Takamagahara - Finding Amaterasu Pt 4 - Fate And Switch


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Scene Title Fate and Switch
Synopsis Scottbots and Preethi versus our intrepid heroes! Some people get a new perspective on things

Armed with her brand new shinies after getting rid of the guardians in front of the castle, Maia prepares herself mentally and physically. She takes a deep breath as she wrinkles her nose as she peers towards those gathered and hrmms while chewing on her bottom lip.

"Haldor? Hun? Are we getting a pep speech or should we just go rawr, smash?"

Haldor looks at Maia for a moment before shrugging.

"Do I really need to give a pep talk? I mean, we're going in there to kick the ass of some crazy bitch with a Scott fetish."

The Viking glances at Maia's new shinies, one red eyebrow arching at her nifty new cloak. He doesn't say anything just yet, swiveling toward where Preston and Godric are likely stationed, looking to see if the younger Viking has received his shiny new treasure from Maia yet or not.

The cartridge of Gene's pistol is checked, then slammed into place before he tucks the weapon into its holster at his belt; shifting to let his jacket slide back over it, he adjusts the edge of his fedora and allows casually, "I'm just along for the ride. Just tell me where we're goin' and what we need to deal with in there…"

Atypical of the popular image of the proud young hero, Preston has displayed little in the way of impetuousness or any of those other traits that cause needless trouble for other people and only become endearing in hindsight. He's fairly well behaved as newly minted heroes go, and perhaps more mellow than is good for his health. He's been dutifully present and well out of the way, opting to learn through observation. He greets Haldor's glance with a quirky wave and a big grin. Godric's plopped on his canine keister at the young Aesir's side, and the pair are waiting to see what happens next. "Aww, you mean you don't have one already thought up?" He exchanges puzzled looks with his dog as he mouths the words 'Scott fetish?' but doesn't see the need to interrupt anyone's train of thought with an inquiry so close to Go Time.

In the distance the palace continues to burn, painfully bright to look at and the writhing aura of flames around it a never ending display. Destruction and rebirth a constant at portions of the structure are destroyed and reborn in the flames. A chaotic expression of Preethi's madness made manifest.

Maia has new shinies. awesome shinies. The invisibility cloak from Mikaboshi and yet another Titan inspired bow in her possession. She looks towards the others and gives subdued smile as she wrinkles her nose and hrmms for a few moments and nods, letting out a soft chuckle under her breath.

"Scott is another in our band. Preethi has ahuge crush on him. So don't be too surprised at the naked Scott statues around with giant phalluses, kay? But!"

And she shows off the cloak. "We're totally pulling a Harry Potter and using an invisibility cloak inside."

"Preethi." Gene rolls his eyes, giving a bit of a sniff as he regards the burning palace, "She never really impressed me… I believe I owe her one, though." His jaw tenses a little, and then he turns to look towards Maia and her brand-new goodies with a nod, seeming mildly amused, "So we're not just going to smash down the doors? I approve."

"Also Jason is running around inside of there, disguised as Colm."

Haldor adjusts his silksteel hoodie and Johanssen on his back while glancing toward Preethi's palace. The Viking is careful to look at it only through his Aviators, which hopefully offer some protection from the brilliant lightshow, they're Relic sunglasses after all.

"Smashing down the doors seems like a suicidal idea. She's rolling large on fire powers and critters straight out of Muspelheim. I think she or they can probably ambush us straight out of the flames."

"That sounds like a bit more of a crush," Preston snickers, upon having his question answered in neat summation. "So were any of these fallen Scions even remotely sane? They all sound completely unhinged. I guess you'd kind of have to be to even think of doing something like this…" He shakes his head in distaste, only to clam up as Haldor explains what they're up against. He breaks his silence with a low whistle. Having nearly suffocated in rolls of fire giant neck fat, he is not looking forward to any more offerings from Muspelheim. "All of this," he theorizes aloud, "could have been avoided if our families had just displaced the Titans to…I don't know….temperate hells. Like Delaware."
The main gates of the palace stand closed, secured against invaders. Some spots on the walls do, however, appear to be unmanned and if one searches enough there may be other entrances hidden about. Haldor is quite right though, much with the fire, fire fire everywhere. And naked Scott statues, there is far more of Scott around than any sane person would ever want to see.

"Mm." Gene grunts, "I knew I should've brought my fire giant."

And that is why we have this.."

Maia shows off the darkness cloak as she hrmms for a few moments. She looks towards Preston before looking back to Gene and Haldor whom she knows has darkness related powers before starting to look for the shadows.

"This will let us move in the shadows. I'm pretty sure Preethi can see anything in the palace. If we see light and fire, we have to assume she has her eyes on us as well. So, you two can step in the shadows, right?"

"I can take refuge in the shadows or teleport from one to another, sure."

Haldor eyes the cloak semi-suspiciously as Maia starts getting it ready. The Viking flexes his fingers a little bit, as if considering something before deciding against it.

"What are you thinking?"

Gene brings one hand up to brush over the edge of his fedora, adjusting its set on his brow. "Easily. What's your plan, Maia…?"

"You have a fire giant?" Preston asks incredulously, as for a moment he takes Gene's comment literally. For all he knows Gene might actually have one, but he looks a bit embarrassed after asking, presuming it to be a joke. With this group you never know. He veers toward Maia to wait. "I guess the rest of us are doing our ghost impression, huh?" As in, hiding under the blanket/cloak.

"The Darkness can extinguish the light. If there's anything I learned from Mikaboshi, it's that much. Haldor and Gene, we need to get the drop on Preethi and the others. Just going in through the front door caused well, first degree burns on the both of us and I don't think Preston can do it. So, we hide in the shadows remaining unnoticed until we see her. Then we pop out and kick the bitch's ass.. that sound like a good plan?"

Maia's changed. Or at least her attitude changed. What happened to her? She hrmms as she takes the cloak and wraps it around herself, just waiting to see what it does.

"Yeah, I stole him," Gene replies with a shrug of one shoulder to Preston, as if it's no big deal, "I stole a frost giant, too, and a few of the normal ones. I figured I might need them some day…" A look to Maia, and he shrugs one shoulder, "So we sneak in, then?"

No wrapping of towels about the head is required. As Maia wraps the cloak about herself ripples of shadow spread outward, her form becoming one of nebulous blackness and those of the others quickly following suit. Midnight blobs to consume and swallow the light, portable black holes to let no hint of light escape.

Haldor helpfully supplies, "Bribed them," when Gene mentions 'stealing' the giants. The Viking rubs his chin thoughtfully as he considers Maia's plan. At which point he is swallowed up in abject blackness. If Maia could see his face, Haldor does not look entirely pleased with this development.

On the other hand, now everyone is a viable portal for him to Shadow Step through. Maybe this won't be as bad as Haldor's gut tells him it will be.

"You guys are spoiling me for normal life," Preston muses, the mirthful delight in his tone evident even as his features are cloaked in the impermeable darkness emanating from Maia's cloak. There's a dog-shaped, skittering and distraught bit of shadow visible for a moment, but Godric calms quickly once he realizes he can still smell everything just fine. Then, the young hero-blobs fall into step with the others.

Hey, bribed them, stole them, same thing really! They no longer work for the Titans, they work for Gene now. A smile curves faintly to his lips as the darkness takes him over— a situation that he's familiar with, given his own abilities— and he murmurs in a low, echoing murmur of voice from the shadowy mass, "Now this is better."

"Okay! Let's do this!"

Maia's disembodied head peeks out frmo the swirling mass of darkness around her. She heads towards Preston and lets out a soft chuckle under her breath before wrapping it around him and Godric as well before they start to head towards the palace.

"Stick to nthe shadows.. or uh.. the cloak.." she says, not quite sure. Time to explore! Wheeee!

Haldor remains in step beside Maia, keeping himself hidden in the shadows as best the cloak can manage. There is something faintly unsettling about this, if only because Haldor has no clue where Maia got a cloak that can do such a thing. Quietly he puzzles this over while absorbing all of his other sensory input. Parallel Attention is such a wonderful boon.

Preston settles in beneath the cloak with Godric close by. Fortunately they're both graced with the penchant for synchronicity with others that keeps these kinds of arrangement from being awkward.
You paged Preston with 'Have any music recommendations for a 13 yr old's b-day party?'
From afar, Preston ponders. "What kind does she like?

The shadow of Gene Horkos follows along with the others, silently weaving along towards the burning palace.

And eventually they reach the throne room! The way was perilous with various warriors of intense bright light wandering the hallways. But for some reason, they do not notice the shadowy blobs on the ground. Maia's trying to keep theminconspicuous and it's a hard thing to do as she has to angle herself in terms of shadows just right. She doesn't want to be the noticeable shadow blobs afterall, so when they arrive into the throne room, she peers around seeing what's there.

The throne room is impressive, upon the walls various beautiful tapestries endlessly burn themselves to ashes only to arise again. There is a large throne of jagged metal and spikes, Preethi reclined within it in silken attire. She has.. Scotts.. and not Scott statues! Three of them stand near the throne, one naked but for a silken robe left open. One dressed in jeans and a muscle shirt who looks.. surprisingly studly for Scott. Then too there is one that looks even more Scottlike than Scott, all thoroughly bookish and bespectacled. The intense light of the palace has been slowly chipping away at the shadows of the cloak and finally in the presence of the ruler of this place it simply proves too much and the shadows finally melt away under the intense onslaught of light. Preethi does look.. surprised.. at their sudden appearance, "No surprise to see you but how did you escape my observation on the way here? Well, it matters little. Welcome to my palace.." A laugh as a mad gaze turns to focus on Maia, "My home since I drained and murdered your mother."

Haldor glances around as the shadows encapsulating him flicker out and die. The Viking feels just a moment of dread as he reappears in full color, his icy blue eyes shifting toward Preethi. Idly he looks toward Gene and intones, "You absorb light?"

Both of his drumsticks are in his hand by the time Gene replies, shifting into a pair of nunchakus between one frame and the next. Coldly Haldor shifts his gaze up toward Preethi and her Scott clones. He's holding back a snide remark, perhaps half expecting David to suddenly appear and make a joke in Haldor's stead.

Double-ewe tee eff.."

And Maia's disembodied head appears as she peeks out from her cloak of pure Mikaboshi darkness as she peers and just stares at her best friend clones in their various permutations. She blinks blankly for a few moments as she soon steps out of the cloak, leaving it to cover Preston and Godric as they will as she brings out her bow and just glares towards the insane Indian woman.

"Your palace? I find it hard to believe that you can drain and kill my mother. If you're trying to bait me it won't work. Also,did Kamui make those clones for you?" she asks curiously as shemutters something softly under her breath as she points an arrow of pure light towards Preethi's head.

"Is she obsessed?" Preston inquires as he lets the shadow cloak fall from him, "Or just really unoriginal?" Given that he's probably as safe out of the shadows as within them at the moment, hiding any longer seems pointless. He has the hafts of his axes resting on his shoulders and crossed behind his head, and drums his fingers on the hilts as he watches the others for cues.

"Who… me?" A faint smile curls to Gene's lips as the shadows are burnt away by the smoldering light, "Perish the thought, absorbing light… do I look like a thief?" He offers a wink to Haldor, before turning his gaze back to Preethi with a smirk, "You know, Preethi, Scott /does/ have a girlfriend. I introduced them."
The light around him twists, a mirage-shimmer for a moment before it starts to bleed into him, a rainbow wash across him darkening slowly by the moment. A hitch of his breath, the sheer power of the light nearly overwhelming him before he's naught by a form of pure darkness, exhaling a hiss of pain through his teeth, "I don't think he's interested."r

Preethi casually snaps her fingers and the arrow of pure light simply vanishes. Ceasing to be in an instant as she rises elegantly from her throne, "You've no idea what I'm capable of. You mother died cursing my name, and soon enough the world will do it's same. I am the Sun, I am the flames, and all will know my scorching touch." A maddened laugh, "But you underestimate me. Your companion did the same, sneaking into my palace and expecting me not to see. Terra has him now, and I fully expect you'll never see him again. He was never really a part of our little game." She steps down and moves towards the side approaching one of the burning tapestries. Gene's words cause her to pause a step though and she growns, "He will not have one for long. I'll turn the bitch to ashes and scatter her in the sewers of the ten largest cities of the world."

Haldor's sunglasses-shaded gaze sweeps over the throne room. There are no shadows here save Gene. Silently he wonders if this is going to get as creepy and possibly uncomfortable as he suspects it may. It certainly seems that way when Preethi disintegrates Maia's Rasap arrow.

"I know this is going to sound ridiculous, Preethi, but I've got a question for you. Just one."

Blink. Blink. Maia seems rather surprised by the whole thing as she wrinkles her nose once more. She lets out a soft chuckle under her breath. She cants her head to the side as she stares up at the new Indian goddess before letting out an impish giggle.

"So what you're saying is that you're a huge flamer. Okay, I could've figured that out.." she says with a sage nod, snickering once more before she takes the cloak and wraps it around herself to disappear once more. She's going to be sneaky.

The heroic duo among the demigods is keeping quiet, particularly when Maia gathers up her shadows and takes them away. Preston stays ready, affecting a deceptive calm bolstered by Haldor's seemingly (to him at least) unruffled countenance. Godric lowers his head and whimpers softly when the psycho (demi?)goddess snuffs Maia's arrow with seemingly no more effort than a thought.

"That won't make him love you, you know," Gene observes quietly, a gun of absolute blackness in his hand as he pulls back on the hammer, "He'll always loathe you. That's the thing about the Sun, Preethi, didn't you know? It's all alone up there in the sky, and anything it loves burns…"

His other hand flexes by his side, and he glances to Haldor, waiting to follow the Thorson's lead.

Maia's cloak seems to have lost it's mojo. Under the sheer onslaught of light the relic of the darkness no longer holds power. Preethi gives a peaceful smile, "Of course he'll burn. He'll scream and he'll writhe and he'll be charred to the bone and he'll just keep burning more. I'll hurt him until he learns to love it. I'll burn him alive until he has no choice but to love me." The insane one says, "And no more questions. I'll not fight you as I'd destroy you and.. it's not time for that. Not yet." She tosses a look over her shoulder, "Boys. Entertain them." Then she is stepping into that fiery tapestry, demigoddess instantly vanishing from sight. Woosh. With her gone the atmosphere of the palace changes in an instant, the overwhelming brightness tones down to managable levels and the fiery palace is suddenly simply.. a palace on fire.. which probably means a palace not long for this world.

Slutty Scott, Studly Scott and Scholastic Scott all turn to face the Scions. Eyes glowing an unnatural and powerful green as the straight up and advance. Oh dear.

"Od's blud."

Haldor frowns as Preethi winks out via Flame Travel, he is quickly growing to hate the Corrupted that have assumed true and terrible power. The Viking whirls his nunchakus up to speed, looking at Gene, "Remind me to learn how to freeze fires before we interrogate one of the Corrupted again."

Johanssen promptly starts unfurling around Haldor, armor-plating the Viking in golden armor. Apparently Johanssen is just as regeneration prone as Haldor, the gaping wound on the armor where the Shinigami caught them is long gone. That is probably for the best. Haldor keeps moving, ice starting to crack and hiss on his golden armor, nunchakus whirling loud as they spray a chilly breeze to either side of the Viking.

"Ah, hell." The darkness that is Gene twirls the pistol on his finger, turning to regard the statues as they turn in their direction with a grimace, "I really hate these guys. Remind me to go check up on the Library when we get back to New York, would you, Haldor?" The subtle weaves of chaos and probability come into keen attention for him as he moves with them, preparing to dodge the worst of the attacks that no doubt will be coming their way soon.

"When did that band suddenly reach apotheosis?!?!?!?"

Maia lets out an anoyed squeak as she finds that the cloak doesn't work anymore. She grumbles a curse to the titan of darkness as she hrmms for a few moments, takinga deep breath as she hrmms for a few moments while she points at the three Scotts.

"Eeny, meeny, meiny, mo. Which one of you, hasn't fucked the ho?" and she points at the scholastic Scott before she starts heading towards him. "I'm going to stuff this one in the locker!" she chirps merrily as she grins, starting to dash towards the side to spread apart from the others.

"Let me guess," Preston ventures, holding his ground as the clones advance upon them, "this is going to be lots harder than it looks?" Glowing eyes notwithstanding, these guys don't carry the same fearful weight the shinigami did. All the same, he stays loose despite the apparent stillness of his posture, poised to move at the slightest provocation. Godric's readiness is more obvious, as the Lundie's hackles are up and his teeth are bared.

Study Scott is a manly manly Scott. Maybe a foot taller and far more muscled than the /real/ one although the facial features are pretty similar. His biceps absolutely rippling and his powerful greeze gaze scoping around until it settles on the buffest meanest looking person present. That would be Haldor! That is a worthy foe, Studly Scott likes worthy foes. Strides carry him in that direction, an arm arching back and holding there while a nimbus of greenish energy builds around his fist and then he is throwing an uppercut seeking viking jaw, a terribly unsubtle and straightforward effort to send Haldor flying across the room as he bellows, "Behold the Power of the Scott!"

Haldor blitzes forward with all of the super-human speed one can normally attribute to him. The Viking calls, over his shoulder, "Will do, Gene," in the instant before he is upon Studly Scott. It's not so much that Haldor expects Studly to be the most dangerous as it is that Maia's already called the smarty pants and Haldor is mildly concerned with how Slutty Sco-


The Viking finds himself snapping out of his musing to see a fist flying toward him, surrounded by what can only be called an unhealthy corona of green energy. Haldor can tell it is unhealthy because it is GREEN ENERGY around a Manly Fist. With a jerk of his body, Haldor sends himself rolling to the side and narrowly around the corona of energy.

As he sails past Scott Studly's side, Haldor swings his nunchakus, attempting to double the Power Clone over around the flail to the midsection. Haldor hits the ground and rolls across a sheet of ice, suddenly skidding to his feet and whipping around to deliver a terrible blow to the back of Scott Studly's head. Not content to leave that be the end of it, Haldor drops toward one knee, still sliding on a strange, almost elliptical arc around Scott Studly, to try and nunchakus the crap out of Scott Studly's legs.

The big manly sorts are failing at all to have an effect on each other. Oh my. Green eyes going Scholastic Scott takes forward, "If you are not impressed by the strength of Scott. Try the mind of Scott. I compute the values of fate. I analyze their connections. I process their values. Within my databanks the processes of destiny play out and their powers are mine to control." Inhuman green eyes play over those present and settling on Maia he opines, "You will fail." Then that gaze drifts to Haldor and Preston an absolutely malignant look crosses that Scott's features. A dramatic gesture of one hand and.. suddenly each can feel a tearing. A ripping somewhere within their mind. Their minds and fates suddenly crossing at the middle and rushing into each others form. Fate and Switch. Haldor's personality now resides with Preston's body, and vice versa.

Studly Scott is not the brains of this operation, obviously. Personalities might have switched bodies but it is the studliness of his opponent he is interesting. That first punch having missed he aims a haymaker with the other arm, swinging it towards the head of PH in an attempt to knock him to the ground. He did not finish the fight in the first blow so he is out to make up for lost time!

The Parade Of Fail continues! Only this time, it's all the clone's fault. Haldor's body begins to flail in a decidedly un-Haldorlike fashion for a second, and upon regaining its bearings starts to move in a way that's subtly but tellingly 'off' to anyone who knows him. That's largely due to the fact that Preston's behind the wheel and wholly unaccustomed to moving on slippery ice, especially in a body much bulkier than his own. He lets out a gasp of alarm and then shakes his head to clear it, opting to make the best of things. He's no stranger to nunchaku, but he is a stranger to /these/ nunchaku and they don't like him very much. He aims to swing at Studly Scott and winds up having to rear back to avoid taking one across the nose. All the grace either Scion could bring to bear is forfeit now, as he is trying to get the hang of…pretty much everything. By the time he can get the weapons to behave, he's already so flustered he can't aim them properly. Preston is no more accustomed to being flustered than he is to being Viking-huge.

Oh dears the Parade of Fail! This is not good. Maia blinks a little as she runs to the side, trying to take advantage of Scholastic Scott's focus on the others. As she runs to the side, she mutters a soft prayer to her mother under her breath.

"Mother, whereever you are, help me smite this evil away from your realm.."

As she mutters the prayer, the ruby on her magatama ring starts to shine brightly as an arrow of light forms to be ready at the bow. She aims at the head of the scholastic Scott before letting out a soft chuckle under her breath.

"Whereever you are Scott, I hope you don't feel this.." and she lets the arrow fly. Wheeeee!

Scholastic Scott is caught by that arrow, the glowing barb catching him in the chest and tearing clothing and flesh away in a brilliant explosion of light. At that illumination fades though it is clear that it is not seared flesh beneath, brilliantly shining metal and glowing green crystals make up the inside of Scholastic Scott! He is a robot of some strange design!

Slutty Scott looks all terribly slutty. He is really really /good/ at looking slutty, sexbot all the way this one! Designed especially to titillate Preethi's twisted desires and drive her to new levels of pleasure and desire. And currently that machismo, that sheer overpowering sensual Scottiness is being turned in all it's blazing glory squarely on.. Gene. "Hey handsome" he purrs out in Scott's voice, "Why don't you come over here and we can skip the fighting and get on with the loving."

Haldor jerks and twitches as he feels the world around him breaking apart. The horrible, nauseating tearing of his soul isn't what disorients him so much as how suddenly the world is so very different. For a few seconds, the Viking seems utterly lost in Preston's almost absurdly pretty body.

And then Preston's pretty, pretty features flush with the sort of rage one can only imagine coming from Haldor. Preston just got a damned scary Game Face and it is fixed on Scholastic Scott, who has just had a giant Solar Arrow punch through him in a blast of glowing light. For the moment, Haldor-Preston just glowers horrible, murderous rage through his handsome, handsome features.

In perfect synch, Preston's body and Godric start a slow and inexorable advance upon Scholastic Scott while Haldor tries to fully orient himself to this new Viking body. Scholastic Scott can just tell he is about to have horrors unimaginable perpetrated upon his body.

"You know, I could've gone my entire life without ever knowing quite so much about Preethi's sexual fantasies…"

A dry comment from the single shadow that stands alone in the midst of the hall, Eris's son lowering the barrel of his gun after the first flurry of attacks occurs. Not the most battleworthy demigod in the room, the wheels in his mind rolling as he tries to figure out the best course of action..

Then there's that sensual purr from the mockery of his friend's form, and Gene's head snaps up, regarding the sluttified version of the other scion in utter shock for a moment— shock that almost allows those supernatural wiles to coil about his mind, before he forces them out by sheer force of will, dropping back a step.

"Sorry," he replies in a rough rasp of voice, his eyes gleaming like firey gold from the shadow of his form, the only light in his being as he tries to meet the gaze of Slutty Scott, "I don't go that way." Gazes that meet— and he tries to seize the attention and mind behind the construct's burning green eyes and hold it.

Scholastic Scott is still studying the area, looking around and processing things even as that gaping hole in his chest continues to drip metal slowly and in a slightly hitching voice he says. "Further analysis underway. Further fate stands analyzed. You.. and.. you.." His hand gestures between Gene and Maia. Woosh! And Fate and Switch it is as again minds flash between bodies and the two exchange places! Then.. then he is catching sight of the advancing pretty Preston Body and he lets out a /SQUEAL/ of terror. "I am not the slutty one! That is him.. him!" He seems in desperate need to prove that he is not that one and finally simply turns tail and flees from the fight! Lest Preston penetrate him, presumably.

Slutty Scott meanwhile really /wants/ to stare deep into Gene's eyes. So deep. So so so deep. That Serpent's gaze binds him, holds him with his lips parted wantonly as if waiting for his lover to come over and do terrible things to him. Oh dear. What /is/ Preethi into?

Studly Scott is still not the most creative of the Scotts. So far he has fucked up our poor intrepid Scions the least and he simply continues to try to punch Haldor bodies face in. Punch punch. He's very direct.

Awww, how sweet. People are freezing and holding people in place. She lets out a soft chuckle of amusement as she looks at the Scholastic Scott as she hrmms for a few moments.

"You know, I figure you switched my boyfriend and my ex's bodies and minds. But I'd feel weird cuddling with my current boyfriend in my ex boyfriend's body. That's just.. wrong.." she says, with a shake of her head as she grumbles under her breath.

Her body at this point is glowing brightly, just as brightly as Preethi's was initiailly. In true sun child fashion, another arrow of light forms at the bow as she pulls it back and stares at the creature, her eyes all squinty as she just looks at him. She mutters yet another prayer to her mother and this time to her stepfather as well.

"Takami-Musubi-sama, please guide my mother's light to strike the darkness that plagues her land.." she whispers softly before the arrow of light whizzes off towards the Scholastic Scott. Hopefully this switches bodies back…

Reality blurs a bit for the young onmyouji. She's wooshed off into the Greek's body and she stares towards the slutty Scott, blinking for a few moments. Her hands are rough. She's feeling something between her legs, and there's hair on her body where there shouldn't be any.

"What. The Fuck.."

And it's not her voice either. She feels down, groping Gene's twig and berries as she realizes she's not in her body anymore.

"Shit.." she grumbles as she still stares at slutty Scott to keep him in place.

"I want my body back!" she whines.

There's a moment's disorientation, and then Gene finds himself staring out of a different pair of eyes. From a different height! And there's a lot of other things that're different right now. It feels pretty damn weird.

"Um." Gene-Maia looks down at him/herself, "…what the hell?"


Haldor continues advancing on Scholastic Scott with that foreboding malice brewing in Preston's features. At his side, Godric growls and snarls, snapping his jaws a few times in perfect mimicry of his Scion's body's emotional state. It is probably highly unfamiliar to Godric, considering Preston's typical attitude, but it may well suit Godric's more animalistic sensibilities.

And then Preston's eyes widen as Haldor watches his own pelvis go flying past, pants flapping in the breeze like black streamers. Haldor blinks a few times, looking this way and that. Clearly that was just a hallucination, but sweet Judas Priest that was a vivid and mortifying hallucination. Relieved that Preston has not yet been blown apart in Haldor's body, Haldor turns Preston's body back upon Scholastic Scott.

By which we mean to say that Preston's body is suddenly hurtling through the air with a Holy Bound, axes in hand as he attempts to /AXE TACKLE/ Scholastic Scott in the back of the robotic body. Surely this cannot go wrong.

Scholastic Scott is already running! Running running running! Then that pretty stalker madman is chasing him out into the hall. Another panicked whimper and he is throwing himself to the side avoiding that axe attack! "Analysis continuing!" He cries out, "Leg muscles indicate dancer. Probability of homosexuality approaching 85.3 percent. Role genetics actual play on sexual orientation uncertain. I realize that you may be experiencing strange new feeligns of desire but I am not a suitable subject for your lust!""
Scholastic Scott is already running! Running running running! Then that pretty stalker madman is chasing him out into the hall. Another panicked whimper and he is throwing himself to the side avoiding that axe attack! "Analysis continuing!" He cries out, "Leg muscles indicate dancer. Probability of homosexuality approaching 85.3 percent. Role genetics actual play on sexual orientation uncertain. I realize that you may be experiencing strange new feeligns of desire but I am not a suitable subject for your lust!"

Only the ever-present peanut gallery of the backbrain chiming in with 'hey, at least they're not yours' keeps Preston from swooning in Haldor's body like a wee little girl as his nether regions are spread out across the surface of Studly Scott's fist like some kind of gory fruit rollup, peppered with chunks of pelvis and garnished in strands of meat. The shock makes him whimper, but fortunately the sound of pulverizing bone drowns him out. His dignity, as such, suffers no further injuries.

As he goes flying back his body, well, Haldor's body, frantically channels all the ichor it can throw down past his navel to forcibly deny the existence of a gaping, ragged meat crater where the instrument of conception for Maia's future children became a confused smear amongst the indistinct gore that's perversely contained within silksteel-totally not helping beyond keeping the former package all in one neat, if badly stained..er..package.

The Viking body in its golden armor collides heavily with the floor and a groan issues up from somewhere amongst the tangle of limbs. "Fuck." Preston doesn't swear as a rule, but this counts as a special occasion. Like Christmas. Happy Almost A Eunuch Day everyone! The body growls, and metal scrapes upon the palace floor as the young-Viking-in-slightly-older-and-vastly-more-powerful-Viking-body hauls himself grumpily to his feet. His head swivels sharply to face the 'Power Of Scott' and sneers in dismay, with lightning crackling in his pupils as he clenches his fist and calls upon the storm. In a way, this is a tribute. Preston's always been in awe of Haldor's command of lightning, so now he wants to try and do it justice.

Power the like of which he's never known draws the body into an exaggerated posture, arms held high above his head as though to grasp the storm, to call down the lightning. It seems to hesitate, but obliges him after a moment in sheets that pummel the palace with relentless, blinding power guided only so far as Preston is hauling it clear of his comrades and his own body. It's retribution made with LIGHTNING!!! REAL LIGHTNING!!!

…With any luck, the Decimator of Nutsacks is feeling uncomfortably energetic…

Lightning lances out! For all these robots are heavily fireproof and shielded against the things that they might encounter in Preethi's sexplay, seemingly electroshock is not one of her kinks. The bolt catches Slutty Scott square in the chest, flinging the sexbot backwards and causing him to jerk wildly as his body goes into sudden shutdown. Studly Scott is pushed a few feet back, stretching afterwards and looking inordinantly pleased. Yeah! That is what he is talking about. "Another time" he tells the Haldor body before rushing forward, is he throwing another punch? Uh.. no. He scoops up the ragged remains of what was once Haldor's balls from the ground curling his hand around the assortment before taking off straight through one of the nearby walls. Crashing through and heading away at a run. Check. One robot running away with Haldor's baby making gear and sperm. One robot running away from Preston body in the hall in fear of sexual assault. And more sex bot sprawled malfunctioning upon the ground of the throne room.

Gene in Maia body manages to aim that arrow well and a dazzling flash of light grazes Studly Scott leaving a nasty jagged gash in one side. It disrupts his running enough toat he stumbles for a moment, one of Haldor's balls slipping out of his hand and tumbling madly away. He quests madly about for it for a moment but it is rolling too fast. A growl of frustrationa nd he just keeps going. Bounding out and away with only half his lewt from this combat. Poor studly.

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