Star Boons

Humanity learned about time, space and cosmic order by watching the stars, and the Star Purview deals primarily with such concepts. Star-based metaphors and celestial phenomena also inspire Boons; new discoveries about outer space lead to additional Boons, or to new perspectives on old powers. While some aspects of the Star Purview overlaps with other Purviews, truly potent manipulations of space and time belong to Star Gods alone.

1 Perfect Timing
2 Sense Age
3 Aurora
4 Still Object
5 Twist Time
6 Lucky Star
7 Starfire
8 Frozen Moment
9 Celestial Estate
10 Cloak of Stars
11 Avatar of the Stars (The Crown)

Perfect Timing (Stars •)

Dice Pool: None, or Perception + Science (see below)
Cost: None
The heavens were humanity’s first clock and calendar; thus, a Scion with this boon can innately feel the temporal movement of the universe. She always knows the time, to the second, no matter what her circumstances. This does not matter so much in an age of cheap and accurate wristwatches (though it is still useful in the Overworld, Underworld and other realms) — but Perfect Timing also enables a Scion to sense supernatural distortions of time, such as those caused by other Star Boons. In such cases, the player rolls the Scion’s (Perception + Science), with bonus dice equal to the dot rating of the Boon. (For other supernatural effects that warp time, use the Legend of the entity that causes the effect as the bonus.) Each 100 yards distance raises the roll’s difficulty by +1. Success means the Scion knows the direction and general distance (within 100 yards) of the time distortion. A Demigod can re-purchase this Boon to raise the distance increment to one mile; and a God can buy the Boon a third time to raise the distance increment to 10 miles.
This is also a one-dot Boon for the Moon Purview (many Moon Gods are also calendar gods).

Sense Age (Stars ••)

Dice Pool: Perception + Awareness
Cost: None
If the Scion touches an object, she can instantly discover its age. If she touches a dead body, she can tell how long it has been dead; if she touches a broken piece of glass, she can tell how long ago it broke off. The power is specific to the object being touched; when the shard of glass was part of window, it was a different object with a different age. However, every two threshold successes reveals one additional age that is relevant to the object. With three total successes, for instance, a Scion who touched the hood of a car and wondered at the car’s age, could discern when the car was built and when the hood was replaced. With nine successes, a Scion could touch the Venus de Milo and sense when the statue was carved, when the arms broke off, when the marble was quarried, and the geologic age of the marble.

Aurora (Stars •••)

Dice Pool: Appearance + Presence
Cost: 3+ Legend
The Scion evokes the sparkling majesty of the cosmos. This costs 3 Legend, +1 Legend per dot the character has of Epic Appearance. As a miscellaneous action, the Scion gathers a cloak of shimmering light around her body, resembling the polar aurora or a deep space nebula. The unearthly lights blur the Scion’s outline; even her distance from the viewer becomes uncertain. For the rest of the scene (or until the Scion’s player lets Aurora lapse), the Scion’s Dodge and Parry DVs both increase by half the number of successes rolled (round down).
The effect is easily defeated by closing one’s eyes (though blindness carries its own penalties — see Scion: Hero, p. 186). Also, Aurora does not stack with other effects that enhance DV, such as Untouchable Opponent or Tidal Interference.

Still Object (Stars ••••)

Dice Pool: Perception + Legend
Cost: Varies
The Scion concentrates on an inanimate object for a miscellaneous action and spends an amount of Legend dependent on the size of the object. Her player rolls (Perception + Legend), at a difficulty likewise set by the object’s size. Success means the object is frozen in space and time, unchanging, wherever it is — on the ground, on a table, in mid-air — for a number of minutes equal to the Scion’s Legend. No mundane force can move or affect the object. For instance, if the object is on a table, moving the table leaves the object floating in mid-air. However, the object can be moved by supernatural means: Those with Epic Strength or an Arete for Athletics may do so by rolling (Strength + Athletics) and scoring more successes than the activation roll.
Use the table from The Impressed Spirit (Scion:Demigod, p. 96) to determine the Legend cost and difficulty for the object being stilled.

Twist Time (Stars •••••)

Dice Pool: Willpower + Legend
Cost: 1 Legend per mortal, 3 Legend per supernatural individual
The Scion may reflexively change the way time affects an individual, speeding up or slowing down the time around that person. Her player rolls (Willpower + Legend). Success means the Scion can change the time around a maximum number of people equal to the successes rolled. The effects last for a number of minutes equal to her Legend. Mortals cannot resist this Boon and cost only 1 Legend to affect. Supernatural creatures cost 3 Legend to affect, and their players may roll (Willpower + Legend): If they score more successes than the activation roll, their characters can resist.

If the Scion speeds up the time around her target, the target receives the following adjustments:
• Reduce the Speed of all actions by 1 (minimum of 1; first tick of Aim gives +2 dice).
• Add the Legend of the Scion who activated this Boon to the target’s DV static value, Move distance and Dash distance.
• Add her Legend as bonus dice to his Join Battle rolls.
• Reduce by half the time for other, non-combat actions to take place by half. For example, a Scion of Tishtrya activates this power for herself. During combat, she is poisoned with a 4L/minute poison. Since she is sped up in time, the poison deals of die of damage every 30 seconds instead of every minute. If the Scion slows time around her target, the target receives the following adjustments:
• Increase the Speed of all actions by 1 (Aim confers no benefit on the first tick of use).
• Subtract the Scion’s Legend from the target’s DV, Move distance, and Dash distance (minimum of 1).
• Halve the target’s Join Battle rolls.
• Double the time for other, non-combat actions to take place. For example, a Scion of Tishtrya activates this power for herself and suffers the same poison as before. Since she is slowed down in time, the poison takes twice as long to affect her, dealing one die of damage every two minutes.
This Boon may be attempted only once per scene.

Lucky Star (Stars ••••• •)

Dice Pool: Perception + Awareness
Cost: 5 Legend
The Scion must spend an entire night studying the night sky — a clear night, where the stars are visible. Her player rolls (Perception + Awareness). Success means the Scion sees a pattern of Fate written into the celestial order. Finding this “lucky star” enhances subsequent rolls involving one Ability chosen by the Scion when she used this Boon: In any dice pool involving that Ability, the dice for the Ability become automatic successes. This benefit lasts for a week. the Scion may not use Lucky Star again until the week is up.

Starfire (Stars ••••• ••)

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 or 2 Willpower + 3 or 5 Legend
The Scion spends a Willpower point and 3 Legend.
A flame the blue-white color of a super-hot star flickers into place around the Scion’s body, turning him into a silhouette of blazing light. (This is in fact a specific star: Venant, or Regulus, a spectral class B star and one of the four “Royal Stars” in Persian tradition.) Touching the Scion deals aggravated damage equal to the Scion’s Legend. This damage adds to any damage the Scion might inflict from a Brawl-based attack, though the Starfire damage is applied separately. The starfire can encompass Relic melee weapons, adding to their damage as well.
What’s more, the Scion’s fierce glow partially blinds anyone who looks directly at him from less than 30 yards away. For the Scion’s Legend in minutes, the person suffers a +1 difficulty penalty to all tasks that require one to see clearly. Penetrating Glare (Sun •) protects against this effect, but no mundane shielding less robust than welder’s goggles can block the celestial glare.
If the Scion spends 2 Willpower, 5 Legend when activating Starfire, anyone who comes within (Legend) yards of the Scion suffers an environmental effect of Damage 1A/action, Trauma 7. The damage begins with instant sunburn and proceeds through blistering, hair falling out and other horrors. Only in the 20th century did the Gods understand this aspect of Starfire: hard X-rays and particulate radiation.
This Boon lasts for the remainder of the scene or until the Scion cancels it. It may be used once per scene. Fire Immunity (Fire •) offers no protection whatsoever. The Scion himself is immune to all its effects.

Frozen Moment (Stars ••••• •••)

Dice Pool: Perception + Science
Cost: 2 Willpower + 5 Legend per subject
The Scion can step outside of time, or push or pull others outside of time. This costs two Willpower, plus five Legend for every person or independent object the Scion wants to pull outside of time (including the Scion himself). The Scion can send other people or objects outside of time without going there himself. To a person outside time, the entire universe stops moving. People outside time can move around and do whatever they want to each other, but everything that is still within time is impossible for them to affect. (Only the air parts for them, in one of the signing statements the Gods wrote into reality.) The Scion, and anything else he sends outside of time, stays that way for one minute per success on the (Perception + Science) roll. They return to time on the same tick they left. If the Scion wants to end the effect early, he may do so.
Gods typically use Frozen Moment for spying on people, very private conferences, and the like. Gods also find creative uses, such as sending a nuclear bomb to explode harmlessly outside of time instead of destroying a city.

Celestial Estate (Stars ••••• ••••)

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 5+ Legend
A character who learns this Boon obtains a private estate in outer space: anywhere from the sunscorched wastes of Mercury to the ice fields of Pluto, floating in the jet streams of Jupiter or even lodged in a constellation. The God, and any invited guest, finds the celestial estate a comfortable abode (and the hang-gliding on Jupiter is fantastic). Anyone else finds the environment quite deadly. Aside from the location, this Boon is identical to Lunar Estate (see Scion: God, p. 96), including the staff of gray-skinned creatures and the environmental damage to uninvited visitors. Constellation estates are the strangest: They occupy eerie landscapes of black glass and silver light on the celestial sphere that, modern science knows, does not exist.

Cloak of Stars (Stars ••••• •••••)

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Occult
Cost: 15 Legend
The Scion reaches into the night sky as the player rolls (Dexterity + Occult). If this roll succeeds, the Scion pulls down a hooded black cloak dotted with tiny stars and throws it over her shoulders. If the Scion removes the cloak before she uses this Boon, it fades away. It cannot be removed by any known force except another God using this Boon to try and take the cloak for himself. (Doing so requires the thief to successfully grapple his victim first.)
At any later time, the Scion can put the cloak to its true purpose by spending 15 Legend points and putting the hood up. The cloak closes about the Scion, obscuring her body entirely into vague, black approximation of her form dotted by tiny stars. For the rest of the scene, this cloak protects the Scion from close combat attacks. Any such attack from a weapon that is no larger than the Scion’s body and is wielded by mundane means — from drunk with a beer bottle to a judo master’s throw — passes straight through the Scion as if the cloak were empty space, dealing no harm.
The cloak also protects against larger weapons, such as being rammed by a truck; attacks backed with supernatural force, such as Epic Strength or an Arete; or immaterial attacks, such as the Blazing Weapon Boon. For these attacks, wearing the active cloak adds a value equal to (the successes on the activation roll + the user’s Legend) to the character’s relevant applicable DV.
A Scion can only draw down a cloak during the night, only from the World itself and must somehow be able to see the stars. (Penetrating Glare may be useful – see Scion: Hero, p. 147). The cloak defends only against close combat attacks; ranged attacks are unimpeded. When any strike succeeds in striking the Scion, the cloak emits a small shower of sparks. A Scion may only pull down one cloak at a time, but may wear it indefinitely until she activates it.

Avatar of Stars (The Crown)

Cost: 1 Willpower + 30 Legend
For one scene, the character becomes The Crown. This shimmering avatar of the stars is the celestial order and the constancy of time. The Crown wears a diadem of ever-shifting colors and a robe of inky black spangled with galaxies. The Crown can command the currents of time: speeding, slowing, or stopping them for any or all those before it. While the Crown can travel freely in time, past, future or sideways, it does so only to observe: Neither the Crown nor anyone it carries through time can affect history in any meaningful way. Likewise, the Crown may walk among the stars, but knows the reaches of the Universe are not for men or Gods — not yet. The Crown can halt a Titan in time or hurl it into the sky, birthing a new constellation.

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