Switching Sides


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Scene Title Switching Sides
Synopsis Gene shows the power of social knacks and creative thinking

Dock by the bay

It's a beautiful late afternoon in the city. People are walking around the piers near the Hudson River. It's such a nice evening to take a nice walk, bask in the ocean breeze and maybe even take in a few sights here and there. Things have been quiet here thus far, and all is good. But of course, fate would make things difficult, because that's what fate does…

"Maybe, possibly," There's another shrug from Scott, still carrying his backpack even as he's stashed stuff away. After more work, Maia tracked him down, and dragged him out of his dorm room, and reminded him he needed to eat something. So, his cryptography 'homework' is away again, and Scott and Maia are, now having eaten, out for another walk. Just friends, just to get some air to clear troubled thoughts.

Ripper is likewise out for a walk, enjoying a brief break between band practice, business meetings, and desperate battles against wierd shit. He draws contentedly on a cigarette and stands near the water, looking out over the River.

"So just go down to Battery Park," Gene instructs a bandana'd fellow in a denim jacket, one hand gesturing down to the road leading that way, "Take pictures of the address and surrounding area, and then get them developed for me. It's just playing tourist, capische? Act casual." He pauses. "As casual as you people ever act. No drive-bys or tagging or whatever you bunch've delinquents do on your spare time.

They're on the side of the piers, and while Gene's on foot, he's talking to a guy in a van painted with airbrushing of vines, apples, and scantily clad chicks in togas.

Of course just friends! Maia likes Scott, but not in that capacity. That's reserved for someone else. Still, she hooks her arm with his own as she's the touchy feely type and for reasons that a guy with a girl on his arm always looks more attractive. "You need to relax, Billy.." she says with a sage nod, tugging him towards one of the booths serving funnel cakes. She orders a set and wrinkles her nose while taking in the sweet scent of deliciousness. "Dessert first.." she says with a sage and knowing nod. Oh dears, we're going to have a hyperactive Japanese girl. Gods help us.

"Is that cinnamon?" Maia's already barrelling towards the funnel cake booth, Scott on her heels. "Tell me that's cinnamon…" He hefts the backpack over one shoulder, and the odd-stenciled van gets his attention. "Maia, reporter guy at eleven o'clock." He looks over her shoulder at the booth. It /is/ cinnamon!

Rupert turns as hears a familiar voice down the pier. Spotting Maia and Scott, he groans and starts heading their way. "You know," he says by way of greeting as soon as he's close enough. "I was hoping for a quiet day. Coincidences like this make me start looking for Rita's latest monster. Maybe Ivan Ooze."

"What the hell are you talking about, boss?"

"Look, just — oh, great, here's my co-workers, don't embarass me," Gene mutters, adjusting the set of his fedora and turning a bit to look over in the direction of the other scions, one hand raising in a casual salute.

"You're taking my power rangers joke way too seriously, Rupee.." Maia says as she lets out a soft chuckle of amusement at Bil..erm Scott's excitement. She reaches over and ruffles his hair, "Down boy.." snickering softly before offering a cheery wave towards Gene. "Heeeeey!" she chirps merrily.

"Hey hey," Scott protests as his hair is ruffled by Maia. When the girl calls for Gene, Scott offers up a wordless wave, his attention taken for the moment by the other man who's closeby. "Rupee…" He blinks. "One of your friends, right, Maia? Not named after the standard Hyrulean currency?" Blink. "You call him Rupee?"

When there are this many Scions about, fate twists. It turns just a bit to cause trouble. They are the children of the gods, and thus dictates that bad things happen. There's no ifs about it, something bad will happen. Such is the case with our merry little crew. Trouble seems to be brewing not too far away. A group of five rather large men make their way through the boardwalk, shoving people to the side. They're all bikers from the look of it, and they're all at least seven, if not eight feet tall. And hey look, they're making their way towards the group! Maybe they want some funnel cakes too?

Rupert turns as he hears the commotion and frowns. "Figures," he mutters to himself before sliding one hand into his trenchcoat pocket. He doesn't remove the wicked claws, though, instead prefering to leap upon the railing, standing perfectly balanced on top of the thin, metal rail. Now above the heads of anyone else, he directs the full force of his gaze upon the giant blokes. "Bad idea," he whispers, lowering his sunglasses and staring with dark, almost black eyes."

"Oh… kay, boys? Get goin', take care've the recon I need," Gene tells the guys in the van, slapping the hood sharply with one hand before approaching the other Scions at an unhurried stroll, both hands tucked into the pockets of his jacket. The man's gaze slides over to the enormous figures stomping along the boardwalk, asking casually, "Friends've yours?"

"Look on the bright side," Scott says, but his voice says he doesn't quite mean what he's saying. He's looking at the huge biker guys, five of them, coming towards the scions. He mutters an aside to Gene. "These guys aren't attached to their bikes. It's a plus." His hand reaches for a pocket as he steps forward, tilting his head to a side. "Something we can help with," he asks the lead giant.

Suspicious looking man or an easier looking target. The head giant pulls out his wallet. Yes, the girl is there, though she's not dressed in a kimono. And everyone recognizes the Ripper. It seems the band's enemies have done their intel, and fortunately for Scott an Gene, they arent associated with them yet.

One of the giants lifts up Maia by her backpack, opening up the zipper just a bit as he looks her straight in the eyes. He chuckles softly as he shrugs his shoulder and tosses her out towards the water off the dock. "There's one taken care of boss." he says as he motions towards the other giant.

Meanwhile, one of the giants moves quickly and jumps down into the water as well. However, as his feet make contact the water freezes around him, with the clear exception of a spot where Maia should land.

Unfortunately for them, the backpack was opened and paper starts flying out. her eyes widen as she reaches out, thrown in the air looking up the sky. "Mother, I call for your intervention!" and with a mental command, the papers fly out of her backpack and form a bit of a bridge out over the water, nice and hard for her to land on. She lands in a crouch and grins wryly as she stares towards the large men, two ofuda in her hand. "That…" she says with a bit of a huff. "Wasnt…very nice.." she admits ruefully.

Just as Gene starts to ask something, one of the giants pick up Maia and carelessly tosses her off the dock. Blink. Blink. Well, that's not something you see every day. "Pardon me," he offers, taking a step forward, holding up one finger to the gathering of enormous gentlemen, brows raising and a bright, honest smile flashing across his features. Just a hint of gold gleams around the irises of his eyes, just-visible over the edge of his shades. "Might I ask what your current rate of payment and benefits in service to the Titans are? I guarantee I can make you a better offer."

Yes, apparently he's trying to -hire- them. Need more proof that he's crazy?

"Maia!" Scott's using an effort of will not to rush over the side to help the girl, but he sees her call upon her mother's gifts for aid. He calns, just a bit, but starts moving his mouth silently. In his head, he's calculating mass and the possible speed of the giants, and the timing necessary to get out of the way if they attack him.

Rupert glares over the top of his sunglasses as Maia goes flying. He stands straight, perfectly balanced on the flimsy metal. "Enough!" he bellows in the sonorous voice known to metal fans all over the country. To make sure he has their attention, he whips out his bagh-nakh. "By the darkness that eats all things," he hisses, his voice dropping to a menancing whisper that manages to carry to everyone within earshot. "See me." His pose, expression, and tone voice all combine to manifest an almost-divine aura that draws the eyes of the giants, and resists attempts to break the gaze.


Maia just looks towards Rupert for a few moments as she wrinkles her nose a bit, smiling as she looks towards Scott, taking a deep breath as she walks off her bridge of paper onto the docks once more. The paper follows her and it starts to fold into her hands until it makes a shield which she hands to Scott. "I know I can dodge them, but I figure this will help.." she says with a bright smile, giving Blue Ranger a ginormous paper shield. "And I think someone's ego just got HUUUUUUGE.." she stagewhispers to him, obviously referring to Rupee.

"Alternately you can face the darkness that eats all things, I guess," Gene adds.

Of all the ones affected by the compelling presence of a certain egomaniac rockstar, one of them shrugs it off, not bothering to look towards him. He lets out a heh under his breath as fire starts to be seen in his hand, grinning the entire time, in an almost predatory fashion towards Gene. "You think you can afford us? It costs at least 1000 euro to hire each of us, and I cost at least 5000." he says firmly and resolutely. Meanwhile, all the other giants are still stunned.

"I'm sure I can swing that," admits Gene, slanting a questioning look over towards Rupert with a brow's arch. He's the superstar, he's more likely to have the extra cash than the journalist is. Then he looks back at the leader giant, scratching under his chin and inquiring, "Now, is this on a per job, per diem, or per year basis? We also offer such benefits as 'Not intending to destroy the world, thus ensuring you still have places to spend your money afterwards' and 'Not sending you in on suicidal attacks against the children of the Gods' that have proven very attractive to our other employees."

The leader of the giants raises his brows, letting out a hearty laugh. The gods took away their favor when they slayed my father, Ymir and caused the end of the last ice age.." he says firmly and resolutely, looking towards Gene with a bit of an angry glare. "I say double the price now for bringing up suicide attacks. I would rather die than serve you..unless you pay a lot more. And it's per job."

Meanwhile Maia just watchings, giving Gene a look like this: -_-

"That's fine, that's good," Gene replies easily, stepping forward to more business-like distance rather than keeping a combative wariness, "Now, I want you to conside rthat - really - I think you have a problem with the Aesir, not the Dodekatheon. Now, consider the fact that you'd really piss off Odin and his buddies if you started working with us. It'd drive them absolutely crazy. As far as money is concerned, I'm sure we can set you up pretty good even if you just agree to stay neutral in this whole conflict, assuming you'd rather not pick up the greater benefits of being full-time employees." An easy grin, "I'm a son of Eris, you see, Goddess of Strife? I'm sure we'd both appreciate this sort of arrangement, wherein everyone profits and those stuck-up Norse get all kinds of pissed off about it, but they can't do shit."

Nobody tell Haldor this conversation occured.

The giant hrmms for a few moments. Part of him really did want to beat up on some Scions as he points towards Rupert and then over towards Maia. "I was told that we would get 10,000 for their heads. But your offer is more profitable. But I want the money up front. Now.." he says firmly and resolutely.

Maia still looks like this, though she stares at Scott in disbelief: o_O

"You're spoiling me, Maia," Scott whispers as she gives him a shield. "But thank you. This is probably going to hurt." Still, he's fascinated by the whole exchange between the others and the Giants, and his eyebrows snap upward. He looks to Maia, and shrugs.

"Certainly," Gene replies easily, "Obviously I don't have that sort of -cash- on me — do you take a check, or shall we head over to the bank?" A pause, "I'll ask my comrade to release your men if you can guarantee they'll all follow your lead. I'm sure that won't be any trouble, of course."

The lead giant nods and says matter of factly, "You have my word. I will tell my men not to attack, but if this is a doublecross, I will grind your bones and suck out your marrow.." he warns before looking towards Rupert expectantly.

Rupert maintains his pose atop the railing, keeping the lesser giants captivated with his image while the … negotiations are taking place. "I will cover payment," he states calmly, leaping nimbly off the rail and breaking the spell on the lesser giants, who may now tear their eyes from his visage.

The Power Rangers now have effective Followers 5 to be used at 50,000 Euro (paid for by Rupert) for each job. They have 3 generic giants, a frost giant and a fire giant.

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