Terra - Elemental Pole Of Earth



Scene Title The Elemental Pole of Earth
Synopsis Little Smurfs! Giant Centipedes!

After lots of secksings yet with another Titan aligned goddess, Jason is well shit out of luck. She neutralized the effects of the gillyweed afterall to have sex with him because she doesn't like doing it with mer people. Especially gross icky mer people. Still, that makes getting back up rather difficult,but she gives him her temporary blessing, making him immune to water for the duration of the trip back up! And what a trip it was!

The lure of the fish that tried to eat him earlier was in fact an artifact of power and detachable! Insert the humorous chase montage here. And in the end, Grif sweeps down to pick Jason up as he surfaces from the water. Woosh they go off!

Jason again gets to have the rather novel experience of putting on clothes while on a griffon in flight. He is really started to need clothes! So many artifacts require pockets! How do those Terra types get anything done going around naked all the time. Eventually though things are tucked away and he is settling back for the ride, "I hope you didn't get too tired flying around. We can stop to rest if you need to. Otherwise let's head onward to the Pole of Earth. Two down and two to go."

"There was an island twenty miles north of here. I napped there and would occasionally come back every twelve hours to see if you popped up." Grif says matter of factly as he flaps his wings and heads in the direction of the pole of earth. He squawks and hrmms for a few moments. "i did eat fish for the first time. And a giant squid. It was interesting. I prefer rats."

"Well you said the Earth Pole had plenty of rats. You should be able to snack while we are there, at least if things are at all normal" Jason answers as he gets settled in and watches the terrain pass below. "I'm sorry it took longer than intended. You must have been worried. It really was very far down. Your advice regarding the Gillyweed helped a great deal. Thank you."

"You still have the marks of someone having eaten gillyweed. Do not worry, your fingers will be backto normal soon.." the griffon replies with a soft chuckle under his breath before squawking once more.

"A temporary blessing from a Goddess I met below the waves" Jason says in answer to the Griffon, "Not actually Gillyweed. That wore off at her request. But yes, I am sure they will return to normal soon enough. So what news? Have you heard how the incursion goes at the Earth Pole?"

"Well, there is a disturbance in the force." Ha! Grif makes a Star Wars reference. "But seriously, there is something going at the Pole of Earth. Terra is in pain,all of her children can feel it.." he says softly.

"You'd mentioned before that the maggot was eating it's way in" Jason says as he leans forward, "Is it getting worse? Is Terra managing to fend it off or is it continuing to trouble her?"

"Crom Cruach isn't just sending his typical creatures. I fear one of his avatars is encroaching upon all that is Terra." Grif responds with urgency in his voice as he starts swooping down. Ooooh, they're getting close!

Jason takes the time to doublecheck his weapon and relics as the griffon starts to swoop low. His attention turning to the ground below to play his expanded senses over the terrain in search of any threats. "If his avatars are as powerful as those of Terra I can see where that would be quite some problem indeed. They are powerful forces."

Woosh goes Griff, continuing to sweep down into a rather large valley as they've hit the mainland once more. Or at least one of the mainlands in Terra anyway. who knows what part this would be on Earth? There's a huge crater in the enter of the valley where a large cave dwells deep into the underground. Hopefully Jason knows how to go spelunking.

"We don't know what dangers are down there. Just do a quick pass and I'll jump down. If I need you in a hurry and am able to get a message out you'll see fire. Lots and lots of fire." Jason informs the noble Grif. Does he know how to spelunk? Well. He's gone on cave tours? It's close. Sort of. Jason is true to his word, waiting until the ground is at a safe distance is rather sturdy frame can handle a drop to and diving off the griffon back, rolling in midair so he can land upon his feet near the cave entrance.

Such acrobatics! Griff snorts as he could've easily just landed and let down Jason easily. The griffon squawks with a bit of annoyance as he finally lands next to Jason who did things the hard way. Whine. Proud griffons do not like show off-y owners. "Don't you need some rope?"

It was not show offy! There was a disturbance in the force! Jason was just trying to keep Grif safe! Of course, as nothing seems to be leaping out to eat the griffon or Jason it was perhaps a bit unnecessary. Staring down into the pit Jason says, "Do we have any that would actually be long enough?"

"You can always jump down like you did from my." Grif snorts once more. Offended griffon is offended and they are a proud species! It will take lots of yummy rats to appease this one. Still, he looks around and squawks once more, raising on his hind legs for a few moemnts as if to points to a bit of forest. There may be vines there afterall.

"I didn't mean to say you couldn't handle yourself Grif. You've just already done so much for me, and even though Claudine asked you to help I know this is not really your fight. I did not wish to involve you any more than you might with to be involved" Jason says in an apology of sorts, nodding towards the griffon and moving towards that bit of forest to hunt for vines.

The proud griffon is still annoyed. His feeling are hurt. Aww, poor Grif. He following, grabbing and ripping off vines to be helpful. He really does like being helpful afterall and offers it to Jason. "We will need a signal. As I am not a fan of the dark for I am not a nocturnal creature, a signal that would let me know you are ready to be picked up would be helpful."

"Fire" Jason says. He said as much earlier but perhaps the griffon missed it in having his feelings hurt. "When I am ready to be picked up I will create a pillar of flame to signal you. That should be something you can see from the sky." Jason collects the vines being ripped off by sharp and efficient griffon beak. Helpful Grif is very helpful!

"Then I will be waiting for it. Hopefully the light of your flames will be able to penetrate the darkness of the caves. While this is the elemental pole of earth, darkness reigns as well." Grif warns as he starts holding onto the vines using it as a rope so Jason can go down into the dank, damp caves. Hopefully this isn't like the Descent. That was a scary movie!

"I can project them to this cave mouth if I must" Jason informs Grif, "Keep your eyes on this spot. Unless I find some other egress from the underground this is where I will need to leave as well. Thank you my friend." Aww. He is still trying to soothe wounded griffon feelings. A gesture and Jason creates a tiny ball of flame in one hand focusing upon it to eliminate the need for fuel and settling it upon a shoulder to burn away and provide light even while he moves to begin to climb down the vines. Making his way into the dank scary darkness below.

The dark creepy cave is creepy. There's the sound of bats moving around, and the noxious smell of guano can be felt. Several minutes,well really more like fourty five minutes later he's surrounded by cmoplete darkness. He can feel lots of sharp jagged rocks around him, but at least his feet are on solid ground once more. He's at least a couple of hundred feet below, really surrounded by nothing more than earth at this point. The sky can't even be seen!

Jason turns in a complete circle. Getting his bearings. That tiny flame still burning upon his shoulder providing some illumination and his expanded senses doing their best to take advantage of every little bit of light it provides. He begins to search for a way yet deeper into the earth.

Oh dears. Jason really has to feel his way around. Even the tiny flame burning upon his shoulder doesn't really give beyond a foot away from him, the darkness is that bad. There's lots of obstacles to trip over, lots of things towards to stub your toe on! Still, his other senses are what tells him there's something scittering and scattering around him.

Oh dear. Insects. Probably insects. Jason really really has not liked insects since his experience in what he thought was the Phillipines but turns out to have been here. His gun is drawn while he keeps turning his head this way and that. Trying to keep aware of his surroundings even while continuing to move forward down the tunnel. Taking it slow given how relatively ineffective his flame is proving to be.

It is not insects! Insects usually require light to see. So they can't survive in depths like these. Still, there's something else in the darkness as soon,he can make out fluorescent shapes around him. They look to be eyes, or something like eyes that blink for a few moments before suddenly disappearing once more. His other senses tell them that he's surrounded with at least a dozen little creatures, all bipedal around him.

Yikes. Fluorescent eyes. This is like being trapped in a bad music video. Is this the Glee Club from Hell? This better not be the Glee Club from Hell. Jason has had fairly decent luck chatting to the residents of Terra so far and so that is just what he tries now, "Hello" he calls out to the surrounding figures in English. "I'm not sure who you are or if you can understand me but I do not come intending violence unless you intend it first towards me. Shall we speak instead?"

Ha! Glee Club from Hell! No, they are not. In fact, they approach closer until one of them can be seen by Jason. They're cute little creatures really. Yes, they are bipedal, but they look like.. sea urchins with fluorescent eyes. They're spikey and have rather small skinny legs as they approach Jason until he's surrounded by the various creatures. They peer curiously towards him before a squeaky, high pitched voice can be heard.

"Will you save us?"

Jason looks down at the little guys. Aww. They are so weird, but kind of cute. How is it that in the middle of a titan realm he seems to keep finding things which need his help rather than require his destruction. Surely Terra has planned this sort of thing as well. "Tell me what is wrong" He says towards them, "And I will see what I can do. What is it that you need saving from?"

"The many legged!" one of them squeaks, jumping up and down for Jason's attention.

"It has sharp teeth! He eats us!" Another whines. They are all so cute, why would something want to eat them? Well, maybe it's just hungry.

"There are maggots! They steal our homes!" another chirps.

"Then he eats us!" yet another voice calls out. There's a lot and they're all going closer to Jason as if trying to get shelter.

Jason bobs his head a bit as the tiny thing jumps up and down. Wow. It is the MMO experience made live. A little dizzier and a little more disconcerted he says, "Guys. It's really dark down here and I can barely see anything and if I really get into a fight with this thing near your homes.. it is likely to destroy them." Still he looks over the cute little guys all torn like, can he ignore their plight? "I have items of power that were stored down here somewhere but I do not know where they are. If you do can you retrieve them for me? I may need them to protect you."

"Guarded they are!" one of the squeaks.

"He will eat us!" another one yelps in fright as more gather around him. They really are cute little fuzzy furballs of cuteness. Yes they are.

"Mukade guards a treasure chest that was one part of our home" another one squeaks sounding all frightened. "It holds our holy treasure as well. The holy treasure that helps us survive, but he keeps eating us!" they whine once more.

"Mukade is this many legged?" Jason asks as he lets out a low breath, "Well then. Lead the way and I shall follow. Take me to this Mukade and I will see what can be done. Has he always been here or is he.. only recently arrived? I have heard rumors of a great power being present within the earth."

"Many many many legged. Of Crom Cruach he is!" one of them squeaks out once more. They have high pitched cute little chibi voices. Still, just as one of them finishes squeaking, the ground begins rumbling. Jason might not have to find the Mukade. Who knows? It might be finding him. Or perhaps he's attracted by the sheer number of yummy morsels surrounding him. They might taste like chocolate afterall.

"It's the mukade! RUN!" yet another squeaks in fright as they start scattering everywhere, their little flourescent eyes disappearing as they shut their eyes as they run off. Still, something is coming, and it's big.

Jason takes just a moment to chamber a bit of fire into his gun. If he must fight a creature so comfortable with the darkness having rounds containing a bit of the power of something alight might serve an advantage. Then he is removing a simple strip of cloth to tie over his face partly veiling his features and the ripple of illusionary magic follows it. He has never met Coatlicue of course which makes this all the more difficult, he knows little of her except that she might have sold out to Crom Cruach and that according to Jord she is a freaky chick favoring dead children who has snakes coming out of her vagina. This is really TMI and more than he wants to contemplate but there you go. That is the illusion he goes for in an effort to gain a bit of surprise.

single pair of long antennae. Their bodies are composed of segments (which may number nearly 200), each of similar form and bearing a single pair of legs. Most are small, but the tropical Scolopendra gigantea may reach 30 cm/1 ft in length. Millipedes, class Diplopoda, have fewer segments (up to 100), but have two pairs of legs on each.

Nocturnal, frequently blind, and all carnivorous, centipedes live in moist, dark places, and protect themselves by a poisonous secretion. They have a pair of poison claws, and strong jaws with poison fangs. The bite of some tropical species is dangerous to humans. Several species live in Britain, Lithobius forficatus being the most common."

Up from the ground appears a flattened head, bearing a pair of antennae that wriggles just a bit as if sensing it's prey. What first broke through the ground was a pair of elongated mandibles, snapping open and close rather quickly as it lets out a loud bellow, shaking the cavern as only part of it appears. The first pair of maxillae form the lower lip, which bear short palps. The first pair of limbs stretch forward from the body to cover the remainder of the mouth as it thrashes in the ground, causing more rocks to fall around the creature and hopefully not on Jason.

Poisonous glands on the claws drip a powerful poison which immediately takes effect in it's victims. In this case, there are several unfortunately little creatures pierced right away as they squeak in pain before tossed into the creatures mandibles to be devoured. It continues to thrash, having been attracted by the presence of the little creatures of the elemental pole of earth.

Well. Crap. Does this thing even have eyes? On the plus side if it does not then it is not exactly hard to get a drop on it but if not then the whole.. illusionary masquerade is probably ruined anyways. At any rate it does not exactly seem to be intelligent. Still in all while Jason has fought quite a lot this thing is a loathsome freakish horror of which he has never actually encountered. The exoskeleton looks well armored but he is already dodging falling rocks in order to get a good firing position, squeezing the trigger of his pistol and firing off a shot into that mouth while it eats the little guys. Working to both get past that armor by that approach and hopefully taking it totally by surprise before it is even aware of his existence.

Fourty damage is a lot! But this freakish horror has a LOT, yes a LOT of health levels. It's a ginormous ridiculous centipede and it starts thrashing once more. The caverns continue to rock back and forth as sharp jagged rocks start to fall all around him. It's hard to see where they're going to fall,so they do come by surprise, though the sounds and the rumbling makes everything seem more and more disorienting. Sometimes being too perceptive can be bad! Such as this!

There's a loud deafening roar of the mukade as more of it's body slides out from the earth. He can see more fragments of the body, at least fifteen feed wide sprout nup from the ground as it's deadly poisonous legs start to stab at the ground randomly. Who knows if he's going to get hit! Hopefully the answer is no!

Jason's instincts kick in and he just /barely/ manages to dodge away from those claws ducking and waving between them as they stab at random in a whirl of motion. He has to be a blur simply to dodge away, and he is not so trusting in his success that his skin does not quickly take on that luster of perfect marble that is the mark of his personal body armor. Ducking low under a stabbing limb and shifting his head away from dripping venom he runs partway up a wall of the cave only to flip back over, using that to gain the angle needed to fire another shot towards the creatures open mouth. Another fiery blast from the gun going towards the vulnerable inner organs.
Fire! There's a fire inside it! Seriously. It's experiencing heartburn of the literal kind as the fiery bullets go into it's mouth and continue to ravage it up from the insides. It's getting boiled alive really and it's not pretty. It's insides are soft and squishy. There's steam building up from boiling blood. It's outside is hard chitinous armor. It's becoming more and more of a pressure cooker as it's being boiled inside out!

There's another shriek and it bellows, causing more rocks to fall. These are sharp and jagged rocks as there might be a cave in from it's death throes. Somehow, he needs to get the dan thing to stop freaking out even as he continues to boil it from the inside as it slams it's claws down everywhere, thrashing about once more.

Jason dodges the thrashing claws once more, barely ducking and weaving around the stabbing appendages. How is he supposed to stop a massive centipede from thrashing around? He could make it orgasm of course but that hardly seems it would fix the problem. Instead he rushes in close instead of away this time, waiting until he is just near the dying beast to suddenly cause the area to explode into flames. He's carried others with him when he has flame traveled before. None quite so BIG but then, if he only takes half the centipede with him that is not so bad, right? Clairvoyance reaches out to stretch his mind to the volcano he was at not so long ago, focusing upon the rim even as the flames churn into place there. If all goes according to plan he should be comfortably standing upon the stone while the centipede itself, or parts of it, is in midair over the boiling magma below.

Things go exactly to plan. Fire swirls around Jason as he comes into being part of it in midair and along with him is half of a truly enormous worm. Jason remains on the ledge and the worm falls, tumbling end of end and the fires still eating out it's insides seen flickering as it finally splashes into the lava below. A muffled woomph as the carapace finally pops open and the little bits go flaming. A moment to savor the sight and Jason is flickering back to where he just left. Once more in the underground. Hopefully having half the body suddenly missing reduced the destruction of the worm upon the surroundings.

Thank goodness most of the mukade's body was UNDER the ground. As it's split in half, there's no explosion of inside out from pressure, but there's steam,a moist sticky steam made from the creature's blood and guts that spreads around the cavern. Cough cough. It is gross! Still, the various little black fuzzballs peer out as they happily squeak and bounce and bound over towards Jason.

"You did it! You did it! The mukade is gone!" they chirp happily. Huzzah! They are saved!

"I did it" Jason agrees looking blearily about the cavern. What he can see of it. Because it is still bloody dark and he's seeing spots from having just come from the light. "My sympathies on those of you it has eaten but it shall do so no more. You had mentioned that it might have been guarding the treasures that I was seeking. Could you show me the way? I think it best to be away from here. The tunnel may now be unstable and even if it is not, the stench is certainly unbearable."

The giant freak centipede is dead. It's insides thoroughly lit on fire prior to half of being it transported to a volcano and dumped in. Jason returned to the caves where hippity hoppity glowing eyed thingies seem all very grateful and he's asked them to show him to where they live in the hopes of reclaiming his relic that was said to be guarded there. So even now he makes his way through the caves, dim light of a flame continuing to burn on one shoulder and barely illuminating the suffocating darkness that surrounds them on all sides.

The creatures continue to happily hop to and fro around him, keeping him surrounded, using their eyes as lights for him so that he doesn't trip and fall on his face!

"The mukade is dead! The mukade is dead!" they chirp happily, the terrors of their lives now gone, at least for the moment. They continue to lead him deeper into the caves dank and damp depths as the cavern itself gets shorter and shorter. Soon he may even have to crawl to get through.

"This way to our home!" they chirp.

Ack. Short little dudes. Tall Jason. Awkward fitting. Jason does start out crouching as the ceiling above gets lower and lower and then finally he is indeed having to crawl to make his way along. Fitting as best he can through the short caverns as he says towards the happy little chirpy fellows, "I hope we're getting close. If this ceiling gets any lower I'm going to have problems."

They're only a few inches in height. They are short little dudes. Why they were such a popular meal for the mukade, who knows? Still, they happily dance along as the cavern itself goes down to perhaps a foot in height. He has to crawl at this point, on his belly even! Good thing Jason is not fat!

But there is respite up ahead. As soon, the cavern opens up to at least one hundredd feet tall and a Smurf looking village surrounded the area. He's like Gulliver in the land of the Liliputians. They run out and look around. Oh dears, there's a giant hole in the middle, and what he can see is truly frightening. There's a large gaping mouth open, with sharp teeth. It's like a giant land lamprey in the middle and they squeak and gasp.


The short little dudes have a Sarlac Pit? If there is a Sarlac Pit there should be slave outfit Princess Leia, damn it. This is how things work! Jason takes a moment to rise back to his feet after finally wriggling out of that passageway looking a good bit more dusty and generally cave coated for the experience. It's the despairing cry of the little guys that draw his attention to the object of their distress and clearing his throat he says quietly to them, "Uh.. guys. Fill me in here. I take you don't always have a monstrously giant mouth on the floor of your cave?"

"The palace is gone" they whine, their high pitched voices crying now as they start to sob. "The palace held the sacred treasure.." they continue to grumble a the pit is in the middle of the ginormous mouth that seems to be in the middle of the rather large cavern.

"Right then" Jason says sounding mildly sympathetic only, "I guess it didn't protect you very well then did it. And you said mine were in there with it. Well. Uh. I guess that leaves us two choices. Either you know of some natural moss down here that makes you vomit heavily and we go and get some or.. I go in jumping after it, get our treasures, and try to hurt that thing so badly from the inside it won't bother Terra again." He looks hopefully at the little high pitched sobbing guys. Number one is so less freakish an alternative.

A scholarly little fuzzball appears from one of the village huts not too far away from the center of the mouth/crater. It wobbles on over and then jumps on top of Jason's shoulder as he has a little cape and hat as if he was going to a graduation ceremony. "That is the Omukade, one of the avatars of Crom Cruach. He is wounding Terra itself."

Ack. Where he should have slave Leia Jason instead has Papa fuzzball? Turning his head to look over he says, "I'd heard rumors that they had an avatar here. I had no idea that I would be running into it. You seem a great deal calmer than the others, and more aware of what is going on. Is there anything we might scavenge that will cause it to lose the contents of it's stomach or if hoping to reclaim what is swallowed is going in after it a valid possibility?"

"The insides of the Omukade is a realm itself." Papa Fuzzball replies. He wriggles alittle before settling down on his shoulder as he motions towards the gaping mouth with his cane. "The challenge is getting backout alive really."

"Yes. Well. That is always a challenge" Jason says as he advances forward to stand at the edges of the Omukade mouth and look down within, "I suspect that is because the usual exits are guarded in some fashion. Before going in perhaps we can make some exits it does not anticipate." From one pocket he extracts the other Gillyweed he brought back from the pole of water, the one whose effects were not short term but rather permanent in nature. He drops it into the open mouth where it will hopefully find the belly of the beast. It gave him after gills, after all, it may open some similar opening in the hide of this great worm. Then without further fanfare he is following it given that Papa Fuzzball seems prepared to ride him to this destination, simply leaping into that giant mouth.

OMnomnomnom. That's what the mouth does anyway once the bit of Gillyweed enters his mouth. The omukade then starts to thrash and wriggle, letting out a loud bellow as it's lungs change and soon gills can be seen near it's chitinous frame. An effect of Gillyweed isn't permanent, at least not with this dosage anyway, but it makes it difficult for the creature to breath. It needs to be in water! It definitely didn't expect this and soon it starts scurrying away, moving back underground. Back to Crom Cruach so it can breath amongst the polluted waters of that Titanrealm.

Once the creature grows gills and begins to wriggle in the earth to turn away Jason leaps onto that wormlike hide. Ducking low to avoid tunnel wall overhead he races along it's wormlike flank, fleet steps carrying him towards one of the newly formed gill slits upon the things side. He might have stopped the assault on Terra, for now, with his quick thinking but there are still things he needs. Finally coming to one of those openings he leaps in. Passing into the innards of the creature.

And through the gills he goes! It's dark and even more moist than the cave itself. He is inside a Titan Avatar this time,and in a completely different way too! It's weird as the insides of the creature are rather loose. He's a lot bigger inside than he is outside! It must be some weird physics going on.

As he heads on in though, large blobby creatures start to chase after Jason! The immune system is reacting! Oh knows!

Jason has no time to waste! No time at all. Even now this thing is heading towards home and away from Terra and he is well aware of it. He does not have time to fight blobby things. He does not have time to waste. The James Bondish wannabe has well trained his ichor to help him blend into crowds, to go unnoticed and accepted in even the strangest of circumstances and that is just what he is doing now. Senses scanning the environment for even the most minute signs of what makes this place "familiar" and adapting them for his own usage working to make the antibodies think he is just another part of the system. Another thing which belongs. All this while he runs, runs runs runs at top speed in search of where the smurf palace wound up.

Now Jason is a blobby cell of omukade too! at least he is to the immune system. He has learned from the HIV virus, so that is a good thing.. perhaps? He's left alone for the most part, and within ten minutes,he sees something golden up ahead once he reaches the esophagus!

Golden? Is it a golden palace? What is with him being inside giant creatures and finding golden things. Still that must be it, it being a very /LARGE/ worm it takes time to eat it's means. Thank goodness. Run run run. Jason continues to madly dash at top speed to close upon the golden object in the distance.

It does look like a golden palace. Like a chibi version of what was in the leviathan's mouth when they were in the Ville Au Camp! Confluence! Everything is connected afterall! Still, he eventually reaches it as there are already a lot of fuzzballs squeaking as they hang on for dear life. The palace itself is around three feet tall and Jason easily grabs it.

"Now we must find a way out!" Papa Fuzzball chirps. "Hurry!"

Jason grabs the palace under one arm. Oof. Carrying it and it's clinging fuzzballs. Eyes scanning the surroundings once more with his expanded senses. Seeking out the nearest exit back to the outside world through the fleshy material of the beast before he begins to dash madly now in that direction. Hurry he is. Rush rush. Zoom zoom. Working to get himself and his passengers out before the avatar totally leaves Terra behind.

Ack! Rotting tunnel! Disease! Sulfur! Jason looks around him in some distress. Terra itself may be hostile ground, technically, but he is also having ample opportunity to see the beauty it possess. There is nothing beautiful about here. What has been done. He begins to make his way back up the tunnel, returning towards the village so recently left with the palace still tucked under one arm and the fuzzballs clinging. A focusing of his will and behind him at a safe distance flames sprout to life, searing, burning, following him at a safe distance so as not to burn any of his little passengers as he moves alone. Fire doing what it can to burn that putrid taint away and leave the earth pure once more.

The soil is oohy and gooey and gross and smelly. It's more like the texture of manure than soil in some places as he continues to make his way up. The stench really is a lot to deal with afterall. It's gross and it's definitely tickling the gag reflex. Still, climb climb climb! It takes about an hour and a half to make it all the way up where the other fuzzballs greet the rest of their people.

Tra-la-la-la-la-la! La! La-la-la-la!

It may be gross but if visiting Terra has done anything for Jason so far it is making sure that he is made of stern stuff. While the tunnel may be corrupted and unhealthy he is anything but and he simply continues to move alone. Climbing and making his way along with the palace and his passengers until finally getting back to the village. Making an effort to be polite he asks, "Uh. Where do you want this?"

Indicating the palace with a tiny shake.

"Not in the crater." Papa Fuzzball replies, pointing towards another free area to make a new courtyard in. he beams as do the survivors of getting gobbled up alive by the Omukade. Everyone cheers as the tiny little fuzzballs surround him. So don't squish any!

Crazy little fuzzballs. You should not need epic dex just to avoid squishing your allies, damn it. All the same Jason makes his way /carefully/ through the tiny cheering throng to finally settle the palace back down in the open space indicated. Fussing with it a moment to straighten it up in line with the other buildings and peering at it critically. There. Perfect!

Tra-la-la-la-la-la! La! La-la-la-la!

The little fuzzballs are definitely happy. They're all about an inch in height anyway,so a building at three feet talls is very impressive indeed! Papa Fuzzball jmps off Jason's shoulder and lands on topof the palace as it's settled down.

"We have been saved by a protector of Terra! We are indebited to him indeed!"

Jason winces a little! 'Protector of Terra', there is a reputation you don't exactly want getting out or catching on. I mean.. Terra is so the badguy! Yet this is the same Jason that risked life and limb to save Aya from Terra despite suspicions that she is a servant of Mikaboshi, you don't always get to pick your quests. You don't always get to pick who needs rescued and saving. He gives a stage worthy sort of bow to Papa Fuzball and says, "My sympathies for the loses that your people suffered. Between the Mukade and that creature your village became the front lines of the invasion. But you acted boldly in the face of such tragedy, I am certain you shall be equally as bold in rebuilding what was lost and moving forward." Well.. actually they kind of ran away and hid behind Jason. But maybe some were bold!

The ones who got eaten were bold! They are a passive species afterall. Still, there's something being brought out of the palace. It's a rather large box. It's a treasure box. Ooooh, what's inside?

"On behalf of my people, we would like to present this to you!"

"I thank you" Jason says bending down to lift the treasure box. They are very tiny guys after all, and it is a very big box! They need the help! He finds a clear place to set it down and open it, peering inside. Is it his relics? Is it yet another monster they want him to kill because wow the little guys seem to have monster problems. What is inside?

What is inside?!? Well, the first item would be his transformagun, though there's another change to it. Things are changing as they have been in Terra it seems. The handle is made of pure crystal this time. Diamong really. How did that happen?

Well. That is flashy. Jason turns the gun to study it for a moment and simply lets out a "huh". Normally it would seem difficult to change relics related to a person given the ties between them. However, separating them by long distances and placing them at the very pinnacles of Terra power is probably a good way to do just that. The gun is holstered in the holster that has been waiting for it and he peeks into the chest again. Anything else in there?

Nope. That's it!

The little fuzzballs cheer at the new hero of Terra as they jump up and down once more. Whee!

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