Sophia Zafirah
Portrayed By: Darla Baker
Status: Alive and dorky.
Age: 18
Calling: Hopeful Heroine
Pantheon: Yazata
Divine Parent: Anahita
Significant Other(s): (not) Single, (still) whippin' it good.


Sophia's father dealt in running a gem trading business, and her mother found his ability to cling to wealth and power fascinating. Unfortunately, Anahita was /not/ Sophia's original divine mother. She's a virgin war goddess after all. Instead, after much wheeling and dealing - Anahita sought to adopt the kid as her own and in exchange for a relic with some access to purviews Sophia's original mother lacked, the deal was done. In retrospect, it seems almost like a cosmic joke. The kid was a metaphysical pokemon. Sophia has to hope her mom got a good deal at least.

Given her father's nomadic habits, Sophia was one of *many* kids left in a mansion at the mercy of nannies, teachers and such. She never felt much pressure being one of the middle children and didn't seem like she'd amount to much. She traveled, had many hobbies and a distinct lack of focus. At best she'd be a jack of all trades, dabbling here and there. It was certain that Sophia loved comics and historical sites though, particularly old world sites. The older the better! This was somewhat troubling to Sophia's mother.

Sophia's visitation came over the summer (She'll be starting her senior year of high school this year) shortly after her 18th birthday. Sophia had fallen into a pit at a dig and knocked herself out (Distracted by a particularly awesome pottery shard it seems). Well, what did fate know but mom decided to come calling. After a divine facepalm, Anahita fished her child out of the pit and shook her awake. She came in the form of a wise Persian archaeologist which was way better than the more hilarious idea of a talking pot or something. Sure, screwing with your mortal kids can be fun, but somewhat traumatic. Either way, Sophia eventually came to then promptly passed out after the revelation of who her mom /really/ was. Oh sure, her dad had a roving eye and magically disappearing pants (Use booze to activate! No legend needed!) and that came as no surprise… but the divine part sure as heck was. Anahita figured a younger Scion might be easier to influence, and so she gave Sophia her relics that she might not just up and get stepped on by a Titanspawn. Sophia did manage to escape the golden panties of battle… for now, as even Anahita has a contemplative side and Sophia was encouraged to learn some balance. A divine nudge might give the kid some motivation and purpose. It was somewhat painful to see such a cosmic drifter.

In order to fully facilitate some motivation and change, Anahita decided to throw Sophia in the river as it were - the old sink or swim method. Sophia was booted out of the family home and sent to New York with a trust fund to finally get her out and taking care of herself. That's sort of where this starts, although all the recent news is more than a little troubling.


Sophia is energetic, thoughtful and likes to ask questions to provoke conversation. Unfortunately, she seems to lack focus.


A few folks! Working on this. :D

Events Thus Far

Links to logs with event summary. Woosh!

Character Sheet

Strength 3 Charisma 3 Perception 2
Dexterity 4 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 3
Stamina 4 Appearance 3 Wits 2
Academics 1 Awareness 2 Control 1
Integrity 2 Medicine 2 Presence 1
Art (Comics) 2 Brawl 3 Empathy 2
Investigation 2 Melee 3 Athletics 3
Command 2 Fortitude 2 Larceny 1
Occult 1
Truth's Sting~ 4 Mother's Eye~ 3 Steve (Magic Carpet)~ 5
Assess Health Blessing of Bravery Frost Immunity
Sky's Grace Water Breathing Hukhta - Mental
Humata - Social Uller's Stride
Holy Rampage Know It All Meditative Focus
Self Healing Serpent's Gaze Untouchable Opponent
Epic Attributes
Strength 1 Charisma Perception
Dexterity 2 Manipulation Intelligence 1
Stamina 1 Appearance 1 Wits 1
Conviction 2 Order 2 Endurance 3
Vengeance 2
Legend 3 Legend Points 4
Wounds 0 0 0 Willpower 5
Health 0 -1 -1 -2 -2 -4 I D
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