Terra - Elemental Pole Of Water



Scene Title The Elemental Pole of Water
Synopsis A weeping goddess. A giant fish. Jason is in a lot of trouble.

Jason may not need to sleep for weeks, technically, but the same cannot be said for his valiant griffon companion. Terra is after all as BIG AS THE WORLD ITSELF, which means traveling from one pole to another is a considerable journey. It is a trip not measured in miles but in thousand of miles and so finally they stop, griffon coming to land in a clearing. Are all parts of Terra quite consistent? The terrain here is certainly damper than that in which they just left, weeping willows and other water loving plants the norm and the terrain frequent with rivers and ponds. Even as Grif goes about dozing, Jason uses his newly regained powers to make a small fire requiring no fuel burning peacefully to aid in the making of a more homey makeshift campsite.

Poor Grif is tired. He's been flying for hours, perhaps days for Jason and so he earned himself a bit of rat meat. He went hunting and afterwards, with his tummy full decided to curl up asleep next to Jason by the fire. For now, all is quiet before there's a sudden rustling in the bushes not too far away.

Jason has a gun to draw now! That is exactly what he does, having seen quite a bit of the threats that Terra holds already. Rising quietly to his feet he moves into the surrounding foilage at an angle, flanking whatever is making that wrestling and looking to get a look at it before it gets a look at him.

"It is good that you are being vigilant. I see you didn't die at the pole of fire.."

It's Claudine stepping out of the jungle completely naked as usual. Has she been watching him? Who knows? Her brows furrow as she heads towards the fire, easing on down beside him as she lets out an amused chuckle under her breath.

Jason sheaths his gun. For he can do that, wearing clothes. His brief bit of nudity at the volcano to be convincing not having lingered. He moves towards the fire as well settling down, "Was I supposed to? I confess the motivations of you and your mothers continue to confuse me. Jord claims to simply want sex. You say you want me to join you. My relics are.. hidden far apart in a way that took considerable difficulty and it seems as much a test as a way to see I remain unable to sneak away for now."

"Maybe all of them are correct. While we all serve Terra we do not have one mind. We aren't a hive-mind of women, Mr. Xanthis.." Claudine replies with a wry grin as she lets out a soft chuckle of amusement under her breath as she warms herself by the fire.

"Jason" He reminds her while settling next to her to wrap an arm around her form. "I was not sure how that worked honestly" Jason confesses while he looks over at her, "I know within Olympus the divides of purposes and goals are stark and glaring, but as you told me before that is proof of the very humanity of the place. I do not know what differences shape and define those of you who have given up those human aspects of themselves."

There was resting, and chatting with Claudine. Such chatting may have been interesting and illuminating but it is now officially shelved in favor of actually doing shit. To that end Jason has again boarded Boeramboginsugooglemaps and is heading west west west towards the elemental pole of water. And obviously drawing close! Why it should be in sight any time now looming below the man astride the griffon.

It's Boerockyginsugooglemaps. Not rambo! wrong Stallone movie! Still he has been flying for quite some time as he takes a deep breath, hrmming for a few moments as all around them is open ocean water. "Jason, I cannot swim.." he says matter of factly, as if expecting the Scion to remedy that.

So it is! Clearly Jason picked the third name. The secret one no human knows, just the ST. Jason looks at the vast stretches of water below as his focuses in that gaze, looking for anything that stands out beneath the reflective surface. Surely the pole of water should be recognizable over random ocean, "I hope you hunted well during the break. I can't do anything to help you swim. You are going to have to stay up here and circle while I go down below. Then when I need to leave if you can swoop down over the waters surface I'll hop on. Keep a sharp eye out, if what I find down there is like the volcano I might be coming out with a need for us to leave in a hurry."

"Well do not take long then. I will be tired and I will need to find land soon lest we both drown. You have no mastery over the element of water from my understanding. Are you sure you want to enter the depths below? The elemental pole of water lies beneath us now, several hundred feet where the pressure is so large that your brain would explode.."

Grif seems worried about Jason! With good reason as well for the elemental pole of water is.. well.. under water.

"I have no mastery over water" Jason confesses looking unhappily at the depths down below, "But I see little choice. This must be done. I must reclaim that which was taken from me and find a way to triumph over what perils lurk down below. If you have some sage advice of another means to proceed my worthy companion I am listening. You know these lands and what it contains far better than myself."

"Look for some gillyweed when you jump into the depths." and with that, Grif starts to describe a type of seaweed that grows in the shallows around the elemental pole of water. "It will allow you to breath underwater and will make you immune to the pressure of the water and will allow you to move through the water naturally as if you were a creature of the depths below. However, there are two species of gillyweed. One is temporary and the other is permanent that will mark you as a hideous fish like creature should you eat it. There is a very subtle difference between the two, but I do not remember what it is.."

"Think Boerockyginsugooglemaps, for you always know your way. Even if such knowledge has been long since you first heard it I am certain that you can recall should you but search your mind enough. Within you I know you have the means to search for an answer and find forgotten truths." Jason says trying to sound properly solemn about the whole thing. Griffons take such things very seriously! He's already learned this.

Indeed Grif is a proud creature. All griffons are. It's part of their nature as they are regal and majestic animals in flight afterall. Still, the griffon hrmms and squawks in frustration before suddenly remembering something. "The texture. There is a textural difference between the two species. The number of trichomes on the gillyweed that is a permanent transformation is more than that of the one that is only a temporary transformation. For each hour you wish to remain transformed, you eat one gram." It seems griffons use metric system!

Jason gives Grif an approving pat on the neck, "You are as sage and wise as I knew my companion. I thank you for saving me from becoming a hideous fish like creatures for that really would have distressed me terribly." Jason goes about getting undressed on griffon back. Terra really is requiring taking off to many clothes but they would simply hinder movement too much for operating in the water. His sole concession to adornment is the onyx bracelet he claimed from the pole of fire and a holster around one arm to hold his gun, while he has never exactly tried to shoot his relic weapon underwater it was made to operation in conditions well outside the norm and orgasmaroudns at least require no gunpowder to fire. Then he is simply waiting for Grif to get into place before he is diving off the Griffon, plunging into the waiting waters below.

Woosh! Bubble bubble bubble! The waters are crystal clear though the salt water initially stings Jason's eyes. It's hard to see when you want to shut your eyes afterall! But as he swims, he'll see a patch of tangled seaweed fitting the description of the gillyweed. The two look exactly the same. And what's a trichome anyway?

Fortunately Trichome comes from ancient Greek. Jason knows Ancient Greek, it is the family tongue! Trikhoma means growth of hair! While no oceanic botanist it is not impossible for the Scion of Aphrodite to take a guess at what that means and he is zooming in his senses to focus on cross sections of the two bits of seaweed. With the level his vision can magnify too the differences in concentration should in theory be pretty easy to spot.

Right then. How long is Jason going to need? He really has no idea how long he is going to have to be down below, but Grif certainly will not be able to circle the skies above however. Portioning out twelve grams of the temporary seaweed he swallows it down, saving a piece of the permanent effect as well and tucking it beside his gun in the holster around his arm. Should worst come to worst it is better to be a fish monster than a corpse.

Twelve grams! That's good. He fortunately found the right one as one was harrier nthan the oter,by three hairs total. That's not a huge difference, but it was a difference nonetheless. Three is a lot for a griffon! Or something like that.

When consumed, he suddenly feels different. There's a burning in his lungs as it starts to mutate and shift, and soon he can feel his neck have openings.. gills really. There's a reason why it's gillyweed afterall. His dextrous digits soon become webbed and soon he can see clearly in the watery depths. It's time to dive down a couple hundred feet!

Jason really is a temporary fish monster! Wow. It's a good thing no hero level scions are around, he'd probably find himself forced to slay them all in self defense. Enhanced senses now working far better underwater he turns towards the depths kicking as he goes and quickly moving to cross the distance into the deeper ocean. Closer to the pole itself.
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The pressure of the watery depths would be a graveyard for anyone who didn't have the gillyweed's protection. A few hours pass he continues to swim down. It's difficult to see without being able to see in the dark at one point, but there's a light. It's so pretty. It's almost has a calming effect on Jason as it becomes bigger and bigger.

Aww. Calming. That probably means it is something that wants to eat Jason. Regardless, it is the only thing that he sees down here that seems worth nothing so far and so it is towards that light he heads. Seeking out details as he draws ever closer.

And as he moves closer and closer, he can see various features on the giant angler fish. It's more of an angler fish the size of the dunkelstosaurus that they saw in the Drowned Road! And it wants to chomp! Chomp! on the Jason!
Jason does not want to be chomped! He dodges away from the effort to eat him and resumes his downward path, webbed feet kicking away. Fortunately if his epic dexterity now carries over to the ocean by virtue of the gillyweed he is fast. Really really fast. Hopefully fast enough to outpace the big giant angler fish that just tried to make a dinner out of him.

Definitely! He is fast! As he continues to make his way down, his gills continue to adjust to the amount of oxygen. Soon, another hour or two passes and he can see various spires rising up from the depths of the ocean. There's lights, as there are a variety of creatures that swim around the depths. It's very much like the Little Mermaid, without the penis tower of course, as a leviathan surrounds the area. Fortunately for Jason, it has not yet noticed such small creature like himself.

And Jason means to see that it does not! He works to keep the structures between himself and the massive beast, quickly working himself to get down below and out of sight where the surroundings themselves will work towards helping to keep him from being detected. His eyes are already searching around of course, even if lacking a penis tower surely this place has some central point! Some central nexus. If things here are like at the pole of fire it is there that he will find what he seeks. Of course that is not all that he looks for, eyes tapping into their full potential to detect the tiniest variations from normal he is looking now for someplace hidden too. Someplace here different from the rest. Secret. Grif mentioned there being another relic here that might aid one in crossing the dessert and he is hoping to stumble across some sign of it's presence.

There are other creatures other than the large leviathan that stalks these waters. While the leviathan doesn't notice puny Jason, the others do, and soon Jason knows he's surrounded by creatures that are Cthulhu-esque horrors. Illithids really with their squid like faces and their spears in their claws as the stalk Jason as he looks around the rather large palace below the waters.

The designs of the buildings are Atlantean in nature, with the sigil of Atlantis prominently displayed on several of the buildings below. Still, it's a maze to go through with various twists and turns it's hard for one to really keep their orientation about them.

Jason draws his gun, if the illithid type creatures have their spears he is allowed to have his weapon out at all. Jason looks for markings upon the buildings, something which even after all this time he might be able to read. If this place is the ruins of Atlantean city, perhaps a center of it has become the pole of water. Can he talk underwater? Given his gill and fishlike transformation, perhaps. Calling out towards the Cthulu-esque creatures in Atlantean he says, "I mean you no harm. I simply come here searching for something of mine which was taken."

To someone who doesn't speak Atlantean,it sounds like gibberish. The illithid like creatures instead peer back towards Jason with their beady little eyes like this: ._. "Yo habla espanol? Do you speak English? Sparcken de Deutsche?"

Ancient Atlantean was worth a try! Jason instead shifts message to say, "All of the three actually, but I prefer English. I'm sorry, I thought that as this appeared to be an Atlantean city that you might speak the language however much you do not appear to be Atlanteans. I said that I do not come to your home intending any harm, I simply came searching for something of mine which was taken from me and which I hope to reclaim."

"A lot that is lost eventually comes here to the pole of water. You are welcome to search, but do be careful. Take only what is yours.." one of the warriors speaks. "If you d not,you shall not only incur our wrath, but that of the leviathan as well.."

"I understand" Jason says to the cthulluesque horrors, "Perhaps you could find me help what I seek then? I confess that I am lost within the streets and the turns here. It would have been brought here only recently, and may have guards present to keep it safe. Has anything such as I describe come to this place?"

"If you have truly lost something important to you, you will find it. There is a reason why the roads are winding and why they are mazes. To make things difficult to find. If you show you are worthy of what you lost, it will come find you." How zen. And confusing!

"Thank you for your help. I should be on my way then" Jason says solemnly to the cthullu monsters before he begins swimming back along the corridors. Geez. One hopes there is not more than one relic in the box this time, if so he might have the nice monsters trying to kill him when he steals stuff. It is not quite random his movements down the streets, water being the name of the game he is trying to let the current move him. Aiding himself along in whatever direction it might naturally move him.

It's Finding Nemo! If Nemo were his lost relics and those of the others. The structures below have openings of course, and there are no obvious ways into the buildings. Perhaps it's drier should he get inside, but he does see a variety of doors with various sigils on them. In front of the biggest structure underwater (which is really more like a palace at this point), the large stone doors display the symbol of Atlantis prominently with it's five points of the crown. The middle of the crown has a sliding puzzle. It's one of those things that you have to slide the tiles to form a picture, but what is the picture of? There's various lines for now..

Oh dear. Puzzles. Jason is not the smartest guy in the band, although he has enough epic int to let him outthink most mortals darn it! Oftentimes such puzzles have a little bit of a design on the exterior frame to get started, at least in the modern versions. One piece to match up from which one can then deduce the others, the first step in a logical chain. He makes a careful search for that even while shifting about and moving pieces. Trying to bring some bi tof order to the chaos.

The tiles are moved into place and eventually the sigil of Atlantis is formed once more! Huzzah! Jason did it! However, the door barely opens. Unfortunately, Jason isn't skinny enough to enter yet!. The shapes in the tiles can form other things as well, but what?
Hurrah for the sigil of Atlantis! Jason peers through that crack of the door, there are other ways he might try to get through than simply squeezing past but.. those tiles do continue to nag. Can they form words in Atlantean? Can they form other symbols? He quickly goes about trying to form several shapes. An open doorway. Various depictions of water scenes. Always keeping an alert eye on the lines as they form up for inspiration that may not have been his first wild guesses.

There's something that looks like a duck? A really crude drawing of a duck, but no go. It seems water animals don't fit. Depictions of water scenes don't fit either.

Perhaps Atlantean words for those concepts then. Shuffle shuffle shuffle. Jason keeps moving the pieces around. What would Atlanteans deem important that Terra might also value. The water seems a prominent guess. Failing that though he knows no name of their kings or queens, although he does well know the name of their deities. Shuffle shuffle.

AMNIS! Her name is formed by the glyph of the different lines in the sliding puzzle. And woosh! The doors open up a little more once more, but still not enough for him to get through! BADARUS! Wooosh the ocean god's name gets the door to open a crack more! HESHON! Nothing. DEMOSIA! Nothing. SKAFT! Nothing. KUROS! Nothing.

Right. The gods of Atlantis are part of answer, but they are not in Atlantis or it's earthly home but in Terra. Why do these ruins have a connection here? Jason has never had cause to think of any ties between the two, not really, but perhaps that was a mistake? Terra, Muselheim and the other greater Titan avatars. Having exhausted his knowledge of the Atlantean pantheon he now tries those as well.

RAN! That unlocks something. The door doesn't move more. MAMI WATA! That unlocks the other side of the door. TETHYS! The door starts to bubble a little as water is being expelled from the inside. Each name is a little puzzle as the other names of the various avatars do not seem to do anything.

Atlantean gods, but not all. Those linked to the water. The same for Titans who bear a watery connection. Jason expands beyond the Atlantean pantheon trying to form the name of other great powers of the water. Poseidon. Branwyn. Susano-o. Neptune. Nammu.

The hard riddle is not hard! He was at the elemental pole of water. Of course the names of those connected to the ocean's depths would be the way to get in afterall. Of course, there's a few names missing from that group,but we'll assume he put them all in anyway. When all the names are in there's more expelling of water as soon a force shield comes up, letting him in but not the water. He's in an air lock of sorts in a rather spacious area inside the palace now! Huzzah!

Hard riddle was totally hard! The lock could have wanted the name of various brands of seaweed! Water people are weird. Regardless water name after water name do eventually get put in and Jason is slipping inside. He takes a cautious breath. Hopefully his more mundane lungs continue to work in addition to his more recently acquired gills. He starts to move forward, poking about and getting a better sense of the surroundings. Just what wonders are contained in an ancient Atlantean palace at the elemental pole of water?

Once Jason's inside the air lock of the palace, it seems that there are various pathways which he can go through. There are three tunnels, all with different sounds coming from them. There's a weeping sound from the one to the left, a groaning to the one in the middle and a terrible cry coming from the one on the right!
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Jason turns this way and that at the intersection, looking at the three different ways offered. Is this another test of some sort? It must be, unless the palace really is this noisy normally. A moment to draw his pistol and keep it ready all police in a suspect's home style he moves towards the left corridor. Following the sound of water.

As Jason heads towards the sound of water, the weeping really, he stumbles upon a river. It's a long river really, which is rather odd that a river flows here. There's a soft weeping as he sees a young and rather beautiful woman. She's dressed in shear clothing made of silk organza, giving her an almost Grecian look about her clothes. However, her features aren't Grecian, they're Asian in respects in she continues to weep, covering her eyes as she is kneeling on the ground next to the river.

Jason does not actually holster his gun, threats take all kinds and appearances can be deceiving. Still he does lower it so as to be less threatening and he calls out, "Pardon me Miss. I do not mean to intrude but you seem to be quite distressed over something. I know that I am a stranger but it distresses me all the same."

"They.. forgot about me.."

Shehe's a gorgeous woman of Thai descent, her skin golden sun kissed tan. She's dressed like a princess, with major bling around around her neck and a crown on her head. She looks at the river as she sniffles a little and hrmms as she purses her lips.

"Every year there are offerings to me by my worshippers. But now there is nothing, and it's been already a week since my offerings should have come.."

Jason's gun is holstered now and he moves over to crouch beside her looking into the river himself and he quietly says, "I should know you perhaps. I certainly had to put enough names in the door to come here and it sounds like you might have been one of the keys to this place as well. Tell me about them? Your worshippers? You say they make offers to you once a year?"

"My name is Phra Mae Khongkha, goddess of the waters.."

That is a complicated name, but at least it explains why she looks of THai descent. They do worship multiple deities and she's no exception to that. One of the Devas it seems. She sighs softly and looks down towards the river, not lite up with the offerings of her people.

"They know that I am afraid of the dark, and so in return for me blessing their lives, they offer lights to go down the river on the festival of lights, Loy Krathong. But the festival has already passed and now I am afraid. So afraid. They have forgotten about me."

"I am sorry. Phra Mae Khongkha" Jason says quietly while looking over towards her and offer a smile that is indeed sympathetic. "I think these have been trying times for your people. Sometimes when people are so consumed with problems that are new they forgot those they love who have always been there for them. If you would like I shall light fires upon the water for you, then you for a time shall no longer need to fear the darkness."

"They have never forgotten. Even with all their problems, I still bless them with fertility and food with the rivers becoming full of fish for them to eat. This is how they repay me for my generosity? They forget about me on the festival of lights?!?"

It's not just the principal of being afraid of the dark. She is a beloved goddess. She starts sobbing once more.

"I do not know" Jason says sounding lost and confused on how to be of comfort to this woman. "I do not always understand such things myself. How people can leave those that have long protected and watched out for them behind. I hope that.. they did not forget. That next year they shall redouble the lights to thank you for all that you have done to them. That whatever has kept them from you this year shall fade from their lives." Right. He's trying to be comforting. "Is there anything I might do to help ease your suffering Phra Mae Khongkha?"

The goddess is slighted! She shies away from Jason as he moevs a little closer to comfort her and she shakes her head, wrinkling her nose as she remains in the darkness.

"I will remain here in the darkness. Their lands will suffer.." she says firmly and resolutely, anger clearly heard in her tone.

Jason waves his hand over the river, having his fire relic it is not too hard to accomplish what comes next. Bountiful tiny fires appearing on the water flickering away without need for fuel or oxygen. A countless spread of little flaming stars within a band of watery sky. "The light better suits such a kind heart and beautiful face" he quietly says towards her, "It would break my heart to see you suffer so dear lady."

As he starts to light up the dark corridor of the palace, his telescopic senses allow him to see just what might the cause of the goddess's sadness and anger. A few miles away from here there are lights in the water. But something, something seems to be snuffing them out making sure the lights do not float all the way down to the goddess herself.

"Thank.. you.." she says, sniffling a little as she looks at the fires in her eyes. She lets out a happy squeal but still looks despondent.

"Fair Goddess" Jason says towards her while he focus his attention on that distant location attempting to get some idea of just what is snuffing the lights. "Do you have an enemy that would keep the lights of your worshipers from you? I can see them now.. in the distance.. and yet something is snuffing them before they reach you. Something is choosing to have you dwell saddened within this darkness."

"Mami Wata and Ran have been bitter that I decided to become an avatar of Terra instead of the Drowned Road. They do not understand that I try to nurture my people instead of thriving upon their deaths by drowning.." she says firmly and resolutely.

"That will not stand. Lady." Jason says sounding quite like he means it. He really does have something of a weakness for women, and that includes ones being bullied and made sad when they are trying to do the right thing. "I doubt they would have risked coming here themselves to cause you such woe. That is an agent of theirs that dims your offerings. I shall go and drive it off so that you might know happiness once again."

"Thank you. Namaste and good luck.."

The goddess puts her hands together and bows her hand as she sits in the Lotus position. She's not exactly one who fights considering her position as a goddess of waters who nurtures her people, much like the other avatars of Terra nurture their children. She takes a deep breath and sighs softly, closing nher eyes as she meditates.

Now it's time to save the goddess in distress!

Fortunately Jason remains in his gilled and webbed form so travel within the water really does not pose much of a problem for the man. He slips into the waters of the river and follows it back towards where the lights are being snuffed out. He pauses a bit away, watching, scouting. Before charging in he's trying to get a sense of what he is up against.

As Jason continues to move through th waters, he gets closer. What he can see is a rather large tymphonian creature. It possesses sharklike features, in fact it's body is that of one of the megalodon sharks of prehistoric times looking like one of the creatures that pursued them while in the Drowned Road.

It's not just that though. The creature before him has tentacles like an octopus as it's dragging down various offerings down to swallow it. The offerings are boats made of banana leaves. They're decorated with flower blossoms, offerings of food, incense and of course, one lone candle in the middle. It's quite beautiful really, the various offerings floating down by the hundreds of thousands. Too bad they're getting eaten by the creature.

Great. Just great. That is something really really big and perhaps technically qualifies as a tentacle monster. Once more he is glad not to be japanese. Jason has tried conversation a great deal upon this trip so far to some success, but this time he tries guile instead. He tries to keep himself far enough away to be out of it's perception, hopefully not hard given the well honed nature of the Demigod's own senses. Then off in the distance he creates another fire as he did near the goddess itself. Forming it within the water and reinforcing it with his divine gifts to survive even in this hostile atmosphere. How intelligent is this creature? Is it light or heat that draws it? If so it now has another tempting target for both these things, and with luck Jason may be able to draw it away.

The creature itself doesn't notice Jason for sneaky Jason is sneaky! Still at the fire, it starts to move quickly, it's mouth opening wide to show row after row of sharp razor sharp teeth as it swallows the light of the flames, swallowing it whole. It soon goes after the other fires, moving quicker the more light of fire it sees.

Jason keeps moving away setting a chain of fires in it's path. Giving it a trail, like breadcrumbs to follow. Even while he does so he is searching the waters above with those senses straining to their limits. Is it daylight above? A creature of the depths might never have known the brilliance of the sun, and however much the fish might try it will be a long time indeed gobbling it up.

There is no sunlight up above. All the illumination is the trail of fire that Jason creates and the various offerings that slowly float above the water. Still, the creature is mainly interested on gobbling up the trail of fire for it is yummy!
Swim swim swim. Lead the fishy further away, lead it somewhere where the glimmer of light from the offerings can no longer be seen by it's inferior little fishy senses. Still the Scion of Aphrodite does look further for something to distract it. If there is no light above, what about below? Terra has been.. geologically active lately. A volcano just exploded! Perhaps somewhere beneath the water magma seeps through and make's it's presence known with it's glow.

There is a way out from here. The water goes even deeper than the palace itself and soon, Jason can feel the eat of the mantle below. Superheated jets of water start to blow out while sulfur eating bacteria thrive in the environment.
Ultimately the heat is fire, Jason is immune to such things although the fish might not do as well with it. Pausing out of the way Jason continues to lay out that trail of flames heading deep deep into the waters below as far as his expanded vision can cast them. Leaving the large fish to find it's fate in the depths before he kicks up and away. Heading back in the direction from which he came towards the offerings and the forlorn goddess. Keeping an eye to see if the monster can find it's way again or not.

And the fish explodes! Well, not it doesnt, but the fire in it's belly and the extreme heat from the shafts of superheated water do not do good things to the fish. It screeches and splashes in the water, sending up a large wave which zooms Jason up to the surface! Wheeeee!

It's then when he lands on the hard marble surface of the palace does he no longer hear the weeping of the goddess.

Oof. That is one hell of an exploding fish. Jason might be getting buffer from all his time spent in Terra but he is still naked! Being slammed hard into marble is surely doing some bits no good at all! Still that is what being divinely tough is all about and soon he is picking himself back up and going in search of where he first met the goddess although without her sobs to guide him this time.
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As his vision adjusts he'll see that up ahead, there's a happy goddess dancing around and twirling happily. She sees the various offerings floating towards her as she beams happily.

"Oh thank you! Thank you so much!" she chirps merrily.

Jason draws closer, giving her a nod of his head and flashing her a smile. "It was indeed of a creature similar to those I have seen on the Drowned Road. It is no more. And worthily done to see you so pleased once again. I wonder if you might be of some assistance to me in turn? Certain items of mine were taken from me, and I suspect they might be held somewhere within the palace. Have you any idea where they might be?"

"Actually, I have it.."

The goddess says matter of factly as she wrinkles her nose and picks up one of the offerings up from the water. Inside is a chest once more as she brings it up towards Jason with a warm smile, wrinkling her nose as she lets out a soft chuckle of amusement under her breath.

"Here you go."

Jason quirks a brow, looking to be surprised by the motion although perhaps he should not be. A laugh and he says, "I should have thought that a Goddess of the waters would make a suitable guardian for things. Thank you. Might I ask you a question as well, however? You said you had chosen to ally yourself with Terra, and you seem to deeply care for the wellbeing of your worshipers. Do you not fear for their destruction? What made you decide to align with this place and these people." Meanwhile he is going about opening the box because.. he wants his stuff back!

Inside is.. gasp! It's the pin! Awww, yay it's the pin his mommy gave him! There's something else on the pin though, something else on the mother of pearl, and it's blue! Oh goodness! Blue!

"My waters are polluted. The Ganges is very polluted. I have worshippers who bring me things, but even I want to see my waters clean and pure once more, much like what Nu wants of the Drowned Road. I do fear for my worshipper's destruction, but in the end, they will be reincarnated and have better lives for their sacrifice."

Jason lifts his pin up in order to better study it, telescopic senses now becoming microscopic all the better to zoom in on that blue. Just what has been done to the relic? Of course while doing so he continues to listen to the Goddess speak nearby and he quietly says, "I suppose I can see that. Things are very cyclical for your people are they not? One phase ending only so that another might begin? I'd never thought of the destruction that Terra seeks in quite that light before."

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