Skysurfer and the Irish Lass
Skysurfer and the Irish Lass
Participants Kaylee, Shou

Kaylee absently rubs the torc that encircles her neck as she walks along the street in Coney Island. She breathes in the smell of funnel cakes and cotton candy. She lightly swings her violin case as she goes, but her gaze is more wary than it should be. Strange things are afoot, and she's one of the strange things.

If everybody had a notion across the U.S.A., then everybody'd be surfing, like California-yay. You see'em wearing their baggies, huarachi sandals, too; a bushy-bushy blonde hair-do… surfin' U.S.A! In the horizon along the water, a shape becomes quite visible. It's coming towards the island with the alacrity of a speedboat and none of the bounce.

And here comes the strange. A few people in the crowd spot the shape on the horizon. One joker mumbles something about Cloverfield. In any case, the murmurs grow larger and greater, the pointing more frequent. Kaylee gets an eyeful as well. "Oh my! I hope this isn't…what's a Cloverfield?" She shakes her head, then watches, wary.

It isn't Cloverfield! It's just a guy, surfing on… still waters. That's kind of weird, isn't it? It's not as weird as Cloverfield, but it's still weird. His surfboard shines in the afternoon sun, reflecting harsh rays off its silver surface. He's got a backpack hanging from his shoulder, and a wide grin on his face. As he approaches, closer and closer, something leaps out of the water at him. He ducks, and whatever it is snaps its jaw audibly at thin air, splashing into the water again. He's being attacked!

"That doesn't look good," Kaylee mutters. She takes off running towards the beach at full speed, which isn't any faster than a regular mortal. But she means well. And after a few shouted words in Gaelic as she runs across the sand, there is a flash of green light. A bow and arrow appear in her hands, and she is ready for battle.

One of the spectators yells, "Yo, it's the Silver Surfer!" A few people stare at him.

Shou, our young surfing target, is being attacked by what look like elongated, aquatic, miniature komodo dragons, about three feet long each. At irregular intervals, one of them will leap from the water and snap its jaws at the surfer, who has for now managed to avoid being hurt. He starts to weave and glide in a zig-zag motion to get more dodge-mojo out of his movements. As he nears the shore, the creatures leap out more frequently, giving Kaylee more steady targets and a better idea of when they're going to appear, as their attacks become almost rhythmic.

Kaylee realizes that the surfer, silver or not, is not trying to attack the creatures. Instead, it seems to be the reverse. And so, he gets the Good Guy sticker. She nocks an arrow, pulls back her bow, and releases. The first shot goes a little wide, the arrow skipping across the water like a flat stone and sinking. The second shot scores, hitting one of the beasts in the throat.

He raises a brow as blood splatters his cheek from the sudden arrow that pierces one of his attackers' throats. He flashes Kaylee a grin, and turrrrrns his surfboard about. As one of the reptiles leaps out of the water at him, he ducks, and takes a pass with his hand at the other side of his board. As the reptile comes down, it hits solid water. Not liquid. Not ice. Solid /water/. Shou flips his board up, grabs it, and slams the fin into the critter, killing it.

An instant later, surfer and board and creature all sink into the water instantly. Flush!

"No!" Kaylee reacts sadly to the sinking departure of the surfer. She gets to the edge of the water, then goes in, arrow nocked and ready for any sudden leap of a monster.

Yes! No! Wait! Shou comes up from under the water shaking his head, and stands up. It's the beach; the water only reaches his waist. He stands up straight, and pushes his wet hair back, grinning over at Kaylee. "Hey, babe; thanks for the assist!" His surfboard is no where to be seen.

Kaylee almost fires the arrow when the surfer resurfaces. But she manages to hold back just in time. "Whew! I almost though you were gone. Um." She lowers her bow, and with another flash of green light, the weapon disappears. "You…you're not normal."

"Says the girl with the disappearing bow and arrow!" Shou comments with a wink. He cranes his neck around her a little, looking at the crowd. "WHAT. SHOO! YOU'RE RUININ' MY MOJO!" His smile at the on-lookers is vicious, and they slowly start to disperse; either intimidated or just disinterested. New Yorkers can be a jaded bunch.

"I said that wrong," Kaylee admits, glancing away. "I mean, you're not normal like me." She brushes her hands over her skirt. "I guess that's it. I'll see you later? Thank you for the fun time?"

Shou glances back at her and heads for the sand, tipping his head to the side to wring his hair. He steps entirely out of the water, and then flicks his hands twice to either side, making snapping sounds with his fingers. Every droplet of water on his skin flies off him, leaving him completely dry. "So is that all I am to you? A one fight stand?" He grins at her over his shoulder. "You're all wet," he points out.

Kaylee follows, wet and bedraggled with sand. "No! I mean, I guess you were going to go your own way to where you were going. Where are you going?" A pause. "I'm Kaylee and…oh. I'm wet." She blushes.

Shou sidles over to her. He's in sandals, but he manages to make it look smooth anyway. The young scion reaches over and pokes Kaylee on the nose, causing every bit of water to fly off her just as it did him not a few seconds ago. "There you go! And I /am/ where I was going." He lifts his hands up, looking towards the Manhattan skyline: "HEH-LOH NOO YAAAAAWK!"

Kaylee's eyes cross as Shou touches her nose. And they go wide as she gets cleaned up in a very supernatural fashion. She takes a step back in surprise. "I…you didn't have to…thank you." She blinks and stares at him. "I guess you're not from around here," is her statement of the obvious. "What's your name?"

"Y'welcome. And naw, not from around here. Hawaii." Shou licks the inside of his lips and grins at her. "Name's Shou. So really, thanks for the assist. Those thing've been doggin' me since Miami."

"Huh. Hawaii? I'm originally from California." Kaylee is a little more at ease now. "Glad to help out. Miami? What, did you go through the Panama Canal to get here or something?"

"Nah. I have an ex-girlfriend who moved to Miami a few years ago, said I wouldn't amount to anything." Shou grins a wider, charming smile for her. "I had to rub the whole 'my daddy is a god' thing in her face."

Kaylee slowly shakes her head. "That's not going to end up well," she says softly. "But, I'm not one to judge. Who /is/ your daddy, if I may ask?" She keeps walking along with him, trying to ignore the stares of any remaining human gawkers.

Shou is already /so over/ the human gawkers. "Susano-O, god of storms. Well. He's the god back in Japan, anyway." Shou winks at her. "What about you? Greek?" He raises a brow. "Norse?"

Kaylee slowly nods, taking all the information in. "No, Tuatha de Danaan. Celtic gods. My father's name is Dian Cecht." She wrinkles her nose. "Susano-O. Not to be disrespectful, but what's with the extra O?"

"Huh. Never heard'a them." Because Shou is mostly stupid when it comes to mysticism. He shrugs at the question, not taking any offense on his father's behalf, apparently. "I don't know. I guess he thought the name Susano was still too girly so he stitched on an extra O? Beats me."

Kaylee shrugs, not expecting him, or anyone, to know about her divine family. "Hawaii. Japan. I guess that makes sense. More sense than California and Ireland." Another shrug as they walk along. "I'm not really good with this talking thing. Plants I can talk to. People…" Yet another shrug. She finds her violin case, where she put it down, and picks it back up.

"You shouldn't gotta talk to people," Shou says with a wicked smile. "You're pretty 'nough that people should be comin' over to talk to /you/."

Kaylee lowers her head and blushes some more. "Thank you. But, mind if I ask why you're here? Is it because of all the strange stuff happening?"

"I have /no idea/." Shou shrugs, hands in his pockets. "I went back home after meeting my dad in Japan? And then one day, I woke up and said: 'I gotta be in New York'. Don't know why. Just one of those /feelings/. I guess it's part of being what we are. Fuck it, I don't know." He grins at her. "But you're the best welcome I've ever gotten in a new place."

"That's pretty much the same reason I'm here. I had to kill a monster at my Senior Prom, and then my dad sent me to New York," Kaylee says awkwardly. "I get to go to college and work at a flower shop, I just have to kill monsters and save people." She lowers her voice. "It's fun, but I don't know if it's good to admit that."

"You don't kn- are you serious?" Shou grins at her. "Girl, you kill /monsters/," he nudges her with his elbow and laughs. "Of /course/ it's going to be fun. Who is this dad of yours that's got you all shy and stuff about your calling?"

Kaylee abruptly stops. "There's…there's a reason," she says softly. "But it's personal."

Shou stops, too. He has his hands in his pockets, but he pulls them out with a thin scrunchy in one of them. He pulls his hair back and asks, "Oh yeah? Too personal to tell your new bestest best friend?" He grins at her.

Kaylee is obviously charmed by Shou, if her gentle smile is any indication. "Okay." Her smile drops. "Dian Cecht had a son, named Miach. He was a Scion too, I guess, or a god. Another god named Nuada lost his hand in a fight, which was bad news because he was King, and a King had to be whole in body. So, he was no longer King. My father made Nuada a hand out of silver which worked really well. And then Miach figured out to make a real flesh and blood hand and fixed Nuada up perfectly, so he could rule again. I guess my dad got mad that his son showed him up. So he killed him."

Shou listens to the whole story, and then lets out a slow and low whistle. He asks, softly, "Can I be honest with you?"

Kaylee rubs her nose. "Sure. I was honest with you, fair's fair."

"Your dad sounds like a total dick," Shou says.

Kaylee startles, a little insulted. She almost looks as if she's about to summon her bow and turn Shou into a pincushion of arrows. And then, she loosens up and laughs. A lot. Tears are streaming down her face as she shakes with merriment.

Shou tips his head a little at the anger in her face, but when she starts to laugh /and/ cry, he gets a bit of an uncomfortable look on his face. Is he supposed to like, hug her, now, or something?

"NOOO! MY BALLOON!" It's not Shou that's crying out. It's a little boy, running along the sand. High above them, a balloon is being pulled away by the sudden updraft of wind that caught the little boy by surprise, wrenching his toy out of his hands. His father, behind him, looks up impotently.

Shou glances up, and then back at Kaylee. "You got this one, or should I?"

Kaylee wipes the tears from her eyes. "Wow, I needed that." When the runaway balloon is discovered, she sighs. "I can't fly."

"So? Don't need to fly." He sidles over to her and wraps his arm around her waist, pulling her tight to him. He leans his forehead against hers, and whispers, like Samurai Jack: "Jump Good!" And then he does. Jump good. With her in tow. Shou jumps higher than she's probably ever been without the aid of stairs, elevator, or an airplane. Up, up, up; until she's face to face with the balloon.

Kaylee lets put a little squeak as she is lifted off the ground by Shou's jump. But she has enough presence of mind to grab the balloon so that it is in her fist when they land. A little breathless, she walks over to the little boy, dropping a curtsey. "Here you go. Hold onto it tight," she says, handing over the balloon.

Both the little boy and his dad stare at Kaylee and Shou, the father bewildered, the boy utterly impressed. "OHMYGODTHATWASSOCOOLDOITAGAIN!" Shou sidles over, grabs Kaylee's hand, and tugs on it. "C'mon, before we attract /more/ attention."

Kaylee gulps, then is easily pulled away by Shou, her violin case bumping against her thigh as they walk away.

Shou grins at her as they walk away, squeezing her hand. "Now tell me you didn't enjoy the look on that kid's face," he argues with a huge grin. "I don't care /who/ your dad is, if you don't enjoy fight monsters like runaway balloons? You're a bad bad person."

"Oh, I like it. I liked the look on his face, it was like when the little kids go to see the Sesame Street characters at the live show. You were Elmo!" Kaylee laughs a little more.

Shou grins at her and raises his brows. He lets her hand go after a moment, clearing his throat. "So /anyway/. There you go. See? Besides, I think the solution is simple: don't make people fleshy hands."

Kaylee sighs. "I guess you're right, Shou. But I /want/ to be the very best I can be. If that means that my dad's going to cut me down…" She shakes her head. "Let's change the subject. That surfboard was something else!"

"I —" but she wants to change the subject. He wrinkles his nose, and nods. "Yeah, gift from my dad." He reaches up, and touches the pendant around his neck. It's in the shape of a surfboard.

Kaylee grins. "That's nice. Real modern too. I don't know what the waves are like here, though. I know they have to be better back home in Cali. And definitely better in Hawaii."

"Yeah," Shou says with a quick nod. "But the great thing about it? I don't need waves to surf with it. I can use the clouds as my waves, ride the edges of a typhoon…" It's clear he feels strongly about this.

Kaylee adds, "Oh, people tell me that winter is nothing to joke about here, so you might want to invest in a parka or something. I'm planning to go shopping soon, if I'm not too broke after buying school books." She blinks. "You can ride a typhoon? Wow."

"I can ride anything I /want/," Shou says with a big ol' grin. "I've heard about the winters here." He shrugs, looking unimpressed and nonchalant. "I can handle it."

"Wow. So, you could ride a tornado? A tsunami?" Kaylee is pretty impressed. "I can shoot arrows and, um…I'm learning how to heal people, and plants." She grins.

"I could! It's pretty awesome. I can ride anything. I mean, mostly I fly, but if I find something awesome to ride, I take that chance, hell yeah." Shou grins a bit at her. "So where do you /live/? This city is /huuuuuge/."

Kaylee rubs her nose, then says, "I go to NYU. I live on campus. Maybe I'll move off campus my junior year, I don't know."

"Yeah? I need to find a place to crash." Shou doesn't look too worried about it. "I could probably just… like… sleep underwater or something. I don't know. I've been doing that for the past few days."

"Underwater?" Kaylee shakes her head. "Those water lizards might come after you again. My roommate spends all her time over at her boyfriend's place, you can stay with me until you can get a place to stay," she says quickly, dorm rules be damned.

"I'm not sure there's any of them left. I've been killing them since Miami, remember?" Shou grins at her. "But naaah. I don't want to impose." He rolls his eyes up, sticking his hands in his pockets, backpack swinging a little. He doesn't want to, but he totally will.

"I insist," Kaylee counters. "It would be bad for me to leave a fellow child of the gods out on the street. Or in your case, out under the water."

Shou purses his lips up at the sky, and then goes: "Okay. But I'll buy dinner!" He winks at her, and offers her his elbow.

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