Talking Over Coffee


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Scene Title Talking Over Coffee
Synopsis Scrivner and Ash Burrows have a chat over coffee and are joined by Dee. Asterisk joins and Tybalt makes a cameo appearance. Nothing blows up, amazingly enough!

The Java House

//Sultry notes of Jazz waft through the air, along with the fine aroma of over fifty different types off coffee. Ranging from the esoteric (and delicious) Jamaican Blue Mountain to the almost mundane flavor of amaretto, the Java House carries them all. The interior, while somewhat drab compared to Starbucks, is almost entirely in neutral earth tones. The Java House is less like a house than a long hallway, one lined with a variety of trendy peices of art.

The noise from all the shoes of the customers in here treading on the hard wood floors sometimes drowns out the music, but it still produces a rhythm all it's own. The vibration from the tunes, and from the many feet walking on the wooden floor, almost fills the room with a subtle buzz, one that only complements the excellent coffee here.//

It's a fairly warm evening outside in New York, but the inside of the Java House is pleasantly cool and air-conditioned. Maybe even a bit on the chilly side. Rufus Scrivner has been here for a short time already, just long enough to have gotten himself a cup of tea and set up his laptop to deal with a few items of business while he's got a little time to kill. The man has tossed his suit jacket across a chair next to him, and as he leans back, he loosens the knot of his necktie and smoothes down his waistcoat. Sighing, he pinches the bridge of his nose and mutters beneath his breath, looking vexed over some matter.

Being inside the Java House for the first time, Ash is pretty entranced by the smell of this delicious coffees. He's always been someone to drink coffee in all colors and - to an extend - shapes. He wasn't a big fan of starbucks, though. It was too much like a McDonalds for coffee which pissed him off a little. As he enters the house, it is not that hard to see Rufus with his gentleman-outfit, doing some work on his laptop. With light steps, Ash moves to his table and looks at Rufus. "May I ?" he asks while pointing at a chair on the opposite side of the table.

Looking up quickly, Rufus closes up his laptop and smiles faintly, standing up. He offers his hand for a brief shake, saying, "Ah. Of course, Ash. Sit down, make yourself comfortable. It's good to see you again."

"Its good to see you again, as well. After what I've heard of this town, I was pretty shocked to hear, that there have been one or two …Agents who didn't make it to the next meeting, if you know what I mean" he says, being careful of anyone who might hear them. " 'Buisiness' sure is hard in New York", Ash adds. But before Ash sits down, he just puts his jacket over one of the chairs and goes to the counter to get himself a nice big coffee-pot. "Even though I do not need that stuff to stay awake anymore, it still is a pretty hard-to-ignore habit. " Ash says smiling.

Looking up quickly, Rufus closes up his laptop and smiles faintly, standing up. He offers his hand for a brief shake, saying, "Ah. Of course, Ash. Sit down, make yourself comfortable. It's good to see you again."

"Its good to see you again, as well. After what I've heard of this town, I was pretty shocked to hear, that there have been one or two …Agents who didn't make it to the next meeting, if you know what I mean" he says, being careful of anyone who might hear them. " 'Buisiness' sure is hard in New York", Ash adds. But before Ash sits down, he just puts his jacket over one of the chairs and goes to the counter to get himself a nice big coffee-pot. "Even though I do not need that stuff to stay awake anymore, it still is a pretty hard-to-ignore habit. " Ash says smiling.

Rufus smiles wryly, and he reseats himself at the table. His own now-closed laptop is carefully tucked into the bag that he rests on the floor, and he leaves his own suit jacket on the chair while he again smoothes down his waistcoat. "Fortunately I've had a quiet week," he says. "Nothing more exciting than court battles for me. How have you been, Burrows? You're looking well enough. I can only assume nothing has tried to rip off your head."

Having developed a taste for the place, Dee heads into the Java House. It's hot enough that her leather jacket is off and hanging from her fingers over one shoulder, showing a green tank. She heads first to the counter, and an iced mocha is ordered along with a couple biscotti.

Ash laughs a bit. "Well …not until now. But what hasn't been, could possibly happen any minute. So I won't let my guard down for now." says and puts his coffee pot and a cup on the table. He notices a beautiful woman entering the shop but isn't doing more than throw a short look at her. "It wasn't too exciting, my week that is. But I tried to get some informations about the city and what happens here" he says while pouring in some coffee

Rufus follows Ash's line of sight to the door, glancing at the lady and recognising her immediately. He smiles to see her, and he says, "Well, if you're looking for some information, that particular lady is one of those whom I'd describe as having her finger upon the pulse of a few lines." He stands up again, and lifting a hand, he waves to Dee and beckons her to come over.

Or, to be more specific, her finger on the pulse of teh intarwebz. Dee catches Rufus' wave and gesture, and smile to him. Once she has her caffeine-y goodness, she walks over to the gentlemen. "Afternoon." She looks over the suit-clad ones, and chuckles. "Hard to confuse here for someplace that looks good on an expense report, isn't it?"

Ash smiles a bit, though not overly cheerful. "I think I shouldn't have a problem with that for now. " he says but stands up from his chair, to offer his hand to Ms. Floros. Like a gentleman of course. "Ash Burrows. Nice to make your acquaintance"

When the lady approaches, Rufus flashes Dee a broad and toothy grin. "Well, given where my colleagues have gone for their business lunches, I hardly think anyone can begrudge me when I choose to have a cup of tea for a meeting. It's good to see you again. Miss Dee, this is Mr. Ash Burrows. Mr. Burrows, this is Miss Dee ….." Then he hesitates, and he takes a look at the lady. "You know, I never did learn your last name. But Miss Dee is an acquaintance of mine, and we've worked together in the past on some… very interesting /things./"

Dee sets down her snack and cup, then takes Ash's hand briefly. "Dee Floros. A pleasure." she replies to him, then says to Rufus with a grin "Last names are so formal, aren't they? And, it just never came up. It's not like you've had to bill me for anything. Yet." She looks curious then, and studies Ash for a moment as she hangs her jacket on the back of the chair and takes a seat. "/Things/, huh? Good way of putting it. You two business associates, or /business/ associates?" She seems in a good mood.

"I'm a member of the /agency/ if you're implying something." Ash answeres as he sits down again. A second later he streches his arm to get the sugar pot and starts mixing in some sugar into his coffee…and some more…and some more…and some more…after a while he stops and takes a sip just to nod a bit. Someone might get the feeling that his spoon could stand straight inside his cup.

Once the lady seats herself, Rufus follows suit and eases himself back down into his chair. He has a sip from his tea cup and sets it down, then says, "Yes. /Business/ associates. Miss Adams and I happened to bump into Burrows on Ellis Island after a particularly nasty episode with the… immigration office there. I don't know if anyone told you about it or not."

Dee ahhhs quietly. "More Ellis Island trouble. I haven't heard about anything involving the immigration offices, though. You'd think I could keep up better on the news. Obviously, I need to spend more time with you guys." She has a sip of her drink, then asks "What happened now?"

"Sadly I had no involvement whatsoever in this matter. I was just a few hours to late. I would have helped Mr. Scrivner and Ms. Adams." Ash says and leans back on his chair as well. He pushes up his glasses and looks at Rufus. "But…I'd like to hear what happened as well. We couldn't talk that much." A small squeeking sound rises from under Ash's waistcoat, but he doesn't seem to notice it.

Rufus' eyes flicker to Ash for a second or two at that squeak, and his mouth quivers with a smirk that he doesn't allow to spread across his face. "All right then. For some time, Miss Adams and a few other acquaintances of ours were keeping an eye on Ellis Island. We'd discovered this building that only a few certain people can see…" He trails off, glances around to make sure no one's listening, then continues on. "We'd been keeping a vigil over it, and all had been more or less quiet, but one afternoon all Hell broke loose. The doors opened inside of it to allow a group of … well…. alien immigrants to come through. We found a woman inside who claimed to be a daughter of Columbia herself. She threw a key to us, then darted off through a doorway just as a pair of these monstrous animals came through that looked like the bastard lovechildren - pardon my vulgarity - of bears and lizards. From what I gather, that phantom building there is a waystation between another realm and ours, and the immigrants were supposedly legitimate. The monsters, however, were not. Columbia's daughter, a woman named Amy Grayson, disappeared into the other realm to do … God knows what. I don't know. I haven't seen her again. She left the monsters to us. We managed to kill them, but only just. One of our associates ended up in hospital for a little while, though I've seen him since and he's fine now. It was a few hours later when Miss Adams and I bumped into Mr. Burrows here at the island."

Dee's gaze flickers towards Ash at the squeeking, then she looks back to Rufus and nods. "The portal like the one in Times Square, yes. It's still sporadic though, or has it become permanent? And associate as in bandmate, or just another of us?" she asks him then as she considers.

"Bandmates…" Ash replies. He hasn't thought about bands yet, but since at least Scrivner seems to have a band, Ash considers joining a band of his own. It'll be easier to fullfil fates when joining the power of more than one scion. "Lizard-bear…never heard about any similar legendary being. Not the ones, I could find in the legends of the atzlanti. And they do have some strange things. " he says, thinking of camazotz…

"Some monsters seem to be completely unique, never-before-seen in myth or legend," Rufus muses, glancing at Ash and nodding his head faintly. "Of course, I could be mistaken. Mythology is not my strongest area of expertise, though I've been studying more of it of late." He reaches for his teacup to take another sip, and looking to Dee, he nods again. "This one at Ellis Island does seem to be permanent. It has been there whenever I've gone to check upon it. And as for my associates, I do mean bandmates. There are four of us altogether." He smirks. "The other three being cousins of yours. I rather feel as though I'm surrounded by Greeks."

Dee shrugs slightly. "There are so many myths and legends." she says. "Who knows where in the world there might be a bear-lizard mix?" She looks curious, then says "Marius, Vette and Simone? You know, I maybe I'm in the wrong group."

"Better surrounded be Greeks than surrounded be Geeks, huh ?" Ash says smiling a bit. "I'm sorry for asking again, but could you describe this thing a bit more ? Was it really a mongrel, or was it more like…put together. Like with lego. What I mean is - was it really a …" Ash stops and looks around :"…a mystical being, or was it more like a chimera…?"

Rufus glances at Dee, and his smirk broadens till the corners of his eyes crinkle. "Miss Floros, I certainly have no objection to you joining us, if that is what you would like. After seeing you in action, it'd actually be quite a pleasure. I'm sure your cousins will not object either, but still, it'd be best to check with them before I go about calling you my bandmate." He's still smiling when he looks over to Ash, and exhaling a breath, as that smile fades slowly, he murmurs, "Let me see… It was… It was like it was a mongrel creature. Its hide was extremely thick and tough, covered with scales, though it had more of a bear's shape. There were tufts of fur here and there, and it had a long, lizard's tail. Thick, razor-sharp talons on each of its four paws, long teeth in its mouth. Each creature only had one head, so it wasn't like a chimerea. Perhaps it was more like… a gryffin?"

"Kind of depends on the kind of geeks. And, well, the kind of Greeks." Dee replies with a smile, then she chuckles to Rufus. "Well, I need to see what's going on with mine, first. Kailin's been busy with other things lately, unfortunately. We don't seem to have come together the way I'd have liked. And really, I spend more time with all of you than with any of them." She listens to the description then, before adding "Weird."

"A chimera doesn't need to be something with more heads. Chimera are hybrids of different anmials. Thats all. But it does sound a bit more like a mongrel than like a chimera. But if is one, there is probably a pretty skillful grafter working. " Ash says and puts his right hand on his chin. "Maybe I'll do some research about these beings. I look into native american lore. If I find anything, I'll be sure to contact you" he says.

"Ah, I hadn't realised," Rufus says with a nod and a more self-deprecating smile and spread of his hands. "Well, as I said, it's not my area of expertise. Still, thank you, Burrows. I'd appreciate that. Perhaps you'd consider joining us as well? I'll, of course, have to run it by my other colleagues, but another helping hand is useful, as far as I'm concerned." He glances over at Dee and nods his head in understanding. Whenever. He doesn't look fussed in the slightest. "I've still been going back to Ellis Island in my spare time, which admittedly isn't much. It seems to have gone quiet again."

Dee nods slowly and replies "I can't see any sort of mongrel creature being part of Native American lores. North American, anyway. It's just too… unnatural. I think they're more about aspects of actual creatures. Meso- or South American, maybe? They're more the feathered serpents sort." She purses her lips and takes her iTouch from her satchel. It's turned on and she just stares at it to connect and do a search. Look, ma! No hands! "Let's see if I can find anything." Mmmm… Wireless interface…

"Hm…you're right as far as north american lore is concerned. But not every mystical being in the atzlanti-region is a quatl. There are quite some lizards as well. But I can't remember any bear-lizards or lizardmen. But if they are no chimera, they must have been mentioned in legends " Ash says and takes a sip of his ridiculously sweet coffee. "Tlaloc…most of the time he doesn't have a human appearance. It is that of a muscular humanoid being with lizard features. I don't think he has any followers like that, but its not impossible he has something to do with this. But I'll put that thought back into my brain until there is more evidence …"

"Good luck with that," Rufus says with a nod to Dee, leaning over briefly to watch her fiddling about with her iTouch. He has another drink of his tea, and he turns his attention briefly back to Ash. "I hadn't considered the possibility of there being a crafter. Is it really possible to do that? To warp or create your own monster like that?"

Dee seems to be paying attention well enough to the conversation, while letting her virtual fingers do their walking. "Hm. Plenty on lizardmen and composite creatures, but I'm not seeing anything that specifically blends bears and lizards. Or furry lizardmen of some kind. There are legendary figures that could create monsters, of course."

"There are. I do not know how, but in these last months of my life, I've learned, that I need to heed some of the old legends. Grafting chimeras is something that is mentioned pretty often. Even though they don't always use the same names, there are certainly some beings capable of doing so." Ash sighs a bit. He does know anyone who can do the least of such a feat. "Preparation is worth gold in this matter. Do you know any /Agency/ doctors ? If we meet such a beast again, maybe we can take some scales and hairs to analyze…"

"Well, yes, actually. I know of one such lady who might be able to identify the beast, if given a sample from it." Rufus grunts suddenly, looking vaguely annoyed. "I should have taken something to her after that battle, damn it, but I didn't even think of it. Our colleague had been so grievously injured that I had to rush him to hospital. But yes. One of our bandmates has some experience in the occult. Unfortunately, she's been extremely busy of late, and I've not had an opportunity to discuss anything with her."

Dee grins, looking at Ash. "'Agency'? Is that code for us?" She seems amused, until Rufus mentions how badly one of them was injured. "Wait, who was how badly hurt? Marius?" She doesn't know what other men are in their band, after all.

Ash smiles back at Dee. "I'd rather be left alone then be stalked by some strange people in white clads and their funny jackets, if you know what I mean. So I rather not use the terms god or scion." he says quietly. "It isn't your fault Mr. Scrivner. I don't blame you for not getting a sample. I would have forgotten it as well…but rather than blaming ourselfs, we should just prepare for the next time something happens" he says.

The man grunts again, taking another sip of his tea and wiping his thumb across his mouth. "Nnh. At any rate… Someone may eventually be ablet to identify it or at least where it came from, eventually, if we keep searching. Yes, it was Marius who was injured, Miss Floros, but he's quite all right now. You saw him just the other day, after all. He recovers quickly, but for awhile there, it was actually rather …. well, I hesitate to say worrisome." Scrivner smirks again, saying, "But he took the brunt of the attacks and got knocked about for his troubles."

"All things considered," Dee replies to Ash, "there doesn't seem to be a lot of disbelief about what we are. Anger, fear and such, but I haven't had anyone accuse me of doing it all with mirrors. On the other hand, anger, fear and the threat of religious persecution's a pretty good reason to lay low." She looks back to Rufus then, and frowns. "Hm. At least he recovered quickly. Some of us are more suited to fighting than others. I'm not one of them, of course."

"Hmm…I'd say, that I'm not the most capable of fighters, but I think I could stand my ground. Even though I should get myself some equipment. Most likely an armor…" he says, before pushing his glasses up his nose yet again. "Any idea what these beasts wanted ? Were they shocktroops or something ? Did they attack these….did they wanted to attack the alien immigrants or just you and your band ? Or the Columbia-agent ?" Ash asks without any hesitation. questioning was his job. Questions bring forth answeres. Or ideas how to ask the right questions, which will end up in an adequate answer.

Asterisk has arrived.

Tybalt has arrived.

Dee sits with Ash and Rufus, an iTouch in one hand and an iced mocha on the table in front of her along with a few biscotti.

"I did get the impression from you, I must admit," Rufus says, watching the lady as he sits at a table with Dee and Ash. A half-emptied cup of tea - or half-full, if you're that sort of optimist - sits in front of him, and he taps his fingers lightly along its edge. "Someone who is more inclined to fight stealthily and use her brain. I'm not certain what they wanted, Burrows." Scrivner turns to look at Ash now. "I'm rather inclined to believe they were mindless and were set loose by something far more intelligent, with the intention of causing havoc and munching on as many by-standers as they could."

It's around 2, and having been cramming for his Med School entrance tests all day, Tybalt Odeman has decided the time has come for coffee and….well. Just coffee. He opens the door to the cafe, and waves to the barista who in turn starts making his drink, as he is a local….and a damned good tipper.

Dee mms. "I'm a big fan of stealthy." she replies to Rufus with a smile. "And I'm not so much of an egotist that I mind doing crowd control while the heavy hitters handle a problem head-on. The civvies do sometimes need to be gotten out of the way, after all."

Asterisk is not on her way in from tests, but in from a shift of hard work. The woman just smells slightly of ash and smoke from old fires of whenever. Old blue Dickies work pants and a shirt that might be a bit big on her rest against her torso as she makes her way to order up a strong coffee of her own.

Ash notices the two newcomers but since he doesn't know him, hes not acting. "I do not know what fits best for me. But I'll find my place after a few brawls…don't you think ?" Ash says with a faint smile. "But…if it was, like you just told me, Mr. Scrivner, the theory of a Grafter controling them is not as far fetched…"

"I would very much like to know what happened to Ms. Grayson," Scrivner murmurs. He scowls to himself, leaning back in his chair and interlacing his fingers over his stomach. His own eyes flicker up towards the newcomers, whom he studies with idle curiosity, though he doesn't recognise them either. "Well, Mr. Burrows, even if you find yourself lacking now, presumably you can always improve. I certainly won't complain to have another… ah… comrade in arms, so to speak." He smirks. "Especially when the competition is as brutal as it is."

Unlike the others at her table, Dee clearly recognizes the two newly-arrived. Tybalt and Asterisk get a smile and wave from her, and a gesture to come on over when they have their drinks. "Uh oh. Five and counting. At what point do we wait for something to come destroy the cafe?" She seems to be joking, though. Mostly.

Tybalt has disconnected.

Unfortunately, Dee is the only person that Asterisk really seems to recognize. No one else gets her distinct attention as she waves, more interested in taking a sip of coffee before actually producing a soft 'hello' as she stands at the table for just a moment.

The woman before you stands at a very tall and agile five feet and ten inches. Her body is a delicate tanned color along the epidermus that shows from beneath her clothing. Hair is a mess of different layers along it's length, all of it a singlular black color that looks like it just might be natural due to her eyebrow color to match. Eyes are a piercing hazel-blue color that take in the world around. At times there is a pair of rimless wire glasses along her eyes just incase she needs to read any fine print. Pearly whites are concealed behind closed plump lips that are accented with a clear glossy coat. Other makeup along this woman's face is fairly light in the form of a bronzing blush and plain black eyeliner.

Adorning this woman's body is a simplistic set of clothing. A long-sleeve white shirt is worn underneath a short-sleeved black tee. The black shirt has a bit of artistic work on it, little fires licking along the stitches of it. Around her hips are a simple pair of ragged jeans before durable steel-toe boots rest against her feet. A real workin' woman!

"Hm ?" a puzzled look on Ashs face comes up as he follows Dee's glance back to the two newcomers. But he looks back to his own table in an instant. "Very impressive Mr. Scrivner. It is just as you said. This place seems to draw in /agents/ like fire does moths. " he notices. Faintly smiling he looks up to Asterisk. Not someone he knows. His nose quickly percieves the faint smell of ashes. "I see a joke coming…" Ash thinks to himself. "Good evening"

Scrivner takes a second look at the newcomers, eyebrows arching and then his gaze sharpening to see them. "Hm." When Asterisk approaches, he stands up and inclines his head to the lady, smiling faintly. "Hello there," he says calmly. "It's clear Miss Floros knows you. Would you care to join us, Miss?" He flicks a glance down to Dee. "And be introduced, perhaps?" He adds in a low murmur, "I've been waiting for that earth-shattering kaboom ever since you walked in the door, Dee."

"How's things going?" Dee asks Asterisk, before looking to Rufus and chuckling. "Oh, in the cafe it takes more than just three. There's at least three of us in here a lot. No, I start being concerned somewhere around five of us."

Asterisk is a joke in herself for Ash, for she smells like ashes. "Things are.. Alright I suppose. I convinced the union to allow me to work before my medical release date," she confirms with a little bob of her head in speaking of the fire incident in the apartment. Eyes look to the rest of those gathered, a hand waving as she smiles. "Hi. I'm Asterisk Sirko," she claims simply.

As a gentleman, Ash doesn't mentions her odor. But since it doesn't bother him so much anyway its not much of a feat. Like he did before, he gets up from his seat and offers his hand to Asterisk. "Ash Burrows' the name. Nice to make your aqcuaintance" he says with a light smile on his face. His handshake for women is very light and he bows a little bit as the hands meet before taking back his place on the chair. A second later, he frees his neighbouring chair of his jacket.

Scrivner doesn't go for a handshake, as it'd require him to reach across the table and over Dee. Instead he remains on his feet and inclines his head, saying, "Rufus Scrivner. Likewise, Miss Sirko, and if I may say so, that is quite a lovely name you've got. Have you and Miss Floros known each other for long?"

Asterisk bobs her head just a few times as she takes a hold of Ashe's hand for a friendly shake. "A pleasure, of course," she speaks to both Ash and Scrivner now before moving to take a seat. Just for a moment. "Asterisk is fine.. No need for a formality. I'm nothing special," she adds with a laugh.

Dee says "Not all that long. About the same as any of the others in the city. We all tend to run into one another a lot, once we meet." She adds with a smile, though then she chuckles. "We're all something special." she notes.

Ashs interest is rising, as she states that she is nothing special. Even if she laughs, Ash thinks, it is quite a statement. "We were just discussing some of the events that occured in New York. If you don't care, maybe you can help us out." Ash says with a smile on his face. Just about that time, Asterisk as well as Dee and Rufus, can hear yet another mouse-like squeeking sound, originating from Ashs waistcoat. But this time he gently puts his hand on his belly.

With the lady seating herself, Rufus likewise sinks back down into his own chair, and he smirks. "Asterisk then," he says. For a second or two he goes quiet, sipping his tea and listening to Ash. "Specifically," he adds, after a moment, "Ellis Island and Times Square."

Asterisk bobs her head up and down slightly as people address her for one reason or another. "Yes, not very long. Casual run-ins, really," she adds to Dee's own words before really comenting on her statement. "Yes. But I'm least out of the special," she taunts with a laugh. Eyes slide to Ash for a second, taking a sip of her coffee. "I might not be too much of a help, but I suppose I could try."

Dee smirks slightly. "That's quite a claim, without having met all the others…" she notes. "I mean, there's a fair number of us out there. The chances of you being the least is pretty small."

"So…where were we ? About the possibility that these Lizard-bears were controlled by someone. Maybe the same someone who controls them. " Ash says, his face becoming more serious again. "Maybe we should look around Ellis Island again. Maybe we can find some remains of these beasts…"

"I've every intention of returning to the island as soon as possible, yes," Scrivner quietly states. He glances at Asterisk again, studying her for some time before he shrugs. "Miss…. that is, Asterisk, you strike me as rather young. I don't know you at all, but I'm sure that in time, your inexperience will no longer be such a problem for you."

Dee says "I haven't been there at all yet. I really should go have a look. Just to be familiar with what's over there, I mean."

"I might say, that you shouldn't go alone, as there are things, that can rip off your head" Ash says with quite an amused look to Rufus. "Its best you just take your team or some friends there so you won't end up fighting a whole bunch of them alone" he says. He is still thinnking about some facts they need to find. "Any ideas left ?" Ash asks curiously.

Dee chuckles quietly to Ash's suggestion. "On the whole? I'm less likely to be spotted by bad things if I'm alone. It's sort of what I do. I'm pretty sure I won't be going alone, though. If nothing else, there's a great distraction in having others around for the bad guys to focus on."

"I find myself in agreement with Burrows," Rufus quietly says, glancing from the man to the lady. "You should not be left completely on your own. We can indeed be that distraction for you instead, to let you work while keeping the attention of any … intruders. I can certainly make time to accompany you, if you'd like. If the situation calls for it, I can be very loud." He can't help but grin a little.

"As can I" Ash adds, when Rufus says he can take time. "Maybe I should give you my card as well. I only made a dozen of them, since I don't know how I will go on in this city. I need to find something to make a living first. That was the reason why Mr. Scrivner and I met in the first place. Although this discussion became a lot more interesting" Ash says while taking his card out of his pocket. "There you are…" Ash doesn't forget to give Asterisk one as well.

Dee smiles to the pair, then ahhhs to the reason they were meeting. "What do you do, Ash?" she asks him as she glances over his card. She's apparently not much of one for formality most of the time. "I mean, career-wise."

While the two chat, Rufus is content to lean back in his chair for a moment. He finishes off his tea now, and he wipes off his mouth with a napkin before setting down his cup. Just listening for now, and idly studying Asterisk out of the corners of his eyes too.

"I'm a psychiatrist. But I thought of joining Mr. Scrivners law firm as a paralegal. I was pretty good at analyzing criminals at my college. So before sitting around doing nothing, I thought I could do something interesting. " he says.

Dee mmms, considering Ash's reply. "Criminal profiling is a fascinating area, isn't it." she replies. "I've never done any formal study, but I think I'd be pretty good at it." Straight face. Totally straight face. Being the criminal she is.

And Rufus stays cheerfully oblivious! He smirks just a little at Dee, and he says, "I've no doubt about that, Miss Floros. As a security consultant, you have to know thine enemy, after all." He stretches and then glances at the pair, saying, "Well, when shall we go off to Ellis Island? When is suitable for you both?"

"Let's see. I think I have time whenever you want. Not like I have anything to do. " Ash answeres. He would take his time to join those two in looking for clues. "Maybe we can get your Bandmate,too ? If not, we can give him or her the samples later"

"Absolutely." Dee replies to Rufus' comment about knowing her enemy. She smiles, then nods and says "This week is pretty open for me. Fortunately, my work allows me a great deal of freedom in my schedule. This evening I have some places to be, but otherwise I'm pretty good."

Asterisk has disconnected.

Just as he's about to speak, Rufus is interrupted by the ring of his cell phone. "Bloody Hell," he mutters. "Not again." He flips over the phone to read the caller ID screen, sighs and then sweeps up his jacket and laptop bag. "I'm afraid I have to go," he says. "My sincerest apologies. Burrows, if you've got your CV with you, I'll take that with me to read. Miss Floros, it's been a pleasure as always."

Dee's hand raises in a wave to Rufus. "We'll talk very soon, and work out some details." she says to him. "I'll chat some with Marius too, and see what's up band-wise." she adds with a smile. "Take care."

"Until next time" Ash says while giving him a the CV he asked for. After that, Ash just waves to Rufus. "I still have a big pot of coffee. I think I'll have some time to kill" Ash says amused and empties his first cup.

And out Scrivner goes, throwing the pair one last wave as he does so, talking quietly into his cell phone.

Dee remains relaxed, occasionally having a bite of her biscuits. "So, a psychiatrist. That has to keep you fascinated by all of us." she says with a chuckle.

"You are indeed pretty interesting. But its not that different from watching normal people. We suffer the same problems as normal People do. Just in another scale. Power corrupts us, as it corrupts them. To keep us from getting corrupted, we need something to achive. Some greater goal. " he says while pouring some coffee and a lot of sugar into his cup.

Dee ohhhs. "Well, that makes sense. After all, we're all just more intense than the average bear." she says. "On the other hand, I'm guessing that the normal folk can't get anywhere near the level of parent issues we might have. It just makes us more entertaining, though."

"Well…normally yes. But there are still some people that have similar parental issues. I had some experiences with my patients in this field" Ash says. "But that girl…Asterisk. Her convinction of herself being nothing special is something that catched my eye. Maybe I should talk to her in the future…"

Dee chuckles. "Oh, she's got heaps big issues. It's come up before. I'm not sure therapy would be a lot of help, though. What she needs is to actually be a part of something bigger, to see she's not useless. It'll happen. Eventually. Like you said, she's young."

"Oh …I think you misunderstood me. I wasn't planning doing a therapy on her. I was just concerned. Does she have a band ? If not, maybe I should decline Rufus' offer and get her to join me and some other people for a new band…

Dee replies "I'm not sure what her status is, band-wise. She knows a fair number of us, though. I wouldn't be surprised if she was in one. It just hasn't come up."

Ash nods a bit and takes a sip of coffee. "I'll just ask her, the next time we meet" Yet again the squeeking-sound appears and Ash looks down. "You're hungry, huh ?" he asks and pours a bit of milk unto his hand and holds it to his belly. Just a second later a dirty grey rat appears under his waistcoat and starts drinking the milk. "Not that I don't like the idea of joining Rufus' band. But the more there are, the harder it gets to make a unified and trusting band."

Dee thinks about that. "Yeah? I'd think it depends on how it's made up. I mean, I'm sure some bands have tons of overlap. Makes for egos and competition running rampant. On the other hand, a team where there's a wide range of specialists might not so much have that problem."

"I don't think this will be the biggest problem here in new york. It seems the /agents/ help each other the best they can. Interband-relations are not seldom. At least thats how I see it." Ash says smiling, while looking at his rat. "Just because we are in different bands, it doesn't mean we can't help each other" he adds and looks up with an enigmatic smirk.

Dee says with a grin "Oh, I'm very sure that inter-band relations are not seldom. For the most part, we're a very attractive bunch." To that actual point then, "There's plenty of cooperation. I think the band thing just makes communication easier."

Ash, not being the ugliest guy in New York himself, smiles a bit. "Yeah. I see what you mean. And because communication is important to sustain your mental health, I think it will be a good opporturnity for her. " he says, drinking another sip of his coffee.

Dee chuckles. "I think she'll be fine eventually." She finishes off her mocha, then says "I have got to get a few things done today. So far, I've been wonderfully nonproductive."

Smiling, Ash waves a bit. "Have a nice day, Mr. Floros" It seems like he isn't going to leave anytime soon as he has quite a bit of coffee left.

Dee puts away her PDA, and stands. "It was very nice to meet you." she replies, smiling. "Take care." She heads out then to be a little more productive."

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