Octavio Crespin Reyes
Portrayed By: Cristiano Ronaldo
Status: Alive and kicking, literally
Age: 18
Calling: Soccer Prodigy/Champion of the Downtrodden/Future God of the Night Sky
Pantheon: Aztlanti
Divine Parent: Huitzilopochtli
Significant Other(s): None yet


Octavio 'Tavio' Reyes was born in Cancún to a single mother who worked housekeeping at one of the beachside resorts. After a hurricane struck the coastal city in 2005, his mother found herself out of a job and the little family found itself drifting steadily northward from one home to the next for two years, living with an assortment of extended family members until the two of them finally settled in New York when he was sixteen. It was there that her luck and her steadily declining health ran out, leaving them dependent on government aid, the kindness of their neighbors, and Tavio's own resourcefulness and hard work.

Fortunately, he'd always been energetic and fiercely independent, managing to juggle school and part-time work with his passion for soccer. For the past three years he's been maintaining an unsteady balance between honoring his responsibilities and following his heart. Until recently he was happy, if not entirely content, with this state of affairs.

A Visit from his father threatened to upset the balance altogether, as the man who'd done nothing (so far as Tavio could tell) to make life easier on either Tavio or his mother strode into his life delivering imperatives and carrying on exhaustively about duty and destiny.

The increasinly open warfare between the children of the gods and the brood of the titans had escalated to a point where the word 'Scion' was being bandied about in regular conversation both as praise and invective. People with superhuman powers were all but popping out of the woodwork. Tavio didn't have the luxury of disbelief when Huitzilopochtli came to awaken his ichor and induct him into the ranks of the Aztlanti.

As it turns out, Huitzilopochtli has very clear plans for his son, a destiny mapped out for him and enforced through the relics he's bestowed upon Tavio to help him reach it. As far as his father's concerned, Tavio has no need to seek out a divine identity, having instructed him to become a master of night rather than day, possibly to shake things up among the Aztlanti and to prevent a promising young Scion from becoming competition for his own bailiwick. This ambitious presumption has even furnished the young man with a nemesis. Tavio is just thrilled about that part.

It remains to be seen how closely he'll stick to his father's plotted course. Tavio takes a dim view on the bloodthirsty legacy of his parentage and has resolved to use his power to save lives rather than end them, a viewpoint which only demonstratse how little he truly understands his father's pantheon. Right now he could take or leave this whole 'god' business anyway. He just wants to play soccer.


Tavio is extroverted, confident, fearless, and a little over-the-top. There's too much personality for the skin containing it, and it finds an outlet in nearly every nuance of his daily life. He projects loudly, feels everything passionately, and rarely refuses a chance to try something new. Sometimes he carries on like he's got ADHD or something, and strives to be in constant motion. In spite of this he possesses a composure and bearing that spare him from coming across like he's spastic. He's simply enjoying life to the fullest every chance he gets. He's also a shameless flirt.

Beneath this, he is fiercely independent and his easygoing demeanor has some very strict limits on what it will allow him to compromise on. He was expected to shoulder a lot of responsibility at an early age and it's given him a stubborn streak. He's used to being able to handle anything that comes at him. He protects those close to him with a fiery determination. For instance, no one who wants to keep their teeth ever says anything unfavorable about Tavio's momma.

His approach to the life his awakened ichor has called him to is tentative, not because he is afraid of the things he can now do or the challenges he now has to face, but because he isn't sure how to reconcile what he sees as a savage and bloody lineage with the joie de vivre that motivates him. At some point he is expected to trade day for night and claim a place for himself in the pantheon that he isn't at all sure he wants. He entertains notions of bucking the system and carving out his own path, and just as soon as he figures out what that path is he's set.


Events Thus Far

  • Tavio comes home with a little something for his momma's douchebag boyfriend only to discover that his father has come calling to take care of the matter rather messily. Huitzilopochtli informs Tavio of the course he's planned for him and gives him the tools to start walking it, all while noshing on the heart of some guy named Ira. He leaves it to his son to dispose of the body.
  • Momma Reyes' deteriorating health leads her to swallow her pride and seek succor with her old Bandmates. As a result, Tavio moves to a new house on Wisteria Lane.
  • Tavio meets the neighbors, and they are wacky. The jury's still out on whether this is home, but for now it'll do.

Character Sheet

Appearance: 4 Charisma: 3 Dexterity: 5
Epic Appearance: 1 Epic Charisma: 2 Epic Dexterity:2
Intelligence: 2 Manipulation: 2 Perception: 2
Epic Intelligence: 1 Epic Manipulation: 1 Epic Perception: 1
Stamina: 4 Strength: 4 Wits: 3
Epic Stamina: 2 Epic Strength: 2 Epic Wits: 1
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