fine.." she says with a happy little chirp. "They were getting ya know..fidgety so I had to make them fall asleep.." she explains.

"Good job." Gene flashes a grin to the woman, heading over to the wall, "Let's pack these up, we'll need the scrolls, too… Scott can look over those at his leisure. And the wine."

XP Awarded.

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