Sometimes No One is Outed

Scene Title Sometimes No One is Outed
Synopsis Marius, Dee, Simone and Vette meet at the Java House and no one learns anything unusual at all!

Java House - Soho - New York City

Sultry notes of Jazz waft through the air, along with the fine aroma of over fifty different types off coffee. Ranging from the esoteric (and delicious) Jamaican Blue Mountain to the almost mundane flavor of amaretto, the Java House carries them all. The interior, while somewhat drab compared to Starbucks, is almost entirely in neutral earth tones. The Java House is less like a house than a long hallway, one lined with a variety of trendy peices of art.

The noise from all the shoes of the customers in here treading on the hard wood floors sometimes drowns out the music, but it still produces a rhythm all it's own. The vibration from the tunes, and from the many feet walking on the wooden floor, almost fills the room with a subtle buzz, one that only complements the excellent coffee here.

Marius has decided to meet his cousin for a little break and a cup of Joe. The local weather man has found a table in the back and is nursing a steaming mug of something while waiting for Dee's arrival.

The door jingles when it opens and a petite brunette makes her way into the coffee house. Boot heels scraping the floor, Simone walks in with casual confidence and pauses just inside to glance around for a table.

The door swings open and Vette steps in, making a beeline for the ordering area. There's a cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee with her name on it and she intends to collect. She orders the thing with no sugar, no cream, no nothing, just opting for straight black coffee and a little fruit and yogurt cup. Her foot tap tap taps to the jazz as if she's having to hold herself back from further movement.

Dee is just a few minutes late to meet Marius, and she's dressed a little differently than usual. Rather than her riding leathers or other such dark clothes, she's in a yellow tank and capri-length blue pants, and her black satchel's been replaced with a sporty sort of green shoulderbag. She's even wearing nice shoes rather than her boots. She bounces in behind the others, and looks around a moment before waving to Marius.

Marius raises a hand, "Hey cuz….I almost didn't recognize you, you look positively girly."

Simone only half-listens to those around her, moving to place an order as well. Mocha latte, with lots of foam and whipped cream. Vette's tapping feet draw a small smile while she waits, looking around the coffee shop to see if she knows anyone.

The Jamaica coffee machine is out and Vette has to move to the side of the line to wait for her order to brew. "Figures," she says, but she sounds amused rather than upset. She doesn't know anyone at all - a casual glance has told her that - but spotting Simone's smile means Vette gives a rather friendly one of her own.

Dee grins as she heads over towards Marius. She could easily be just another girl on the street. Yup, pay no attention, nice policemen who are looking around the nearby buildings. "Cousin! How are you?" she asks him, looking to be in a very fine mood.

Marius smiles and greets her with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, "Good…what would you like? I am buying."

Stuffing one hand into her coat pocket, a rolled up New York Times in the other, Simone catches the smile and offers a greeting to Vette. "Hi there. I'd introduce myself further, but we're in New York and we're supposed to have our 'game face' on, or something."

Vette laughs and says, "Yes, I got warned against doing it yesterday by a man who was certain the mere act of giving my name was going to get me killed. But you know what? I'm going to do it anyway. Vette Adams, nice to meet you." Realizing the yogurt cup she's holding is in her right hand, she shifts hands and offers her left instead.

Dee returns the hug and kiss, then takes a seat. "The day just gets better and better. Hmm… Something rich and chocolaty, I think. How're you doing?" Her eyes do wander the cafe. Just in case.

Marius smiles, "Pretty well, have a seat and I'll go get you something nice and decadent." He heads up to the line to place an order, smiling at the two young women chatting.

Simone's smile widens and she glances down to accept the offered hand. "Simone Devoir." she replies, turning her wrist over to clasp Vette's left in an inverted grip. The silver charm bracelet jingles softly. "And yeah, I just moved to Manhattan from up the coast, myself."

"What brought you down?" Vette asks, shaking Simone's hand warmly. She snags a little plastic spoon while she's thinking about it, but she keeps her eyes on the other woman. She is forced to step back out of the way as a more impatient and less friendly New Yorker sort of barrels past her, but she doesn't seem at all bothered, just shifting position like a reed in the breeze.

Dee ooohs. "Yes. Something decadent." she says with a grin, then watches him go. Hey, he's nice to look at from both the front and the back.

Marius grins as he looks back and catches dee looking, then places an order, he waits for his own order, and leans on the counter next to Simone and Vette.

Simone watches Vette's face while they talk. "Oh, I'm fresh from finishing my Residency up in Massachusetts. Figured I'd come down to the Big Apple and see what good I could do." The rude patrons are dodged with casual ease, scarcely disrupting the conversation. "What about you?" Marius gets a quick glance when he approaches the counter, as well as a small smile when Simone decides she likes the package as well.

Vette glances up at Marius as well, blinks for a few times because he looks vaguely familiar - then fails to place him. "Residency - oh you're a doctor? That's cool," Vette says. "Me, I've lived in the city all my life actually. I just don't buy in to being typical." She flashes a grin.

Dee then busies herself with touching up a bit of make-up, using the mirror in the compact to watch a uniformed officer look in the window for anyone that might stand out.

Marius smiles at Simone as she glances over, that bright winning tv smile. "Afternoon ladies."

Simone gives Marius a small nod. "Afternoon." she replies, adding. "I'm Simone and this is Vette. We're social nonconformists." Turning back to the taller woman, she reaches out to twirl a finger into the red hair. "With hair like this, you'll have a hard time passing for 'typical' no matter where you go." Pulling her finger out, she leaves a brief semblance of a curl behind.

"Good afternoon, you look familiar," Vette tells Marius. "Oh! There's my coffee. Oh gosh, it looks like they put it out there—when did they put that out there?" She picks that up just in time for Simone to twirl a finger through her hair and she blinks, gives a startled grin, and looks like she's not sure what to say.

Dee closes the compact, then looks over at Marius again. An impish sort of expression comes to her then, and with a grin she calls over "Cousin, I don't mind if you want to pick up attractive women, but could you at least bring me my drink, first?"

Marius chuckles softly, and shakes his head, "They are still working on it" He grins at Dee, then looks at Vetter, "Marius Forest…you might have caught me on the news." He shrugs a little.

Simone looks both pleased and amused for some reason, perhaps at finding her own foamy, whipped cream mess-in-a-cup on the counter as well. Calling over to Dee, she quips back "Hey, give him a chance, will ya' honey?" To Marius, she raises both brows. "On the news? Really? I think I'm going to have to buy a television now."

Vette, though, grins at Dee too. "Their machines are a little slow and broken today," she says. "I'm going to sit down. Oh yeah, you're that weather guy." to Marius. She doesn't sit down far away from the line though, seeming content to keep right on talking. Her foot taps a more complicated rhythm under the table now that she's in a seat.

Dee chuckles, obviously not disappointed that none of them are hideously embarrassed. "Oh, please. Look at him. That was plenty of time." she jokes back towards the trio. "But, I suppose I won't begrudge him a little more. We all have our off days." she teases.

Marius collects Dee's chocholate decadent delight, and then smiles again, "Look if you two gorgeous young ladies are looking for a seat, there is an extra chair or two with us." He grins at Dee, "Maybe I am taking my time, so I can bring an extra one back for you?" He chuckles softly.

Simone raises the cup to sip, coming away with whipped cream on her upper lip. She licks it away, turning from Marius to Vette. "What do you say, Vette? Wanna go and meet the neighbors?" Before the redhead can answer, however, Simone moves in the direction of Dee's table. "So you are the decadent cousin, or just the cousin with decadent tastes?"

Vette does just that, and trails happily along in the wake of the other three, settling down once Simone and Marius have - not wanting to steal a seat anybody else wants, really. She hardly needs the coffee to give herself some energy. She'll let Dee answer Simone rather than butting in with another comment.

There's a laugh from Dee. "Thanks, but you play on your team, and I'll play on mine. you can have them both. You do know what to do with two of them, right?" Despite that they're talking about the two women kind of like they're meat, there's something in Dee's expression and tone that says it's really not the case. Just some joking around. When Simone comes over, she grins and says "I do have some pretty decadent tastes. Why, do you taste decadent?"

Meanwhile, others in the place are watching in an amused manner. It's not a fight, after all. No need to ignore people just bantering. Some are more embarrassed by the subject than others, of course.

Marius settles in opposite Dee, and between the two new friends, "Now cousin, your going to shoot holes in all my fantasies." He grins, "This is Dee by thew way." He slides his coffee over, "And as I said my name is Marius, So what brings you two down, besides Coffee?"

Simone gives Dee a little head-tilt, looking amused more than anything else. "Can't really say, I'm afraid. It's been a while since I've been tasted, Dee." Another sip of her coffee follows. "I'm Simone and this is Vette, in case you missed the formal intros at the counter." Turning a bit towards Marius, she continues. "I just moved into a new place in Manhattan, so that's my excuse. I'll let Vette make one up herself."

"I was at an audition," Vette says, her cheeks coloring just a liiiittle self-consciously at all of this threesome talk. So she just - pretends she never heard it, la! "A dance audition," she clarifies, lest it sound more glamorous than it actually is.

Dee gets her drink, and lets the cup warm her hands as she enjoys the aroma of chocolaty goodness. Sighing happily, she then says to Marius "Really? You still have fantasies you haven't tried?" She winks at him, then replies to Simone with "I am so sorry to hear that. You should give Marius here a taste. I'm willing to take his word for it." She seems aware that Vette is less comfortable with the conversation, and at least doesn't make it worse by adding her to that mix. As it were. "Really? I love to dance. Not in any career kind of way, but I can appreciate the art of moving gracefully."

Marius looks at Simone at Dee's comment, raising an eyebrow, then his eyes move toward Vette…"Sorry…I will keep my mouth shut if this is making you uncomfortable, though I must say that is a beautiful blush you got.

Simone doesn't seem at all embarrassed by the gutter-turn in the conversation, and continues sipping her coffee all the while. Tasting IT as much as the conversation. Vette gets an interested look, and Simone licks her lips once more. "I used to dance, myself. What sort of audition was it?"

"Choreography audition for one of those smaller, more avant guarde productions," Vette says with a smile, grinning at what Dee has to say. "You know, those kinds of things that are supposed to be like, really socially edgy? They - " The phone in her pocket rings and she blinks, startled, as if that doesn't happen often. "Oh - crap. I hate to be rude but I've got to take this. I'll be right back okay? I won't spam you guys with my convo." She holds up a finger, leaves her coffee and yogurt, and jumps up to step outside.

Dee watches Vette run off, then looks back to the others. "Maybe that means her audition went well?" she suggests, then has a sip of her drink. There's a moment spent in her happy place, then she says to Simone "I really like your necklace and bracelet. They're lovely."

Marius watches Vette go and shakes his head, "So I heard you were a Doctor? Settting up a private practice or working at a hospital?

Simone watches Vette dash off, sipping more of her mocha-cream coffee. "Thank you. They were a graduation present from a family friend." she replies to Dee. Marius gets a nod, and she adds. "Yes I am. Just finished my Residency, and thought I'd come down here to see what I can contribute. I haven't set up a practice or started work anywhere yet, but I thought I might do some moonlighting in an E.R. or something."

"I can't imagine that it's hard for a doctor to find work in the city." Dee replies. Especially lately, with all the collateral damage going on." she adds with a roll of her eyes. "Seems like every week these days there's things blowering up or getting shot at."

Marius shakes his head, "So you just came hoping to find work? Very brave of you, I hear many dreams are captured, and shattered in New York City.

Simone laughs softly, shaking her head. "Not hoping to find work, so much as looking to find a place where I can make a difference." she corrects. Looking from one to the other, she asks. "So tell a girl from out of town what's been happening around here lately. Things blowing up and getting shot at?"

Dee replies in a somewhat glib manner, "Oh, you know. All the people showing up who can apparently do all kinds of amazing things. That woman claiming that all the mythological gods exist and that she's the child of one. A dinosaur spotted in Harlem. A girl shooting at people from a rooftop, claiming there are demons among us. Weird, even for New York City." She casually watches Simone's reaction.

Marius nods, "Then there are the crucifictions in time square an Ellis Island."

Simone's brow furrows at the last, but she seems nonplussed by Dee's accounts. Sipping her coffee again, she gives them both a curious look and replies. "So what do -you- believe? Have the gods returned to loose their children upon the world?"

Dee mmms, nodding to Marius. "And that." To Simone, she shrugs. "There's no real proof what's behind it all, is there? It does seem kind of far-fetched to have gods suddenly return and shower the world with their kids though, doesn't it?"

Marius nods, "And to have some many, makes me think that super natural child support needs to be state enforced if they are just wandering the world knocking people up quite as often as it seems they are."

Simone's lashes lower a touch and her lips curl into a knowing smile. "No real proof? And yet there are the incidents you've just mentioned." Looking from one to the other, she adds. "But neither of you have said what -you- believe. Far-fetched or not, an explanation that is 'improbable' is still possible."

Dee chuckles. "Well, no real proof that these people are children of gods. Obviously, there are strange things afoot." Then, "I'm a good Greek girl, so I'm okay with the idea."

Marius shakes his head, "Let's just say as a Midwest boy, I hve doubts, you have to juggle Occams Razor with Doyles Axiom, Cut away the most complicated explanations to find the simplist logical solution, while considering that when you have eliminated the impossible, what ever is left, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

Simone gives a soft laugh, seeming pleased by both answers. Tucking her hair back behind her ear, the crescent moon pendant on her bracelet twirls a little and catches the light. "Seems we have something in common then, Dee. My mother is French, I took her name, but she tells me that my father was Greek. Stuck around long enough to make his donation and then left town, apparently."

Dee laughs quietly, then has another sip of chocolate. "Yeah, that's what my father did, too. Showed up later, and that was interesting. But my mother did a pretty good job with me."

Marius lifts his coffee cup, "To single mothers, mine was a hard workign one who sacrificed everything to give me the life I have."
Simone raises her cup as well. "To single mothers." she agrees. "Though mine was more a debutante; hardly what I'd call 'hard working', I'm afraid." Turning to Dee, she asks. "So was it a problem when your dad returned?"

Dee raises hers as well, sharing the toast. She smiles, replying "Oh, no. He was very helpful. Brought presents and everything. Didn't see him long, but some meetings make a real impact."

Marius nods, and finishes his coffee, leaning back, "So you found a place to stay and everything while you are looking for a job?"

Simone nods slowly to that. "Yes, actually. A nice, cozy place in Midtown. And it sounds like I won't have any problems showing up at an E.R. with my scrubs on some night, so I'm not really going to worry about it." She pauses for a moment, then turns. "So what is it that -you- do, Dee? If you don't mind my asking."

"Me?" Dee replies. "I'm in security." she replies with a perfectly straight face. "It's a freelance sort of life, but then I'm a freelance sort of girl."

Marius leans back and listens to the two talking, closing his eyes and savoring the taste of his coffee.

Simone smiles at that, licking some whipped cream from the rim of her cup. "Freelance security, freelance doctor. It seems Marius is the only one here that is gainfully employed." Her gaze wanders along the other woman's attire, and then she adds. "Funny, but I have a hard time picturing you as a Mall Cop."

Dee chuckles to that. "Well, I'm off duty at the moment." she replies. "And I don't think I'd enjoy gainful employment. I'm just not good at having a boss. Fortunately, my mother was well off enough that she doesn't press the issue."

Simone reaches up to toy with the charm on her bracelet while she talks. "All the same, it's good to have some parental spoiling from time to time. And after my …eclectic… upbringing, I'm not sure I'd know what to do with a stable employment situation."

Grinning, Dee nods. "I'm surprised you didn't consider the Peace Corps or something, then. Since you're looking specifically for doing good. You should look into some of the free clinics in the city, maybe?"

Simone tilts her head at the last, looking interested. "Free clinics? Now that sounds like a perfect match for my calling. Thanks, Dee." she replies. "I never really considered the Peace Corps, though. We have enough problems right here without going overseas to look for them."

Dee nods. "We really do." she agrees. "And New York seems to be kind of a center now, for out of the box problems. Just yesterday, I saw a woman kill three men with one punch each.

Simone makes a wry smile, stirring in the last of her whipped cream with a stir stick. "And yet you don't believe there are children of the gods among us." she replies almost coyly. She sips her coffee, however, leaving the rest unsaid.

Dee grins. "Did I say that? I just said there's no proof. Who knows? Maybe I'm one. I hear they look just like everyone else…" The comment seems to amuse her.

Simone wrinkles her nose at that, her gaze meeting the other woman's. "Yes, who knows? Perhaps we are all children of the gods, and it's the normal humans that are in short supply?" she postulates, not looking away as she sips the last of her coffee.

Marius 's eyes open, "What about you, have you seen any realy proof, Doctor?

Dee hms, considering that. "Well, I don't think the gods have been quite that fertile of late. but there are likely many more than people might expect." she replies, then has a large sip of her drink. She looks curious to hear Simone's reply to Marius.

Simone idly fingers her pendant while she considers her reply. "I can't say that I've personally -seen- anything that constitutes proof, Marius. But I don't have to be able to see bacteria for them to make me sick, either." She pauses, then adds. "I do believe it's possible that there are supernatural beings in our midst, for whatever it's worth."

Marius says, "So it just takes a little faith?" He smiles softly, "And who is to say they are really gods, not aliens, or some biological accident of nature, evolution, or nuclear smog?"

Dee smiles as she listens to the pair, taking a few moments to enjoy the remains of her drink.

Simone smiles softly, letting the pendant fall back softly against her bosom. "Yes, I suppose it -does- just take a little faith. Whether they're gods, aliens, or some sort of mutation, you -do- believe they exist."

Marius says, "I believe that any rumors and myths, and legends have to have some kernal of truth, or they wouldn't exist. Tell me about your beliefs, if I can?" He smiles the winning smile and leans close to Simone."

Simone sets her empty cup down, toying with the rim now. "I believe there are things in this world that we do not understand, for whatever reason. Whether you call it supernatural, alien, or magic, the effect is all the same. And you're right; each one has a kernel of truth to it. But for me, personally, I believe in the Old Gods. It's the romantic in me."

Marius says, "Your a romantic at heart?" He smiles and glances at Dee, "I guess some people say I am a romantic as well." He looks around, "I am not sure if I beleive in gods, but I believe there are powerful beings we can not begin to understand.""

Dee smiles to Simone's answer. "There's nothing wrong with being a romantic. And yes, there are certainly powerful things out there. At least, though, some of them seem to be trying to protect people. Other things out there seem not nearly so kind."

Simone settles back a bit, looking from one cousin to the other. "It would seem we are kindred spirits in this, then." she declares. "Regardless of the source, the outcome is undeniable. And spreading, apparently. I suppose we should consider ourselves fortunate that there are powerful things looking to help as well."

Marius finishes his coffee and examines the empty cup. Pondering something he looks to Dee. "Well Miss Beautiful Doctor, perhaps I can get your number and we can talk sometime? Swap opinions on Current events?

"Oh, that's subtle." Dee notes with a smile. "Just tell it like it is. She's cute. You want her number. I'm guessing she's okay with that." She nods to Simone then, agreeing "It is very fortunate. Hopefully they will continue to do so."

Simone gives a soft laugh, giving Marius a coy look. "He -is- good, isn't he? How about we -exchange- numbers, then? Both of you, even. Assuming you don't mind as well, Dee."

Marius says, "Now see Dee said she doesn't swing that way, I do think I am still supposed to give her a report on how you taste, to see if it is worth switching sides. If she tastes like Chocolate Covered Strawberries would you reconsider Dee?""

Dee laughs again. "Who can tell what the future will bring. Goodness knows the ancient Greeks were not so picky. But for the moment, I'm not planning to do that sort of swinging. And sure, Simone. We could exchange numbers. Always good to know a doctor, right?"

Simone gives him a wry smile, then flashes Dee another. "And it's always good to have people you can call. Like, when you need a sofa moved to the fournteenth floor." she quips back. "And not to worry, Dee. I don't taste a thing like chocolate covered strawberries."

Marius nods, and rises, "Sounds like a plan." He shares his number with Simone, since Dee already has it and makes sure to catch Simones and write it down.

Dee grins. "Well, I might not be ideal for getting a couch up fourteen floors, but I know some pretty strong people. Just as long as there's pizza involved." She, too, sees to the trading of numbers.

Simone makes the numbers exchange and then looks at her watch. "Well it's been fun meeting you both, and I look forward to seeing you, Marius, on the news tonight. I'll have to start watching the late news before bed, now." Flashing both a smile, she rises and makes for the door, heels clicking on the hardwood.

Marius nods and kisses Dee on the cheek, "Well back to work, take care…this has been an interesting lunch, we should do this agian sometime."

That evening Marius makes his normal news broadcast, taking special effort to say hi to all the young doctors in New York City and how much the city appreciates thier hard work and dedication in this chaotic time.

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