Sun Boons

This Purview represents the sun’s radiance, its constancy and its celestial glory.

Associated With: Amaterasu, Apollo, Atum-Re, Baldur, Bastet, Freyr, Fuxi, Heimdall, Horus, Houyi, Huitzilopochtli, Legba, Tezcatlipoca

1 Penetrating Glare
2 Divine Radiance
3 Heavenly Flare
3 Life-giving Rays
4 Flare Missile
5 Burn
6 Solar Prominence
7 Sun Chariot
8 Inexorable Gravity
9 Bleach
10 Solar Crown
10 Fusion
11 Avatar of Sun (The Glory)

Penetrating Glare

Dice Pool: None
Cost: None
As sunlight only dims when it passes through thick clouds, so too can a Scion’s vision cut through physical occlusions. When the Scion receives this Boon, she sees clearly through such physical impediments as smoke, fog, murky water (if the Scion is in said water) or even translucent barriers through which other people can see only silhouettes. The character can even see perfectly clearly in dim light (i.e., light no less intense than a single birthday candle). In total darkness, however, she’s just as blind as the next person.

Divine Radiance

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend
This Boon allows a Scion to emit sunlight. She can either radiate a glow from her entire body, shining with the intensity of a 100-watt incandescent light bulb, or focus that light to a narrower beam. For instance, she could narrow the focus of the light to come from her palm or her eyes to act as a high-powered flashlight. The Scion can emit soft light thus for one scene.

Alternatively, the character can concentrate her light into a single intense burst that gleams from some reflective surface on her person, be it from the steel edge of her weapon, the metal buttons on her jacket or the surgical-steel head of her tongue stud. (Such a burst imposes a -2 distraction penalty on the victim’s non-reflexive actions until the Scion’s next action, and it ends the Scion’s use of this Boon.) The Scion could even focus the light down to a pinpoint intense enough to scorch an object or ignite a flammable accelerant. (The pinpoint is not intense enough to damage a victim in combat, though.)

Heavenly Flare

Dice Pool: Appearance + Presence
Cost: 1 Legend
Concentrating for one action (Speed 4), the Scion builds up and releases a flash of sunlight that’s impossible for anyone within line of sight to miss. When she does so, the player of anyone who was looking at her, even through expensive sunglasses, must roll (Stamina + Fortitude). If the victim’s roll nets more successes than the Scion’s activation roll, he sees only a sudden flash that has no effect on him.

If the victim gains an equal number of successes, he still suffers a -2 distraction penalty on all non-reflexive actions until the Scion’s next action. If the Scion gets more successes to activate this Boon than a victim does to resist it, the victim is both blinded and rendered Inactive until the Scion’s next action. After that, the victim suffers a -3 distraction penalty on all non-reflexive actions for a number of actions equal to the Scion’s Legend rating. Extras are automatically assumed to fail the resistance roll.

Life-giving Rays

Dice Pool: Charisma + Medicine
Cost: 1 Legend
A soft, golden glow emanates from the Scion, just bright enough to read by. While bathed in this golden light, living beings heal more rapidly than normal. All healing times are halved after an hour of being within the Scion’s refreshing light, including for the Scion herself. Life-Giving Rays function for a maximum number of people equal to the Scion’s Legend rating plus her player’s successes on the initial (Charisma + Medicine) roll, and remains in effect for a number of hours equal to the player’s original threshold successes. If a target whose healing rate is halved takes any new damage of any kind, their healing time for all their wounds returns to normal.

Flare Missile

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend per missile
At high noon or darkest midnight, the Scion can fire projectiles of solid sunlight at her enemies. As long as she has a weapon such as a bow, a firearm, a sling or even an atlatl, her player can spend a point of Legend to create glowing ammunition for it out of pure sunlight. Using this Boon adds a number of levels of damage equal to the character’s Legend to the damage roll’s results before soak. Attacks made using this Boon always inflict lethal damage— unless the target has a special susceptibility to sunlight—and always have the Piercing quality.


Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Willpower + 1 Legend
The Scion’s skin changes from its normal hue to a deeper brown to an angry red and becomes hot to the touch. This heat can’t ignite inflammable objects, but it’s enough to burn others’ unprotected flesh. Anyone who touches the Scion’s body with exposed flesh or with skin covered only by a layer or two of clothing suffers a number of dice of lethal damage equal to the Scion’s Legend. (This damage comes in addition to any damage the Scion might inflict in a clinch or other unarmed attack.) The character’s skin radiates this heat for one scene.

Victims’ skin damaged by this heat reddens and blisters as if from a painful sunburn. The heat from the Scion’s body is not that of a fire, so Fire Immunity (Fire •) does not automatically protect against it.

Solar Prominence

Dice Pool: Appearance + Presence
Cost: 3 Legend
The Scion concentrates for one action (Speed 5) as pairs of black sunspots swirl across her body. When the effect occurs, a broad band of sunfire arcs off her and dissipates slowly in the air. This arc, this solar prominence in miniature, disrupts all television, radio, cell phone, wi-fi, walkie-talkie, CB and satellite signals in the air around her for a number of yards equal to the player’s successes on the roll. This disruption lasts for five seconds per dot of Legend the character has, and the area of effect moves with her.

Sun Chariot

Dice Pool: Strength + Control (to drive)
Cost: 1 Legend per 200 lbs.
This Boon is almost exactly the same as Moon Chariot (Moon 7). The only differences are that the chariot can be summoned only during the day, the chariot itself is made of gold, and the horses are bright white with manes, hooves and eyes of sunlight. The chariot lasts until sundown, after which it lands and immediately becomes intangible, returning to the Overworld whence it came.

Inexorable Gravity

Dice Pool: Strength + Presence
Cost: 5 Legend or 10 Legend
The God exerts an undeniable, inescapable pull on everyone around him. When he activates this Boon with five Legend points, everyone around him within a radius equal to his Legend contests his player’s activation roll with a Strength roll of their own. Anyone whose roll comes up short is caught in the God’s gravitational grip. They don’t slide toward him necessarily, but neither can they move away from him. This gravitational field remains in effect, moving with the character, for a number of ticks equal to successes on the roll. The God can cancel the field at any time.

This effect can overcome the force of actual gravity or the condition of inertia—stopping a target from falling or being knocked back by an attack, for instance. Being knocked or thrown through the area of effect can even propel a character into orbit around the character. Trying to fly through the area can do the same. Thrown or loose objects not under the God’s control are also subject to this effect if the God is strong enough to throw them as a feat of strength. If the God activates this Boon at the 10-Legend cost, he can make his gravitational field selective. (With five points, everything in the area of effect is subject to the God’s gravity.) Only those things the God wants to be unable to escape him actually are. He can, therefore, exempt his allies, loose objects on the scene, projectiles from his weapons, enemies who should suffer knockback from his Brawl and Melee attacks and anything else he would rather be able to propel farther than itself.

If the God so chooses, he can even activate this Boon at the 10-Legend cost and focus it entirely on a single target. If that target is inanimate, loose and light enough for the God to throw as a feat of strength (or if it’s a character whose resistance roll doesn’t succeed), it is drawn toward the God at a speed of one yard per tick per dot of Strength the God has. This distance isn’t modified by the God’s Epic Strength.


Dice Pool: Appearance + Presence
Cost: 1 Willpower + 5 Legend
The God glows briefly and emits a white-hot flash. Anyone within a spherical radius equal to the God’s Legend suffers a number of levels of lethal damage equal to the God’s Legend (and mitigated by the victim’s lethal soak). This damage takes the form of blistering second-degree sunburns. Standing water or snow cooks off instantly, and any physical object exposed to the flash is bleached a few shades paler.

If the character also has the Burn Boon, he can activate it simultaneously with this Boon—bumping the cost up to two Willpower and six Legend. The normal Bleach effect happens first, after which the God’s skin glows its angry red that lasts for the rest of the scene. As he moves, spicules of superheated gas escape from his joints and pores, increasing the damage touching him inflicts. Anyone who touches the God’s body with exposed flesh or with skin covered only by a layer or two of clothing suffers a number of dice of lethal damage equal to twice the God’s Legend. (This damage comes in addition to any damage the Scion might inflict in a clinch or other unarmed attack.) As with Burn, Fire Immunity doesn’t automatically protect against this damage.

Solar Crown

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Occult
Cost: 15 Legend
The God reaches into the daytime sky toward the sun as the player rolls (Dexterity + Occult). If this roll succeeds, the God plucks a golden coronet from around the sun and places it around his head. The coronet is a simple band of gold. If the God removes it before he uses this Boon, it disintegrates. It cannot be removed by any known force except that of another God using this Boon to take the coronet for himself. (Doing so requires the thief to successfully grapple his victim first.)

At any later time of the God’s choosing, the God can transform this coronet into its true form by spending 15 Legend points. The gold expands and flows upward into the shape of a full crown, above which floats a blazing sun in miniature. The sphere glows with the intensity of the noonday sun and hovers tightly over the God’s crown. For the rest of the scene, this crown protects the God wearing it from ranged attacks. Any such attack from a projectile that is light enough for the God to lift with his unmodified (Strength + Athletics) total and is propelled by mundane means—from being thrown by a child to being shot out of a cannon—is vaporized by a beam of golden light. It blocks these mundane projectile attacks automatically.

This effect also protects against heavier projectiles, those propelled or aimed through supernatural means—such as Epic Attributes or an Arete—and immaterial ranged attacks. If some such means is used to initiate the ranged attack, wearing an active crown adds a value equal to (the successes on the activation roll + the Legend of the God who used the Boon) to the character’s relevant applicable DV.

A God can call down a coronet only during the day, and only from the World itself unless he’s stealing a coronet from another God who’s already wearing one. To take one normally, the God must be able to see the sun in the sky—which Penetrating Glare can facilitate greatly. It defends only against ranged attacks that inflict physical damage. A God may pull down only one coronet at a time, but he may wear it indefinitely until he activates it.


Dice Pool: Strength + Science
Cost: 10 Legend + 1 Willpower
The Scion generates an incredible internal kiln that releases tremendous amounts of energy. A shimmering halo of heat surrounds him as his body crackles with power. As long as this inner fusion reaction continues, the God is capable of absorbing matter, transforming it into newer, denser material and releasing energy simultaneously.

To fuel the Godly furnace, the God must grasp matter. The material may be solid, liquid or gaseous: Anything can become part of the solar process. Even magical items or people can be absorbed, if the God can grab them away or clinch them. The God then presses the item or creature in between his hands and exerts tremendous pressure and heat, using the power of the Sun to create fusion.

Converting an item via Fusion requires the God’s attention, so after absorbing the item, the God must perform a miscellaneous action to complete the process. At the end, the object is destroyed and converted into newer, denser matter and energy. The resultant matter is drawn forth by the God, who separates his hands to reveal a glowing white light that quickly fades into the resultant matter.

While this new matter cannot be a manufactured item — it emerges as little more than lumps of raw material — it can be nearly any element or compound possible. The process of fusion allows the God to compact material into gold, uranium or other elements, or to selectively pare off specific light matter (such as helium) and release that matter instead. In addition, the process of fusion generates a tremendous amount of energy, which the God can either radiate with the intensity of sunlight for a full 24 hours or release in a sudden surge of heat and light (just like the Divine Radiance Boon).

Fusion performed on a creature that the God has clinched after a successful grapple inflicts a base of 7 levels of aggravated damage plus the successes on a (Strength + Science) roll by the God’s player. A creature that survives Fusion is ejected from the God’s grasp (smoking and perhaps a bit crispy, but otherwise reasonably intact), and the God does not derive any composite materials. As with other Sun Boons, Fire Immunity (Fire •) doesn’t protect against this power. Once a God has performed Fusion on a target, the power is complete. A God may only perform Fusion on an item or creature (or part thereof) that the God could fit between his hands. Of course, a God who can assume a larger form can benefit from a wider range of consumables.

Avatar of Sun (The Glory)

Cost: 1 Willpower + 30 Legend
For one scene, the character becomes The Glory. This blazing avatar of the sun’s pure light wears a golden helmet and robes of purest white. The Glory can be seen from all points on the same plane. The Glory can push back all darkness. The Glory can soothe mortals who are cold and alone, or it can drive them blind and burn them to dust. The Glory can make a Titan stare in awe; its glare can steal a Titan’s sight for a time; its heat can dry a Titan’s flesh out into painful rigidity.

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