Stephen Wainwright
Portrayed By: Cam Gigandet
Status: Ready to Kick Some Ass
Age: 22
Calling: Roguish Adventurer
Pantheon: Dodekatheon
Divine Parent: Zeus
Significant Other(s): Single (Playing the Field)


Once upon a time there was a young man with dreams of an Olympic future… little did he know how true that was going to become.

His mother worked in a law firm while he attended school, and in his free time worked out; running, horseback riding, swimming, the works. At an early age he'd watched a triathlon event and decided that's what he wanted to do, and his mother wasn't one to tell him that he couldn't do anything he set his mind to. He was handsome, popular, a bit reckless - because he knew he was as good as he thought he was - and cruised through life like a spear set on a target.

Of course, the best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray, and the sudden revelation of the gods upon the world shook his plans up quite a bit.

Something about the situation called to him, and he started paying close attention - reading all the magazines and news-sites, trying to catch a glimpse of those fights that sometimes occurred in public. Naturally, this meant that eventually he ended up on his back in some rubble with a monster standing over him - one of Ixion's horsemen, in this case. The titanspawn figured he had some easy prey, at least until a thunderbolt crashed down into the ruins of the building and grounded itself nearby, and Stephen pulled it from the concrete and hurled it through his chest.

Hermes stopped by to explain everything after that. Why not Zeus? Well, the man's busy, you know.

So now he's splitting his time between NYU and trying to find out what it means to be a hero. He's still got Olympic dreams… it's just a different Olympus he's aiming for.



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Events Thus Far

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Character Sheet

Strength: 4 Dexterity: 4 Stamina: 3
Epic Strength: 2 Epic Dexterity: 1 Epic Stamina: 0
Intelligence: 2 Perception: 2 Wits: 3
Epic Intelligence: 0 Epic Perception: 0 Epic Wits: 0
Charisma: 3 Manipulation: 3 Appearance: 3
Epic Charisma: 2 Epic Manipulation: 0 Epic Appearance: 1
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