Sparkle Spectre


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Scene Title Sparkle Spectre
Synopsis One scion gets rescued from an angry spectre imbued with the power of light by another scion.

Our heroes meet in a less-than-family-friendly area of Brooklyn, one saves the other from an angry spectre and then they part ways, after some (resisted) flirtation. Perhaps one or both of them have gained a slight increase in fame from this incident. The internet is a magical thing.

It is early in the evening and Enrique is wandering. Having been an interesting day of work he is making his way though the streets of Brooklyn, his briefcase in hand and his other hand tucked into his pocket. He is whistling as he looks around, after all being new to this city one has to find SOME place to go. Spotting a seedy looking bar ahead he smiles as he starts making his way towards it, tipping an imaginary hat to some hooligans who pass him by with a bright confidant smile. Of course the gun he has at his waist might help with some of that confidence but its hardly his only source of it.

No matter where you go or at what time you go there, people will be crowding the sidewalks and cars filling the streets of New York. Horns honk. People yell at each other. Sewage vents steam into the air, letting up some of the nose-pinching stink. Pretty nice for some people.

Voices in the crowd can be heard shouting louder, calling over the usual din. The sound of a speeding motor bike can be heard through some of the shouts. The yelling grows louder and closer but is still unintelligible for the bulk of people, and they generally ignore it.

Two shots ring out. The crowd scatters.

"I SAID GET OUT OF THE WAY YOU STUPID GITS!" A female, British voice shouts over the crowd. She cuts through a group of scattering people on what looks to be a vespa motor bike, brandishing a heavy, silver-lined revolver and wearing a thick golden necklace draped over her shoulders. She's chasing after something floating through the air: a large glass object filled with splintered rainbow light. As she rides through the clearer sidewalks she squeezes off a few more shots, erupting from the end of her gun with a silver flash of light. She's not connecting with any of them. Not a subtle woman, it seems.

Enrique raises his brow as he spots the woman and the object coming towards him and he quickly opens his suitcase, pulling out what looks like a wooden stick with feathers on the end of it. Slaming the case shut he tries for his gun, whatever the hell this was its not gonna take him down. "You heard the girl…get the fuck out of the way!" he calls out to the hooligans as he presses his back to the wall.

As the glittering glass floats down the street (at about thirty miles an hour, though it takes a lumbering route as it travels) it seems to be getting brighter, swelling with luminous energy. It suddenly stops in its tracks and angles down towards the motor bike the woman is riding. The light inside combines to create a pure, white light, which suddenly shoots out in a fine line, cutting through the front tire of of her bike, causing it to burst instantly. She tries to keep it steady, but when it rolls over a grate the rim wedges into place, causing the woman to tumble forward. She rolls out of her fall and retreats into a side alley, running on a pair of flat business shoes with a skuff-skuff-skuff.

The piece of glass seems empty of light and hovers in air for a moment. It looks like a lens. And maybe it's just a streetlamp reflecting off of it, but it might be filling up with light again.

Enrique narrows his eyes as it cuts through the bike and he aims his gun towards the ball, looking around before he himself takes off quickly towards the side alley himself, looking for a place to offer SOME sort of cover. After all mom hasn't really taught him how to tell which of the weird things to support. "Hey! You. Girl chasing the glowing ball. What is that thing and should I shoot at it?"

"Yeah." She drops the cylinder out of her revolver and lets the casings tumble out. She fishes out a moon clip from inside her suit jacket. "It's possessed by some kind of specter. Light-powered." She snaps the cylinder of her gun back into place after cramming her clip into it. "Good choice, really. If you can create light. Possess a lens." She looks Enrique up and down, "Maybe you'll have better luck cleaning up my mess than I will."

Enrique sighs lightly. "Second day in New York and im already shooting people… or things." he says before he whirls around the dumpster and closes an eye before he fires his bone white gun straight at the glass, shattering it with a shot. "Heh… somehow I thought that wouldn't work."

Halima keeps her big revolver hefted up as she follows Enrique out to watch his shot. "Well, it was just glass…" she says. "I'll tell you when we've finished this mess but…" she levels her gun at the fragments of shattered glass piled on the ground. Just more litter, right? Wrong!

The light inside the fragments grows brighter, but as it reaches a point of intense brightness equal to the flash that blew out Halima's front tire, a flash erupts from each of the pieces, as if each piece was a flash in a camera. As the flash fades, a woman appears, as if she were created from the burst of light.

She's all rags and bones, tangled hair and tattered skin. Flickering inside her chest is a miniature disco of rainbow lights, and her bones seem to glow with fluorescent light, flickering like the tubes above an office in a brownout. She's white all over, softly radiant in 'flesh' and clothes. Her eyes sparkle with malice.

Enrique blinks as the woman just appears out of the glass, and its not hard for him to figure out her intentions from the look in her eye. Putting his hand on his chest he smiles at her and gives the strange hag a wink, catching her eyes with a bright and cheerful leer. "Hey chica, cast a little look my way eh? Looking good baby..looking real good." He says as he tries to use his flirting and appearance to root this creature in place. "Oh yeah baby. I would hit that… you know what I mean? HIT THAT?" he says between clenched teeth with a small gesture of his head. Hopefully his new friend doesn't get lost in the confusion and takes the opportunity to shoot. He does his best to hold the creature with the power of his leer, his mom was said to be able to inspire priest to distraction with but a glance, hopefully he has enough of her ability that he can mentally hold her down so his friend gets a shot.

Halima gives a strange stare to Enrique when he "calls out" the specter. She takes a moment to look between the two, but seems to draw the conclusion that he's got her in some kind of hypnagogic trance. So she holds up her revolver and takes aim, leveling the barrel at the woman's chest. "Just keep her eyes on you, mate. Hopefully ghosts don't get along with bullets…"

A few seconds later she squeezes off a round with a thundering boom and argent flash. No smoke flows out from her gun, just a bright silver light. The bullet tears through the woman's ribcage, tearing a hole in her torso, which starts "leaking" its rainbow light.

And as if brought out of a reverie by a loud noise, the ghostly woman floats back, not from the shot, but in an apparent means to separate herself further from a man of such strange nature that he could seduce the dead (very suave). She shrieks in fear and floats higher, glowing brighter!

A gaggle of onlookers has started rubbernecking from across the street from behind cars or between window blinds in the buildings across the way.

Enrique curses under his breath as she breaks loose and he turns to run very quickly out of the alley. "Everyone down! This woman is insane! She tried to kill me. " he calls out, hopefully it clears people away rather then attracts them. After all he would HATE his first trial in the city to be his own.

As Enrique runs towards the crowd trying to intimidate them, a burst of blindingly bright white light flares from the ghostly woman floating in the alley. The mortal onlookers, gawking at the display prior, now shield their eyes in shock and quickly duck behind whatever cover they've been using. A few of them scream, some of them think they're blind. They scream about it.

Halima, too, seems to be shielding her eyes. "Hey Rico Suave!" She shouts, "I just got hit with a flashbang over here. Gimmie some cover!" she shouts, as she stumbles behind a dumpster, gun pointed in the general vicinity of the ghostly woman.

Enrique sheilds his eyes retroactivly as he runs out of the alley and makes it just after the flash. "Hija de PUTA" he calls out before he raises the gun and shoots off two shots in her general direction spoting as she crumbles..he is breathing hard and out of breath, gun held out for a moment before he sighs. "Son of a bitch. No blood? Your kidding me."

The ghost woman splatters down into the alley, leaving nothing but a puddle of luminescent ectoplasm.

Halima steps out from behind the dumpster, rubbing at her eyes. "Damn. Moirae must've sent me a cleaner to take care of my mess." Her voice sounds impressed, as she stares at the puddle of goo that's splattered down. Her dazzled eyes squint as she looks up to survey the scene. "This thing gave me a hell of a time." She adds, as she stuffs the revolver back into her suit jacket. "Been chasing after it for hours. Tore the piss out of my lab at Brookhaven." She doesn't seem to be too aware of the crowd that's starting to poke it's head back out. One of them shouts about not being blind, after all. Lucky that.

Enrique blinks lightly as he slides the gun back into his side, he takes the small broom like object in his other hand and quickly slides it into his pocket and makes a show of rubing his eyes. "Hey! Im not blind either!" he calls out, making his voice juuuust a little higher pitched then before and using his full mexican accent. No reason to come out of the closet if you dont have to. He turns to the woman. "Moirae? Never heard of him… I just got off work and was going to the Booty Chest over there. You looked like you needed some help. Hey… I bet you have like some questions for me and I have like…a thousand for you so can we go somewhere that wont get us picked up by the cops for shooting a crazy old woman with a discoball. Or whatever the hell that was?"

"We do need to get our arses outta here, that's true." She adjusts the big gold necklace draped over her shoulders. As twilight fades into night the metal disc hanging from the necklace grows to resemble the moon more and more. "Let me get my bag." She runs out of the alley to collect a big black bag from her motor bike. "It was a specter, by the way." She shouts over her shoulder. Oblivious to the crowd that is staring. One of them has a cellphone camera. Who knows how long he's been recording.

Enrique nods lightly, not really spoting the man with the phone camera. After all, he just took down his first beastie. "And she was definatly a bad guy right? Just making sure im on the right side of things here…and oh.. ok. Well thats new. I should have guessed you would be one of those weird people who do weird things." he says softly as he looks around. "Your bike fixible? Or we walking it out?"

"Maybe she was a good person in life. Who knows how long she's been dead. A long enough time to turn evil, maybe." Halima shrugs and starts trying to wedge her bike out of the grate. She grunts and shoves and pushes, but she can't get much traction on her flats. "Maybe you can move it." She grabs the bag from a side compartment, letting the metal door flop open carelessly. "If the bobbies give us any problems you can just do that staredown thing and I'll bash them over the head with the butt of my shooter."

Enrique gives a small laugh. "Um yeah no. See…I work WITH the cops. So I have no desire to work that way." he says as he frowns and walks over to where the woman died. "May your sins be forgiven by your death, may you find rest from your sins." he says before he walks over and takes the bike. "Ok..lets take your bike and get out of here fast. If the police come no head butting. I will talk them out of it."

"If you say so, boss man." She straightens and adjusts her necklace again. "Now then, we need to vacate or things are going to get weird around here, in more ways than one. Let's go." She starts off down the street, not giving the onlookers the attention they might secretly want when they snap photos and start dialing their friends to tell them about the crazy shit they just saw in the big city. Is every day in New York like this?

Enrique likewise does his best to just walk with her, trying to avoid attention which is not QUITE so easy for someone like him, whistling lightly as he does walk and wheels the bike along. "Where we going bike lady?"

"We're going somewhere where there isn't a crowd. Know any local libraries? Maybe a fabric shop? Dentist's office?" She runs a hand through her short brown hair. "Basically we need to not be seen or else strange things start to happen." Speaking of. A woman in the crowd squeals out, presumably to Enrique, "I LOVE YOU!"

"Like that." Halima adds. "Unless your girlfriend was watching."

Enrique blinks lightly. "I um… yeah I dont know her." he says before he bites his lip. "She isn't bad though… not bad at all." he says with a small smirk before he looks back to her. "I say we walk…for like a good half hour THEN look for someplace. Cause crowds can follow too. You could always take me to your house." he asks with a small mischivious smirk.

"My house is in Queens. That's a long walk. That's a long ride on the metro. Not sure if you would be into it. Unless you like mummies." She turns to the woman and shouts, "He taken, bitch, get yo' own man!" in a very convincing Brooklyn accent. She even gives a mean glare for emphasis. The girl follows along, despite this, at the head of the gawking crowd.

"So anyway. What brings you to the city?" the Persian woman slips into casual conversation as if this was what happens after killing ghost chicks. "I don't think the Fates just sent you to me on slick, suave wings to solve that one problem."

Enrique gives a small smile. "Law a job here. Then weird shit started hapening. Culminating in this. Mummies eh? You know im not sure if thats you flirting with me or trying to scare me off." he says with a grin before he turns back to look. "The crowd…is following us. Heh. Well that sucks. So…you have mummies and you fight specters. You a ghostbuster or something else? Not really sure the level of weird thats normal for this place."

"What are you shy?" She holds up the disc dangling from her necklace, it's a very convincing replica of the moon, now, even down to the phase. "You got something like this too. Someone gave it to you. Your mother or your father." She drops the necklace and points over her shoulder to the crowd with a thumb, "They're in awe of us. That girl's probably got eyes for you now because of how you stared down that specter. Speaking of." She raises a finger, "I owe you an explanation, don't I? Did your mummy just drop you into the world without telling you anything?"

Enrique chuckles. "I thought it was just cause I was so rougeishly handsome." he says with a smirk before he sighs. "And yes, shy as a little schoolboy on his first day. Aparently weird people keep getting shot. I like being weird. Don't like being shot. And mommy told me some stuff. Not enough but well… she likes to listen more anyways." he says before he takes a breath. "So.. now to figure out. should I just give her one of my numbers?"

"Probably not a good idea." The crowd starts to slowly dissipate. The woman is still leading a few people, keeping a distance of about ten meters. "I mean unless you wanna shag her, you know, if you want to give mum a grandkid. But yeah, welcome to a crazy arse life. You think being the kid of a god is gonna make things easy?" She pats her necklace again, "Toys like this aren't just bling for street cred. This is the real deal. Gods. Monsters. A war without end. You and I are just bit players, though."

Enrique raises his brow at her. "Shag…shag… I LIKE that word. Its not as dirty but still gets the general point across. And hey im not a bastard, I would use protection. Well I am a bastard." he says looking off to the side, gesturing widely as he speak. "But the point stands. Besides which, I figured I was a bit player when I found out Gods were playing. Im just here to do my part and part of that is protecting the rest of you idiots so you can do what needs doing. And I can't do that if people figure out im one of you."

"Well, unfortunately, we don't get much of a choice in those parts. That girl." Halima thumbs over her shoulder again, "Is an example of what happens when we use our inheritance in view of the public. And there's a reason I went down this street instead of the one next to it. And not just because that specter chose this street." She pauses to reconsider, "Well, I did because the specter chose this street. But why did the specter choose this street? The street with you in it?" She stops and turns to look at the crowd again, pointing at the group of mortals in general, "Oh, you might want to snatch all those cellphones… Each one of those is a potential facebook meme, or a youtube sensation…"

Enrique winces lightly before he looks back. "Wouldn't that just get more of them following us if I convinced them to hand me their cellphones?" he asks softly before he sighs. "You have any way of wiping out a bunch of cellphone camera's?"

"Wouldn't that just make things worse?" She turns around and starts walking again, grinning. "Think about it, mate. If you got that girl to fall for you just staring down an angry old ghost that made a deal with a Titan, not even a real spawn of a Titan, just a deal-maker, what would happen if I wiped out all the cellies in a block's radius?" She folds her hands behind her back and starts walking a little faster, "I just try to keep from making life worse."

Enrique gives a small sigh before he shrugs. "Well… dam. Alright then… gimme a moment. Come here." he says with a smile to the woman as he gestures her over, only her, when she gets there he leans down to whisper something into her ear then gives her a wink and digs through his pocket to hand her a peice of paper with his number on it.

At this offer, the girl nods vigorously and starts to beg, cajole (and sometimes snatch desperately) at the crowd for their cellphones. And if she can't get them, she starts to beg them to delete the videos and photos they took. The crowd starts to back off, distracted by the lovestruck woman harassing them. Halima seems amused.

"Or you can find creative work-arounds. As long as she doesn't get arrested and profiled by the bobbies or a reporter you'll probably mitigate some of the fame you get from this. But Fate is impossible to resist in the end, even the gods fear fate. Remember that, Khaibit-Charmer."

Enrique chuckles. "Khaibit-Charmer? I dont know what it means but I like it. And if she gets profiled then when she calls me I can help get her off. After all the poor woman was confused by whatever it was that caused that flash. In her panic she reacted strangely and manicly. When she spoke to me I offered to get her help and told her she shouldn't make a fool of herself in front of all these people. Sadly that drove her over the edge and she sought to destroy the proof of her shame and fealing so bad for her, I will represent her for free." he says confidently in his rich flowing voice. "I hope she takes me up on the offer…she is cute. There is no chance that if you do something I will run around shouting my love for you is there?"

"Khaibit is the shadow of the person, not exactly a ghost. But. The closest equivalent in english to the 'spook' or 'ghost' we just saw. Or at least as far as can be explained to one outside of the umbrella of the Pesedjet. Anyway." Halima brushes a hand through her hair, "I'm afraid it isn't so easy to influence the children of gods. Besides I don't know what would happen if you made me a mum. Might cause some fluster."

Enrique stops for a second. "Again if your sole objection is the fluster from making you a mom im not doing so bad." he says before he frowns. "Pesedjet umbrella? Whoa calm down. Im not that smart." he says with a chuckle before he nods. "So…this was a ghost. Well I hope she found some rest." he says softly before he nods. "Hmm…. well, im seeing a library and im seeing a motel. Either one works for private talking."

"Well I don't want a disease either!" Halima blurts out. The crowd is a distant murmur now. "I'm also a career woman. I didn't get my PhD to get knocked up and put out of work because of a kid. And you think it'd be a good idea to knock me up when I get chased by specters? Of course not…" she keeps talking as she moves towards the library, seemingly having no concern for any points made, or attempts to get in edgewise.

Enrique blinks lightly. "Heeey hey! I have no disease ok? Mom wouldn't do that to me! Not after what she put me through." he says as he walks with her, doing his best to talk and keep up. "And like I said! Condoms chica condoms." he says as he stops and sulks for a moment before…" Hey wait up!"

"Charming. But I have to get back to BNL to clean up the lab that specter tore apart. I don't think anyone will be stealing my bike so just leave it outside," she says, over her shoulder, "I'm gonna check and see if we're on digg or facebook or dailykos. Wanna come?" She sounds excited at the prospect of being internet-famous for killing a ghost. "It'll be fun to see how much damage control you have to run!"

Enrique gives a small chuckle. "Sure why not…your a strange one you know. So…do I get to find out your name or will you be the mysterious girl with the bling?"

"Halima!" She opens the door and walks in, dropping her tone as if she becomes part of the cloying silence that seems to suffuse every library ever. "Now," she of course, draws stares for having a huge, most likely priceless golden necklace draped over her torso, "let's find a computer and check. And I'll send a message to a friend so she can come pick me up."

Enrique gives a small nod. "Ah… I am Enrique..pleased to meet you Halima." he says with a smirk as he looks around and smiles. "Been a while since I been in one of these."

Halima saunters over to a computer and flops down in the chair, "Yeah, I suspected." She says, as she starts tapping away at the computer. "Now, let's see… It hasn't been long enough for a google crawler to get ahold of this. Let's check some citizen news!" She starts clicking and typing with wondrous rapidity, windows open rapidly and she queues up about ten websites in as many seconds. "What do you think our search term should be?"

Enrique blinks lightly. "You suspected my name was Enrique?" he teases her with a smirk before he bites his lip. "I would recomend public flash but that might not get you the website you want. New York, Gunfight…..blinded?"

"No," Halima starts typing in a few search terms in various windows, "I suspected you hadn't been in a library in a while! Now then, I also added ghost and woman." She clicks the search buttons on each window, "Gunfights in New York seem a little too vague to me." A few seconds later the search results are in, "Hmm, nothing, nothing, nothingnothingnothingnothing," she clicks through the frames in each window quickly, "nothingnothingnothingnothing. Something!" She let's out a laugh and clicks, "Someone's facebook page. Hah, look at this." She points to the screen, "We're internet famous, mate." Sure enough, there's a photo album of a handful of low-quality cellphone pictures, each of the spectre, with both of the scions placing bullets in its chest in different pictures. It has about fifty comments already, and was posted about twenty minutes prior.

Enrique gives a small sigh. "Well shit…. how clear do I come out? Think people can tell its me?" he asks with a bite of his lip. "I should wear a luchador mask next time.. at least add some flair to it." he says before he sighs. "There goes my law career. Nobody wants a godchild defending rapist and murderers."

The Persian woman scrolls through a few photos. "Hmmn, it's a bit blurry. This is a cellphone picture album, after all. Poor lighting, no flash. I think you might personally be in the clear. But, then again, you can see my relic. And I'm wearing it now." She smiles to herself. "Guess maybe I should put it away. If you hang around too much we might get caught up in something. I mean, it's bound to happen eventually, the loom of fate will have none of our childish protesting, but there is the chance to delay it through what we choose to do."

Enrique gives a small nod. "Well if Im found out..then its a new game. But I wont give up. Just wanna delay it as much as posible." he says with a smile before he looks around. "So this is where I find girls like you huh? In libraries…with mummies. So.. now that this is done…you wanna go get a smoke?"

"Nope, I'm gonna wait for my friend to come pick me up, stuff my scooter into the boot of her SUV, then head back to Brookhaven to clean up the mess. But I might see you around." She folds her hands behind her head and waits. "The Fates make decisions we can't really influence."

Enrique gives a small nod before he smiles at her. "Im sure I will..even more so with this." he says as he pulls out a card. His business card one presumes. "Call me…if you ever need a lawyer, or someone to help you hunt down a evil thing. Or a shag as you called it. Im up for all three." he says with that bright toothed smile.

Halima takes the card and places it on the desk next to her. "I'll think about it. Keep an eye out for any more pictures. Maybe someone will have a youtube video of you pulling out your staff and killing a spectre with a gunshot." She smiles to herself and sets into the computer, typing fast and going through windows on the screen almost as fast as they appear. "Later, mate."

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