Slyvester "Sly" Guiler
Portrayed By: Alex Winter
Status: Alive Sort of.
Age: Shhhh
Calling: Con Man
Pantheon: Aesir
Divine Parent: Loki
Significant Other(s): Nope


Sly’s a crafty confidence man descended from perhaps the craftiest of all Gods, Loki. Growing up on he mean streets of Chicago and doing whatever he had to do to survive, he has become quite good at what he does (especially since his Visitation) and is almost completely amoral. That said, he’s not so much evil, like Seth or Kane, just selfish and arrogant. He works with the Shinsengumi because Kane’s paying him well to do so.


Chance Half-Brother Shared a couple of shots of whiskey.
Jay Half-Brother Shared a couple of shots of whiskey.
Eric Cousin So he gave him up to a frost giant the first time they met. Yes, they do not like each other. Yes, they try to kill each other, but isnt that what family is for?
Haldor Cousin Big bruiser punched him in the face first time they met.
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