Sometimes They Come In Boxes


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Scene Title Sometimes They Come In Boxes
Synopsis Wesley throws a concert to attract Scions and Titanspawn, Connor comes out of curiousity, and Pauline because she earlier agreed to. Moth Children come, there is purple blood.

Abandoned Warehouse

It's an abandoned warehouse, there is lots of space!

It's still early in the evening, but that hasn't stopped Wesley from grabbing a random abandoned warehouse in an attempt to start a concert. He's not one for making fliers, but he did write on a piece of paper 'Wesley's freakin' concert!' and made copies, then dumped them off a building. He's standing on a metallic 30x30 stage placed at the very end of the warehouse, with a red electric guitar on his hands, speakers placed at all four points of the building. He has a mic, but he's not singing yet, he's just playing the song Painkiller, and pretty damned well. There's a few people starting to wander in, but it's far from a crowd yet.

Connor was just riding by and stopped at a streetlight when he notices multiple copies of the "concert notice" lying on the sidewalk and street. Idly reading it while he waits for the light to turn green, he looks at the warehouse then checks the time on his cellphone. Shrugging, he turns his bike and parks it nearby then wanders in curiously.

Pauline honestly hadn't expected the concert to happen the next day. It just went to show that if Wesley wanted something, he'd damn well get it pretty fast (unless that something was 'into her pants'). She got the notice pretty much the same way everyone else got that notice and had wandered in with the rest of the crowd. Given how tall she is, it's not that hard to pick her out.

Wesley gets heavy into his speed metal solo, falling to his knees as various people in the audience start to bob their heads, gradually getting into it. Finally he starts singing, very aggressively even if it's not exactly harmonic. "Faster than a bullet, terrifying scream! Enraged and full of anger, he's half man and half machine!" He plays a guitar rift, standing up and kicking a brick into a wall. "Rides the metal monster, breathing smoke and fire, closing in with vengrance soaring hiiiigh!" Finally, he jumps down off the stage, starting to play in with the audience as more people start to enter, not even bothering with the mic, he's just singing very loudly. "He, is, the, painkiller! This, is, the, painkiller!" Followed by a very loud yell, then another solo. He's very into it.

Connor looks a bit bemused as he watches the stage and reaches up to run a hand over his hair. He winces slightly at a couple notes from the guitar or maybe the singing and glances at the door as if he's considering leaving. Must not be his scene but what else did he expect from a warehouse and fliers on the street. Still, he has some time to kill so leans back against the wall near the door so as not to be in direct line of any of the speakers.

His staging was great and so was his playing, but that "singing" wasn't really..singing. Screaming most definitely. It'd been a while since Pauline's heard this song so she really doesn't have much to compare it to. Resolving just to enjoy herself until something goes wrong, she lets out a yell and starts bobbing her head along.

And then the weirdness starts, abandoned boxes starting to rumble, then there's a sudden burst of cotton dust. What results are shirts and various other pieces of clothing, completely ruined by moths, then a gigantic swarm of moths hovering above the stage, going in very fast circles. Obviously something strange is going on, and Wesley stops singing, instead keeping up his incredibly fast guitar playing. "Hey, Pauline!" he calls out, obviously having spotted her from the stage. "I think we hooked something!"

Connor's brows rise but he doesn't move from where he's leaning. "Huh. Interesting special effects. I wonder how they're doing that." he says to himself.

Weirdness does not go unnoticed by Pauline. She was watching out for it a little since she knew the true purpose of this concert. Her immediate reaction is to push her way out of the center of the crowd so she could get her axe out. "That's definitely…uh…/something/." she finishes, semi-lamely, "NOW WHAT?"

"Now this!" Wesley turns his sound all the way up, then performs an incredibly loud guitar riff that causes people to just immediately start scattering out of the building, to, y'know, avoid ear bleedingly loud noise. The moths just seem to get more aggitated though, the swarm breaking off into three smaller swarms, then they glow, forming cream colored humanoid forms, standing four feet off the ground with a light coating of fur. They have gigantic black eyes, like some sort of alien, brown mop cuts with thick antannae that hang from the very top of their fourheads, ending in tiny spheres. They're completely naked, though any gender is covered by the fur.

"We are the Moth Children." they all say in a creepy synchronized tone, their large ornate yellow and brown wings sprouting up from behind. "You've disturbed our feeding on the threads of knowledge, and now we will feed on you." they explain rather calmly, apparently either very confident, or… just very creepy.

"Don't forget, I got the freakin' things in a building, and got everyone out." Wesley says with a nudge to Pauline, then suddenly drops his guitar and charges for the moths. He flips forward, extending one leg, then moves to slam his heel into its head.

Pauline takes a moment to jawdrop. When she recovers she points at one of the moth children, tries to say something, but only babbles incoherantly for the moment. At this point, instinct takes over and she falls back on charging the closest one, swinging her axe in a wide arc from low to high, aiming at the disturbingly humanoid fuzzy chest.

"Oh." Connor sighs. As in oh, those aren't special effects. Oh, more weirdness. Oh, he better do something about it. And more pleasantly, oh, some others are doing something about it too. Cool. Reaching across his body, he seems to grab something then suddenly withdraws a sword from a scabbard on his left hip that is only just noticed. Course, the sword is at least a foot or two longer than the sheath but who's counting. He leaps forward - literally, he leaps - and using both hands, slashes at the moth creature.

Pauline and Wesley's targets burst into a swarm of moths, reappearing directly behind them, but the one Connor attacks takes a great deal of damage, a huge gash appearing across its chest, gushing blood as tiny little damaged wings flutter as if they were trying to escape the wound.

All three moth men soon line up in sync again, the damage not showing visible signs of pain, but obviously not recovering either. "Clearly lesser lifeforms are quick to anger and prone to violence, the decision to feast upon their threads of knowledge was a wise one." All three moths attack Wesley, Connor, and Pauline, flying at them in a very fast charge, their faces becoming monstrous, rows of teeth appearing on rows of teeth like some biological paper shredder, hissing.

Connor isn't quite quick enough to dodge the creature's bite but he just grins at it does little more than scuff his jacket. "Not good enough. And now feast upon the threads of some more steel." Which, incidentally, is giving off a nice, comfortable warmth all around him. Ducking under the pseudo-humanoid's arm, he whirls and brings the two handed sword down at the thing's neck.

Wesley jumps into the air, but just high enough to miss being bitten. "Too slow, alien bastards! I've gotta show off for that hot chick over there!" He thumbs over at Pauline, then suddenly slams a boot down to try and smash its head into the ground.

A growl of annoyance erupts from Pauline's throat as her weapon passes through a swarm of insects rather than the singular monsterous one. "You can't eat that, I'm using those." She scowls, rounding on the creature just as it charges. Moving at speed she didn't know she had in her, she sidesteps the charging mothchild and swings her axe, one handed, in her wake. Just as it passes by the space she had just been standing, the head of the pulaski arcs in, aiming to bury itself at the top of its back.

Slash to the left connects and now Connor brings the sword back up and around to come down from the right. It'll make a nice little X in the thing's back if he hits.

The moth gets completely split in half, bursting into lots of little fluttering mouths, which all explode into purple blood, raining to the ground in a large puddle where it was standing.

"You've killed our brother, now we will feast on your threads of knowledge extra slowly." The moth children say, extra creepily. Their faces become monstrous again, then they fly into the air, trying to go in a complete circle, one attempting to flank Pauline, while the other goes for Connor.

Wesley charges for Pauline's moth, because he doesn't even know who Connor is, but he has a sword, so he must be 'special' like them! "Hey, hot tits! I'm gonna punch this thing's head off!" He holds his right arm out, flexing, hard. The muscle in his arm bursts from his leather jacket, veins bulging, then he just tries to smash it directly into the moth's head.

"You're going to be starving to death at this rate." Connor notes tauntingly as he steps to the side just enough to make the moth-thing miss. Showing off a little, he gives the sword one of those single handed sword twirls before he plants his feet and lifts his sword for another overhead blow.

Failing to move her weapon fast enough, Pauline pivots around in place, tracking the creature as it moves. She does pause when they begin to speak, looking over at Connor, whom she doesn't recognize. Either he's a scion too or he has a lot of guts which, well, could happen. Wesley's voice takes her attention and she whirls on him just in time to avoid the mothchild as it comes at her. "Dangit, don't call me that!" Pauline huffs, reversing the axe and instead trying to hit the Titanspawn with the pick.

Wesley's punch smashes the moth's head from the side, just as Pauline's just rips right through the thing, causing it to burst into another swarm of moths, then promptly burst into a rain of purple blood on the ground. Now there's only one left, Connor's.

"You're going to be starving to death at this rate." Connor notes tauntingly as he steps to the side just enough to make the moth-thing miss. Showing off a little, he gives the sword one of those single handed sword twirls before he plants his feet and lifts his sword for another overhead blow. "Say" he asks, as the sword comes down. "Neither of you has access to a flamethrower do you? I bet they burn well." Not that they're doing badly without it.

"My fight's over, but other so-called Scions keep bitching every time I leave them with a perfectly good fight, so fine." Wesley charges to the moth just as its done reforming after Connor's attack misses, then he just swings his body around, going for a spinning heel kick into the moth's face.

"No flamethrower! I do have some matches but I'm fresh out of aerosol cans!" Pauline calls back almost cheerfully as she spitefully stomps the splatters of purple blood on the ground left over by their opponent and grinds her foot into it. The handle for her axe is turned again and gripped with both hands, the scion following after Wesley though not nearly as fast as him. She considers needling Wesley about jumping into her fight but decides to pass and attempts to behead the final mothchild.

The moth first explodes, causing Wesley to fall right through it and slam to the ground on his ass. But just as the moth reforms, Pauline's axe goes right through its head, exploding in one final burst moths, melting into that purple moth blood.

Connor sheaths his sword without bothering to clean it off. The blade shouldn't fit in there but it does. "Well, that was fun." He doesn't sound sarcastic when he says it. "Moths are a new one to me but that's no longer surprising. I'm Connor."

Pauline trots over to fetch her backpack, which she had discarded when teh fighting had really gotten underway. From it she pulls out a cloth and begins to clean the purple blood from her weapon. "Pauline." she says, glancing up at the new guy.

Wesley jumps down from the stage, grabbing his guitar, then promptly moving to slap Pauline on the ass. "I'm going home, come after me if you wanna have some fun." He offers a dismissive wave back at Connor, simply adding, "Nice sword, later."

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