Takamagahara - Finding Amaterasu Pt 3 - Palace Of Fire And Light


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Scene Title The Palace of Fire and Light
Synopsis Before facing Preethi, one has to face her guards..

After a good bit of cuddling, it's time to head west! Maia, still slightly freaked out by her visit by Mikaboshi ushers on with Haldor and Drake by herside. She isn't exactly a psychopomp,so traveling is long and hard as she rides the Viking battle pup before peering towards the Viking.

"Do you see anything?" she calls out.

Haldor sails alongside Maia and Drake with ease, he is, after all, ridiculously fast. The Viking sweeps the landscape with his Epic Perceptions, seeking out heat signatures or other signs of enemies. Internally he wishes he were a Psychopomp so he could drag Maia and Drake along with him when Shadow Stepping becomes necessary.

"Not yet," replies Haldor as quietly as he can. No sense in giving away their position.

There's a hrmm there. Shouldn't minions of a palace of fire and light be able to be seen from far away? This worries her especially since she was contacted by the titan of darkness. Still, she continues to ride on Drake, leaning forward to make the puppy a bit more aerodynamic to speed up.

"Come on boy, you can do it.." she coos encouragingly

Jason continues to move along as well, no viking battlepup riding for him. Or super insane speeds. He just.. looks damned good as he makes his way along. Why do the others insist on going so damned fast! Pant. Pant. Fuckers.

Off in the distance the palace is finally starting to come into view and it really is an impressive looking structure, a classic japanese temple but it is writhed in flames, tendrils of it curving over surface in a sinuous play and light radiating from the structure lighting up the surrounding darkness. It's bright, it's really really bright.

Well, Haldor likes going fast because he is team's Scout. And not the whiny bitch with a baseball bat who turns out to be the Red Spy. The Viking goes faster than most and is capable of virtually disappearing when he needs to do so. Plus when he does find trouble, he can kill it quick.

Huh. Okay. Haldor is actually the team's Spy. This means he should wear Shadow Mask more often… And stab evil in the back more often. Notes taken, goals set.

"We're getting there. It's just a ways up ahead. Creepy place."

Maia squints like this -_-. It's so bright! And shiny! Definitely really bright and shiney. She wrinkles her nose as she runs her fingers through her hair starting to slow Drake down. And Jason totally could've ridden on the puppy too,but he didn't ask, so nyeh. Now that they're coming closer, she hrmms for a few moments, about to speak when Hal zooms off.

"Wait! Bah.. they might have guards.."

Outside the palace is a large courtyard, various trees tastefully ablaze and flower petals drifting upwards to the sky in puffs of fiery ash while marble statuary is scattered about erotic in nature. Strangely enough, the subject of all the sculptury appears to be.. Scott. Naked Scott is having lots of sex in lots of fucked up positions with lots of other naked Scott's. Man. This is so the home of a crazy stalker chick with a Scott fetish. It's also the home of two massive snakes, at least fifty feet long curled around the burning trees with their scales black as cinder ash and a lone guardian, so blindingly bright it hurts to look upon him pacing the grounds.

Haldor slides to a halt some distance from the Palace. The Viking hast to stop for a variety of reasons, one of which being giant snakes and a giant, dazzlingly bright guardian. Of course the fact that there is statuary of Scott banging Scott both captures Haldor's attention and stuns him into stillness as his brain forcibly reboots itself.

"… I… I think we found Preethi. I guess she wasn't after Rip's mom."

Maia squints like this: -_-. Fortunately for her, squinting helps as she gets used to the brightness of the palace itself. Penetrating Glare Ftw! Still, she lets out a squeak upon the naked Scott statues and facepalms a little. She looks towards Haldor and wrinkles her nose and chews on her bottom lip.

"Phallic Scott statues with snakes guarding. Preethi is insane.." she says with a shake of her head, not quite sure what else to say as she hops off Drake, as she reaches into her sleeves to get ready with a few more of her ofuda once more.

Squinty Maia is still squinty. she's still getting used to all this and she hrmms for a few moments, trying to get Drake into his small cute cuddly wuddly form to hide amongst her onmyouji robes once more. There's a deep breath as she wrinkles her nose and chews on her bottom lip as she looks at the cobras, then the rasap. Cobras. Rasap.

"Hal, I'm going to distract them! Feel free to demolish them immediately after that. We have to get inside the palace ASAP" It's not really an order or a suggestion. It's more of a statement as to what she's going to do. And so, she starts running to the left side, trying to distance herself as she starts moving at incredible speeds, moving from side to side. She focuses her divine will so that the Titanspawn before her would only notice her, and her alone.

In classic Japanese anime fashion, she jumps up onto one of the naked Scott statues not too far away from the creatures and pulls down at her eye while sticking her tongue out towards them. "NYEH! Look at me! Bet you can't catch me!" she giggles, beaming brightly the entire time.

The brilliantly bright figure actually does seem drawn to Maia, maybe it is some luminous thing lusting for the sun daughter? Who knows. That warrior at least looks all humanoid but for the glowing, maybe it is sick and tired of staring at statues of naked Scott because it is really really staring at Maia as it's bow comes up to bear. The Cobras don't seem to mind naked Scott as much, hissing results as Maia runs about but they are obviously not quite as fixated upon her.

And Maia keeps on jumping from one statue to another just showing off her acrobatic skills at this point, doing flips and turns and twists and all sorts of acrobatics. They're distracted and she's going to keep on doing it to give the Viking an advantage.

Jason notes the bright figure being so fixated on Maia! The action might be intended to give Haldor a proper chance at hacking it to shreds but the Scion of Aphrodite has never been afraid of taking a cheap shot when opportunity presents itself. He rushes forward, a long leap carrying him over one of the massive cobra bodies to skid in the dirt close to where the warrior stands. The fiery heat of the surroundings appears to be no problem for the Scion of Aphrodite, his movements already starting to quicken and his complexion take on that familiar timeless perfection that is the look of white marble statuary. Pistols are already out, aimed so that their shots will perfectly intersect the heart of the armored warrior. Bang bang. They fire out before he is diving back and away already wary of the attacking cobras.

That brilliantly shining is unaware of the people rushing at him! So unaware! His eyes utterly fixated upon Maia and his attention totally preoccupied, a powerfully muscled arm draws back the bow and with a sudden release a brilliant arrow is loosed in her direction. Vroom.

Drake pops back into his puppy form at Maia's prodding, although the pup continues growling and snarling at the assorted Titanspawn arrayed against them. Apparently he doesn't like that Maia is getting so close to them, much less that they are getting so close to Maia.

Haldor, meanwhile, has produced his Aviators from one of his pockets and slipped them into position. The sunglasses don't help tremendously against such a blinding opponent as Rasap, in spite of their ability to mimic Penetrating Glare. It does help a little bit though and that is all that matters to Haldor at this moment… Especially with Rasap fixating on Maia.

The Viking blitzes toward Rasap, drumsticks falling into his hands and immediately changing to Viking long swords. Along the way Haldor's body starts to grow colder, frigid mist trailing from his hands and blades as he angles in on Rasap. Haldor springs upward at the last moment, aiming to clear the cobras as Jason did instants before him, so that he can drive his swords into the brilliantly radiant Rasap's ribcage while tackling him at the same time.

Somehow Haldor doesn't expect the tackle to do nearly as much as plunging frigid swords into Rasap's ribs.

After impact, Haldor wrenches his swords free of the ribcage and backflips away to ricochet off of one of the Scotts. The Viking streaks forward again, propelled by such force that the Scott statue explodes in a cloud of masonry dust. In mid-air though, Haldor whirls to plant his feet upon Rasap before attacking the blinding figure with more conventional stab and slash action. Maybe, if he's lucky, Rasap will even topple over so Haldor can ride the brilliant figure into the ground while stabbing and slashing at him.

Men that look at Maia are in trouble it seems. The poor Rasap Warrior never sees it coming. Jason's twin shots both catch it in the heart, penetrating the armor it wears and blowing a messy hole out of the warrior's back that send gory chunks of organs flying. Simultaneously viking fury is underway, intestines spilling out of a suddenly ripped apart chest and spilling out to make a butcher's shop exhibition upon the sands. The figure simply wobbles for a moment having lost far too much of it's insides at one go and then it is keeling over face first to plant itself into the sands. Dead. So very very dead.

The Cobra's though have their sight not fixated upon the jumping about Maia but rather the Jason that bounded over them first. The first lets out a loud hiss and a blob of sizzling venom acts towards the air in his direction. Even as that happens in perfect teamwork the other is coiling about to lash out in a bite at his side, massive snake fangs reflecting in the light of the fires.

But it is not to happen! The Scion of Aphrodite ducks and swerves beneath the venom spray leaving the virulent fluid to hit a nearby tree and sizzle forcefully there and then he is leaping up to land upon the head of the striking Cobra, backflipping from there to safety as both assaults are foiled.

One bites the dust! Or bites cold hard steel as it were. Maia beams brightly as Haldor quickly takes down the rasap and lets out a sig of relief before her eyes widen as the cobras start to spittle venom all over theplace. This cannot be good and she starts dashing back and forth making her way towards one of the cobras.

She runs rather quickly, the click clack of her wooden sandals being heard as she makes her way up the snake itself before bounding onto the top of it's head. Or at least trying to.

As she jumps in the air, there's one flip, two flips, and three flips! Surely she would win an Olympic gold medal in gymnastics for her dismount onto the top of the snake. She doesn't want it to hit anyone, and so, she takes out an ofuda and places it over one of the creatures eyes, wanting to blind it. Her white ring starts to glow as she places it on muttering something softly under her breath.

"Creatures of Titan light face darkness. I seal your sight.." she whispers before smacking her palm down hard on the cobra's eyelid as she tries to dissolve the creature's eyeball.

Haldor sails past the stumbling, tumbling Rasap Warrior, tucking into a neat roll as he hits the ground. For about three seconds, there is a rolling ball of blades and ice and Viking cruising across the lawn. Rather abruptly Haldor erupts out of the ball and whirls through the air, pirouetting neatly with his blades out to his sides. About a second later, Haldor lands and whirls to face the snakes as venomous spittle rains down upon statuary and topiary, sizzling and hissing as matter starts to dissolve just to Haldor's left.

The Viking fixes his eyes upon the snake that Maia isn't standing on top of and causing excruciating pain. In a blur of motion and a sharp gust of chill wind, Haldor streaks forward, leaving a trail of slowly melting ice in his wake. Charging like this is a risk and Haldor is quite aware, but he'll risk it for one important reason: Snakes are trying to kill Jason (and likely now Maia too). He can't leave his friends undefended when he has such speed at his disposal.

With a roar, Haldor takes flight again, bringing both swords together into a zweihander as he descends upon his chosen snake. As before, Haldor goes for the impalement first, it's a good crippling tactic and has, thus far, worked quite nicely at killing Titanbitches. Haldor barely gives gravity enough time to let him sink his blade into whatever he lands upon, preferrably giant cobra, before he wrenches the zweihander free and charges the snake's head again. Unlike before though, Haldor holds his enormous sword as though he were holding a baseball bat for an underhand swing.

Power practically pulses from Haldor as he swings his zweihander back, down, and up in a tremendous slash to try and cleave through the cobra's head/neck. He launches himself upward again, whirling and flipping in air before plummetting toward it again, aiming to drive the zweihander through the snake's sinuous body again. With all the ferocity attributable to Haldor, the Viking tries to turn his wrenching the zweihander free into an attack in and of itself, jerking and dragging the massive blade about with such force as to try and gut the serpent in the same act.

What is it with that snake? Haldor's blows go around that massive serpent and yet it is always out of the way just in time, sinuous motions almost too fast to follow. The first cobra shakes it's head to dislodge Maia and tries to snap her up between it's massive jaws. Seeking to cosume her whole! Oh nows! Meanwhile the cobra so avoiding Haldor's hacking hacking ways rears back to release a glob of that venemous spittle at him another toxic sizzle filling the air as it flies.

Jason is free of attackers! Yay the Maia and Haldor team to the rescue. Of course, the snakes don't seem to be having much at all of it. Gaping for a moment as Maia oh so nearly gets consumed hole he is rushing forward once more, dodging a tree in the process of falling as that earlier spittle strike has eaten clean through it. A stone mockup of Scott's cock serves as a makeshift landing pad before he is flinging off that, up up to the height of the rearing back snake with both guns coming to bear upon it's still functional eye in passing. Bang bang. The Scion of Aphrodite works to finish what Maia has started leaving that snake completely without visual input.

Those shots find their home. Blinded now and in obvious in incredible agony the first cobra begins to thrash about violently, knocking down trees and posing a threat to anyone and everything within range. It may not be dead yet, but clearly it is in terrible terrible agony and probably not much longer for this world.

"I am feeling hot, HOT, /HOT/," roars Haldor as he notices smoke trailing from his freezing flesh, his boots, and his pants. The Viking doesn't much like this feeling of sizzling in his own clothing, though his silksteel hoodie seems to be holding up quite nicely. Which only means that he will not be a naked corpse when a snake tries to eat him.

The Viking takes a step back, arcs of blue electricity starting to crackle through his spikey red hair as he fixes his gaze on the snakes. Slowly he breathes in and out, left arm rising skyward as an ominous rumble of thunder suddenly starts to roll overhead. Clouds seem to roll in from nowhere, flashing and flickering as Haldor's body increasingly becomes shrouded in small sparks of electricity.

"Hopefully you'll find this a much more… Enlightening experience than my zweihander. I'd be shocked if you didn't, actually."

Immediately after that last pun, Haldor brings his left hand down in a tight fist. Mirroring his hand, the clouds overhead suddenly release a single massive bolt of lightning. Somewhere between cloud and ground though, it forks in two. One fork of staggering lightning courses into and through each snake… Haldor just hopes it's enough to end this before he runs out of skin to burn off or organs to boil in his blood.

The cobras did not like lightning! THey really did not! The one may be blinded but it is aware of the origin of that sparking touch and from two sides simultaneously massive snakes barrel headlong at each other in a desperate fight to see who can eat him first. On the plus side, if the viking can get out of the way first they are likely to plow into each other.

Maia narrowly avoids being snake food! Okay, she doesn't narrowly avoid it. They miss her by a mile as she twists and turns in pike position as she moves out of the way from the snapping cobraheads. It's then that lightning strikes! It sizzles! But does nothing. Her eyes widen after avoiding the bright flash of electricity as she watches one snake move to and fro.

Her mind processes the movements and looks for patterns as she chews on her bottom lip and peers towards the cobra. She continues twisting and turning not yet landing on the ground to take advantage of the extra momentum as the two snakes charge for Haldor. She must save her boyfriend and she pulls out an ofuda, watching their movements to try to time it right so that the razor sharp paper can slice and dice the weaker of the two cobras.

Oh yeah, and Maia's on fire! It's hot hot hot! Fortunately the twisting and turning is like stop drop and roll, but in the air, so hopefully the fire gets off of her even though her skin is getting all charred and crispy.

Jason is starting to look somewhat concerned at the health of his companions! His own clothes are starting to smolder and burn away as well, apart from the silksteel, but the more fire aligned Scion present is handlign the heat just fine. "Damn it" he mutters to themselves, "Are you two doing ok? You're looking a little barbecued." He does not wait for an answer, that first snake continues to be a source of radiating heat impacting his companions and he is bounding forward. He leaps off snake two to flip to just for a moment land upon the jaw of snake one staring down into the cavernous maw of it's gullet. Guns bang bang bang, a cacophany of violence attempting to blow the head of the serpent clean off before he is forced to spring away to avoid being devoured.

Cobra number one is a massive fifty foot long beast and it's head is almost as large. Still the succession of shots from Jason find the weak points, bones snapping, flesh tearing and by the time he is finally flipping gracefully backwards with his coat fluttering behind him to come to a crouch on the ground several years away the pieces of head are still soaring through the air. The snakes interrior can be seen, glowing brilliantly hot and blood like magma steaming into the sands of the courtyard while that body continues to writhe itself slowly to death.

Haldor's skin sizzles away as both cobras charge him. The Viking leaps out of the way, narrowly avoiding one, though the blind cobra goes comfortably far afield of Haldor. Blood and intercellular fluid drip from his body, staining his clothes as the Viking staggers away. Cold suddenly starts pulsing out from Haldor's body as he fixes his mind on one task and one task alone: Regeneration.

Layers of molten muscle and sinew suddenly spread over the top of his as yet unmelted flesh. Then his skin spreads over the top of that, turning an ominous shade of tan as Haldor's exposure to the snakes continues. Haldor is displeased and getting winded from all of this. Clearly the only logical solution, for the moment, is to rush in and kill something. Perhaps bathing in the blood of an enemy will rejuvenate him properly.

The Viking surges forward, wielding his drumsticks as a pair of labrys this time. He lunges at the as yet undamaged beast, aiming to snag a ride on it by ramming one labrys into its scaly hide, quickly followed by the other. It's not pretty, but Haldor will be damned if it can't be effective; Rupert has the head of a Nemean boar that can bear witness to how effective Haldor climbing a Titanspawn with blades can be.

If he can get on its back, Haldor brings both labrys together into an even more enormous axe. Smoke and frost stream off of the Viking's body as he roars, bringing the axe down in a tremendous strike aimed at cleaving clean into the cobra's spine. A moment later, he rears back and swings again, hoping to carve into the spine this time around.

The furious frosty viking gets a piece of cobra this time, blades opening up a nasty jagged rent in snake flesh and resulting in a hissing hiss of rage! Not that it is the viking on which the snake tries to take out it's fury. No! Rather it is jerking sharply around to try to plunge massive fangs into Jason, vengeance for killing it's buddy? He simply looks tastier? But this is not the time for snake psychology, it is the time for snake induced displays of violence!

Displays of violence which continue to fall just short, Jason barely rolling away again to find himself under a Scott statue staring up at stone Scott cock, "I am so not using for partial cover" he informs it solemnly.

Sizzling Maia is still sizzling! It hurts! It hurts more than the worst sunburn, but that's because she's on fire! Fortunately, her twisting and turning keeps on putting it out and her flesh continues to grow back as she hisses in excruciating pain. All the more so when she lands on in a crouch and her knees hit the ground, the exposed flesh touching the ground.

"Sonofabitch!" she screams, hissing as the charred skin and flesh on her body continues to regenerate as she remains in close quarters with the snake kings of Musepelheim. She's getting annoyed. Majorly annoyed at this point as she closes her eyes, musting up all her divine will. Even as flesh continues to burn and sizzle away, droplets of water start to form around her hands. The water becomes more massive, floating above her as she summons up more and more water from seemingly nothing. It's taking all her concentrating as she's mumbling something under her breath, the blue magatama on her fingers glowing brightly as she continues to shape the water into a hugenormous spear.

It's a spear of water folks! Or rather a trident when it's finally formed. The water keeps it's form as she lets out a scream of anger and frustration over the whole deal. She just wants to see her mom! Is that so hard to ask?

And when she reaches as far as she can go, she throws the giant spear of water towards the snake king, hoping to impale it or at least put out it's fire…

Raging Maia is raging! She would be making Mikaboshi proud right now. Or something like that anyway. As she throws it down, the trident of water wooshes, still maintaining it's shape as it continues it's trajectory towards the large fire snake of doom.

Maia flips in the air, twisting and turning, just trying to take advantage of her momentum for some cool aerial acrobatics. Why? Because she can do it dangit!

Just as she lands on a crouch with her back facing the creature, the trident impales the snake on the ground, it's three sharp points going through the tough hide of the snake as it lets out a shriek of pain. It flails, fires spreading with it's death throes. However, the fires are quickly being put out by the rainfall of the trident spreading apart caused by the impact as it soaks those nearby as well with cool refreshing water.

The young onmyouji huffs and puffs exhausted from the fight as she peers up towards the other two.

"Did I get it?"

Jason, being the one not impacted by the horrible burning flames walks over to where the impaled snake happens to be laying and kicks it experimentally a few times with a boot looking considerably singed. "You got it" he confirms drawing in a long breath and letting it out slowly as he looks towards the main gates to the palace, burning away in their own right. "If it was that hot out here, I wonder what it's going to be like inside."

Ice cracks and shatters across his body as the cooling rain freezes to Haldor, the Viking's heavy breathing the only thing that seems able to shatter the thickening rime. Slowly he walks toward the freshly downed snake and hefts his axe. The Viking looks at Maia and Jason alike, considering something.

"Think their hides'll provide us any protection against the heat?"

"Maybe? It doesn't hurt to try?"

After such an exhausting battle, she wants to see the creatures all cut up and made useful instead of burning her flesh. She hrmms, chewing her lips as she looks around for any phat l3wt while looking down at her still charred skin, singed from the entire experience.

"I don't think we should head inside yet. Maybe a strategic retreat would be good so we can make sure Gene, Jolie and Preston are with us?"

Jason wipes a bit of snake gore from his forehead and shakes his head, "One of us needs to scout out the place and I can both take the heat and mask myself a bit. You two should definitely get the others but I'll have a look around inside and see what we might be facing. Hopefully we can put together a plan to avoid most of it. I'll make sure to avoid any throne rooms, it seems the place Preethi would be most likely to be if she'd decided to play makeshift Empress."

Haldor spins his axe around a few times, looking at the snake. For the moment he is very quiet, possibly meditative as he tries to decide whether or not giant fire cobra leather would be anything other than a fashion statement. A daring fashion statement at that.

It would be a strong fashion statement indeed. Very fierce. Still, Maia heads towards the fallen warrior of light and peers curiously towards the golden bow and spear, oohing for a few moments as she grins the entire time.

"I'll take these shinies!" she chirps merrily before looking back towards the two.

"Be careful Jason! And the two eyes of that nagaking. Scoop 'em out. They're like crystal balls."

Jason has only briefly seen any of the other dark and scary Scions, them having been ghostly images at the time while Eris was being soul sucked within Olympus. Still. It is something! A moment of concentration and the air shimmers around him like a heat wave, rather apropos in the current situations. A moment later he's wearing Colm's visage, at least mostly. Given the lack of any Colm bits and the brief encounter it really would not fool anyone well familiar with the recent Godling, but it might at least be sufficient to fool Preethi's guards should he get caught while snooping. "If you don't hear from me and come charging in, do request Jolie not kill Colm on sight."

"So will tanning their hides make me some fireproof clothing or not, Maia?"

Haldor kicks the cobra's body once. There's a good chance, with his level of Feats O' Strength, that he could kick it back to their encampment. Quietly the Viking grunts at Jasolm, still inspecting snake bodies and contemplating whether he can still be metal in leather pants.

"Duly noted!" Maia calls out to Jason as he turns into Colm. It's not a sight she wanted to see, but she trusts the child of lurve to be all right. He's pretty handy and resourceful afterall. Still, as she brings over the golden bow over her back and the spear in her hands, she hrmms as she purses her lips as she looks back at Haldor and the nagaking.

"They're definitely nemean. Considering their skin wasn't melting, I'd imagine it'd give you some fireproofing. You can make a lot of clothes out of this.." she says, looking at the snake before smiling cheerily towards him. "And don't forget to scoop out the eyes. They'll be helpful.."

Haldor smirks slightly at Maia, "Well with the way I go through clothes, maybe that's a good thing. I can have a wardrobe of Nemean leather to destroy one adventure at a time." The Viking marches up to the head of the cobra and starts hacking eyeballs out for pocketing. After this, he needs to figure out how to carry 100+ feet of fire snakes.

"You can curl it up and lift it, right? Or you can nhave Drake help, he's pretty good at lifting things that are much too big for him.."

Maia lets the puppy out from her sleeves this time. He was all protected from the nasty heat by cuddling close to her afterall and she gives him the command to grow into Viking battlepup mode. She smiles brightly towards the two Vikings.

"Drake, be a good boy and help daddy, please? And bah, you're not going to share with me? Or anyone else?"

"Now why would an up and coming onmyouji like yourself need leather? You've got those awesome robes to protect you."

Haldor grins as he finishes digging the eyes out of the snake's head. Idly he pockets them for the moment, followed quickly by his drumsticks. The Viking and his dog promptly set about trying to turn the snakes into two giant discs that Haldor can carry back to basecamp. Somehow Haldor thinks this is going to require him to fly.

"You mean these awesome robe that have no real protection other than just looking fancy?"

Maia quips back, snickering softly as she wrinkles her nose and lets out an impish giggle as she keeps the other two relics. Perhaps Preston would make use of the spear. It'd be a nice present afterall. Still, she beams brightly towards the pair and starts heading back towards basecamp, keeping a leery eye for anything else that may pop up.

Haldor floats along over Maia's head with a discus of giant snake held under each arm. Epic Strength 5 with Uplifting Might and Making It Look Easy sure comes in handy doesn't it? The Viking doesn't even have to strain the SFX budget this time, much less himself with acting like these corpses are super heavy.

Johanssen, however, is grousing about the smell of dead giant fire snake.

"Johanssen, don't be mad. He's going to make clothes under you that will give him even more protection. And accenuate his cute butt!"

Maia seems to be in a cheery mood at this point, letting out a soft chuckle under her breath as she meanders along staying on the ground just taking in the sights of the Heavenly Plains as the palace of fire and light disappears from view.

Haldor would facepalm at that last bit if he could. Good as he is, Haldor doesn't think he can fly and juggle giant, unbound snake discs one-handed while he facepalms. The Viking instead just kind of hangs his head in defeat, Johanssen laughs and continues grumbling about stinky snakes.

"Why are you so sad? You do have a cute butt! And you're the one who wanted leather pants. Leather pants are made for accenuating your assets.."

And that's Maia cheerily chirping as she walks alongside Drake, still in raging Viking battlepup mode, just in case anything else pops out.

"I am not sad. I am just… Out of sorts because you are discussing my ass with the dvergar spirit of a shield currently strapped to my back. It's disconcerting."

Haldor is being defensive.

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