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Scene Title Gaia's Ichor
Synopsis Black Frost! The Philippines! Gaia! Crazy adventure

Adventures in the underground are done. Jason probably got no answers from the avatar of Terra, he may or may not have gotten sexed up depending on her mood! But now after a flare of fire to summon Grif the pair is off to the last of the poles, the griffon having picked up Jason and the two being on their way.

Jason will/did get answers. It was due to a tired ST that nhe really didn't get anythign out from Kamimusuhi even though ICly, she should know stuff for her epic mental stats are at max! Maximum power! 400 babies! Stuff like that.

Still Griff is flying off to the last pole. The elemental pole of air where all will be revealed. Or something like that. That's what Kamimusuhi said anyway, that he would understand once all the trials are done. Still, they're flying towards one of the mountains on Terra, it's huge really.

"We're almost at Mount Orthrys.." he says matter of factly.

Mount Orthrys is a good place to find answers! Possibly! Being the Titan counterpart to Mount Olympus in days of old. Jason knows enough of Dodekatheon myth to know that much at least and he asks, "That is the pole of air? I had no idea really. It was supposed to be the great Titan stronghold during the original war. Do you know how much of that survived here?"

"We cannot fly up there. I can only bring you to the base of the mountain for it is heavily warded and there are various griffon's nests. That is where our aerie is.." Griff replies matter of factly. "And yes, that is the pole, adult griffons return here to mate and raise their young, along with other such creatures."

"You cannot fly up Mount Olympus either" Jason says thoughtfully already looking forward, "Zeus judges it as a way to keep out the unworthy. If you cannot reach the summit you do not deserve to be there. It keeps out stragglers. I suppose I should not be surprised if Mount Orthys is similar, it is perhaps where he got the idea to start with. So your family is there? Do you have any to visit there?"

"It is.." and if griffons could blush, he would. Grif squawks a little and lets out a soft chuckle under his breath. "Mating season right now."

"Ah" Jason says peering down at his mount with new consideration, "I'll not be expecting you to be there to quickly pick up then. Is there anyone in particular or is that now how it works?"

"I.. have not found my lifemate yet. Griffons are monogamous for the most part. Unless we become widowed. I just turned of age.." he admits ruefully, looking down once more. He is not experienced with the ladies! Virginal Grif is virginal!

"Then you will have many opportunities to do so" Jason says with enthusiasm, "I do not know what your fellows do but surely the ladies must be impressed by your achievements. You've got such a great name! You have flown to the four elemental poles of the world! Why, you were even a critical part of fighting off an invader to Terra herself. They will be fighting themselves for your attention."

That is all true! It gives Griff confidence that he needs to get it on with the female griffons. But still, he lets out a despondent sigh, "No, our mating ritual is what draws attention. I have to find something special to give to a potentiallifemate. Should she accept, then we are bonded.."
"Something special?" Jason inquires, "What sort of gifts are they usually? I have no idea what is actually important to griffons in such matters. Is it the largest rat to prove yourself the most worthy hunter or something else entirely?"

"Something shiny. Female griffons do really like shiny things.." much like females of any species really. "And of course an offering of food, typically the larger the rat the better. It is very much almost human in nature. Dinner and a shiny.." he whines.

"You'd mentioned how large the rats were near the earth pole" Jason says to Grif while he looks down at the land passing below, "Perhaps before we get too far away we should do some hunting. I can see the heat of their bodies even through foilage below, we could find you quite the large one. I don't know what we can do about the shiny but we'll think of something. You have done too much and too well to not be recognized and rewarded for your efforts."

Griff preens at the thought! He squawks happily and flaps his wings harder as he starts to swoop down towards the ground,taking a detour. "I know of a place where there are rather large rats! Almost as big as me! That will surely win me a mate!"

Can Grif actually carry a rat home nearly as big as himself?!? Jason does not ask, oh no, there is griffon pride to consider and it is something griffon's have no shortage of. "How could a girl not be impressed at a rat so large? That will certainly help."

Huzzah! griff continues to flap his wings as they find themselves over treetops. Jason did say he can find thethermal signature of a creature solarge afterall. "Female want strong providers simply due to simple genetics. Survival of the fittest.." something that has shown itself here in Terra.

And so Jason can! His perceptions extend well out of the range of normal human (and probably griffon) eyes! When pushed to expand into the equivalent of a pair of thermal glasses his vision is fueled by his impressive quantities of epic perception. Jason can see well, he can see really really well and he is searching the treetops down below for rats. Big rats. BIG RATS. "Is the something shiny supposed to reflect that as well?"

There are rat sized creatures down there. Small ones at least. A group of them skittering about, but there's something bigger stalking them. It's larger and moves ata slow pace. Oh noes!

"I don't see any giant rats" Jason says dubiously while searching through the trees, "I see some normal ones but.. something is hunting them. At least on earth sometimes when a creature is infused with a bit of divine energy it will hunt far more than it otherwise would, sometimes even its' own kind. That could be what we're looking for." He motions towards where this is in the trees to guide Grif in.

Swoop down they do! Griff seems excited as he folds his wings up and jumps from tree branch to tree ranch,becoming a bit more of a bumpier ride. Still, Jason can see what it truly is. It's a bunchof baby giant rats with their giant rat mama! Awww.

Aww. Little baby rats. Giant rat mama. Still, the babies! Even if little nemean rat babies! Sad to leave them motherless! "Hold off a little" Jason says towards Griffon, "This looks to be a mother rat with her children. It stands to reason the father is nearby, and is probably even larger." And probably not as directly involved in raising the children! Jason continues to probe around, now looking more directly for the father!

Rats aren't exactly family units! Father just sort of sew their wild oats then move on, right? Still,the mother is in heat… again, and there's something else stalking the group of rats other than the griffon.There's one even larger than Griff, and it's a rat! Oh gross!

"There we go" Jason says pointing out the new rat to Grif. Apart from that he is mostly hanging on! Grief did not exactly come with a saddle and were it not for the host of divine attributes any hope of holding on at all would probably be futile.
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"That one is huge.." Griff even seems nervous this time. It's as big as him! If not slightly bigger than him! He pauses and stalkers low, watching the giant daddy rat with interest.

"I'm not sure how much you want me involved" Jason says to Grif, "If it is not.. unethical for you to have a partner in hunting I can probably do much. I might be able to disorient it so that you can swoop upon it. Or help to subdue it otherwise so you can bring it down."

"I think a bit of disorientation would be good. It is not like my potentialmate needs to know." Sneaky Griff is sneaky! Huzzah!

Right! Mama rat is in heat. Surely big would be daddy is in the mood for some lovin already. Jason whips out his trusty Orgasmagun and takes aim as they hurtle inwards and down, taking aim for griffonback and snapping off a few orgasmic rounds into the beast. That should leave it well and truly distracted for Grif to swoop in. Jason does at least inform him, "I have something else in mind as well that may bring some others with us. But you should have a great large one in your claws. The girls will be very impressed."
Ewwwww! Rat spooge! As the orgasmagun rounds hit the daddy rat, it's in midpounce on the mamarat. The sounds itself makes the mama and the little ones skitter scatter all over the place as high pitched squeak squeaks can be heard. Still, the one shot with the orgasmic rounds shudders as it experiences pure ecstacy.

Even Griff is stunned for a few moments. His eyes widen as he stares and clearly hesitates. He does not want rat spooge on his beak! That is gross! No rat bukake for the proud and mighty griffon! Yeet,he pounces in the end,squawking as he goes for the jugular! Go! Go! Rough and tumble the two mighty creatures go as they fall onto the ground, predator versus prey.

The rat did not climax all over his neck! One hopes. If so that really is a giant rat, and not in the typical giant kind of way! Then things are all rough and tumble and Jason is simply clinging with his knees to back of the griffon as they go all tumble rumble tumble. He's not adverse to continue to help out with the whole, stunning thing. Throwing a punch of his own ratwards should any part of the rat come into view. Go Grif go!

The battle is truly fierce! Griff claws and rakes the flesh of the giant griffon sized rat as his beak maintains a steady hold on the jugular. Blood splatters onto Jason from hitting an artery as there are afew swipes of the rat's claws over poor griff. He screeches in pain, griffon blood intermingling with rat blood.

There's more rough and tumbling. It's amazing that Jason can stay on the entire time, but he is a demigod. He can do these things! There's more claw swipes, but in the end, there is a battered and bruised GRiff, but a dead giant rat. Hooray!

Hooray! Jason clings on until the very end and then he leaves it to Grif to actually go all picking up the rat and flying them onwards. He meanwhile has slipped his shirt off and is busy folding it this way and that to try to make something suitably griffony out of it somewhat like a sash. "It's not jewelry but silksteel is shiny. It's very shiny in the nature of silk! And I've not met a girl yet that does not like clothes. Even girls that don't wear them very often."

Griff has the carcass of the dead rat on his back, just behind Jason. At least the carcass isn't rotten so it's not smelly.It just smells like.. a rat. The weight is considerable, but he keeps on trucking, not moving as fast a pace anymore, but he lets out a happy squawk at the offer of the silksteel shirt.

"Thank you Jason! The gift is for the eventual nest that will be built and your offer of silksteel is both strong and soft at the same time. My potential mate will definitely appreciate such a thing. Thank you for all your help!"

"Then I'll stop trying to invent griffon fashion" Jason says with some relief as he abandons his efforts with the shirt which were looking kind of horrific. "Let us be on our way then. You can drop me off wherever you need to so I can begin to make the ascent and you can fly home with your gifts all alone. It will look more impressive that way. Good luck, I just know you'll find a great mate."

Eventually, they land at the destination. There are lots of griffons and it seems mating season truely is occuring! Gasp! Griffon pron! But there are a variety of females who now have their sights on Griff as he preens and prounces around all pimp macdaddy of the field with the ginormous and delicious looking rat carcass. Huzzah!

But now there's the terrible climb up. How will Jason attack that problem?

Jason lacks any neat flying tricks and while he might attempt to flame travel his way up he does not. Mount Olympus is intended to be a true physical test of those who would scale it, a true judge of worth of those who would scale it. Trying to short circuit the process there usually leads to bad things. Is this titan mirror of Olympus the same? There is really only one way to find out, Jason begins to climb.

On our last exciting sneak peek of a future Scion episode Grif had gone to find his future mate laden down with one truly ENORMOUS rat and bundle of silk steel. Meanwhile the tower edifice of Mount Orthys towers overhead, peak so similar to Mount Olympus and yet different in countless subtle ways. It was this Jason had begun to scale, making his way up the rocky face and climbing towards the peak.

Bombsaway! As Jason continues his trek upwards, a sudden blast can be seen not too far away from him. Rocks tumble and start to fall down. Are the Gigantes seeing him? Do they not want the scion of Aphrodite to come on up? Whatever caused the blast is still high up in the clouds, with visibility low from this stand point, but there are other things to be worrying about.

Like not being squished!

Rocks are falling? From somewhere? It seems? Who knows. There are rocks. Big rocks! Falling down! Jason is not quick and agile that the very tall mountain is instantly tackled and at times he does get caught in their path. Tumble tumble they go over the Scion of Aphrodite, knocking him against the rock face and leaving trails of gravel and scraped stone in their path. Jason is made of sturdy stuff however and he just keeps on climbing throughout the onslaught, headed for the summit.

The rocks themselves come from the mountain! Obviousy, something is blasting it off, and as he's hit, more rocks come down his way. He needs to make a speedy ascent or at least get past the clouds to see what's causing it. He's still not too far off from the griffon colony, and already he sees a bit of blood and gore as one of the griffons was squished by the same rocks that hit him.
From afar, Scott has been thinking on that. I really want to boost Scott's stats overall. More dirty tricks and survivability. At Demigod and above, it gets painful.

Oh no! Poor Griffons! Jason calls out towards the ground, "Watch out below! Rocks are coming down!". Considering the squishing they probably don't really /need/ the warning but maybe they are so busy mating they lost track of things. He scurries up the rocks still faster, eyes looking up with their expanded senses to try to get a feeling for what is causing so much chaos.
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Scurryscurry like a demigod cockroach crawling up the walls of the house of the Gigantes. Still, more rocks come and go, squishing a few more but after several hours of dodging rocks, he can see what's causing it. There's a rather large and complex fortress in the sky, floating there on the edge. To the edge is another Greek building, parthenon-esque where the Gigantes themselves are attacking the thundering lightning blasts from the castle with giant rocks. They are the ones tearing apart the mountain, for they are being invaded!

What an unflattering image! Not without it's truth, of course, sometimes you just have to climb and when it is a really LARGE mountain that makes things rough. Now that Jason can actually see what is going on he tries to angle his ascent to bring him up clear of the fight, not exactly wanting to find himself exactly in the middle of a war zone under those circumstances. He pulls himself up into that parthenon-esque structure before moving further within in pursuit of some cover from lightning blasts and stone debris.

The fortress in the sky continues to blast away at pieces of Mount Orthrys. The Gigantes are struggling against the fortress and it's mighty electrical zaps. Fortunately, Jason can see who is manning it. A group of Scions, a band of six, with features that would make one assume that they are all related are manning the controlsof the fortress itself.

With both his guns now in his possession Jason has Phobos and the pistol is drawn to quickly morph and unfold, the barrel greatly elongating and a scope unfolding. He may not be ready to shoot anyone, yet, but it is good to be prepared and the scope can only hope him narrow his focus. Peering through the sight he trails it along the faces of the band of six within the flying castle, getting a good close look at least. All this even while he focuses his expanded hearing in that direction, trying to narrow it in upon their conversation amongst each other even through the sounds of battle.

Extendable ears! Jason has those! In a way…from what he can hear,there's a quiet conversation amongst the group.

A female voice looks at the man with a golden fleece around him. "Jason, are you sure this is what your father wants?"

"Yes, Zeus said to destroy Orthrys and the Gigantes. The Titanomachy is begnining once more, and I will do my father's bidding.." the man says firmly and resolutely, quite fanatic in his dedication.

Huh. That was unexpected. The Jason upon the mountain simply stares and ponders from what is overheard. The last he knew the fleece was missing, Hera seeking it's return. Still that looks quite a bit like the real thing.. but Jason? The original perhaps? Circe at least had implied him still out there. Or is this all some act being played out here upon this mountain by the Titans? He shifts his attention now to closer subjects on the battlefield, the defending Gigantes. Turning his expanded hearing in /their/ direction towards anyone that seems to be giving orders. What is their take on what is going on here?

Gigantes are not that smart. Unfortunately, Jason can't insta-translate languages, as he can just hear their grunting and growling and see them pointing in the direction of the flying fortress. They are in a rush it seems as they continue to lift up rocks to try to send the flying fortress away.

Well. Jason can worry about the battle later. The castle does not appear to be plumetting out of the sky at just this instant and if the invaders are doing anything well it is keeping the Gigantes distracted. While it might have made the assent difficult, the Scion of Aphrodite scaled this peak for a reason and that is to search for his missing relics. Sniper rifle transforms back into a pistol and he moves to slip deeper within the parthenonlike structure, continuing to work to avoid it's defenders on the rim as he explores deeper within searching for the signs of a chest design which is by now quite familiar.
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Blastie blastie! More chunks of rock fall down as Jason makes his way towards the parthenon like structure. Much like the parthenon is a place of worship for the gods, this one is a place of worship for the various Titan Avatars, and this is the current home of Gaia. She's smaller now, not at all earthy and appears as a beautiful woman of Greek ancestry. Her flowing robes are quite sheer,revealing much and she blinks as she spies the familiar Scion in her territory.

"What have you done? Your cousins are attacking us!"

Blink. Jason has never actually met Gaia that he is aware of, and her current form is certainly not very recognizable. Still, a fateful aura is a fateful aura and for someone as powerful as Gaia the power practically radiates. It's so much his eyes don't even wander, much, taking only a moment to appreciate her form before they shift back to her facial features as opposed to her other attributes, "I'm not sure who you are Miss, but if you know who I am then you know I've been kind of busy. The folks in the castle kind of have their own Jason already, of the fleece wearing variety. Zeus dispatched them to destroy the Gigantes as one of the first acts of the new Titanomachy."

"That man took the golden fleece when we were away setting up your trials. From my understanding it is your duty to find it for Hera and he took it along with your last relic.." she says firmly and resolutely as she points towards the castle in the sky, her voice sounding slightly annoyed. "Fate has decreed this as your battle, not mine. I cannot interfere.."

"My battle?" Jason asks sounding more than dubious, "How is Mount Orthys being attacked by a flying band of Scions of Zeus in any possible way a battle fate has decreed as mine?" He is continuing to look the woman over and he finally hazards, "You must be Gaia, here with the gigantes. I believe you when you say you cannot interfere, for if you are Gaia that castle would be scattered pebbles before your fury. But how is it my fight? What do you know of what fate has spun?"

"You and he are destined to fight this day. Claim what is yours from him." she says firmly and resolutely, pointing towards the castle once more.

Jason simply stares at her. Hmph. Gaia is really convincing! She too has epic ungodly social pools. "Fine" the Scion of Aphrodite finally says, turning his attention towards the castle in what is by now becoming an old trick. Fire here. Fire there in an empty spot upon the deck and it is a simple manner of walking between them. No subtle sneaking about right now. Not under the circumstances. Not yet stepping out of the flames, ready to transport away in an instant if needed he calls out, "I am a fellow child of the Dodekatheon, recently abducted to be held in the surrounding realm. I have overcome the perils of it's poles four poles. Turned a fierce predator into a loyal mount. I am Jason, and I have come to speak with your leader."

"You are a child of the Dodekatheon! Then help us!" a young woman replies. She's dressed in what seems to be a dominatrix outfit of some sort as she continues to (wo)man the cannons that continue to spout fire and lightning towards the Gigantes.

Playing off what he heard earlier Jason says, "On a mission not truly sanctioned by Zeus, but rather is the suicidal attempt of a son to curry his fathers favor? This is a battle Olympus does not need landing upon it's doorstep. We've foes enough without stirring Gaia to her full fury." Fiery eyes shift over towards the fleece wearing figure, "Joshua I presume? I'd heard you were little more than a layabout and a womanizer, it's quite the surprise to find you here of all places. Stealing what is rightfully mine."

"It's Jason now, as this is the Argos. The true argos that was used wasn't just a boat, but it was a full fortress altered by Medea's magicks. You think that I would easily just give up when I can eliminate all that stands between Mount Olympus and Mount Orthrys? The Gigantes and Gaia? With this power in my hands I can destroy it and finally end the conflict." he says firmly and resolutely."And what of you? You help serve and protect the Titans?"

"Having the Argos does not make you the continuation of Jason's legend" Jason says eying his alter ego, "It just makes you the man who brought it a very long way to it's rightful Captain." Gaze looking down towards the fortress below he asks, "A war with Terra is a war we cannot win, for true victory would mean the very destruction of the earth itself. You push a foolish battle, for all that it is the old one. That ends now. Here before the crew of the Argos I challenge you for the legacy you have falsely claimed as your own. There can be only one true Jason, fate and skill shave prove who is worthy of the name."

Oooooooooooh snap! It's the battle of the Jasons! Xanatos this time chuckles softly as he keeps the golden fleece wrapped around himself while looking back towards the child of Aphrodite. Is he going to accept? He'd be a fool not to, especially with the rest of his crew watching and he nods once more.

"Fine. Your challenge is accepted. I shall easily defeat you in combat anyway.." he says firmly and resolutely.

The fleece is eyed and the Domnimatrix chick gets a look, "Given the nature of this battle it is best to have someone lookout for it's possible rewards. If you do not mind too much undressing Joshua would you do us the honor of holding the fleece for the winner?" Then turning his head to call out into the nearby air, "Gaia. If you can hear me, an honorable duel that will decide the control of this vessel is about to occur. It'd rather it not be settled by a random flying rock. If your Gigantes will cease their assault I will ask the crew of this vessel to cease fire as well."

And when she is called Gaia appears, still in the same form Jason saw her earlier. That puts all the crew at the defensive in the presence of the Titan Avatar, but she bows once more. "This is a battle decreed by fate. I will care for the fleece.." she says firmly and resolutely as allshe doesis snap her fingers and soon it appears in her arms along with surprised gasps from the rest of the Argonauts 2.0.

Well. That probably does not help the rep. On the plus side, Gaia is more likely to be his ally and not cause problems than the Domnimatrix chick. This train of thought should really concern Jason, and might if he were not about to have an epic struggle for life and limb. "Thank you" he says with a polite bow of his head towards Gaia before turning back to face Joshua, "Time to settle this."

"Indeed, it is time. I have heard of a Titan corrupted child of Aphrodite that would get in my way. The fates told meas such.." he says firmly and resolutely as he starts to lead Jason towards the 'courtyard' of the flying fortress so that they may have more room to fight. "Why do you willingly serve the Titans?"

"By chance did you ever meet a looker by the name of Helena? One who possibly lured you into doing something very very stupid?" Jason asks as he makes his own way towards the courtyard, limbering up as he goes. "My half sister. Corrupted by the Titan of the Death. Her theatrics nearly did serious damage to Olympus, she was neutralized by my hand. I am no servant of the Titans, Joshua. I am exactly as I have told you, one who was captured and brought here to be held against my will."

"Yet you serve Terra's interests and have one of her avatars at your beck and call. Interesting that you do not consider yourself Titan corrupted. Perhaps corrupted is a bad word. You are Titan influenced.." he says with a bit of a scoff as he shakes his head in reference to Helena. "No, I have not met such a woman." Could Jason be the one the fates talked about?"

"I only met Gaia a few minutes ago" Jason wryly says as he finally takes up position, motions taking on that added bit of fluidity even while his skin attains the complexion of fine marble, "And any who work to save the earth will find themselves serving Terra's interests upon occasion. I'm sure you have no experience with that sort of thing, of course."

When we last left off Jason and Jason were preparing to square off, much of the deck of the Argos having been cleared for the two and the cease fire temporarily declared meaning cannons no longer roar and Gigantes thrown rocks no longer smash. Gaia has taken the Golden Fleece for the time being, leaving the two Scion's of Olympus to face each other without that particular relic between them. Joshua-Jason probably looks all buff and rugged, filled with the divine heritage of the Dodekatheon's father of the Gods and that same cast of features present throughout the crew. Zeus gets around. Jason probably makes for the prettier counterpoint, his own heritage from the much maligned Aphrodite and his features reflecting a bit more of her beauty. Of course, Jason is also looking healthy, oh so healthy, his time on Terra ravishing Titan Avatars and journeying from pole to pole while breathing in the air and eating the local cuisine has filled him with a sort of primal endurance that is almost palpable. Already though his skin and attire has taken on the white tint of perfect marble, movements just ever so much more fluid and natural. It's almost fight time.

Zeus definitely gets around. Joshua-cum-Jason has his father's strong features, quite handsome and a burly build. Unlike Jason who is more lean than massive musculature, the captain of the Argos has the build suiting the child of Zeus, taking after Hercules in somerespects as his muscles bulge. Surely, Maia would swoon at Joshua, as he is quite Aesir like even in his Dodekatheon-ness. He takes a deepbreath as he brings out a huge bigass sword that is six feet tall, almost as tall as the Scion!

He chuckles softly grinning the entire time as he looks towards his 'corrupted' counterpart. "This is where your corruption shall end, child of Aphrodite.." he proclaims matter of factly.

Jason draws out his pistols, so very very very tiny next to that bigass freaking sword. "Come now, Joshua, are you continuing to press that tired old line? Corruption?" Jason says letting his words trail out even while he scopes out the environment for things which might be of use in the coming battle. What does a big ass mystical castle ship have on it anyways? "You think you're righteous.. I know.. but the truth is that you are weak where it matters. A bastard child always knowing he is not good enough and just desperately struggling to escape the day that proves it to be so. But today is your day Joshua, before the eyes of your crew, before the eyes of the fates you are going to prove to us all just how weak your blood truly is."

Ooooh, Jason's going for low blows already? Joshua is not the type to remain coolheaded and calm when taunted. He has his father's temper in that regard. He still glares towards the child of Aphrodite. "Oh? I am weak? You are the son of the goddess whom even mortals make fun of in the Illiad and the Odyssey. It's no wonder she betrayed the Dodekatheon to join with your enemies and it seems you and your sister have joined her lot."

That is good. Jason does not want his enemy cool headed. Coolheaded people think. Coolheaded people plan. Coolheaded people are harder to defeat. Jason drawls his words out, "You're pathetic. Trying so desperately to swaddle yourselves in the fleece of an old legend because on your own you know you just aren't good enough." A taunting grin at his opponent, "Just think how you're going to go down in the next heroic cycle. Will you even be a footnote I wonder? Will the tale of weakblooded little bastard who lost it all his first appearance on the big stage even be worthy of a mention? A cautionary tale for all the puny little cowards who dared to dream too much and step too far? Will your story even be worth the breath it takes to mock you in the days ahead?" Thoughtful pause and a dismissive snort, "I doubt it." Jason is pacing even while he delivers his words, preparing an angle of attack. He is trying to make Joshua-cum-Jason so angry that he'll charge him and is angling that corridor so he must pass right by one of the side mounted cannons and it's ammunition. Rush fight past that hopefully explosive mixture even while silently his thumbs flash with flicker of flames and he loads his gun with living fire. Already Jason is trying to play off that legendary temper to lure his opponent right into a trap.

Cool headed the son of Zeus is not. But cautious he still is. "I know what you are trying to do. If you are trying to get me into a little trap of yours, I will not fall for it.." Joshua replies as his chest flexes just a bit. He chuckles softly as he raises the sword into the air and chuckle softly. "Harpocrates, god of silence, I implore you to make my enemy speak not. His words are vile and corrupting.." he says, his sword still raised in the air. The winds themselves start to swirl around Jason. It's a focused attack. He knows how to deal with children of the seductress and nshe of vile words! Silence them! The FF theme is totaly playing and should he succeed, there is so going to be a . o O (…) around Jason.

Jason was totally trying to lure him into a trap! Damn it! Still the festivities at least revealed one thing to Jason and that is the Sky relic that the other Scion happens to be using. Still! He is now silent! Of course even while that is happening Jason is rushing forward, foot coming down on one of the cannons and using it to help him rush tot he side while guns come to bear. He is not going for the kill against his adversary. He's not that far gone yet! He does want to try to deprive his enemy of one of his weapons however. The first pistol comes to bear aiming at the other Scion's wrist and snaps off a shot. Carefully timed a second and a half later is the second shot curving around and aiming towards the base of the swords blade. If it works out as hoped the pair of shots will simultaneously loosen Joshua-cum-Jason's grip and send that sword flying towards the edge of the castles deck.
Pwang! Ptang! The bullets bounce off with ease as Joshua's face lights up. He lets out a hearty laugh as hechuckles once more. He is a tank! Brute force tank like Haldor! There's a reason why the ST hinted Maia would swoon towards him. He is all about brute force being ason of Zeus and all. Think Hercules but smarter!

"You really think that would hurt me? I commend you on trying to disarm me, but I'm afraid you'll find that to be quite impossible.." he quips, snickering the entire time as he jumps up in the air with a holy bound, letting him flyhigh into the sky.

A sudden shift of position and weight, and gravity helps fill the rest as the 300 lb muscley burly son of Zeus starts to head towards Jason, the sword raised high in the air. He's trying to body slam him. Totally amove from the old Street Fighter as he raises his arms, hoping to have elbow contact on his 'corrupt' counterpart.

Jason is not really used to seeing his shots just bounce off. I mean, they did the one time he fought that God but it's not very normal. Yipes! Maybe he believed what he said a bit too much because that really does seem to have taken him by surprise. Not so much by surprise however that he is not prepared for the counter attack, his heightened reflexes just barely swinging him to the side in time to avoid that downward aimed sword stroke an inch to the side. Maybe what he needs is a bigger gun. Rolling over towards one of the ships massive cannons he shifts it to aim onto the deck itself. Aiming the barrel at the fellow Scion. Speechless he is robbed of the social fuckuppery his family is renowned for but for a moment he draws his divine beauty around himself, flinging his compelling presence at Joshua even while he aims the cannon to take a shot.

KaBoom! There's a bit of a recoil on the cannon, cause well ya know it's a cannon and Jason isn't 300 lbs himself. The cannonball itself sends him knocking back as his body soaks up the impact and he chuckles softly. There's a wry grin curling onto Joshua's lips. It's a predatory one as he's a fast motherfucker and pulls at a satchel kept around his waist. "Zephyrus! I summon thee!"

And what happens is quite interesting. A rather large tornado starts to surround Joshua, starting to lift the cannon ball itself. He has more protection now and there's no way that Jason can really go near without getting knocked around a circling projectile of doom. There's a tornado around him! But that is also a good thing for Jason as that means Joshua cannot make any attacks? Or can he?

"So where are your claims that I am pathetic, child of Aphrodite?" he says with a triumphant laugh. There are various things skittering and scattering which he promptly imprisons into various crystals that are also swept up by his pet tornado. He moves closer towards the ammunition, more debris swirling around him now.

Jason's rabbits foot has yet to be found. Likely it is either someone down below or, if with his other relic at the air pole now in the possession of Joshua itself. Control over the air is totally not his, at least in any traditional sense. Backing away Jason makes it a point to look skittish, worried, his acting talents being put to the test. All allowing time for Joshua to get closer to the ammunition stores for the cannons with that cloud of death. Then the Scion of Aphrodite is bringing one of his guns to bear, finger tracing a sigil etched upon the hilt as brilliant flames are reflected in the barrel for just a moment before the suddenly spring up to life around Joshua. At the least the flames should be gobbling hungrily at the air, desperate seeking that oxygen for fuel and disrupting the fine control which Joshua has. Hopefully it is also going to set off those ammunition stores and create one hell of a surprising bang.

Oh dears. As much thinking as Joshua does ahead, he did not anticipate this. It seems he was unaware of the flame ability of his counterpart. When the flames rise and hit the storage of ammunition swirling around him, something bad happens. Gaia fortunately teleports all the spectators away from the blast and leaves them in a cloud high above. She doesn't want to see people to die afterall and she doesn't want the fleece destroyed afterall.


The blast radius is the entire courtyard and there's a chibi mushroom cloud. The force of the explosion sends both parties slamming into opposite sides of the castle, but the flying fortress is hearty enough to withstand the blast. Or at least it seems that way.. for now. Jason is more perceptive than his counterpart and he can hear the cracks as important support structures have been damaged, heavily. While the castle keeps it's structural integrity, the crystal that keeps the castle aloft is shattered. There's a sudden shake as the castle tilts to one side, power starting to fail. It's the levitation devices to the left side starts to fail first.

Joshua rolls and rolls to that side, much more injured. His clothes were burned off and there are scratches, cuts and debris embedded in his rippling muscley body. He is hot stuff, literally as he's now covered in ash, though he still holds onto his bigass sword. He's all naked now and annoyed. "Ugh.."

Right. Joshua did not think ahead! Things went boom. Jason at least only gave away half his silk steel to his errant Griffon and so he is not naked as he stumbles forward, bracing himself to come closer to Joshua as he levels both guns at the injured figures head. "Now I expect you're just a little upset about being set on fire and mostly blown up and you probably really want to get some back. But I'm telling you now, even if you can't hear it I can. This ship is going down. I heard a shattering of crystal, the breaking of stone and this whole thing is getting ready to crumble. Given what you did I think maybe you can save it, but I want you real clear on this. Unless you yield now you aren't going to get that chance. Make your choice Joshua. Save your pride or save Olympus a ship that may be vital to it's future defense."


Does the cat have his tongue or is he caught in his own divine threnody? Joshua grumbles for a few moments and looks towards Jason once more. "I will save the ship.." he says matter of factly as he calls down towards one of his crew. "You know what needs to be done.." he says firmly and resolutely to the crew member. Slowly, he eases on up and starts heading towards the area where the crystal was. It's time to sacrifice the life of one of his crewmates to maintain the Argos. Oh shit!
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From afar, Haldor shrugs and nuzzles.

Right. That is how you beat heroes. You make their own sense of honor work against them and make them save the day even at the cost of self sacrifice and serving the villains ends. All the best bad guys do it. Which really would trouble Jason if he thought on it at all, however Jason is still recovering from boomtime which did at least do one hell of a lot to shake him up. Working his shoulders back and forth Jason holsters his guns, Joshua did just yield after all. He picked the ship! "Gaia" he says into the air, "I don't know if you can hear me but I figure you were watching the fight. Winner decided before the eyes of the crew, Terra, and fate itself. You probably want to clear the structure below of your children, if this thing does come down I expect it is going to make one hell of a bang."

For the briefest moment as Jason looks up towards the crew, he notices a familiar Japanese face amongst the crowd in a split second before it reverts to the crew member once more. Double take perhaps? Odd, maybe his eyes are playing tricks on him. Still, Joshua heads down and starts to imprison one of his crew in a crystal to save the ship itself. "You know, only those truly corrupted would think they are righteous for saving the lives of Titanspawn.."
Haldor has left.

Odd. Very odd. Jason narrows his eyes at the crew in the wake of that split second. Maybe he /did/ just hit his head too hard but maybe things are not totally what they appear. He puts his considerable senses to work trying to spot any incongruities, inconsistencies, if there is an illusion in play he is doing his damndest to see through it. "Half of the Gods of Olympus were spawned from the Titans, however much they don't like to acknowledge that fact. Those people down there are family, of a sort. If we must kill each other upon the field of battle it is one thing, but something alltogether to let a ship fall from the sky upon innocents who simply wish to live their lives."

"And what if that was my plan all along?" he says with raised brows as the crystal continues to surround his bandmate,struggling until she's completely imprisoned. The castle itself starts to raise something around her as it uses her own life energies to remain aloft. Oh what a terrible and cruel fate.

"Then you've proven who the truly corrupted of those present actually is" Jason says firmly towards Joshua. "You have yielded the day and so you and the ship both shall both live to fight another day. Return with this vessel and her crew to Mount Olympus, make your report of what has happened here and see the Argos repaired and made battle worthy once more." A narrowed look towards the crewman who briefly seemed to slip an illusionary visage, "I also believe that you have one among you who is not what they appear. Perhaps you aware of this, if nto it bears investigation."

"My crew has been with me since I first started my voyages. Corrupt and confuse me not with your vile words.." Joshua replies grunting a bit as he takes a deep breath and starts to head off. The ship is moving again! Huzzah! Too bad it is not in Jason's possession but still in that of his Haldor-like rival.

Hey. The ship was part of the bet! Joshua is just following Jason's orders right? Jason seems willing to believe it so for the moment. Clearing his throat as Joshua begins to head off he says, "The Relics you stole from the pole of air. Return them to me before you depart."

And he reaches into his satchel. No tornado comes out this time. It needs to rest afterall as he pulls out a small crystal shard on a pendant and a lucky rabbit's foot before tossing it to Jason. "Those were with the fleece.." he says, keeping his end of the deal like an honorable Scion would. How many enemies has Jason made today?

How many friends has Jason made today? Jason slips the pendant around his neck and tucks the rabbit's foot into a pocket before he makes way towards the edge of the ship passing that crewman who briefly seemed to illusion slip along the way and he leans in to quietly whisper, "I do not know who you are or what you intend. Be it harm to this fool or harm to Olympus. Harm my ship however, and next time we shall have a problem." With that he is making it to the side and jumping off, leaping down to the Parthenon type structure to below. He's not done with Terra quite yet. Gaia has his fleece, after all.

And the Argos promptly disappears when Jason leaves. It has teleporting capabilities or Gaia banished it. Now wearing the crystal of the elemental pole of air, Gaia looks towards Jason with a warm smile asshe takes a deep breath. She hrmms for a few moments and offers nthe fleece to savior of Terra. "I believe this is now yours."

Jason looks over the fleece wryly even while slinging it over one shoulder. "In truth I think it suited his appearance better than mine. Still, mine it is. Thank you for playing arbiter to that struggle. So.. where do we go from here? I've everything I needed to make a daring escape from you in secret. But it is now increasingly clear the secret never really was such, and you've had more than enough opportunities to see whatever it is you had hoped to see."

"You've been able to escape this whole time. All you had to do is click your heels and say "there's no place like home" three times. Or sing "Home"" Gaia says with a smarmy grin curling onto her lips as she chuckles softly under her breath.

"I do hope you're joking" Jason says wryly towards Gaia, "Or else you have a sense of humor that reminds me of my mothers." A briefly pained look crosses his features there. Right. Mom. No discussing evil traitorous mom with.. the Titan Avatar. It is just too ironic. "But that is not really an answer."

Post Coitus. Several hours later.

The bedroom was rich and lavish with silk and satin sheets. She may be rocky, but she was all smooth throughout the night and she has a huge stamina. If anything she waited till Jason was exhausted and slept for a bit.

Who knew Gaia would have silk and satin. Of course, she is a girl. Jason finally stretches beneath the sheets, clothing and relics a jumbled pile within one chair and he sits up to rest his back against the headboard. "Mhmm.. that was nice." He offers up looking over towards the titan avatar, "So can we talk? About all that has occurred?"

"I suppose we can.." Gaia says with a dismissive wave. She shrugs her shoulders as she covers herself in the sheets and waits for Jason to bombard her with questions.

"Is there a real alternative" Jason asks drawing one knee up beneath the sheets and looking over, "I think I already know better than to ask why anything which was done, was done. I've already learned my lesson well that you are not of one mind or of one purpose. I don't even have to ask if you are going to let me go, you did not load me down with upgraded toys and glittering presents to keep me in a cage. So I will ask about the future then. What are your hopes?"

"My hopes? That this silly war ends, but fate has made it so. We are deemed 'evil' as generation after generation of mindless Scions comes after us. We were wrongfully imprisoned and my children are unwelcome in their own home. Am I angry as a result? Yes. Would I like to see a regime change? Yes and no. The cycle of fate will only repeat itself should the new children of the gods fight and displace their parents.." Gaia says softly and rather sadly.

"He really was quite the hero, wasn't he? Joshua? Bravely doing what his father wanted against all odds, striking his way deep into the heart of this place to do what Scions are taught to do from the very moment they are first handed their weapons and told of the brewing war." Jason settles back against the headboard a little more, a hand reaching up to massage at his eyes as he quietly says, "I have yet to figure out if he is actually right about me, if I have in fact been corrupted. I certainly feel no different but.. I'd have died to protect you and this place. I'd have killed him and every person upon the Argos had it been necessary. I have defended Terra twice, once against another Titan and once against the forces of Olympus and in neither case can I deem my actions wrong. In neither case can I find it in my heart to regret them."

"Heroes fight against all the odds no matter what. They often face defeat and you are his first major defeat. I have watched him as well.." she says matter of factly while running her fingers through her hair. "But you have acted the hero as well. It is all a matter of perspective, Jason. In his eyes you protected us, the enemy. Therefore, in his eyes, you are corrupted for we are corrupt. He thinks everything as black and white, but I am not surprised considering who his father is."

"You mention the cycle of fate and why a regime change will not change anything in the long run" Jason says quietly while looking over, "And yet you are surely aware that the cycle of fate has already been broken. A band of Scions sacrificed the fates to raise that which should have been forever gone. To bring back that long forgotten. To restore Atlantis to it's place so that they might rise to power even as it did. They wound up not chaining themselves to their own grand creation, and yet several were, myself included." A wry snort, "For all that I might have acted the hero as well. For all I put up a good act before his crew to make that first major defeat of his.. palpable.. he did find the Argos.. he did find the Fleece. When I challenged him were you really stepping back to see a contest that fate decreed must happen? Or were you standing back to see if because of those very ties to Atlantis I could shatter a cycle of fate never meant to be broken? Claim a legacy that was never actually supposed to be mine?"

"Fate is a funny thing. There will always be conflict. To change things, one must kill the fates themselves, such as the group who were successful in doing so. But in their success did they truly change the outcome of the cycle or did they just fulfill their own destinies as the fates themselves decreed. The fates are still alive afterall and were saved by your friends and perhaps by doing that, they have the wheel turning once more as it should.." she replies with raised brows. "and when you challenged him, I wanted to see what fate has decided.."

"And what do you think fate decided, there?" Jason asks while he turns to look at her. "I cannot help but to think the event had some significance. Some importance. And yet despite initiating that challenge, despite winning it.. I feel I do not have a clear view of the implications."

"Do you think you made any friends or enemies? Those are certainly implications." Gaia says matter of factly.

"Both, I expect" Jason answers pursing his lips thoughtfully. "Zeus is not going to be at all pleased with me, or will most of his children. Joshua being one of his bastards Hera will be absolutely delighted to have had him shown up. Most who know of my mothers.. indiscretions.. will now be wondering if I have followed in her footsteps." A chuckle, "Which of course I truly might have done. Her crimes which seemed so unforgivable even a short time ago no longer seem such to my eyes. Still it means whatever allies she had may now be closer to considering me to be the same. Her enemies too may be more my enemies. The most stringent of Olympus loyalists will be regarding me in a poor light indeed, while everyone Zeus has ever done a bad turn will be wanting to buy me a beer."

"Then there are implications and it seems you have a very clear view of them." Gaia replies with a warm smile, chuckling once more as she stretches her arms into the air. "Like a good and classic villain, you defeated him by making him lose his cool. In his cycle, he would be reaching to avenge his defeat this time so that you may be vanquished in the future. I hope you realize that. "

"Like a good and classic hero I let the villain's rage get the better of him and destroy his well laid schemes. Either way he will be plotting his revenge. Either way I need new and powerful allies." Jason pauses there drum his fingers upon the sheets for a moment and he asks, "How powerful are the ties to a Greater Titan? Can they be broken? Redirected? You seem to know much, I wonder if you know the story of my sister."

"Ahhh, Helena, I have heard rumors, but do not know the truth. If one truly embodies an aspect of a Greater Titan, then their connection is permanent." she says softly, running her fingers through her hair. "Terra is the Earth, but not in the respect that Crom Cruach is. We are Mother Nature. And we embody fertility and her rage. Helena is from my understanding, the avatar that represents ennui and loneliness. A powerful aspect of death indeed. For when one is truly alone do they die."

"It is my understanding that she does not truly embody such an aspect yet" Jason says quietly, "She was in some proto stage. Dead and returned and yet.. draining Eris of her powers was supposed to be her great moment. Her personal grand victory the power from which would fuel her rise to truly becoming an embodiment of her aspect. That did not happen. The ritual was not completed. I.. trapped her before that happened. Ennui? Loneliness? These are not something I wish for my sister, and yet I condemn her to an eternity of them if I leave her trapped within her box. Being in it's proto stage.. is there no way to transform those ties? Might ennui and loneliness become the freedom and independence of the lone wolf? Is there some place in Terra for a solitary huntress?"

"She is trapped in Pandora's Box, a void in which she can't even hear her own voice. You, yourself, have completed her transformation into ennui. She is restless insidethere, as sure as you know. And lonelyness. She has no companions, no one to talk to. I will be surprised if she hasn't been driven mad by the chaotic energies of Eris and from her own seclusion caused at your hands. She /IS/ the Avatar now. You have made it so." Gaia says softly.

"Fate" Jason says in a tone of voice that is not at all appreciative of the concept. "The spinners of the weave really do dance upon their strings. So be it. My sister is dead as only an avatar of death itself can be. I never really knew her, and yet she did a great many wicked wicked things. I shall mourn her despite these things." Hand finally dropping from his forehead he asks, "So where do we go from here? Do you intend to hold me in Terra for awhile longer, or am I free to leave at a time of my choosing?"

"I believe your friends are coming for you." Gaia says softly, letting out a soft and amused chuckle under her breath.

"Oh?" Jason inquires before grumbling, "It certainly took them long enough. Had you been as malicious as I first feared when I find myself here I would have long since been dead."

"WE are not as malicious as other Titans. If anything, we are neutral in this war." Gaia says matter of factly, sighing softly once more.

"You seek the total destruction of humanity" Jasson says narrowing his eyes over at her, "There is little neutral about that stance. Still I have been told by your fellow titans that you personally harbor no great hatred of mortals but simply view them as a wedge to use against Olympus."

"They are. They are breeding stock for the gods to which they use to make their own weapons against us. It is simply a tactical decision." Gaia says rather neutrally, though there is the whole humanity as a virus upon Mother Nature view as well. But she keeps that mum for now.

"And is it not the same to you, to some degree?" Jason asks tilting his head at Gaia. "One of your fellow avatars told me that from her perspective all that I had been through here was simply a test to see if I were worthy breeding stock myself. Humanity is a part of that bloodline."

"Humanity which has always been washed away completely. You have made love to three avatars of Terra. With each action, a bit of your humanity has slipped away making you more and more into a suitable mate.." Gaia whispers softly.

Those words cause Jason to look thoughtful and uncomfortable all at once, raising a hand to turn it this way and that as he makes a study of it and says, "I've been wondering if it was simply my imagination. Despite the many struggles my time here has offered I don't think I have ever felt so healthy. So whole. I think that explosion aboard the Argos might have killed me when I first awoke in the hut here, but instead it left me only slightly injured even as it gravely wounded a son of Zeus. Yet it is not gone, the humanity. I am no God. I am no Avatar."

"It will be gone in due time. Either you will be exalted amongst the Dodekatheon or you will succumb and serve a Greater Titan. The fates have not yet decided what is your path.." Gaia replies, shrugging her shoulder once more, her tone almostdistant

Going to Terra!

Maia has already packed a good bit of food. There's been a foray to Jotunheim,but now it's time to save Jason. And of course, they still need a bit of Gaia's divine ichor as well to help Yggdrasil. As such, she thinking of ways to get to the land of fertility and life itself and there's an idea.

"Haldor! I think there's a touchstone to Terra through the Amazon rainforest. What do you think? Know of any possible ways to get to Terra?"

You know what the best thing about being Haldor is? Never having to come up with the ideas for how best to save the world. He looks up from where he's seated in lotus position, Drake curled up and asleep on his lap. The suggestion is intriguing, though the question is more interesting still. As a result, Haldor arches one red eyebrow at Maia while smiling a quizzical little smile at her.

"I take it I can't just punch a hole in the earth until we fall into Terra?"

"I don't think that will work. We can always ask Sojobo?"

Maia lets out a soft and amused chuckle at Haldor's method of saving their companion but she hrmms for a few moments and ponders a bit. "From what I know, Terra is filled with beautiful women, Titan avatars,but still, some of the hottest women in existence. Are we sure Jason wants to be saved?" she asks and takes that idea out of her head.

"But still! I will have to cut a bitch if they start going after my man, so if I get smited by a Terran avatar, uh.. save me… please?" she says with a soft chuckle once more before starting to setup a ritual to make with the communication with Sojobo to ask for advice. That's what high level guides are for afterall.

His job done, Haldor shrugs to Maia before scooping Drake out of his lap. The Viking promptly stands up and stretches, popping a few cricks out as he moves to watch Maia setting up the communication spell thingamajigger. Idly he ruffles Drake's headfur before stowing the pup in his hoodie, supporting Drake's weight by keeping his hands in his pockets.

"Have I ever left you behind before? I believe I was the one that punched open an Underworld specifically to save you once before."

"I know.." and he also caused the death of a million New Yorkers in the process, but she doesn't mention that since she is appreciative. She sets up the shrine to Sojobo and kneels forward as she mutters something underher breath.

She closes her eyes and focuses, trying to find out the way to connect to her mentor off in Japan still. It's a while, but hopefully his image should appear before the shrine. Thank goodness for Summoned Spirit.

Haldor was young and impetuous then. Now he's… Well, at least now Haldor is older and wiser for the mistake. That's something at least. Even so, Haldor shrugs a little bit and settles down beside Maia in lotus position once more. Casually he rubs Drake's head, the pup mrrfing and growfing absently in his sleep. No doubt Drake'll probably wake up by the time Sojobo appears, but hey. Who can be mad with Drake's level of adoribalz?

Drake does have epic levels of adoribalz. he also has 85 unspent XP still! Bad Haldor!

It's then that the old wizzened daitengu appears on the shrine and Maia bows respectfully towards him.

"Sojobo-sama, we need your help. Our companion, Jason, seems to be in the clutches of Terra and her avatars and we were wondering of the safest way to enter the realm. Would you happen to know how we can do it? I am thinking going through virgin rainforest in the Amazon.." Maia says softly.

Haldor snerks. "She said virgin."

Drake abruptly wakes up and barkyelps at Haldor, possibly for awakening him… Or possibly for laughing at that.

Maia eyes Haldor and wrinkles her nose. "You were one once. And so was I.." she whispers, shaking her head as she kisses him on the cheek before reaching over to ruffle up Drake's headfur.

"Perhaps" says the robed figure of the daitengu looking about peevishly, "Doorways are where man is not, where the world speaks it's loudest without drowning out by man. The Amazon is such a place. In the Phillipines too where the mountain breathes flame you might find one. Safe I know nothing off. Danger and battle are my ways."

"Where the mountain breathes flame? That eruption in the Philippines?!?" Maia says rather surprised as she wrinkles her nose. "Well, we can go there. Might be some fire giants or whatever, but we can take care of them, right, hun?" she chirpsmerrily at Haldor before wriggling her fingers at the daitengu.

"Thank you, Sojobo-sama!"

"I have been beating up fire giants like whoa since Pop visited me at Sojobo's temple," remarks Haldor, "I don't think we'll have anymore trouble at Mayon than at Surtsey."

Haldor grins broadly, winking almost conspiratorially at Sojobo while he remains in his lotus position seat. The Viking gently pets Drake, the pup relaxing after Maia ruffled his headfur all to Hel. Absently Haldor seems to be smoothing the fur out for Drake.

Time Passes…

The Island of Luzon in the Phillipines

The weather makes for a pleasant change from the wintry temperatures of New York. Currently it's a comfortable 73 degrees and the countryside is lush and beautiful. Still it has it's oddities, the perfect cone of the Mayon volcano rising out of the forested countryside. While one might expect a great many fire giants they would be surprised, the slopes of the Volcano seem clear of such although the smoking cone has yet to be investigated.
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"Why.. why is it that the volcano is connected to Terra? I think Sojobo might be getting old.."

Maia wrinkles her nose as they arrive at the Philippines and she hrmms for a few moments. There are now abandoned villages around the fiery volcano as it's early morning. She hrmms for a few moments and purses her lips and peers towards him.

"So do we go into the volcano and end up in Muspelheim? Or do you think what happened to Yggdrasil is crisscrossing all the touchstones?"

"Sojobo /IS/ getting old, but I don't think that's impacting his faculties, babe."

Haldor moves along quietly, Drake bounding and bouncing around both Haldor and Maia as he keeps easy pace with the couple. The Viking keeps on the alert, his Aviator's already on - in part because it's bright and sunny out here. For a long few moments, Haldor casts his gaze toward the smoking cone of Mayon to consider it and his answer carefully.

"I figure it's connected to Terra because volcanic soil is supposed to be particularly fertile. Not to mention it's kind of way the Hel out of the way of normal human traffic. Could be that what Kamui and I did to Yggdrasil is screwing with the touch stones, but I think it's just a matter of location, location, location."

Sojobo really is getting old. Whether or not that has impacted his faculties or not remains to be seen. The village really is deserted around them, eerily so. Empty homes abandoned of all life, but not of all movement. To Maia's Death Senses a flicker of movement can be seen, a flash of color fabric within the spectral plane behind one of the huts.

"Haldor.. something's dead.. freshly dead I think.."

There's a little squeak that escapes from her lips as she sees the flash of color towards one of the huts. She starts to rush over,wrinkling her noseas she pulls out a few of her ofuda, ready to exorcize the hut if need be as she quietly heads on over. At least she's trying to be stealthy..

Freshly dead? Perhaps. It's hard to tell. There is a ghost of a woman who is dressed in quite traditional Phillipine attire, strikingly beautiful and looking strikingly sad. Her spectral form is partway hiding behind one of the huts, protecting her from view as she looks off towards the Volcano which continues to sizzle and smoke away. She does not appear to notice super secret stealthy Maia padding her way.

Haldor arches a brow at Maia's squeaked warning. Softly he whistles to Drake, who bounds over to heel between Maia and Haldor, while he draws his chibi drumsticks and crushes them in his hands. Light glints off the lenses of his Aviator's as he activates their version of Death Senses, his unusually short Viking swords appearing in his hands.

"Freshly dead? That sounds… Ominous," remarks Haldor as he prepares himself for battle with ghosts. He hates fighting ghosts, they never fight fair.

"I don't think she's evil.." Maia whispers softly as she hesitantly approaches, crouching down to ruffle up Drake once more, basically having him stay behind her. Ghosts, she can affect. He can't. Poor puppy.

"Um.. hello?" she says softly, peering towards the woman dressed in traditional Philippines clothes. Perhaps it's an old ghost considering most people only wear those types of clothes on holidays now. "Are you all right, ma'am?" she asks curiously.

The ghost of the woman visibly starts, a gasp escaping her as she quickly swivels to look at the pair approaching her as she exclaims in clear distress in Tagalog. "Did Pagtuga send you? Or Linog? Why will you not leave me to my rest!"

Tagalog? Filipino-sounding names? It's probably a very good thing that Haldor has no idea what the words coming out of the ghost's mouth are. He looks helplessly at her and then at Maia, waiting for a translation while he stoops to scoop up Drake. For now, it seems, Drake ought to be safe enough in his master's arms.

Fortunately, Maia is a polyglot. Fourteen languages is a lot afterall, and Tagalog just happens to be one of them. She hrmms for a few moments and shakes her head as she wrinkles her nose and looks back to Haldor, translating what the weeping ghost says.

"I mean no harm. We weren't sent here at all. We were hoping to find a way to Terra, you see. But, what can we do to helpyou?" she asks, looking nup towards the tip of the volcanoto see if the clouds are present.

The woman is caught distracted for a moment looking at Haldor, not in a lusty manmeat sort of way but more in a sort of sad fondness sort of way. "You look so much like my father. Like I think I remember my father. It has been so long." Her words trail off as she turns her gaze back towards the volcano. The clouds are not there, no wonder she is so sad. "Linog sneaks through from there, when they are not watching. Comes here to harry me once more when Patuga calls upon him. They will not let me rest. They never let me rest. If you seek that place there is a tunnel under the forest, it's entrance marked with a rock that looks like a bird. Through there is Linog's door."

Haldor is eyeballed in a sort of way that isn't entirely familiar to him, but does make him feel sudden pity and mingled compassion for the woman. The Viking arches a brow and looks to Maia, waiting for a translation of the woman's words. When he hears that he, of all people, reminds her of her father, Haldor blinks a few times.

"Well, uh. What can we do to help?"

"I think we can put what we need to do on hold to help you since you have helped us.." Maia says with a bright smile as she translate what Haldor says as well. She awwws and feels a bit of sympathy for the ghost of the woman, knowing what it must be like to be in a limbo like status. She was trapped in an underworld herself for a while afterall.

"What should we do? We can try to stop Patuga.."

"What could you do to help?" The woman says in despair, "Patuga is not here yet, but in the end he comes. He always comes. He dwells now in the lands of fire where he waits his opportunity to return. He has a tunnel like Linog's, but it is low and sloped and filled with waters from the rains. But even the touch of Panginorin cannot seal him away from ever, he burns and burns and burns until all the rain is steam and then he comes to fully rob me of my rest once more. Could you make a vast crater you might help, could you control the waters and the rains you might help, often have I wished his door might be sealed beneath a lake so he could trouble me no more. But even my father was not so strong. Even the tears of my mothers compassion could do no such thing."

Haldor, after getting the translation from Maia, cants his head to one side. The Viking seems perplexed by this situation and nudges Maia with one arm, "Can you fill me in on who she's talking about? Maybe if I knew what the deal was with these people she's naming I might be able to come up with something?"

There's a bit of talking as Maia gives Haldor the legend of the mountain and the ghost of the woman who she thinks it is. She wrinkles her nose and smiles happily at the offer. "I can't control the rains, but I can control the waters. He can even freeze the waters so that he may not harass you. Guys who just don't understand no means no piss me off.." she grumbles as she hrmms, for a few moments.

"And Hal.. you can also probably make a crater too! It shouldn't be too difficult. Don't worry, we'll help you out.."

The woman seems doubtful of their ability to help but all the same offers to guide them to Patuga's tunnel. It is a journey that leads them to a small indention in the plains surrounding the volcano, a dark shadowy passage leading deep into the earth. There is indeed steam coming from it, billowing clouds wafting out and creating a faint haze within the nearby air. The ghost looks panicked simply being near here, distress evident as she finds a place behind Haldor to hide while looking on.

Haldor listens intently, making mental notes about the story, while he also obviously seems to be starting to make a plan. Knowing Haldor, the plan likely consists of 'punch Pagtuga in face, kick Linog in groin', but is that necessarily a bad thing?

The Viking muses as he stands in front of the entrance to the tunnel. He considers the steamy portal, occasionally glancing over his shoulder toward Magayon. With a shrug, Haldor starts ambling toward the entrance.

"So what? I'm just supposed to punch this until it's a lakebed?"

"I was thinking of making water that you can freeze.. like permafreeze.." Maia says softly as she was thinking along punch Pagtuga in the face as well, but that might frighten the ghost. She hrmms and closes her eyes,taking a deep breath as she looks at the steam and just focuses.

This is waterbending at it's finest. Or just watercreating really, as gallons of water start to form between her hands, a ball growing bigger and bigger. She keeps her concentration, as something like this is hard, just trying to make as much as she can.

"So you want me to flood the tunnel so he can't get through? Or is making a lakebed better? We can do either.."

The ghost looks rather astonished at that forming ball of water, glancing back and forth between the two with a glimmer of hope now appearing in her eyes. "You.. how can you..? Could you really?!? A lakebed would be better. Water, so much water. I could sleep for so very long were there a lake to keep him away."

"Alright then. Let's get to putting in a lakebed. It'll be great."

Clearly exploding the landscape so as to put in a giant lake to drown some restless, probably evil spirit for a restless, tortured spirit is the best idea. Haldor considers the options for a few moments longer before sighing and clenching his left hand into a fist. Static electricity starts arcing over Haldor's arm and through the long spikes of his red hair. Drake leaps out of Haldor's arms and scampers some distance away to hide behind Maia, who is clearly the safer of the two at the moment.

Haldor breathes slow and steady, drawing in as much air as he can and holding it for at least a ten count before he releases it. Power continues to steadily well up in Haldor's body which he channels straight into THE VIKING FIST until, finally, Haldor torques his body around and down to plow his VIKING FIST into the ground with tremendous, impossible force.

Let's see the Earth survive Haldor's new 251 ton Feat of Strength rating.

Didn't she see this before? Perhaps it was when she was playing Disgaea. It's definitely a move and it's not called the Viking Fist, though it really needs to be renamed that. Nippon Ichi Software needs to get their buts moving!

There's a huge explosion of dust and debris from the impact as the ground cracks from the tremendous force. The shockwave of the impact causes Maia to wobble a little,but she keeps her balance thanks to her cat like reflexes and divine heritage. The water wobbles, but she keeps the hundreds of gallons in her grasp. She looks at the new crater and wrinkles her nose before she waits. Hopefully his punch isn't going to trigger an eruption,cause that would just suck so much balls.

"Babe! Let me know when I can fill it up!" she chirps before looking towards the ghost of the woman. "See, told you we can take care of it!"

The earth is shaking a good bit. Oh my yes. The force of that blast did much to displace the water in the tunnel and now deep within instead of darkness there is a glow. Dark red quickly growing brighter. More intense. Deep within that tunnel now a doorway does seem to be open to a realm of pure fire with no water standing in the way. Oh dear. Filling it up quick would be wise.

"… Uh, Maia. Now would be a good time to just dump the water in there. As much water as you can."

Haldor takes a nice big, fat Holy Bound right out of the crater as he feels the raging inferno within that doorway starting to find its way free. The Viking does not like this feeling, much less the sight, of enormous thermal flares spiking out of the cracks and crevasses his VIKING FIST have put in the ground.

"And, for the future, I am never punching earth again when there is a door involved. These earthen doorways are nothing but traps to end the world."

The ball of water suddenly forms a strong river. There's still water being formed,and she's pumping it as fast as she can,as hard as she can towards the fire. She doesn't want to get burninated either! And hopefully, her water will put out the fire.

Maia squeaks a little as there's a bit of recoil with the force she's putting into it. It's like holding several firehoses and just shooting it at the massive crevice afterall. She's focusing and concentrating as beads of sweat form on her brow.

"You did a good job hun! Fate is just mean sometimes.."

Water meets pure primal fire as it is erupting up from the ground. The hissing of the steam is so powerful it is almost ear shattering, especially to enhanced senses. Poor Haldor! The entire area is suddenly awash in clouds of superheated steam and it is very fortunate for the evacuation of the nearby village as otherwise this would be ample to cook the meat right from the bones of a normal mortal. Still, water is winning this particular struggle and in the end a new lake has been formed directly over where the tunnel used to be.

The ghost looks between them, shock and gratitude in her gaze, "Thank you. Oh thank you. I can rest now. I can rest again."

Haldor adjusts his Aviator's once the steam starts to dissipate. The Viking turns to look at Magayon and offers a cheery, charming smile to the ghost. Politely he bows and scoops Drake up in his arms again before he stands upright again.

"You're welcome. We'll try to come back in the future and reinforce this lake so you can rest in peace for a much longer time."

The Viking continues to smile as he hugs Maia. Apparently Haldor is very pleased with the resolution of this problem, even if he's pretty sure he just screwed something up horribly again. Fortunately, this has bought him some time so he can come back and analyze it for a proper solution later. You know, when Jason isn't stuck in a Titan realm.

"You're quite welcome. We'll figure out a more permanent solution. I figure we'll come back the same way we came in afterall!"

Maia smiles brightly, especially as she's hugged by the Viking. She squeezy hugs him back before wrapping an arm around his waist. She wants to cuddle just a bit with their success before she motions towards the other door that leads to the Titanrealm of Terra.

"You ready handsome?" And with that said, she starts tugging him off towards the realm. And away they go!

Haldor is always ready for adventure and killing things. Except when he doesn't really want to go adventuring and/or killing things, fortunately for Jason, this is not one of those times. Right now, Haldor is feeling the ties that bind straining and thus he is all but compelled to go adventuring and killing to return Jason to the world.

"Lead on, McTsuchimikado."

The new lake having been created the beautiful ghostly woman returns towards the volcano and her rest. The rumblings seem lessened, the eruption with a short time ago seemed to be so impending now seeming farther off. It is not hard to find the tunnel which she spoke of leading to Terra, and while due caution is surely taken it does not seem to be guarded on this end at least. Nor does the door require any tricks or fancy thinking to open, it's been left ajar. A shimmering sash of light revealing the vista beyond. In contrast to the heat here, where the doorway leads there is snow on the ground. Majestic mountain peaks rising towards the sky, a place of earth and frost that is terribly scenic.

The tunnel, gasp! Maia scrunches up her nose as she lets out a happy squeak at the beam of light revealing the fantastic vista beyond. There's snow! Mountains, earth and frost. This isn't exactly what she thought Terra would be like. It takes her by surprise as she shivers a little and peers towards her Viking beau.

"A blizzard in the middle of the tropics isn't what I was expecting.." she quips,her skin becoming goosepimply.

"Huh. Snow."

Color Haldor surprised, he was expecting, perhaps, The Savage Land to be under the Philippines. He rubs his chin thoughtfully as he trails Maia into Terra, both of his drumsticks gripped in one hand. For the moment, Haldor seems content to let his gaze wander from one edge of the visable vista to the other. Although that quickly changes when he notices Maia shivering and goosepimply.

"Come here, Maia. I think you and Drake could use a little mercy from the chill."

They aren't in the tropics anymore, or Kansas for that matter. Given their position high up on one mountain, they can see quite some ways and the ocean is nowhere in sight. Clearly they are in the midst of some mountain range, frigid winds ripping around them and gusting at times painfully loud. Off in the distance, quite some ways away and far far below greenery can be spied. There is a thudding sound coming from further within the mountain range, a rhythmic sound that seems to draw closer for a time and then move away only to come closer again.

"You think Terra has yetis? Cause if she does, then I bet there are yeti's on this mountain.."

Maia heads on over, scooping up the furry little puppy to cuddle him close and warm against her bosom. She waits until she's within Haldor's range and sighs contentedly as things aren't so cold anymore. She wrinkles her nose once more as she looks down towards the greenery.

"And do you think we go towards the noise or head down towards that rainforest. I'm more for the warmth, and if I were Jason, I'd probably be there too.. unless he has frost powers too.."

"I don't really know. You're the one that's supposed to know all about mythological creatures, I'm the one that's supposed to make them cease existing."

Haldor offers a charming smile and a playful wink as he reaches out to lay his palms on Maia and Drake alike. For a few moments his breathing slows to a crawl as Haldor extends his power to them, "mystically" securing them against the cold. As the effect takes hold, Haldor lets out a sharp rush of air and opens his icy blue eyes again. It takes less than a second for his smile to return as Winter's Mercy takes proper hold on them both.

"As for which way to go? If I were the Titans, I'd take Jason as deep into the realm as possible… So, uh, which way is deeper into the realm?"

Both ways seem pretty damned deep. If the realm has a limit even Haldor's expanded senses can't find it. It stretches off around them in all directions, as big as the world itself. All directions are deep, in their own way.

"Well, we're in a mountain, so let's go up and then if there's nothing there, we can go down. This place is more your turf than mine, so I'll just be playing distraction more than anything else. At least there's a lot of ice here for you.."

Maia smiles brightly as she takes another quick look around. She has no frosty powers, but she still is a mistress of the element of water and she purses her lips as she wrinkles her nose and heads towards the thudding sound.

"BEsides,the thudding sound might be Jason suffering from hypothermia!" she squeaks, her eyes widening as she leans in to kiss Haldor on the lips quickly before rushing off. After the kiss, he should feel pretty energized. It's one of those bolstering kisses afterall.

The source of the thudding is not in fact Jason suffering from Hypothermia. An especially tall mountain stands somewhat separated from the rest of the range and walking circles around it is.. is that a Yeti? If so it is a really really large one. Really large. Huge. Monsterous. Like 3/4ths of a mile tall, OMG is that big. The upper torso is that of a man, or a teenage male at least, features deformed and twisted. The lower torso is composed of snakes, so many writhing snakes. They whip around, thudding onto the ground as the man/creature circles around the peak. Guard duty perhaps? Is Jason inside?

Her eyes widen as she looks at the ginormous creature. Maia doesn't dare make a sound as she covers her mouth and starts looking in another direction. That's one big Titanspawn. She wrinkles her nose as she hrmms for a few moments and stares at Haldor.

"Do you think we can take that? It's a Gigas, but small. I think we got a runt I hate to say it. Either that or a young one still. We can't even see it's head..that's one of the children of Gaia. If he's here maybe Gaia's around and we can ask her to nicely donate some of her ichor so we can save the World Tree?"

Haldor looks down toward the Gigas. Yes, down. Maia and he are supposed to be on top or, at least, on the side of a mountain and peering toward an inexplicably isolated mountain in the range. The Viking arches an eyebrow, regarding the teenage Gigas for several long moments before shrugging.

"I think, if Gaia's around, we shouldn't go punching the crap out of everything that moves. I'm thinking maybe we should say we're here to ask for an audience with Gaia. If we can talk her into giving us some ichor for the World Tree, maybe we can also get her to point us toward Jason."

The Gigas offers no opinion on the matter. It simply goes around the mountain in circles. Around and around and around. Poor Gigas drawing guard duty.

"Well… let me get prettied up then. think you can fly me up there so he can see us?" she asks curiously, wrinkling her nose as she fixes her hair, trying to be all presentable and charming for her encounter with the teenage gigas. "Maybe he's hormonal and maybe I can get him to have a crush on me. Then we'd have an uber Titanspawn on our side.." she says with a bright smile before looking towards Haldor.

"Okay.. think I'm hot enough to get the Gigas to like me?"

Preening for a Gigas? Haldor squints at Maia every single time she opens her mouth while she primps and preens without a mirror. After a moment to puzzledly regard the onmyouji, Haldor shrugs and hefts Maia off of the ground as easily as he might pluck a loose hair from his shirt.

"Babe, you started out gorgeous enough to knock that guy out of his snake-skin boots."

The Viking promptly zips forward, somehow managing to stop stepping on the ground to instead run across the howling winds in the mountains. Haldor sprints along almost casually as he streaks toward the circling Gigas' face. With any luck the Gigas isn't circling at an altitude capable of suffocating the Scions.

The Gigas is startled by people zipping at his face. Startled! Instinctively his hands come up in front of him to smash together with a resounding clap of earth shattering power. Or air shattering, in this case, the ripple of displacement coursing through the air and plowing into the pair like a shockwave to hurl them backwards.

Now she knows what being a mosquito feels like. There's a high pitched squeal as she hangs onto Haldor for dear life, glomping him as she flies through the air and curls up into a ball, clutching Drake close to her bosom to keep him safe.

"I'm never smacking a mosquito or fly away ever again.."

Haldor sees the hands coming together and he does everything in his power to avoid being actively crushed between them. The shockwave that follows sends him whirling and spinning and hurtling backward for yard after yard while he struggles to keep his grip on Maia and Drake alike. After what seems like an eternity, Haldor levels out and lets out a tremendous breath that he'd been holding.

Sweat drips from his forehead and, probably, a lot of other portions of his body that aren't visible due to his clothing. The Viking definitely had to put in some overtime to keep things from going horribly there, if nothing else it took effort for him to not vomit after all that spinning.

"You two okay?"

"That had to be the strongest thing ever. And it wasn't even full grown!"

Maia is actually concerned now. She had thought Haldor would be the hunkiest of the hunky, the strongest of the strong and they just got smacked like they were nothing but flies. "It's guarding something, and it didn't think we were a threat. We were literally just flies to it! Okay.. regroup.. replan.. uh.. can you shape the clouds in the sky? Maybe we can get it's attention in a good way by writing something out. With water and perhaps some clouds?"

The Gigas waves a hand carefully before it's face for a moment as if to make sure no more tiny flying things are rushing at it. Plus, it is his hand, it seems to interest him. Gigas are not all that terribly bright and staring at his hand really does make for a fascinating sort of study. Still, there is duty to be done and soon enough he is slugging around in circles once more.

"No, I can't shape the clouds in the sky. What kind of lame ass power is that?"

The very question seems to vaguely wound Haldor's pride. He does, however, brighten up after a moment and gestures with his left hand. Within seconds the winds start to whip up and the air starts to fill with the faintest of whisperings, voices that only Haldor seems able to understand.

"Alright. What do we say? How do we get his attention?"

"I dunno! The witch in the Wizard of Oz could do it. Sorry handsome.."

Maia pouts a little as she wriggles in his arms, just clutching close as she hrmms and takes a deep breath. She hrmms, thinking about what to say before she gives Haldor the sign to amplify her voice. Hopefully, her charm will stillooze even through the wind carried words.

"Hello? Do you think you can help us please? We're over here! Just in front of you!"

Haldor rolls his eyes at the mention of the Wizard of Oz. Clearly he hasn't seen Tin Man or else he'd know just how metal the Wizard of Oz really is. For the moment though, Haldor remains pretty quiet; after all, he's focused on manipulating the winds and the air itself to amplify Maia's voice so that the Gigas can hear them clearly and not mistake them for Whos from Whoville. Or insects worthy only of being squished.

The Gigas turns his head this way and that, "Where you? I no see?" He leans forward to rap his knuckles on a nearby mountain, the mountain shakes and rattles. He's just that strong. "You talking Mrs. Mountain? Never talked to mountain before. Why you just sit there all time and no talk huh?"

"WEll.. you do protect me.." Maia fibbs a little as she looks towards Haldor with a quizzical look. She hrmms for a few moments once more. "And I'd like to thank you for that, but I am wondering something. I have heard rumors of a man here in the realm. Would you happen to know where he is? I'd like to meet him because I get so lonely you know.."

Judging by the expression on Haldor's face, this is clearly not the result he had expected. He arches one eyebrow, mouth quirking at the corners into a sort of puzzled smirk while his nose twitches faintly. Even so, Haldor remains quiet while Maia does her best to charm information out of the Gigas.

"I'm a man!" The Gigas proclaims proudly sounding pretty much convinced of this fact, "Big strong man! I protect this mountain over here though, but you nice lady mountain! You want protector too? I know just the one!" Excitedly he turns around back to the mountain he is guarding and leaning in CLOOOOOSE to peer at it finally picks up something between two fingers and flicks it over towards the Maia/Haldor mountain. Oh dear. A chibi little Black Frost looking critter is flying headfirst at high velocity towards the mountain side! "They no like here! He protect you. He man too!"

There's a high pitched squeak. That's Maia as she sees the chibi little jester and she motions towards Haldor. "We have to save that thing!" she says, insistent of this fact. She doesn't like cute things to go smoosh against a mountain afterall, and she hopes that that part wasn't amplified. She coughs once more, trying to raise her voice before she takes on the mountain persona once more.

"Oh! Thank you!" she chirps merrily. "But why are you protecting that mountain? What is it about that mountain that makes it more special than me?"

Oh good lord. The brood is growing again, as if getting all of those god babies from Tamagahara weren't bad enough. Haldor sighs, glances further skyward, and then *ZIPS* forward. Considering their velocities, it shouldn't take very long at all for the four of them to intersect and Haldor to somehow catch the Black Frost. Fortunately for Maia and Drake, Epic Dexterity was made for just this sort of juggling act.

"Aunt Kammies babies are inside" The Gigas rumbles, "Like that one but different" Well that is informative and descriptive. "They not big and strong like me so me watch over till they grow!"

"HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Shouts the little Black Frost excitedly at it soars through the air before being swooped up by Haldor.

"Oh! How adorable!" That is Maia squeaking and she doesn't mind if it's amplified either. She goes oomph as she's still in Haldor's arms as well and now there's a little Black Frost in the grouping too. She peers at the little creature and hrmms for a few moments.

"Hi! You are just the cutest thing ever!" she chirps before letting her voice be amplified once more. "Well I didn't know she had so many babies! But that is a good reason to guard them!"

And it's then that she whispers to Haldor. "I don't think Jason is around here. It's another nursery and I don't want to be bringing more babies home. So perhaps the forest is a better bet for finding him?"

Haldor whispers back to Maia, "Maybe you ought to ask who's providing the spunk for "Aunt Kammies's" babies?" The Viking drifts back toward the mountain, trying to juggle a Black Frost, Drake, and Maia without actually juggling them. On top of that, he has to keep manipulating the air currents so that Maia can do her information gathering thing.

Whispers are still being amplified by the Divine Threnody and the giant does appear to hear that last part. "Oh! You look for Daddy Jason! Why you not say so silly mountain. He not in forest, that all Amazons and Auntie Jord's children. You want to go home to Mount Orthys where Mama Gaia is." A giant arm points, "That way. Long way. Look for all the griffons circling."

And with that, the mountain speaks once more.

"Oh! Thank you very much. You have taught me much today. I think I'm going to take a nap now, but you keep doing a good job of guarding the mountain. And thank you for the guard!"

With that she motions towards the other direction, not wanting to accidentally spill out something that might give them away. She gives Haldor the "shall we look" so they can zoom zoom away!

The Gigas whaps the mountain companionably causing a small avalanche to occur, "That ok! You nice mountain!"

Haldor works his jaw silently for several seconds before he just shakes his head. Being a Scion is so damned weird. The Viking promptly turns in the direction the Gigas directed and zips away at full flight speed. Full flight speed might actually be takeoff speed for an airplane.

Once they're out of the zone of influence, Maia hangs onto Haldor for dear life. She also gropes him, because she can but she looks at the adorable little Black Frost. "Hello there! You're so cute!" she continues to chirp happily, waiting until they arrive at Mount Orthrys.

"Hey, Hal.. do you think we can adopt a baby griffon when we get there?"

"HEE!" Proclaims the little Black Frost lookalike happily as they continue to zip along. It is not big on conversation, but it is truly enormous on looking cute. It's a long flight. Out of this mountain range. Over vast plains. The land teems with life of all sorts but human. Eventually it is looking a lot more like the Mediterranean, Greece without the Greeks. There finally they do come to a mountain in a range as tall and majestic as Olympus which is to say absurdly large. It's the home of the Gigas, when mile tall giants live comfortably on top of a mountain you know it's got to be huge. Gryphons soar and circle in the skies.

"We could, but I don't think we're going to unless you really, really want to come so close to death we can smell the Reaper's aftershave."

Haldor frowns slightly every time Black Frost proclaims something, but the Viking doesn't pay it much mind otherwise. Drake, on the other hand, senses a competitor for Mommy and Daddy's attention. More to the point, Drake senses a competitor for cutest being employed by a Power Ranger. The Pup sniffs and snuffles at the Black Frost, growling intermittently as he tries to suss out its intentions.

When they finally arrive near Terra's version of Olympus, Haldor has to stop and stare. Floating in mid-air, Haldor just whistles as he looks up and up and up and up until his enhanced senses can just pick out the mile high Gigas atop the absurdly huge mountain. Haldor also takes note of the gryphons, which he expects will be the larger problem in trying to get to Gaia and Jason.

"The gryphons are.. well they're pretty damn big.."

They are big gryphons! Still, Maia hrmms as she cuddles both the Black Forst and Drake next to her. She will not have favorites! One is her favorite puppy and one is her favorite Atlus mascot! See! They are both equal!

She purses her lips and takes a deep breath. "Think you can outfly the gryphons up the mountain? Cause if so, let's zoom up there and save Jason! Or perhaps we might just find him and Gaia fucking.. ewww.. groddy."

Black Frost smells like a Titanspawn, for he is one! "Hoo!" he cheerily proclaims with faint menace towards Drake at the growling. Ominous! The gryphons really are big, and dangerous looking! Faintly below in nests can be seen little baby griffons. It recently was mating season and they seem to be in high "protect the young" mood. Scary! Getting close to them really would not be a good idea.

Haldor looks at the nests, then at the gryphons. Once again, he shrugs and starts flying upward. For the moment he keeps his distance from the mountain as he works to try and gain altitude alone. With any luck he will keep from drawing gryphon ire by keeping well away from the mountain, the gryphons, and the nests of the gryphons. Instead, he'll just try to get level with the mountaintop so he can fly straight in toward it.

Well hopefully they aren't going to meet any Gigas. Getting swatted away hurt enough. Imagine what would happen if there was malice behind it?

Maia just hangs on for dear life, squeezy hugging both her puppy and her Black Frost while nestling against Haldor's powerful chest.

"Please don't catch them doign it.. please don't catch them doing it.."

At the top of Mount Orthys is a tiered palace. The lowest level seems the crudest, designed for the Gigas themselves. Arched gateways well over a mile in height, gardens of preposterous size and scope. Atop this palace is a somewhat smaller one, a structure totally of thrusting stone and intertwined plants. Beautiful, intricate even but nothing looking to have been crafted by hand so much as grown to suit. Atop that upon a broad stone roof is a rather more recent looking construction, a small cottage and garden of distinctly human proportions.

The Viking keeps on flying upward until - he's fairly sure - the air is likely to start thinning out enough that not only will his Sky powers stop functioning, but Maia and the others will have a hard time breathing. He'd probably have a hard time breathing too, but he has Epic Stamina 6, he can probably survive a good long time at that altitude.

Careful after his last run in with a creature of this realm, Haldor starts flying toward Mount Orthys. He's roughly on level with the castle at the top of the tiered palace. It looks like the most likely place to find Gaia and, if the cottage atop its roof is any indication, Jason as well. Under his breath, Haldor mutters something quasi-intelligible.

"Bird, hand. Two in bush. One stone."

"Awww, they made a place for Jason? He must be really good!"

Maia doesn't specify what he's good at, but she wrinkles her nose as she looks back towards the Viking. She isn't gasping for air yet. She is Epic Stamina 4, so that's still pretty decent and she looks towards her beau before pointing towards the cottage.

"I guess we can just knock on the door. It'll give them time to finish whatever it is that they're doing. And do you think.. you don't think that Gigas backthere is Jason's, do you?"

Things are not exactly still below, Gigas are going about their daily lives and so moving about happens. There is a lack of epic cosmic force flying their way though so they probably have not been noticed so far. Maybe.

"I really don't want to speculate on whether or not Jason has been busy procreating while he's been here."

Haldor rolls his eyes a little bit, but continues flying toward the front doors of the palace. Sure, he could fly up to the cottage and knock, but would Terra actually /FIT/ inside of a cottage made to human proportions? The Viking is pretty sure she couldn't or, at least, shouldn't be able to do so. As a result, he is headed for the palace proper so he and Maia can try their luck by being charming all over again.

Terra wouldn't fit, for they are in Terra. But Gaia might fit!

Maia hrmms as they head on over towards the cottage. She lets Haldor do the knocking for his knuckles are stronger, and hers are delicate. Don't want to break a nail afterall! She simply waits to see if anyone answers once there!

The Palace really is quite large, not on the scale of the Gigas but quite large enough. Nemean beasts prowl freely within, a pride of Nemean Lions can be seen sunning themselves one one broad deck exposed to the sun while Nemean squirrels scamper along some very large tree limbs. Still these beasts seem curiously lacking from the front doors, and the passage contained within. The corridor leads to a large throne room, the throne in question being occupied by a woman some thirty to forty feet high, beautiful, but with only elements of the human about her. Her flesh in places shows the texture of wood, in yet another hints at flowers in spring or of water worn stone. "Do come in" she calls out, and while there is something maternal to that tone her voice is absolutely resonant with power of the sort that swirls around one and crashes against their thoughts and perceptions. This is no mere woman but a figure of truly primal and fundamental power, a foundation stone of the world itself, a being whose very presence evokes awe, worship or terror in various quantities.

"I think we found Gaia.."

Maia swallows nervously as she looks around. She cuddles both Drake and Black Frost close to her as she hrmms and distracts herself with looking at the still cute nemean squirrels and the awe inspiring nemean lions. It's like a zoo here, and she has always been a fan of the zoo afterall. She chews on her bottomlip, trying to calm herself down before she bows rather respectfully at a full ninety degrees in front of the avatar (after hopping out of Haldor's grasp of course). They're in the palace and there's ground to stand on, right?

"Hello… ma'am.." what doyou call an avatar afterall?

Haldor keeps a weather eye on all of the Nemean beasts roaming and prowling the premises as he drifts carefully into the throne room astride the winds. The Viking releases Maia and the Black Frost, but keeps Drake in his arms. In the face of such sheer and overwhelming a presence, even Haldor needs something to hold onto to feel marginally safe.

For a few moments, Haldor doesn't reply. Instead he just takes in the awesome and imposing tableau set out before him and Maia. Then, rather abruptly, Haldor realizes he's kinda sorta staring and executes as graceful and polite a bow as he can manage with a wriggly puppy in his arms.

"Greetings, Lady Gaia."

"Good" Gaia says giving them both piercing looks, the sort of piercing look that one can only get from their mothers. It's a terrifying sort of tool for making one feel puny and small, as if either of the two probably needed help at this moment. "I will not have to punish either of you for disrespect. You have come for your missing companion?"

Oh gods, Gaia is worse than her own mother! Maia tries not to squeak as she's already doing her best not to shiver in front of the woman as she remains prostate before the avatar.

"That we have, ma'am.." she continues, keeping her head bowed low. Getting attacked now would be bad. Real bad.

"We came looking for our missing companion, Jason, yes."

Haldor pauses a moment, he feels like Gaia may have just looked clean through him. It's a little unnerving to feel like that after being the biggest, baddest, hardest hitting mofo around for good long while now. The Viking, however, mentally shakes it off while he slowly rights himself again.

"But we also came to beg your favor in assisting us with a matter of some concern to the balance of the Worlds, Lady Gaia."

"Yggdrasil" Gaia says with a frown crossing those not quite human features, "Despite being a thing of life, it is not a thing of this realm, not exactly. Even here though we have sensed the damage to it. Dealt with the consequences of an invasion by an Avatar of Crom Cruach. What would you have of me?"

"We humbly request a bit of your ichor to fill a vial, so that Yggdrasil may be healed. You are life incarnate and it is with your ichor that The World Tree may be restored.."

Maia squints a little, hoping that she doesn't get smited (smote?) right then and there. She wrinkles her nose and takes another deep breath as she tries to keep thiking positive thoughts.

It's a good thing that Maia steps up to answer Gaia's question. Haldor is not available at the moment because Gaia just strongly implied that Kamui is not, in fact, a god. She strongly implied that Kamui is, in fact, an /AVATAR/ of a /TITAN/. The expression on Haldor's face floats somewhere between shock, awe, confusion, fury, and possibly even a bit of concern.

For at least a good minute, Haldor's brain seems to have entirely checked out of his head. Even Drake wriggles in the Viking's grasp and noses at Haldor's neck and chin inquisitively until Haldor jerks back into apparent consciousness. He blinks several times and looks around, as if seeing the palace for the first time, his icy blue eyes slowly tracking back toward Gaia.

A nemean lion eyes the wriggling Drake and licks it's chops thoughtfully, staring at the pup as if wondering just how it would taste.

Gaia does not smite Maia on the spot but she does look thoughtful, those piercing eyes continuing to look straight through them as she ponders and muses and considers. "In trade I would have a vow of you, your most solemn and earnest made before the fates to bind you. If my essence is to become a part of Yggdrasil I shall not see it burn. I will have your vow that soon, within the span of a year, you shall raise all the power you possess and can bring to bear to capture Surtr and see him thrown into Tartarus."

Oh what complicated webs we weave. Maia wrinkles her nose as she just looks towards Haldor for a few moments. She looks him over and thinks they can possibly bind Surtr. Hopefully. Maybe? Who knows? But the Overworlds are at stake.

"Y-yes ma'am. We will do our best to capture Surtr and bind him into Tartarus once more.."

What else can she say? No? You don't exactly say no to a Titan Avatar whom you want to do a favor for you.

Haldor's eyes narrow very slightly at the request before one eyebrow quirks upward. The Viking has to fight to keep from snorting in a mixture of amusement and disgust. It's almost predictable that he'd get sent after Surtr, but it's also a fascinating challenge. Bind Surtr to Tartarus once more within a year? Quite the proposition indeed.

"That sounds… Reasonable enough. It is a great favor that we ask of you, our repayment should be no less great."

"You will do so or burn in the attempt" Gaia says with that still piercing gaze looking them over, "You shall do so or find the world never again offering you sanctuary and comfort but only danger and despair. Terra shall be watching." One of the Nemean Lions pads forward now before the group, opening it's jaws wide to reveal a small glass sphere. If it is Gaia's ichor it contains it is surprisingly violent stuff, the primal force of life itself an endless surging struggling affair and within, the fluid is in constant agitation, ever fighting, ever changing. A kaleidoscopic display of the violent struggles and possibilities of life.

Maia swallows a bit nervously as she wrinkles her nose and looks towards the small glass sphere. But still, at least they achieved one goal for the whole thing. She gazes at the ichor for a bit and quickly goes back to reality.

"Yes ma'am. We will do so or we will burn in the attempt.." she hopes that she doesn't have to eat these words. "Thank you so much.."

Haldor breathes slowly and deeply, trying to keep himself steady in the face of… Of true power. As the lion approaches, Haldor tucks Drake into his hoodie once more. The Viking can smell the lion hunger and doesn't need his puppy to get eaten for barking at the wrong nasty critter. Instead, he reaches out to pluck up the orb of Titan Avatar ichor from the lion's mouth.

"Thank you for your assistance in this matter, Lady Gaia. May we see our friend now?"

"He is waiting for you outside. One of the Gigantes will give you a ride and escort from this realm." Gaia says, her gaze narrowing upon the little Black Frost, "Be careful of that one. His mother wishes to be more than she is, and is far too fond of plotting. It may be more than it appears." She does not say anything more. She does not have to. Not with the kind of power she radiates. Audience is /OVER/.

And that's when she bows once more. Maia simply nods as she looks up towards Gaia and curtsies politely. "I understand.." she says and with that, she heads outside. Off to find Jason! Or at least be reunited with him as she cuddles the Black Frost close.

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