Sky Boons

The Sky Purview is one of wind and storms and lightning and flight. Its Boons offer a Scion unparalleled freedom and majesty.

Associated With: Frigg, Fuxi, Horus, Izanagi, Lugh, Nezha, Njord, Quetzalcoátl, Raiden, Set, Shango, Susano-o, Thor, Tlaloc, Zeus

1 Sky's Grace
1 Weather Witch
2 Wind's Freedom
3 Storm Augmentation
4 Wind Grapple
4 Divine Threnody
5 Cloud Sculptor
6 Levin Fury
7 Tornado Tamer
8 Create Air
9 Cloud Body
10 Weather Husbandry
11 Avatar of Sky (The Storm)

Sky's Grace

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend
By spending a point of Legend, the Scion takes no damage from falls of any height. Alternatively, the Scion can use that point to double the distance he can jump either straight up or horizontally. If the Scion has the Holy Bound Knack—as well as this Boon, the base distance he can leap doubles, then doubles again if the player spends a point of Legend.

Also, Sky’s Grace can mitigate knockback the character suffers from successful attacks. If an attack knocks the character back, he may spend a point of Legend to stop himself in a sudden gust of wind. The attack still knocks the character back at least one yard, but the character may stop himself at any distance he chooses beyond that.

Weather Witch

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Science
Cost: 1 Legend
By tasting the wind, putting a finger up in the air or testing the feel of her joints, the Scion gains the ability to predict the vagaries of natural weather. Her prediction is good up to a number of days in advance equal to the successes scored by her player on the initial (Intelligence + Science) roll. This doesn’t account for changes introduced by more powerful uses of the Sky Purview or by Titans and titanspawn.

Weather Witch functions for an area up to one mile on a side times the square of the Scion’s Legend — that is, a Hero with a Legend of 1 could predict for an area one mile square, while a God with a Legend of 12 could predict for an area 144 miles on a side (20,736 square miles). The Scion must be able to see the area, although she can perceive it through a camera, television, telescope or other remote means as long as what she’s seeing is current and up-to-date.

Furthermore, while within an area for which she has predicted the weather, the Scion suffers no penalties from natural weather phenomena any less than a hurricane or thunderstorm. High winds and sleeting rain don’t bother her or penalize any of her actions. Lightning strikes can still hurt her, as can heavy objects tossed around by those high winds, as well as supernatural powers that influence the weather.

Wind's Freedom

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend + 1 Willpower per scene
The Scion laughs in the face of gravity. For the rest of the scene, the distances the Scion can move or dash per action remain normal, but they now apply to the Z-axis as well as the X- and Y-axes. All the normal rules for movement remain in place, except that the character can now move freely through all three dimensions (i.e., he can fly). He can even hold still in midair if he wants to. The only thing a character can’t do in midair that he could do on the ground is jump, as there’s nothing to jump off of.

If the character drops the Birthright that makes this Boon possible or allows it to be destroyed, the effect ends immediately.

Storm Augmentation

Dice Pool: Appearance + Presence
Cost: 1 Legend per attack
For a number of actions equal to the successes the player rolled to activate the Boon, jagged threads of lightning coil around the Scion’s fists or weapon, or skirling winds sweep around him as he moves. On any successful attack he makes in the subsequent duration, he may spend a point of Legend to make thunder crash or winds gust violently. Doing so automatically doubles any knockback the attack applies. Furthermore, if the attack inflicts even one level of damage, have the victim’s player roll (Stamina + Fortitude) against a difficulty equal to (raw damage – victim’s Legend). The minimum difficulty for this roll is 1. If the victim’s player fails this roll, the victim is stunned, losing two dice from all non-reflexive rolls until the attacker’s next action.

This Boon’s effects apply to any attack the character makes—be it in close or ranged combat—for which he spends the requisite point of Legend.

Wind Grapple

Dice Pool: Wits + Brawl
Cost: 1 Legend per action
By directing freak gusts of wind and the airborne detritus that collects in them, the Scion can wrestle with opponents without even touching them. Doing so requires one Legend point per action, and the Scion’s player rolls (Wits + Brawl) to direct the winds. This roll functions just as the normal roll for a clinch attack, contested against the defender’s efforts as normal. If his attack succeeds, the Scion may do with his victim as any successful grappler can do with a subdued victim, from pinning him to crushing him to throwing him. The attacker cannot apply any bonus dice or Knacks from his Epic Strength in these grappling maneuvers.

If the victim turns the tables on his attacker (by achieving more successes on the contested roll), he frees himself but does not gain control of the grapple. Also, if the attacker does nothing else in his action, he may simultaneously grapple a number of opponents in this way equal to his Legend. His player makes only one attack roll, against which all opponents must contend.

Divine Threnody

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Art
Cost: 2 Legend
An oft-overlooked element of the Sky Purview is the fact that air carries sound. The most graphic example of this is thunder, which is commonly associated with sky gods; wind, too, is said to howl or moan, as if the sky itself has a voice. A demigod who delves into the nature of thunder and sound can learn to manipulate the currents of air that carry sound and thereby enhance or dampen sonic effects.

With a simple use of Divine Threnody, the Scion can dampen sound. Voices become muffled, footsteps recede into the distance and even cars and airplanes seem to emit almost no noise whatsoever. The Scion dampens sound in an area equal to her player’s threshold successes on a roll of (Intelligence + Art) times the demigod’s Legend rating, in feet on a side. Thus, with six successes and a Legend of six, the demigod dampens sound in an area up to thirty-six feet on a side. Within that area, Stealth checks gain a bonus equal to the demigod’s Legend rating and noise becomes extremely suppressed or eliminated altogether. People must shout just to hear each other, and sound deadens and becomes unable to carry beyond arm’s length. Such a dampening lasts for a number of ticks equal to the successes scored on the effect.

If the Scion amplifies sound, she can create a crack of thunder or sonic boom. Her player’s threshold successes determine the intensity of the noise, although she must have an initial source sound to amplify (such as her own voice). While this scream does not inflict damage, it can inflict knockback or knockdown as if it had scored damage equal to the threshold successes. Furthermore, anyone who suffers knockdown from it — that is, anyone whose (Stamina + Fortitude) total is less than the Scion’s threshold successes — is temporarily deafened for a number of turns equal to the difference in successes [the screamer’s (Intelligence + Art) roll minus the victim’s (Stamina + Fortitude)]. This blast of sound forms a tight beam that emanates from the Scion and strikes a single target.

Divine Threnody also has an additional use for a Scion who understands music. So long as the Scion has at least Art ••• (with any form of music or oratory specialty), she can use Divine Threnody to create voices on the wind. The wind can moan, howl, sing or carry messages, as desired. This application has a maximum range of miles equal to the user’s threshold successes times Legend. The Scion can carry a song, message or voice this way to a maximum number of people equal to her Legend rating.

Any power that could be invoked via the power of the Scion’s voice can also be invoked at a distance with Divine Threnody, so long as the Scion’s player pays the requisite cost, but the dice pool for the follow-up power is limited to the threshold successes scored to activate Divine Threnody. Note that while the Divine Threnody might carry a message to several people simultaneously, everyone hears the same message, and voice-activated powers that affect only a limited number of targets might not affect everyone (though the Scion can choose whom to affect). Divine Threnody does not function in any location without air, be it underwater or in a vacuum.

Cloud Sculptor

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Art
Cost: 1 Legend
The Scion with this Boon is an artist with all of the sky as his canvas. If he can see clouds in the sky from his current vantage, he can shape and sculpt them with the motions of his hands. Many such artists prefer to sculpt clouds while looking through a window, as the glass pane gives them something solid to bear down on and trace out their sky designs. The Scion can’t add or erase clouds, but he can stretch thick clouds thin or compress many wispy clouds into one large, billowy mass.

Also, if a stiff wind picks up at a high altitude, the artist can make a circle with his fingers and block off that section of the sky to keep his masterpiece from being torn apart. He can’t keep out anything but wind, however.

If two Scions are dabbling in the same part of the sky, their efforts call for contested (Dexterity + Art) rolls.

Levin Fury

Dice Pool: Wits + Marksmanship
Cost: 3 Legend per attack
This Boon calls upon the power of lightning, either from the sky or from the Scion himself. To use it, the Scion raises a hand heavenward or points his Birthright weapon at his intended foe. At his behest, lightning either lances down from the sky or launches from the weapon itself to smite the victim. Each such bolt inflicts 15 dice of lethal damage plus extra successes on the Marksmanship roll. An attack that inflicts damage also inflicts knockdown or knockback automatically.

The Scion can even strike multiple targets with bolts of lightning if he’s willing to pay three Legend per each targeted victim. Each victim so targeted must be within the Scion’s line of sight, and the Scion’s player makes a single (Wits + Marksmanship) roll against which all victims must contest. The Scion can simultaneously create and aim a number of bolts equal to his Legend—and he can target as many (or as few) targets as he pleases.

If the Scion targets another Scion who also has this Boon, the target can attempt to use this Boon to parry the lightning bolt(s). Doing so requires spending three points of Legend, as if the target had activated the Boon herself. If her Parry DV negates all of the original attack roll’s successes (per a regular parry attempt), the bolt effectively becomes hers to control. On her next action, she can either allow it to dissipate harmlessly, or she can redirect it with a (Wits + Marksmanship) roll of her own. She need not spend another three points of Legend to attack with it, as she already spent the requisite three points. If she splits the bolt apart to attack multiple characters, however, she must pay the additional Legend points required for each additional character.

Tornado Tamer

Dice Pool: Wits + Control
Cost: 4 Legend per dot of Epic Strength (max ••••)
The Scion has a pet tornado. He captures it and puts it away when he doesn’t need it; he lets it out when he does need it. When he sets it loose, it swirls and howls in front of him, ready to obey his every command—yet eager to run wild if he should lose control.

The tornado is one yard in radius at the top per dot of Legend the character has, and it’s very strong. It has up to four dots of Epic Strength, for each of which the character must feed the tornado four points of Legend when he sets it loose. It applies this Epic Strength to determine how much of the scenery it can lift around itself and how far it can throw what it picks up. The dots also fill a dice pool that allows the tornado to grab up a victim and potentially batter him silly at the Scion’s command.

Directing the tornado requires a (Wits + Control) roll for every action. If the player fails, the tornado spins in place, juggling the loose objects it has picked up thus far. If the player botches, the tornado runs giddily out of control, doing as it wills until the player rolls a successful Control roll again to re-tame and capture the rogue twister.

If the Scion wills, the tornado can lift him (but no one else) and carry him around. The tornado can move up to 100 miles per hour, and few obstacles can stand in its way for long. Its swirling winds and loose debris even offer an Armor value (including bashing, lethal and aggravated damage, as well as all-purpose Hardness) equal to the Scion’s Legend. He can’t make attacks from within the howling vortex, but that’s okay. The tornado can make attacks for him.

The tornado lasts for one scene before it gets tired and the Scion has to put it away again.

Create Air

Dice Pool: Strength + Fortitude
Cost: 5 Legend
A God with this Boon can do one of two things, either of which costs five Legend points. First, he can perform the eponymous action, surrounding himself with pure, breathable air. With five Legend, the God can breathe out 1,000 cubic yards of pure air per dot of Legend he has. (At the minimum, that’s a sphere with a roughly 13-yard radius or a cube with roughly 21-yard sides.) This volume moves with the God, taking whatever shape he desires, and it remains breathable and clean for a number of hours equal to the successes on the activation roll. Using this Boon this way can also accomplish such feats as clearing an area of smoke or poisonous gas, creating a bubble of breathable air underwater or busting the seams on an airtight cell.

The second thing a God can do with this Boon is suck in a big breath and let it all out in one explosive gust as a miscellaneous action. This gust covers all the area in a 90-degree arc in front of the character and extends to a range of 10 yards per dot of Legend the God has. The player of anyone caught in this blast must make a Strength roll against the God’s activation roll (which includes the God’s Epic Strength bonus successes). If the God’s roll gets more successes, failing characters are knocked back 10 yards per threshold success. At the very least, a knocked-back character’s player must succeed on a (Dexterity + Athletics) roll to avoid knockdown.

Cloud Body

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 10 Legend
With this Boon, the character turns his body and the possessions on his person into a nigh-intangible ephemera of cloud. His appearance does not change, but solid objects pass through him as if he were a visible ghost, and his touch is cold like the caress of fog. He becomes impervious to physical damage, and he can squeeze his transformed body through the narrowest gaps. In this form, he can also fly. While he’s flying, he can interact with clouds as if they were as solid as earth. If he should find a sufficiently large bank of cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds and use Cloud Sculptor (Sky •••••) on them, he could build himself a castle in the air.

Having a body made of clouds does have its drawbacks, however. For one, the character cannot exert any physical force on solid objects. He can use such Boons as Wind Grapple (Sky ••••) or Create Air (Sky ••••• •••) to physically manipulate objects, but that’s crude manipulation at best. Also, the character cannot move any faster than he could go in a normal Move action without the benefit of any Epic Dexterity. He can’t fly any faster than that; he can’t even perform a Dash action. (This restriction lifts if the character has and is using Wind’s Freedom.)

A character in this state is not subject to other Gods’ uses of Cloud Sculptor, but he can still be targeted by Wind Grapple and Create Air. He can remain in this form for as long as he likes.

Weather Husbandry

Dice Pool: Strength + Survival
Cost: Varies
The God can micromanage the weather in an area with a maximum radius equal to five miles per dot of Legend the God has. Within that space, he can change the temperature, cloud cover, wind speed (and direction) and precipitation. In so doing, the God can inflict or ease environmental penalties to rolls based on visibility, numbing cold, harsh winds or other weather-related factors. He can also make the weather so inhospitable or so pleasant that it inflicts or eases environmental damage.

Changing a weather-related penalty costs one Legend point per point of penalty changed. Environmental damage from a storm starts at (0B/hour, Trauma 0). Changing those factors costs Legend points as follows: one per point of damage, five to change the damage from bashing to lethal, five to change the interval from one hour to one minute, another five to change the interval from one minute to one action, two per point of Trauma. To go from unpleasant desert heat to a sandstorm that inflicts (10L/action, Trauma 5) would cost 30 Legend points. A God can change any sort of weather to any other, regardless of season or part of the world.

Damage to the scenery should always be cosmetic and left up to the Storyteller. Even if he makes it storm in the affected area, the character cannot unleash a tornado on the area. He must use Tornado Tamer (Sky 7) instead. Also, while lightning might reach for the earth as thunder rumbles ominously, the character cannot literally make lightning strike select targets. It takes Levin Fury (Sky 6) to do that. He can, however, reflexively pit his activation roll’s successes against other players’ rolls to use Tornado Tamer or Levin Fury in the affected area. If his activation roll overcomes the other player’s (Wits + Marksmanship) roll to use Levin Fury, the lightning that should have struck a target flies harmlessly into the clouds instead.

If his activation roll overcomes another player’s (Wits + Control) roll to control a loose pet tornado, the tornado comes apart harmlessly and cannot be activated again in that scene. Countering either of those two effects with this Boon costs five Legend points per countered action. The God’s player’s single activation roll is continuously pitted against effects to be countered (the player doesn’t roll anew every time he wants to counter an effect).

No matter what he does to the local weather, the character is unaffected by any penalties or environmental damage he inflicts on the area. His effects last for a maximum number of hours equal to the successes on the activation roll. If more than one God uses this Boon to fight over the weather’s ultimate disposition, their activation rolls are contested. Whoever gets more successes causes the weather to do as he wishes for the duration. This Boon also trumps uses of Cloud Sculptor (Sky •••••) that might otherwise be able to push storm clouds out of the way or tear them apart.

Avatar of Sky (The Storm)

Cost: 1 Willpower + 30 Legend
For one scene, the character becomes The Storm— the terrible avatar of the sky’s fury. The Storm is vast, cloaking the sky from horizon to horizon. The Storm crawls on countless legs of crooked lightning, dragging its black belly as fast as the wind blows. The Storm’s single eye of perfect clarity sees everything on the ground beneath it. The Storm can drown mortals or blow them away. It can destroy their homes and the monuments they build to their deities. The Storm can even scorch a Titan with its lightning or force that Titan back to the comfort of shelter until the fury has subsided.

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