Slimer Hits Central Park


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Scene Title Slimer Hits Central Park
Synopsis Scrivner, Vette, Lin and Dee discover that being a Hero isn't always glorious or hygienic.

Central Park

The famed Central Park, an area that at times, has come to be known as the oasis of NYC. One of the great pleasures New Yorkers and tourists enjoy is getting away from it all inside Central Park. Stretching 51 blocks between 59th and 110th streets, this 843 acre, green rectangle has served its city well since 1859. From famous statues to castles, there is so much to see within this pastoral landmark. One of the more famous stops is The Dairy, built in 1870 as a milk bar, it now serves as the main Visitor Center. There is also the posh Tavern on the Green restaurant nearby. On the more romantic side of the park, Hansom Cabs can be found lined up across from the Plaza Hotel at 59th Street and Fifth Avenue, offering a romantic journey through the park. To the north lies a large, fenced-in body of water. with walking and jogging trails offered along the perimeter path.

Ten o'clock p.m. in Central Park. Rufus Scrivner should be in bed right about now. In about ten hours, he has to be looking fresh and presentable for a case in court, but right now? Right now he's skulking about Central Park with his sword on his back and a casual set of clothes - casual being khaki slacks and a button-down shirt of navy blue. The short sleeves show off a bronze torque around his left bicep. Eyes narrowed, he walks the paths and ventures off of them into the trees, muttering, "I thought I heard a scream over in this direction. I'm sure of it." He would so rather be home, but about an hour ago he saw someone run by, screaming about a devil that attacked her dog and killed it. So he's been hunting.

Vette follows behind him, like the worst hunting partner ever until things start hitting the fan. Up until that point she's not exactly the Queen o' Alertness, now is she? No, no she's not. But she can follow Rufus well enough and be back up and support whenever he finds something. Ok, so she can sometimes fail to notice /explosions/. So what?

Stepping up from the nearby Subway, Lin looks crosses over towards the park. He looks around as he searches for what could have possibly been a Spectre. He swears it is there, always out of the corner of his eyes. He follows the path as he moves into the park and stops, thinking of hearing something, heading in the direction of the sound.

It's oh so quiet. Shhh. Shhhhhhh. It's oh so still. Shhh. Shhhhh. Scrivner turns his head at another sound, narrowing his eyes. It's a crackling in the brushes. There's a trail of blood that splatters across a pavement not far at all from Lin, leading - coincidentally - to that same clump of bushes where Scrivner is staring. The tall, blonde man is easily visible from over it, where something is rustling and munching away. "There," Rufus murmurs, touching Vette's arm. "Did you see that?"

Vette looks all around before settling on the bushes. "It's a bush," Vette says, blinkuing at it. "I'm not sure how even I could miss that—actually don't answer that." Le sigh!

Lin squints as he watches the blood hitting the pavement from the nearby bush. "Ooooh crap." He mutters and reaches into his jacket, pulling his pistol. He carefully makes his way towards the foliage, pausing before going in.

Scrivner creeps slowly towards the bush, giving Yvette a long-suffering look. "Just stay back," he quietly tells her. And then he pulls his sword free of its sheath, the blade singing along the metal casing tucked inside of the black nylon. It's round about then that he takes note of Lin approaching his bush, and frowning, he calls out, "Sir, don't come any closer. Let me deal with this."

Of course, that's right around the time the /thing/ inside chucks this bloody dog leg right up at his face, causing Scrivner to instinctively duck out of the way. Bloodied, white curly fur - it used to be a poodle - goes soaring right past him. And the thing that looks like the bastard love child of Gollum and a snail goes darting out, intent on shooting between Lin's legs.

Vette likes poodles.

"You…son of a…god knows what, you ate a poodle!" She goes running after the thing, snarling. She at least noticed the bloodied poodle leg. She also notices someone is between her and this /thing/ she's intent on tackling so she does try to veer wide of him.

Combination Snail and Gollum. Yeah. Lin brings a leg back to just kick the thing back; at the moment ignoring the man's request. He looks up at the woman who comes running sluggy thing. He tries to avoid her too and starts to wobble. Being on one foot, it can be hard to get your balance. "Whoa! Watch out!"

Dee has arrived.

Holy freaking crap OMGWTFBBQ. This little imp - it's roughly the size of a soccer ball and resembles the bastard love child of Gollum and a snail - goes darting away, quick on its feet despite its small size. Biiiiiig, round eyes like green tennis balls are wide as can be, and it turns its ugly, bald, slimy head to bare crooked, yellow teeth at Vette. It's quick. She's quicker. It falls beneath her tackle and promptly defends itself with a foetid, /reeking/ stream of diarrhoea shooting out of its back end that looks like pea green soup studded with chunks of corn…. but really is not.

"Vette!" Rufus calls out. "No, shit!" And he leaps /over/ the bush in which the thing had been hiding with its half-eaten poodle carcass. Sword in hand, he goes running after Vette, intent on pushing past Lin. "Vette, get away from it!"

And as for the rest of the scene? Central Park, around ten o'clock at night. There's a hysterical woman somewhere out there, running around looking for a cop to report that /something,/ some wild beast, attacked her poodle and made off with it.

"Oh my god it /freaking slimed me!/" Vette cries, letting it go. She staggers back, looking ready to /vomit/. "EW. Rufus, it killed a poodle and it /slimed me/." She staggers back, trying to flick all that crap off her and not vomit /herself/.

Lin quickly is able to get his foot back down and reestablish his balance. He blows out a breath. Falling on the ground would not help with his image. He lifts up his eyebrows as the sluggo leaves his crap trail. He looks up to the heavens. "OH COME ON!" He stops for a second. "Oh wait," He looks to the ground. "DAD! Come on!" He moves to girl and offers his hand since the guy already is after it with a sword.

Man. Sometimes it's really good to miss the action. What Dee's doing in the park this evening is something she's not planning to share, but there she is. The commotion caught her attention, of course, though when she sees what's going on there's an expression on her face that suggests maybe she'll just let the heroes already on the scene handle it. Cause, ew. "Wow." she calls to the others then. "That looks like so much fun…" Really, it doesn't look like something to panic over, though she's in the air immediately to try to track and follow after the icky little thing."

Oh yes. It shall be his. It /shall/ be his. Rufus snarls as he lifts his sword on high, leaping after the filthy little imp thing. It falls on its back and looks up at him as if it were suddenly helpless, like a deer caught in headlights. And about one nanosecond too late does Rufus realise something's wrong.

Yep. It shoots projectile liquid crap up at his face, and in order to not puke up his guts or fall prey to some nasty disease, he whirls away from it and chokes, gagging on the stench. "Oh dear God, what the bloody mother fu—-" …. Yeah, he starts swearing like no one's ever heard him swear before.

Of course, it leaves Lin with a /brilliant/ shot, because the Imp is fixated on Rufus and Vette than him.

Vette lets Lin help her but she isn't going after the thing. She has an almost comical look of disgust and distraction on her face. She presses her hand against the tree and says, "Freaking…dog murderer….auuuuuuuuuuugh."

Wow. It made Rufus behave in an ungentlemanly fashion. That's pretty impressive. Enough so that Dee's eyebrows shoot upwards. Not that she's going to let the feat of swearing stop her from trying to stop the thing causing all that trouble, and to that end she slips a throwing knife from her ever-present satchel. The others will have their chance to destroy it first though, of course.

Lin helps the girl up with a hand, just shaking his head. "Disgusting isn't it." He says with her auuugh. He sighs as the guy goes flying off with crap in his face. "Oh that is it." He says, bringing his pistol up and just shooting the thing. BLAM!

Blam indeed. The thing /splatters/ like an overripe watermelon being hit with a sledgehammer by a balding, crazy-haired man with a mustache. Its leg twitches once before it goes very still. Rufus leans over and rests his hands on his knees, tugging up his short-sleeved, navy blue shirt to wipe off his face. He's still swearing and spitting beneath his breath, and after drawing in a deep breath, he looks up at Dee to sourly frown. "I assure you, Miss Floros," he drily states. "It was /not/ fun." Then he turns his gaze to the man with the gun, looking him over more closely.

Vette is grabbing leaves and scrubbing them all over her body—desperate to get that /muck/ off herself. She even finds a mud puddle. And that's preferable. She scrubs more, looking really really sick. "Hey Dee," she greets, a little inanely.

Lin grimaces as the thing explodes. "It even dies messily. Ugh!" He sighs and puts away the weapon before looking to the girl and guy. "I think everything is okay now. You can take the young lady home?" He offers before looking over. "Oh, hey Dee." He greets.

Dee replies to Rufus "Yeah, it didn't look like much fun. Are you all alright? I mean, besides all the, well, ick?" she asks the three. She doesn't get too close though, in case some of it accidently ends up flying off in her direction. "Anyone fr a swim?"

"I'm fine, thank you. A swim, a bath, a dip in boiling water, all of those sound /bloody brilliant/ right about now, Miss Floros," Rufus rasps. He glances over his shoulder at the man, then up at Dee. "You two know each other? Smashing…" His nose crinkles, and struggling not to heave, he turns away to throw up a little into his mouth. Ugh.

"Where? Where for a swim?" Vette demands, looking all around rather /desperately/. She's thrown up in /her/ mouth about eight times now. She looks at Dee, suddenly wistful. Why is it all her cousins are sexier than her? Neither Dee nor Simone would ever get covered in stinking crap or whate—no don't think about that.

Dee doesn't really watch the three of them, because they're disgusting. They don't smell so good, either. "There's the reservoir?" she suggests. "Or, of course, the Hudson. It'd be a serious step up from that." A disturbing thought, isn't it. She glances towards Lin then, and nods. "We've met. Spoken a few times." There's a edge of amusement to her voice despite the disgustingness of the scene, given her conversation earlier with Rufus.

Finally, Rufus just pulls off his shirt, baring his chest and the bronze torque he wears around his left bicep. He spits on the ground, and most of the poo's off… but some of it's smeared across his face and drying unpleasantly. Sticky. Gross. Disgusting. "Where's the resevoir from here?" he asks.

Vette doesn't have that option really, so she just stands there looking miserable. One would think she'd lived in the city long enough to know where the damned resevoir is from here, but—she never…paid…attention.

Dee points in the right direction. "That way. As the crow flies." One thing she's good at, is directions. "It's illegal to swim in it, technically, but I think Officer Lin here will excuse it just the once."

"Huh? What? Excuse what?" Lin says, snapping out of his thoughts. He shakes his head before looking to Dee and then to the couple.

Great, someone else who's just as aware of the world as his lady. Rufus stares at Lin for a moment, then looks back up and around at Dee. "Did you say Officer Lin?" he asks. He wipes his face again, then he offers his somewhat soiled shirt to Vette, in case she'd like it. "God, is there a pond in this park? A pond will do splendidly."

She takes the shirt, and she wipes all over. "Ruufuuuuuuus," she whines, looking ready to just start /running/ for the res. She wants water /NOW/. She doesn't often whine, but.

"Pond, Small Lake, yeah. Still, you probably wouldn't want to swim in that water." Lin comments before adding. "It's Lin Kun. Detective Kun." He says, looking to Dee with a smile.

Dee smiles back to Lin, then notes "Compared to that awful stuff? The reservoir's heaps better than that. The Hudson's better than that…" She repeats to Rufus then, "Water. That way. Need a lift?" She hovers in the air.

"I don't, no, thank you." Rufus holds out his hand to Vette even as he speaks to Dee. "Take us to the closest source of water, if you please, Miss Floros." He glances over his shoulder at Lin, smiling wryly. "You are welcome to join us, of course. I'd rather like to make your acquaintance and thank you for the assistance, as soon as we're both feeling more sociable."

Vette takes the hand and nods vigorously at Dee and Rufus. "Yes please," she says.

Lin chuckles out and just shakes his head. "Well…I guess I can come along, make sure you guys don't get in trouble?" He tries to find an excuse before walking to Dee. "Home, Jeeves." He jokes considering she is flying them.

Dee grins. Seeing as they seem okay with walking, she just takes point in order to ensure they don't get lost on the way to the water. "You guys just made a shit monster explode. How much more trouble are we likely to run into this evening?" she asks Lin, grinning at him.

They don't need to walk. Rufus sweeps Vette up into his arms and after a quick leap, he launches himself up easily into the air with her, waiting for her and Lin to sort themselves out. If they'd rather walk, then… okay! He only looks eager to get cleaned up, and God knows Vette surely is. "How did you come to make the acquaintance of a detective, Miss Floros?" he asks. One eyebrow arches.

Vette has disconnected.

"What? You think there's something odd about me knowing policement?" Dee replies to Rufus with a grin. "I'm shocked, sir. I have the utmost respect for the police. Well, most of them. But I have the utmost respect for the idea of the police." Since three of them are apparently flying, she offers Lin a hand-up to ride with her.

Lin takes Dee's hand, moving in close so she can fly them. "Oooh. So I guess he is one of us too, huh?" He says with a smirk. He pauses and looks at Dee. "Shouldn't you be wearing a cape..wait," he looks down at himself. "I am so not wearing a dress." He jokes.

Lin takes Dee's hand, moving in close so she can fly them. "Oooh. So I guess he is one of us too, huh?" He says with a smirk. He pauses and looks at Dee. "Shouldn't you be wearing a cape..wait," he looks down at himself. "I am so not wearing a dress." He jokes. He looks up to the guy. "Hey, what's wrong with Police?!!"

"Oh, not at all, not at all," Rufus lightly says, but he's giving her a look, one with the faintest of smirks. "Yes, I'm one of you," he says, that smile fading. He turns to look at Lin again, eyeing him curiously, saying, "My father is Tyr, the Norse god of Justice, and my name is Rufus Scrivner. The lady here is Miss Vette Adams."

Dee looks accustomed to carrying others occasionally, and manages it with a minimum of embarrassment for the male cop. "Yes, we're all us." she replies to him with a grin. "And I'm sure you'd look darling in a dress. Maybe a nice red low-cut number." She's still very amused by Rufus' reactions. "He's boggling because you're a cop and I'm a professional thief." Her expression makes it impossible to tell whether she's joking.

"Really? My father is Yan Luo, Lord of the Underworld." He says back to Rufus with a smile. "So very nice to meet you." He laughs out at Dee. "Well, I'm afraid you won't be seeing me wearing that." He says before snapping his head to her. "You. A Professional thief. You?"

He almost drops Vette, but he ends up clutching her harder as he falters in the air. Rufus stares at Dee for a moment like she's gone a little mad, and after a few blinks, he looks at Lin for a second and then back. "Likewise," he says. "A pleasure."

Dee just waits for it, and when Lin and Rufus react she almost falls out of the air laughing. She seriously has trouble focusing enough to fly, she's laughing so hard. After a moment she does have to carefully put Lin down for fear of crashing with him, and then she doubles over.

Dee's expression just screams 'You should see your faces'.

Lin looks to her again, this time as she wobbles in midair. He sighs with relief once they are back on the ground. "What?" He says, looking back and forth before looking back to Dee as she laughs. "I don't think me being a cop is that funny." He says, moving to walk off. Humph.

For a moment or two Rufus hovers in midair, staring at the pair like they're insane. "Right," he says slowly. "I…. am going to go find that water now." He shakes his head a few times, turns, then zooms off. "Thank you again, Detective!"

Dee waves her hand back and forth to Lin at his comment, the gesture suggesting that isn't it. It's a few moment longer before she can manage to speak again, then she says "I'm sorry. I just couldn't help myself." Still chuckling, and now wiping the tears from her eyes and face, she explains to Lin "I'm a security consultant. You know, paid to suggest how a thief might get into a place?" Okay, so she's a thief too, but she does have a legit business apart from that. "I just couldn't help it. You're a cop. He's a lawyer. My father's Hermes. It's left me with a bit of a twisted sense of humor." To say the least. "It's straight that way, Rufus." she calls after the retreating son of Tyr. "You can't miss it."

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