Spring Of The Dead


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Scene Title Spring of the Dead
Synopsis The student council representatives have a meeting with the other students of West Lake High on the third floor to discuss the exchange programs. Things don't go as planned…

There's a field trip! Yay! And who says New Atlantis schools are not allowing their students into the outside world? Several of the students want to see what life is like on the outside world, and thus, there's been a group of busses that have left the relative safety of the city to go off into more rural areas of New York.

A few hours drive north and they eventually reach West Lake High School in the small town of Chippequa, New York. It's a relatively rural area in the Catskills Mountains, in a valley that is surrounded by both sides. Of course, there are two groups. Matthew, Pei-Pei, Tavio and Gayle went one way with one group of teachers to meet a few of the residents as the New Atlanteans learn about the United States. The other group, Maui, Hopper, Zack and Dion are inside, as student council representatives meeting with other students to discuss a possible exchange program between the two.

And so it begins. T-Minus 30 minutes…

Dion's completely confused by the field trip, but he'll take advantage of the opportunity to go see how others outside the changed city react to them. And, to see whether being outside the city for a while breaks any of whatever enchantment made the change. He was disturbed then, to find that people outside New Atlantis look like they have been affected, too. At least as far as assuming it's been that way the whole time. He's tried not to look too edgy, but it hasn't been easy.

He's also kind of curious whether the busses will even be allowed back into the city. He was more than half expecting the government to detain them to figure out what happened, but now he's wondering if whatever changed the city affected the whole country to believe it, too. That's worrisome to him, but there isn't really anything he can do about it. So, he smiles and nods, and goes along with it all. For now.

As one of the few American terrorists who's been running around in New Atlantis, Zack should take this chance to run. To go to the government and let them know everything that's going on, so they can send in the SEALS or Delta or whoever is going to save the day. But he doesn't, for now. He sticks with the student council group, and tries to do his best to keep the appearance up. For the sake of making this work. Because if the Atlantians suspect him, he may well get whacked. He wouldn't put it past them.

The group is gathered in a small room where there's the meeting of the two student councils. There's a varied group, one of the teachers a rather lean and scrawny man with midnight black hair, slicked back. He looks towards the New Atlanteans and hrmms for a few moments as he nods and smiles brightly. "Welcome to our high school. I'm Mr. Scott. I'm honored that you couldjoin us today in what I hope to be an exchange of ideas."

Dion gathers with all the others, and tries not to look too confused by the entire world. Fortunately, he's good at covering insecurities with attitude, and that talent serves him well here, too. He watches the other students and Mr. Scott, hoping to see anything useful going on. He's migrated closer to the other Scions, just because there might be some safety in numbers.

"I'm Zack Archer, the current Senior Class President." Zack says, as he looks to the rest of the group at hand, waiting for them to do their introductions or whatever they feel is nesicary.

Having been mostly quiet, that and blending in pretty well, Maui finally speaks up, "I'm Maui… just a representative and all. I'm a good dancer and musician as well." He shrugs a bit, grinning a bit in his own half-way charming way. "Sorry I've been so quiet. Rather preoccupied with how different things are out here and all. I'm hoping to learn a bit about things."

Hopper isn't the height of fashion, and is dressed as awkwardly as he typically is. Old leatherish coat that is lined with some sort of old fur. Cap, glasses, baggy jeans, New Balance sneakers. He extends a utili-mittened hand when given the opportunity. "Hi there, Hopper. Science club." He gives a crooked smile and looks around. "Nice place."

"A pleasure to meet you." Mr. Scott says with a bright smile on his lips. He motions for the various students to take a seat as there's another rather buxom girl that is sitting next to Zack. She smiles at him cheerily and introduces herself because comeon, he's a good looking guy. "Jasmine Vedera." she says extending out a hand before towards the class president. "I'm the student council president of Chippequa High." she says beore giving an introductory handshake to the others present.

Dion smiles as he mentally goes over the list of fashion dos and fashion don'ts in the room, then says "Dion Nevins. A pleasure." He, of course, is perfectly dressed and coifed. As always. He could look more gay, but he'd have to really work at it.

Zack takes the offered hand, and shakes it, then sits down, "Well, I suppose we should get this meeting underway." He says, as he puts his hands in his lap, and waits for the adult that's present to take charge, seeing as Mr. Scott is an adult, and will no doubt be moderating whatever goes on.

The door to the room (which is on the third floor of the school by the way) is suddenly opened. There's a young man, his hair mussed up as he's huffing and puffing. He heads immediately towards Jasmine and takes her hand roughly. "We're going. Now." he says rather emphatically. He doesn't look to be a huge threat. He's just about 5'11" or so, not muscley, but not scrawny either. He's of average build and looks towards the others present in the room for a few moments.

Giving a smile to Jasmine as he shakes hands, Maui settles into the chair, idly tapping on the arm of the chair or the edge of the table. Just a bit of an off-beat drum rhythm, really. He pauses as he looks at the man. "'Cuse me, what's the problem, sir, and why does she have to leave?"

Hopper tilts his head to the side, nodding to those that are introduced. Being on his best behavior….as his social studies teacher said that is the only way he is going to get enough extra credit to excuse his constant absences from class. So, all smiles and straight back and perfect behavior. "Did…." He looks around and quirks a brow. "Sorry, did we do somethin'?"

That's very interesting. Dion thinks so, anyway. It's the first sign that something's wrong, and he watches with great interest. He's tempted to try to Charm something out of him, but waits for a better moment. He has no idea who's watching, after all.

"Alex Hernandez! You are not part of thismeeting, and please let Ms.Vedera go. Now." Mr.Scott says matter of factly as he just glares towards the other boy.

Alex shakes his head, ignoring the others for now as he continues to tug on the girl. "Jasmine. Come on. Now!" he says firmly and resolutely as he pulls her out of her chair and starts running out with her as she flails about.

Dion studies Alex, his lips pursed in thought. He starts to speak, but if this kid is blowing some sort of cover going on, he doesn't want to try to Charn him into saying something that could get him killed. Instead, he looks at the grownups in the room to try to get some sense of what's going on.

"What the hell.." Zack stands up, of course, and moves to try to intercept this kid and the girl, "Would you care to explain just what the hell you're doing?" He says, as he folds his arms across his chest. Zack can be a pretty intimidating guy, with his size and his build, among other things.

Maui frowns and moves to stand, preparing to go and help Zack. Far as he knows, the guy's mortal, and although he doesn't want to make a scene, he'll at least move around to try to intercept the fleeing man dragging a buxom girl, even if he has to secretly activate Sky's Grace to do it. "Hey, hey, hold on here… please tell us what's going on first? We're guests, yes, but well… you're interrupting a meeting between foreigners and your good looking girl there for some reason. There some sort of trouble you need help with?"

"It's none of your damn business!" Alex shouts at the pair trying to block his way. "You fuckers get out of my way. Jasmine and I need to go now." he doesn't seem to be taking no for an answer as he continues to try to batter through Zack and Maui, willing to knock them down if he can. Who knows?

Suddenly, there's an announcement over the intercom: "Students, we are now in lockdown mode. Please remain in your class rooms and close the doors. Please, this is a lockdown. Please close the doors and remain in your rooms until another announcement says other wise."

Meetings are like the most boring thing ever, and James has taken the appropriate action for the whole of it: He sleeps. As soon as he finds a comfortable place he drifts off, head slumped against a desk. The latest unrest and announcements, however, seems to at least rouse him for a few minutes. Head peeks over his elbows, forehead displaying a small indent where it dug too long into the desk. "What?" He blinks once, shuts one eye afterwards.

Zack frowns a bit. Schools don't just go into lockdown without a damn good reason. Zack slams the door closed and locks it, and then plants himself firmly between the door and Alex, "Either you tell us just what the hell is going on, or I'll knock you unconcious, and we'll deal with you when this crisis is over."

Dion hms. "Well. Anyone surprised?" he says, looking around them. "Is this just a 'hold the Atlanteans hostage' sort of thing? I'm sure our country won't stand for it." He has his attitude full on as he speaks. "And I'm surprised that any parent was okay with using their children as bait." he adds with a sniff.

Hopper blinks and goes a little rigid, sort of pulling in on himself and trying to appear as small as possible. "W…." he looks to Zack, Maui and the others gathered and goes a little pale, idly reaching into his shirt to pull out a lucky rabbits foot that he strokes with his thumb. He sort of puts up a hand. "What's a lock down? Is this legal?" he scratches his head. "Does this mean we are leaving?"

Maui folds his arms, standing beside Zack. "Not sure, Hopper." Quirking an eyebrow at Alex, he looks him evenly in the eye, "Calm. Down. I'm asking what's going on. You trying to be a story book hero that runs off with the damsel in distress or something? And please don't call us names again. I don't like it here. I'm sure Zack doesn't either. I'm Maui."
"You're a fucking idiot! LET US OUT!" Alex says matter of factly, trying to punch Zackin the face as he lets go of Jasmine's hand to do so. Surely he'll miss since he's only a mortal, but he's also a fatetouched mortal, so who knows. Should he miss or hit, it doesn't matter as he looks back towards Jasmine.

"The /RUMORS/ are true. We /HAVE/ to get out of here." he emphasizes.

Jasmine's eyes widen as she shivers and chews on her bottom lip. "My dad. We should call my dad.Maybe he can help!" she says before suddenly there's the sound of panic outside the door. There's various screams as it seems there's several students running outside the classroom.

Mr.Scott is perturbed. He likes his order. He hates chaos and looks towards everyone. "Now, now, everyone. We should just stay calm and stayin the room like we were asked to."

You paged Hopper with 'This town is not too far from the town you ran that zombie scene in ;)'

Dion is certainly not going to just sit down and relax. "I don't think so." he says to Mr. Scott. "I demand to know what's going on here. What rumors? What's going on out there?" he asks, though a glance includes Alex and Jasmine in his question, too.

James rouses himself with a bit of effort, arms streatching out far over his head. "What's going on?" Signs of life cause him to rise, feet shuffling back and forth before he moves forward. He doesn't ask anything else, just tilts to settle against a wall and examine the room.

Hopper stays as still as possible for a few more moments and then too much anxious energy causes him to react a little more suddenly than he had planned in his head. He pushes back from his seat and literally springs over to the nearest window to try and see what is going on outside. Perhaps not the hallway, but definately the outside.

Maui keeps the door closed if Zack's hit, but otherwise looks evenly at the adult and the two other student types. "Come on… you /don't/ want to do that. We're practically foreign ambassadors. Now, what's going on? Please? Before we all go out to take a look on our own, and I'm sure you folks can't stop us?" He smiles at the adults and the teens. "Now what rumors, and what do you mean they're true?"

The punch comes right at Zack, who grabs Alex's hand out of midair, "What rumors?" He asks, as he decides it's best not to let the kid's hand go until he's sure of everything that's going on, "Now listen to me. Calm down, and tell us what is happening before something really retarded happens?"

"You fucking barricaded the door! We can't get out and surely they're here now! You're already fucking retarded!" Alex says ashe struggles when is hand is grabbed.

Mr. Scott just chuckles nervously as they still don't acknowledge the rumors. "Surely they are just rumors right? No harm in silly rumors." he says, trying to calm things down as he apologizes to the New Atlanteans. "I apologize for his behavior. He'll definitely be suspended for this."

Still, there's more screams of terror outside before suddenly, everything goes eerily quiet.

Oh, this is just getting them nowhere. So Dion hops over to Alex, to get right in his way and be Charming. He tries to look sympathetic, and says "Oh, come on now. Tell us what's going on. Who knows? Maybe we can even help?" Hey, it can't hurt. Maybe he'll get something out of the boy.

James remains perched a moment more, eyes going from one face to another. Then he moves, sliding along toward the door, head dipping once toward Maui. "Hey, open that. There's stuff happening outside." It's a polite request, the boy's head jerking back toward teacher and students. "Something's up." Like he just figured it out.

Maui frowns at James, "Yeah… but… eh, what the hell?" Maui looks at Zack, "Care to move so I can? Might as well see."

"People are dying outside, you fucking fag!" Alex screams at the top of his lungs as Dion tries to charm him! Fate touched mortals. Wah. They can be hurtful. "And we're all going to die unless you fucking asshats let us out of here!" he says, still struggling with his hand grasped by Zack.

Jasmine sighs softly as she points towards the window. "We're all going to die. If the rumors are true, we're all going to die.." There are tears running down her cheeks as outside, there's gruesome sites. The bodies of various students out in the physical education class havebeen mauled. Chunks of flesh missing. Eyeballs gouged out. Blood pooling around their bodies. For those truly perceptive, someof them even start to twitch. Is it rigor mortis setting in or something more sinister?

Dion looks positively put-upon. "I'm the problem? You're teacher looks okay with it." he replies, gesturing towards the adult. Of course, then Jasmine directs their attention outside, where there are body chunks around the campus. "Oh. Shit." He looks towards his fellow Scions, and says "We need to do something." For himself, he pulls out… his wireless microphone.

Hopper tilts his head to the side as he clears his throat. "Uhm….guys." He offers quietly from his position peeking through the blinds. "We are in trouble." He sucks in a breath. "I think we got Zombies…." He offers in his most mortified tone. "Don't worry though. I've seen the movies…I think we can do this. However….panicing." he points to Alex. "Is only going to splinter the group and put you on the fast lane to being killed by them. So…we are currently safe. We need to calm down, barricade and make a plan." He states honestly. "We go out now, and we are going to be killed…."

Zack lets Alex go, and then pushes him back, "Calm the fuck down or you're gonna be one of the ones who's dead." He says, as he looks back at Maui, "Alright." He steps out of the way, but hmms, "So are the zombies just in the school, or are they in the whole town?" He asks, to anyone who may know the answer, "The busses were just outside. If we can get to them, we can get the hell out of here."

"Nobody is going to die." James, however, quickly changes that plan when he takes a glimpse outside. "Nobody else is going to die." One hand reaches to cover his mouth, eyes quickly turning away from some of the worse sights. Eyes flash back toward the rest of the gathered, making a distasteful face at Hopper. "That never works in the movies." Zack, however, seems to have a plan he likes. "Yeah, yeah. Lets get out of here."

Hopper sighs a little. "I've taken the 'Zombie Survival Test' like seven times and survived every time…" He grumbles to himself as he snakes out of his backpack and starts to pull himself away from the windows towards a secure corner of the room before he unzips his backpack and starts piecing together several strange pieces of tubing and tanking. "Long as you got a plan Zack, I'll follow you. But if you are playing fly by the seat of your pants, I really wish we could move a little slower and with a little more reason." the gadget he is assembling starts to look like a cross between a Flash Gordon Style Lazer and a super soaker.

Maui, for his part, blinks a few times, then does something maybe a bit calm… well, not so calm as he rushes for the trash can nearest him. Then bothers to go lean out said trash can and lose his lunch… and breakfast… and probably last night's dinner as well. Wiping his mouth on a piece of paper he also throws away, he looks at the adults and the two students, then at Dion and Hopper before he looks to Zack and James, then back at Dion and Hopper. "… so, what's plan B?" He idly pulls off one of his necklaces, slipping it over his head as he wraps the green stoned beads around his hand. "Speaking of… busses are out front, but what else is there and why's it seem like we're all nuts for thinking this in the first place?"

Dion scowls at his fellows. "Run away? Is that your solution?" He looks positively disgusted. "There's others out there that are going to die if whatever did this isn't stopped. Some of us can't just be cowards about it." Including him, apparently. As for how disgusting it is out there? He could see some, but not that much from where he stands. Chances are the close up view will having him getting very sick.

Jasmine wrinkles her nose as she looks towards Dion and nods as she wipes sometears. She chews on herbottom lipas she hrmms and then looks to Zack. "What about the others? I don't know if it's to the school or the rest of the town, but we'll call my father. He's a detective!" she chirps, scrambling about for some cell reception as she calls 911. Still, all lines are busy. "I can't get through to 911!"

Hopper thinks for a few moments and then clicks a conical barrel on the end of the contraption and then lets it swing from a strap around his neck. He starts to put on his backpack and offers. "Then that means it isn't just the school." He scratches his head. "Office. We go to the office. Clear it of threats. Use the Video system to systematically check classess and areas for survivors. And then the PA to communicate with them. Then we organize. Go get the busses, and evac whom we can…." He looks to Zack for approval.

"Well, see, first you got to get out. Then you got to find out where everyone went. Then you drive away." James takes the time to explain that, peeking back into the hallway once he's regained some composure. "That sounds okay," He decides, head bobbing once toward Hopper. "Long as it isn't too far. Don't want to waste time."

"The longer we stand around here and wait, the more bodies are going to turn into zombies." Zack says, simply, "I want to save people too, but the fact remains that if we stand around here and argue about whether or not we can save people, everybody's going to die anyway, including us." Zack turns back to the locked door, "So we should move. I still think making it to the busses is our best bet. We're no help to anyone if we're dead too."

Giving a sigh, Maui looks from Hopper, to Zack and James, then back to Hopper and Dion, "You have to be kidding me. Those two as well?" Maui sighs, then unwinds the necklace from his hand, "Pull weapons if you got 'em, I take it?" The green necklace separates as it lengthens into a long, double headed chain that he gives a small swing before looping it around his shoulder. "Got mine…" He pauses, looks to James and Zack, "Pele, when all the stuff happened, and talk about it later. Let's just get out of here, please?"

Dion nods to Zack. "We can at least get others out, hopefully." he says, then turns to leave the room as quickly as it can be unlocked. He's all set to leap in, despite that he looks like he's going to get eaten pretty quickly. Chances are, on those zombie survival quizzes he's eaten pretty early on. It's not stopping him from doing what's right.

Hopper gives a nod. "Yeah man, if you know how to Hot wire a bus. You go on ahead. But I think the consensus is assemble survivors if we can, make out escape…." With that he looks around. "Mr. Scott, James, Jazz. We are gonna walk orderly. First, me and my friends are going to peek into the hallway. You are to close and lock the door. Zombies I am assuming do not hear rythms. If you hear shave and a hair cuts, two bits, rapped on the door it is us and it is safe to open. But only then. We will try and communicate with you through the office once we get a better idea of what is going on…." He points to Pele. "I'm more a support and brains sort of guy….so if one of you is a heavy Hitter. I suggest yall open and head out. I'll follow with D." He offers as he pumps the gun.

"… not me. I just bash brains in pretty much. Hard to hit, but not invulnerable or the like." Maui says to Hopper, then shrugs, "Kinda wish I knew more about how mom makes volcanoes go off now."

"There's time to worry about that later." Zack says, "Let's get going." Zack grabs his gloves out of his pocket, and puts them on, and then grabs a fire extinguisher from off the wall. It'll make a good melee weapon in a pinch. At least if Dead Rising has taught him anything, "Open the door."

"Weapons are for girls." James dusts his hands together, fingers flexing in the light. It's hard to tell, but they look thicker than they did a moment ago, his skin rougher. A moment more and his armor has been grown, flesh hardened for his protection. Arm waves back at the class, chiming, "Be back soon. Don't worry." He glances back toward the others, adding, "I'll go first, no problem."

"You.. you're all Scions?!?" That's Alex blinking for a few moments as they open the door. "Don't use your powers! That will only strengthen 'them'!" he says firmly and resolutely.

And already they can hear more groans as there are screams of agony and the sound of flesh being torn asunder by the hungry dead. As Zack opens the door, they can already see that several of the horde nhave started smashing down through a door, taking care of the student smorgasboard inside.

"What do you mean?" Maui rounds on Alex, frowning as he looks at him. "/What/ do these rumors say exactly?"

"Hey!" Zack yells at the zombies as they smash through a door, "Why don't you come try to take a bite out of this!" He realizes that he can probably throw this fire extinguisher hard enough to kill a zombie, so he does just this, aiming to hit whatever the closest undead to him is, "It's time to move!"

Hopper reaches into his back and pulls out his 'sports goggles' and slides them down before turning his hat backwards. "Scion? Pfff. I'm Fictional." he offers with a crooked grin and adjusts his glasses. "Go go go. See if you can keep them from getting through the door." With that, he moves to dart past and train his gun on the nearest zombie. Taking a moment or two to aim properly before pulling the trigger.

That'll certainly bring Dion to a screeching halt. He stares at Alex. "What, what, now?"

The fire extinguisher sails through the air with lethal force, and impacts one of the zombies who had looked up at this new meal that had exited the room. The red cylinder smashes it square in the face, removing it's head with little trouble, and clattering into the ground, where it explodes in a spray of freezing CO2.

James is not content to leave flesh eaters in peace. "Zombies!" With a cry he begins a quick sprint toward the undead, fully intent on interrupting their meal. Right into the tide of bodies he goes, barreling forward with a fist raised high. He'll bring it down at the nearest one, throwing full weight forward behind the strike.

Stepping out, Maui begins to smash zombies alongside James, swinging the end before he lets one fly at the nearest zombie aiming to just cave it's head in with the relic weapon. "James, careful! He just said these things get stronger if we use our powers! Stick to brute strength!"

Dion looks a little less sure that him running out there is a good idea. "What in the world are we supposed to use, then?" he asks as he also runs towards them brandishing his wireless microphone. His hair is going to be *ruined*. He just knows it. "Brute force? Me?" That should be funny. And brief.

Hopper grunts a little bit and and pulls the trigger. There is a momentary hum from the gun like a car revving up. A black bubble appears on the end of the gun and it grows looking a little like black mercury. The sound starts to grow even more and then, THOOOM. The gun shoots a blob of black goo across the hallway and towards one of the zombies to try and hold him tight. "Dion, you got Aerosal Hairspray and a cue-Tip? I can make you a bomb? Or a flame thrower….." He suggest. "But whatever it is, you are on support with me…stay here and help out when you see the opportunity."

"Don't get bitten!" yells Alex as he looks at the various Scions running towards the group. As the Scions are being a rather good distraction, he looks towards Jasmine. "Come on, let's get out of here. The gym is that way, there should be bats and stuff.." and the two NPCs escape with a few of the others, going up towards the roof of the building, where there are no zombies yet.

Zack peers at Hopper a little bit, "So you're Macguyver, then?" He asks, "Come on, we don't have time to play defense here! We need to get moving!" Zack reaches to grab anything else he can find that's loose in the hallway, and then hurls it at another zombie, the same as he did with that fire extinguisher. He wishes he had a grenade..

"Aerosal?? What is this, the seventies?" Dion replies as he swings at one of the things. "And I don't use alcohol-based products. They dry out the skin." Yeah. He'd have to try really, really, really hard to be less gay. "Maybe we can get you to a science lab or something?"

Still swinging away, Maui concentrates on bashing in zombie heads and making sure they aren't getting up. The fact the chain seems to go longer and shorter at will seems to be helping with that. "Come on, zombies, let's dance!" He calls back to Hopper, "Actually, how big of a bomb can you make if we can get everyone out, and you folks feel like digging me out afterwards?"

"This is brute force," James affirms. Punching things is one of the many joys in life, if somewhat lessened by that fact that the things in question are disgusting to punch. Still, James goes at it, head craning back over his shoulder. "Get there guys first," He suggests, turning attention almost immediately back to the task at hand, "Clear the path!"

Dion then shouts towards Zack "We need to find the others! Make one big group! I don't have their numbers!" He's sure Zack does, though.

Hopper shakes his head. "Maybe. But I'd be better used making things once we had a base. But we don't have time." He offers spraying down another zombie to try and bottleneck them at the door to try and save some of the kids inside. "And no." he offers, turning a portion of his attention to Zack. "MacGuyver is like the retarded bastard child of a retarded Mister Wizard next to me…." He looks around for a moment or to. "We save who we can in this room, transfer to Mr. Scotts room and then go downstairs….How many we got left?" he calls as he continues to spray.

They were too late. Everyone was bitten. There's a young girl though, she looks to bea freshman as there'sa chunk of her shouldermissing and she looks to be in terrible pain. "Help me…please.."

Stopping, Maui looks at the others, "Please tell me someone's a healer? Please?" He frowns as he looks at the girl, perhaps looking more than a little perplexed.

Dion shakes his head to Maui. "I can only help plants." he says, looking at the girl and frowning. "And if we can't use our powers, it might just make things worse anyway." Meanwhile, we watching for anything else to swing at.

When bone and body parts eventually stop flying James comes to a halt, taking several short breaths before he leans to examine the girl. His lips press together, glancing backward, replying, "Not me. Anyone else?" He does slide forward, offering to her, "Hey, we're gonna get someone to help you. Just stay calm."

Zack frowns a little bit as he looks at the girl, "She's going to turn." He says, simply, "We need to leave. We have healthy bodies that we have to get out of here." He says, "Have none of you people /ever/ seen a zombie apocolypse movie? I bet the Air Force is already on their way here with a MOAB or a nuke or god knows what else to level this entire region."

Maui shakes his head, then frowns. "… I get the idea… let's go. We have to get moving before she does."

Hopper sighs a little and puts up his hands, as he paces back and forth. "Dude! You are stressin' out my shit right now." he says a little too snappy to Zack. He gives an awkward look that might have been an apology for half a second before he goes back to pacing. "Ok…..We need observation…..Dion you stick with me. James, Maui help her to her feet. Zack. Take point. We are going downstairs. The office will have medical supplies and everything we need to treat her until we know one way or another what is going to happen." You can probably see the gears turning and the smoke billowing from his ears at this point. "Go. Go. Go. Quick like bunnies." He says waving his hands as he paces.

To note….it appears as if Hopper is trying to both adjust to being a leader and dealing with the pressure to keep his mind from screaming in panic….it's less bitchy and more neurotic than one might think.

Dion hates having to leave that girl. He really does. He looks at her, and the look on his face says it pains him to do so. But while he doesn't watch zombie movies he knows that just wouldn't end well. He doesn't argue with Hopper, though. He just nods and watches their backs. Of course, now he has a real chance to look at the carnage around him. Before, he was a little too busy to really look at or think about it. Now though… It's his turn to lose his lunch and anything else still in his stomach. At least he gets to a wastepaper basket, first.

"How 'bout go fuck yourself." James' cranes his head backward, snapping barked words toward Zack at his suggestion. "She doesn't look like a zombie to me." The girl does, however, look like she's missing a shoulder. The best he can manage is to shrug off his jacket, reaching to hand it off to the girl. "Put this on it. We're gonna find some bandages. Guess I'll carry you if you can't move." A gesture toward Hopper after. "You, good idea."

Kneeling down, Maui pulls off dead zombie's clothes, tears them to strips, and begins bandaging the girl's chunk missing shoulder as best as he can. "… so… what's the plan from here? It's obvious we're going to have problems like this all the way out. Shoot, what if it's not just the school right now?"

He can't belive this is happening. Why are people so stupid? Zack grunts in annoyance and looks right at James, "You're fucking retarded." He says, "I hope to god she bites you." He turns and takes point, and heads for the stairs that are going to lead down to the first floor. Idly, he hopes that Gayle and Pei-Pei are okay. But knowing Gayle, those two should be fine.

Hopper sighs a little and looks to James and Maui mouthing the words. "Be careful, please." he eyes having a various serious tone to them before he gestures with a head nod for Dion to start after Zack. As for Hopper, he quickly trots to catch up to the class president and leans over to mutter something to him.

Dion, once he can move from the wastebin, goes to follow Zack. He does look at the others though, concerned.

The shambling dead are wandering aimlessly. The noise has attracted more as there are more screams of agony of various classrooms on the second floor. The poor unfortunate souls of those who followed the instructions and are now food for the zombies. Their screams are bonechilling as there's another young man and a pair of two young girls hand in hand running for their life.

"Candice! We'll make it! I promise." Tiffany says as she lets out a screech as the blonde boy who was holding back the creatures starts to get swarmed by seven zombies.

Then Candice is grabbed and trips, bringing down Tiffany. Her hand grabs onto her BFF as the other three zombies start to pull her apart. "HELP ME!" she screams.

Tiffany starts to panic. Her eyes widen as she yells. "BITCH! Let me go! LET ME GO YOU FUCKING BITCH! I'm not going to die because of you, you stupid cunt!" So much for friendship.

James eventually settles with helping the girl up to ferry her along, regarding Zack out of the corner of an eye. "Your ass is the first to get left behind if anything goes down." He ferries his new friend along with him, chattering now and again, observing. More zombies are around though, and soon he sets his friend aside to go that way. "Back to work."

Zack snorts a bit as Hopper walks up to him, and he turns to look at him, "What, you want me to give some kind of motivational speach about how everything's going to be okay, or about how we'll get through this if we work together as a team?" He turns back around and looks at the group, "You all need to listen to me. And listen to me right now." He says, "This goes for everyone. We /need/ to leave. If we stay in the school, we're sitting ducks. Sacrifices will have to be made in order for us to survive. Some of us won't make it. I'm not going to lie to you and tell you all that everything is going to be okay, that everyone will go home to see their families when this is all over with. I'm going to tell it to you straight."

He pauses for a moment, to look out in the hallway now that they're at the bottom of the stairs, "We've still got another hallway to deal with, then a whole 'nother floor of zombie, and whatever else is outside. So do whatever it is you need to do to prepare yourself, because I'm not gonna die here. And all of you should feel the same way."

"… can we save them without burning the building down?" Maui asks, frowning finally as he stands from helping the lady and turns to begin heading towards the next hallway, bashing any moving zombie heads as he goes. "We need to go. Help who we can, make sure they'll hopefully survive, then go. The more zombies we kill, the more that won't get bit."

Dion might be mostly useless, but he's not entirely useless. Typically, he'd be a real wimp who froze in the face of danger. His parentage has made him a little stronger than that, though. He spots the downed teen eing abandoned by her friend, and races towards her with his microphone wielded like a slub to try to smack the zombies off her.

"Woo! Zombies!" There's someone yelling outside. That much they can hear outside. Anyone who looks wil see Gayle dashing about at ridiculously superpeeds as the noise seems to attract the attention of those outside. She's running in circles, getting the zombies to gather before she heads towards a van that she drives towards the gym. It seems the other group is doing reasonably well, and they have several more people with them! Huzzah!

Meanwhile, there's the bashing of the zombies! Microphones are not that effective against zombies. They are kinda small, but at least, it gets the group of a dozen zombies to focus on easier targets. Mainly the downed two friends. Tiffany scrambles as she's covered in the blood of the zombies and her formerfriends as she looks towards the others. "Please.. helpme.."

Hopper is bright red at this point, a vein appearing in his forehead and body is now pouring with sweat. He isn't good with pressure or new situations. He's good at being smart, not at being a leader…so at this moment his brain is currently frying itself with calculations. He moves to pause, only gesturing for the group to keep going. "All the way to the offices. Look for Keys to any sort of transport…busses are preferable." He's not seeing anything at the moment. He is currently reciting statistics and numbers and trying to deal with the fact he is in a zombie apocolypse….not how he saw this thing going. He moves quickly to help Dion in freeing the girl. "Go go go."

"I will kill every zombie in this school." James makes a somber nod. Then, he goes to do just that. "Start with yoooou!" He's off to help Dion, smashing into anything her can on the way, flailing and sweeping arms out to take out any undead unfortunately enough to be in the general area.

Of course, after his motivational speach…Everybody runs off to just bash zombies. Zack hangs his head and sighs, "Right then." He straightens himself up and dusts himself off, "Maybe we should just head for the Winchester and have ourselves a pint." He decides to just let the others run off and be retarded and hopefully get bitten so he doesn't have to deal with their stupidity anymore.

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