Koga Takeshi
Personal Information
Actor Ryo Ishibashi
Status Old
Age 45
Height 5'5"
Weight 185
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Pantheon Information
Pantheon Amatsukami
Divine Parent Hachiman
Significant Others
Wife None
Children None


Takeshi Koga was born in Japan in a rather uneventfull home with only a mother and sister to call his family, the only tie he had to his unknown father was the name Takeshi, a name given to him by his progenitor when he was born. According to his mother, she was told the name would utlimately mean more to him than anything else later in his life and how right she was. At the time, he had no idea, nor did his mother, that she had actually had an encounter with Hachiman and bore his son, Takeshi. His sister was not born of a godly progenitor and rarely talked about much of all. There was a loving relationship in the home between all three, but he knew he was always different, put off, out ot the side in some way. While that would have bothered most, something told him that the reality was that he wasn't meant to remain with them anyways and that he should take from them the love and protection of a family, but try to sever ties earlier rather than later.

He made it through primary schooling and somehow his mother earned the money for him and his sister to go through Secondary schooling as well. While they were in the same schools, they rarely interacted, as if his sister hated him and always had. It wasn't his problem as it made easier for the time he knew was coming where he would have to leave. In school he excelled at academic and physical pursuits alike, an envied man among all the school as no one should be able to have their cake and eat it too. His years in school were a whirlwind of friends, sports, kendo and studies with a tinge of love along the way. All the while, he never knew that what was really happened was that he was unknowingly showing outward signs of his heritage, of his father Hachiman's ichor.

After completeling his contract with the defense firm, he had saved back enough money to open his own security firm. Wanting a change from the ordinary he moved to Hokkaido and opened the Ganseki Private Security Firm, a small currently two man defense firm. The second man being the soldier that Takeshi had saved. As a small company, they couldn't take large jobs but they soon proved themselves to be more than capable of handling anything given to them. Takeshi became well known as an almost inhuman soldier capable of feats of power that should only be reserved for the gods and the other man was an electronics specialist that was supposedly the best in his field. Together they made a great team and soon they had applications covering their desks and enough money to expand the operations. Moving into a much bigger building and hiring someone to create a logo, they moved to the center of Tokyo and started to contract themselves out for contracts all across Japan. With a staff of twenty now not including the clerical staff, they had the people to take on much larger jobs. It would take years, but it happened and he turned a small two man operation into a sprawling globally known security firm. He left his friend of many years in charge of the Japan branch and moved himself to the Americas. Seeking to expand their operations into America, they bought up a large office building in downtown New York City on 5th Avenue. Here he was given his last gift. When he arrived he found a handgun with the word Sanzon engraved into the barrel on one side and Menboku on the other. He could feel the power between the gun and his sword and a feeling told him that he could use the gun to summon the sword whenever he was in dire need of it. Several years later, business was booming. Even people in america had heard of the demon Takeshi from Ganseki PSF. He had jobs, money and well trained men at his call but none of that mattered when the atlanteans came. Having taking over NYC And turned it into new Atlantis he was left with one choice - well two, but joining the atlanteans just wasn't an option, they're not as cool as him. Now he spends his time together with his security firm doing their best to undermine the Atlantean's power hold.


Takeshi is called many things due to his personality. It can largely be described as multiple personalities seeing as how his combat persona is so much different from his everyday persona and even his CEO persona.

Combat Persona

In combat, Takeshi is cold, calculating and seemingly immortal. No matter how many limbs get cut off, he gets back up. That's just the kind of person he is.

His only weakness is his allies. Even if it means his death, he can't stand to see an ally die for no reason. He's very much the hero type and feels that protecting others is his duty and responsibility.

He doesn't feel an overwhelming need to give commands to any and everyone, but when he feels it necessary he will and no he will not be polite about it. He doesn't believe in courtesy in the middle of a battleground.

Everyday Persona

Largely lazy and laid back, it's hard to imagine him ever being able to run a company let alone raise a company from a speck on the map to a household name. He's calm, talkative and generally just a normal person who likes his coffee black, strong, hot and his paper full of important news.

Don't be surprised if he feels the need to act fatherly. Takeshi has largely developed an older father type of personality and anyone who is younger than him, or sometimes older, can and probably will at some point get one of his famous fatherly speeches.

CEO Persona

Takeshi as a CEO is a scary change. He suddenly becomes stoic, quiet and absolutely unbending. He will not settle and he will not accept losses. He is very much a perfectionist and will fight even the president if it means a mistake will be fixed. No one runs his company but him and he makes that very clear. Luckily for him, most people are happy with the way he runs things.


Events Thus Far

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Ganseki Private Security Firm

Ganseki Private Security Firm

Character Sheet

Strength 3
Dexterity 4
Stamina 4
Perception 3
Intelligence 4
Wits 2
Charisma 3
Manipulation 2
Appearance 2


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