Smith Craftsman
Portrayed By: {$actor}
Status: Active
Age: 25
Calling: Handyman
Pantheon: Dodekatheon
Divine Parent: Hephaestus
Significant Other(s): no


Smith Craftsman was born to Mary Craftsman in West Pennsylvania on December 24, 1984. Nine months before, Mary had been visited by Hephaestus, who resembled her dead husband. Thinking it a dream, she slept with him. When it became obvious that she was pregnant, the fanatically Baptist Mary believed that she had been impregnated by Satan or some other demonic force. Since abortion was against her religion, she went into relative seclusion until the baby was born – deformed and crippled. Now sure more than ever about the demonic origins of the seed, she cut herself off from the outside world completely and raised Smith alone, keeping him in the dirt basement underneath the shed as he got older.

Smith was an extremely brilliant child, despite the lack of stimuli around him, and quickly learned how to get into the shed above. He found all of Mary’s husband’s tools and began whittling toys for himself. When Mary found these, she burned them. This was basically his life until his mother died when he was 12. Smith lived alone in the house for two years, hiding from mailmen, meter-readers, and eventually the police, until he was found by a group of kids. When the police came again, they took him to an orphanage.

On Smith’s sixteenth birthday, his father Hephaestus revealed himself to his son. He told him of his true heritage and gave him two powerful relics: An ever-burning coal from his forge, and the most intricate wristwatch in existence. He told Smith that he was sorry that he could not protect him, but that he too had suffered a similar fate with his mother. In fact, they had a great deal in common. Now however, he would be with him.

Smith escaped a year later and lived on the street. When he turned eighteen, Hephaestus appeared to him again. This time, he brought his son a mighty weapon, jointly forged with Athena. It was to protect Smith and to help Smith protect others. Hephaestus told his son about the war with the Titans, and that a time would come very soon when Smith would have to protect humanity from them. He gave his son his blessing to explore the world and grow, and departed for Olympus. Eventually Smith got the hang of providing for himself, taking on every odd job under the sun that he had his father’s knack for. Since the world was new and unexplored, he never wanted to stay at any one thing for very long.

Seven years passed with intermittent father-son visits. One day, Hephaestus appeared to his son with the message that he was ready to join the fight. He told him to make his way to New York. There, fate would see to it that he was banded with a group of Scions, and that his legend would begin.


Smith is rather shy and extremely intelligent. He highly values others in his life (this being a rarity in times past) and will stand between them and a charging titanspawn without hesitation. He enjoys being a source for others, and babies of all species make him into a 6'4" 290 lb marshmallow. He is wildly inventive and tinkers obsessively.


More to come.

Events Thus Far

Smith's player is learning.

Character Sheet

Strength - 2 Charisma - 2 Perception - 3
Dexterity - 2 Manipulation - 3 Intelligence - 5
Stamina - 5 Appearance - 2 Wits - 3
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