Six Feet Under Pt 2


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Scene Title Six Feet Under Pt 2
Synopsis Jolie and Rain go to Haiti. A village needs their help!

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

With the condo empty for the past week with Maia and Haldor off in Japan doing..well, lots of adventuring, things have been boring in New York. Fortunately for Jolie, she received a missive from the Baron himself saying that she was needed. Something ominous has been occuring, a black inky darkness surrounding Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Children have been disappearing, especially several children of the Baron's own worshippers.

He is most definitely concerned and has thus sent a couple of tickets to Port-Au-Prince from New York…

And so Jolie went. Bored Jolie is not a good thing. And of course, she couldn't go alone, so she brought a few friends along. People who could appreciate her mission and perhaps help. People like…Rain. "It'll be a big ol'adventure. I'm sure your daddy'll understand. I mean, we almost like distant cousins. We all from Africa, you know."

"Yeah," Rain seems hopeful dad understands. She seems to be happy to follow the Samedi's kids around anyway! And may be dating one! She has a gift wrapped box tucked under her arms and grins. That might be ironic, given Rain's all pale but she shares the sentiment happily. Egypt IS in Africa, even with a little genetic drift and America. "I bet it's a beautiful, mysterious place too."

"Well, I've heard it's beautiful, and there is a mystery to solve, so there you are," says Jolie. So time passes as they pack and get ready. Cue the montage of Jolie trying to fit all sorts of cute summer clothes - all in black - in her suitcase. Her attempting to fit her baseball bat in the luggage. Her luggage, ironically enough, is bright pink.

"Sounds nice," Rain replies. She has mostly modest summer clothes. She'll either suntan or burn. So she has a sun hat and loose fitting garb. Her Book of Gates is kept in the luggage going WITH her. She is practical and even in packing. Her pen goes with too! Horray pen. Her own luggage is dark colored with … puppy stickers … seems even Rain has a soft side.

"Oh! How hot is it there?" She adds quickly. Considering.

"Hot. You should probably grab the SPF 9000 or somethin," Jolie says, as she puts their luggage in the back of her cousin's car. He takes them to the airport, nice guy that he is, and after the usual security concerns ("I HATE takin my shoes off! Stinky feet ain't a security problem," she mutters), they are in the air.

"… right," In goes the sunscreen. Rain prefers desert travelling clothes for the heat. Egyptians know sand! Either way she'll help with the loading too. She is waiting to give him his present until they get there it seems. Why do they want to see her shoes? Well, okay…

The flight is rather uneventful. Nothing really interesting happens except for the crying baby along the way..the baby that cried for three hours straight. It was not good. People were annoyed, especially the ones sitting next to said baby.

Eventually, the pair arrives in Port Au Prince. It's still sunny, though it's close to sunset.

Jolie steps off the plane, wearing a black sundress and a black sun hat. "That poor lil'baby. I wonder if his lil'ears were poppin from the change in the cabin pressure," she ponders as she and Rain get their luggage. "So, what do you think? Ain't it pretty roun here?"

Rain is wearing a tan straw hat and light colored loose cotton garb. Pants and shirt woot! "Probably, and he can't yawn on command," She points out. She grabs a bag and looks around with a smile. She nods. "It is!" She seems curious and interested. "Have you been here before?"

After the pair takes their baggage, they're met by a rather handsome young fellow. He looks to be in his mid twenties with dark tanned skin as he bows towards the two, recognizing Jolie by description.

"The village awaits..we've been having a problem. Couchemals have been appearing, and we thinks it's the result of Uncle Gunnysack.."he says matter of factly, quite concerned.

Jolie smiles broadly at the young fellow, then mutters to herself, "Remember girl, you're datin a sexy man who can shisakob a brotha." She smiles a little less broadly. "I'm Jolie, and this is Rain. Lead us there. And you might want to start from the beginnin, hon, and tell us all that happened."

Rain's face turns briiiiight red at that. Hoo boy. But she DOES adore Andre. So she straightens a bit. A polite smile to the man. She waves, being polite as she can. "Nice to meet you." She goes quiet to listen.

"Children have been disappearing from our village. We've been praying to the Loa for help, and it seems you're the answer to our prayers..every night children are afraid to go outside. In addition, there hasnt been a successful birth..all stillbirths in our village. And couchemal are all has to be connected.."

The man sighs a little as he runs his fingers through his hair as he heads towards a small yellow cab. Apparently he's a cabbie.

Jolie picks up her luggage and follows the man to his cab, weaving and dodging around pedestrians. She frowns up in thought. "The stillbirths become the couchemal. But something is making the babies stillborn in the first place, and making the children disappear. What makes you think it's Uncle Gunnysack?" She puts her luggage in the trunk.

Uncle Gunnysack? Rain's not in Kansas anymore as it were. But she's still a good listener. Cochemal… oh, she could swear she'd heard that in class before. She follows the two easily. She loads her luggage in shortly after. "Hm." A soft grunt in the affirmative. She's still with them and not unsympathetic.

"I don't think the Uncle Gunnysack is doing it. But his appearance means there's a darker sinister force in our village.." the young man says as he helps them load their luggage before he starts to drive off.

Jolie glances over at Rain. "Uncle Gunnysack is the boogeyman. Child stays out too late, he tosses him in the sack and takes him away." Looking over at the handsome young man, she says, "Maybe if I talk to Uncle Gunnysack, he'll tell me what's goin on?"

"Ah," Rain nods. Makes sense. Although a little shiver. She's fond of late night walks. But maybe being a grownup… She is listening and learning what she can. "That's no good." Frown. She is silent after that.

The drive is once again uneventful. The driver, is, for the most part oblivious. But as he approaches the village, there's faint traces of something. It's dark obelisks that are there..or arent they there. who knows?

Jolie spends her time during the drive singing softly, idly tapping her fingers on the window. She points out the faint traces to Rain. "Hey, did you see that? I think we're on the edge of the village, or somethin."

If nothing else, she has sharp eyes and ears. The dark traces make her blink a bit. She nods. "Those … dark things?" Rain asks quietly. She is taking in the sights. At least the cabbie here is way politer than your average NYC cabbie! "It's hard to see, and yet it's not."

As they continue to drive closer and closer to the village, the silhouette of the dark spires becomes more clear to the two Scions. The architecture is eerily similar, though it keeps on flickering in and out of existence, unlike the one in Times Square that stands least to those who are blessed with divine blood.

Jolie's jaw drops. "Oh snap." She looks over at Rain. "Girl, it's Times Square all over again. Damn thing is trying to come into this world just like there. I'm bettin the babies are the sacrifice. Hey, Mr. Cab Driver, have you seen any large upsidedown crosses round here?"

That's bad. Rain's face settles into a frown and nods. "That's…" She trails off. "Horrible." Poor people! She's looking around, letting Jolie ask about the crosses. Her bright green eyes peer out. Anything here? Anything there?

"Upside down crucifixes? No.." he says matter of factly, raising his brows as he peers curiously towards the pair before putting his eyes back towards the road.

"Thank you, hon," Jolie says to the cab driver. And back to conversing with Rain. "Either that's good, or they've thought up a whole new ritual we don't know about." She relaxes her mind, grabs her gris gris with one hand, and begins to sing again, very softly.

Something hits Rain. "Times square is predominately an area with much different beliefs. They might be using different symbols as you say," She points out. But now she is quiet, to listen to Jolie sing and see some of the local sights. A gris gris? Neat. The woman seems curious about it all.

It's only thirty or so minutes, but eventually they arrive in the small little provincial village on the outskirts of Port Au Prince. It's a humble and rather impovrished little village, but at least their lodging is being taken care of, even if it's meager housing. The man gets out of the car and opens the doors for both ladies as he motions towards his little hut.

"My wife and I cleared out a room for you both. We don't have much..but…I hope it will be all right.." he blushes, not quite sure what to do. These are children of the gods afterall.

At this point, it's a bit more clear now. These are the same dark spires, and it's only about half a mile away from the village.

Jolie steps out of the car, looking around. She smiles at the handsome guy, internally relieved that he's married. "You've done us a great honor just by doin that, hon. Thank you very, very much." With that, she gets out her luggage and hauls it to the room. "Oh man. I think I brought too much stuff."

It's the thought that counts and Rain can appreciate that. She shakes her head. "Nono, it's fine. We're very honored. It's lovely," She follows with her own luggage. "Hm. Maybe we can stack things." She seems touched really. Not often people are so awesome to 'em! Or - stuff. She's not sure. But either way, she's grateful.

They're the children of gods. The children of the Baron in particular. That's a huge honor for these people who believe in the loa.

"A young woman steps out and smiles warmly towards Jolie. Just as her husband is handsome, she is beautiful. She sighs softly, wrapping her arms with her husbands as shepeers towards the two. "You will help our village?" she asks curiously.

"That's why we're here," Jolie says, cheerfully. "The Baron told us to come. He watches over his people." Tossing in a little shout out to her daddy there. Then she looks over to Rain. "You want to do a little looking around?"

Well, she's /dating/ one of the Baron's children and really, there's respect for her distant distant kind of cousins? Rain is a good audience and seems to appreciate the kindness extended. She nods at the question. "Sure. That might be wise," Rain agrees quietly.

Jolie says her temporary farewells to the nice couple, then just starts walking. One hand is on her gris gris, and she sings again. This time, the words can easily be heard, at least by Rain. "Papa Legba, open the way…Baron Samedi, help me protect your people. Give me sight beyond sight, show me those beyond the veil…"

Rain follows. She bids the kind people farewell with a smile. She leans to Jolie and asks quietly, "Is it rude to ward the doors here? Maybe we can at least protect their house or something…" She furrows her brows. "I think we can keep those bad ghosts away," Rain peers over her shoulder, falling quiet as Jolie sings. Dad, she needs to open her eyes… People are out of place, perhaps.

There's soft and happy little giggles as soon as the two turn on their ability to see the dead. The village is truly..a depressing place. The spirits of children taken from their homes are running around playing, having a good time. They're blissfully unaware they're dead it seems as they start playing ball with each other..

"I see dead people. And they don't even know they're dead," murmurs Jolie. "This ain't right. They should be in the Underworld." She walks over to a little child, trying to get its attention. "Hey there, lil'one. Whatcha doin?"

Warding their temporary home can wait. Rain pauses, and nods a couple of times. "At least they seem happy," Although that's only a hollow comfort. "But…" She agrees. They are not where they need to be. Rain hangs back a little, watching their reactions to Jolie and keeping an eye out.

" of the grown ups sees us!"

"Oh! hello!" it's a little boy with a bright smile as he lets out an impish giggle. He's about six years old and stands next to a much younger girl, about four years old.

"That's right. I can see you," says Jolie. "Ya'll havin a good time out here, playin ball? How come nobody else can see you, sweetie?" Maybe she's laying it on thick, but sometimes you have to come across like a hyped up kiddie show host.

Daw. Rain smiles and waves to the kiddos too. She is quieter, looking around. Well, nothing ominous seems to be looming. But Jolie and the kids are much more fun to watch than the horizon. She's taking everything in, in her silent way. "Hm…" Ponder.

"We're playing hide and go seek!" the young boy replies with a bright smile. He wrinkles his nose before he starts running. "You found me! Now you have to catch me!" he chirps merrily starting to run off with the little girl following.

Jolie looks back at Rain. "Keep an eye out. This is probably not a good idea." She then takes off after the ghost boy. "So, lil'one, you seen Uncle Gunnysacks?"

"Okay," Rain promises. She's watchin'! If only she had those beeg fluffy ears already. Either way she keeps a short distance back, to watch and listen.

"He tried to get us. But we got away!" he beams brightly, letting out an impish giggle as he looks back towards Jolie. "We're better you see, and since we got away, the grown ups can't find us when we play hide and seek now!" he chirps merrily.

"You're real smart, lil'one," says Jolie, trying to pump up the ghost boy's ego. "But, how did you get away from Ol'Uncle Gunnysacks? I've heard he's real quick to snatch little children up and put them in his bag."

Rain is still keeping an eye out. What WOULD an uncle Gunnysacks look like? She's happy to take in the scenery though. "It's realy pretty."

"Well, he put me in his sack you see, and then I got out!" he chirps brightly, letting out a soft chuckle. "And I helped her get out. We're getting out you know…more and more of us.." he says matter of factly.

Jolie keeps smiling, but her mind is awhirl with worry. It is obvious that Uncle Gunnysack actually serves some kind of purpose, a twisted collector who keeps the world tidy and free of ghosts. "Oh? You got out, lil'one? How did you get out? Did you just jump out? Did you cut a hole in his sack?"

That seems hard to imagine even for Rain. Isn't the idea is that one doesn't get out until… hm. She seems to be thinking over it. She looks like a thoughtstorm is brewing, but keeps her eyes open.

"Well, that's the strange part.." the boy admits as he scratches the back of his head. "I remember being grabbed and tossed in, and then appearing here.."

Jolie asks, "Is this the village you were born and raised in?" She glances over at Rain to see if she has any leaps in logic. "Maybe the dark tower is keeping them in here."

"Do you think perhaps that tower is helping weaken Gunnysacks too? Or… that might be right too," Rain peers over. "He seems to have a job here," Even bogeymen have their place. "I can't imagine it having a positive effect on the local spirits."

"Yup! I was born here! But all I see is momma crying now.." he says, pouting a little, hrmming for a few moments as he wrinkles his nose, confused about the whole thing.

Jolie nods at Rain. "Yeah. I think his sack's been mojoed, somehow." And then she looks at the little boy, takes a deep breath, and says, "Lil'one, your momma is cryin because you're dead." The daughter of a death god isn't going to lie about that.

Daw. Rain looks really sympathetic. "Yeah…" She winces. Now the gravity of the situation sinks in a bit more. She takes a deep breath and keeps an eye out.

There's a pause on the young boy's face. His lip trembles for a few moments and suddenly he changes into a bright light in the shape of a ball. He starts floaing around, the little girl soon doing the same thing as they start to move in hypnotic patterns.

And now things go from The Sixth Sense to Raiders of the Lost Ark. "Don't look at the light, Rain!" Jolie yells, then tries to cover her eyes as well.

Fortunately Rain is not a Nazi or an artifact hunter so she manages to look away. "Okay!" She chirps and even puts her hands over her eyes.

The couchemal continue to swirl around, the lights bright and dazzling. Fortunately, our two heroes were able to look away in turn and soon, they disappear moving back towards the waters once more..

Jolie slowly lowers her hand from her face. "Thank goodness, they're gone." She sighs. "Poor lil'kids. We should probably head back now, you think?"

"Yeah," Rain lowers her hands from her face. "I think I will put that ward up. Is that okay?" She asks quietly.

Jolie smiles as they walk back. "That's a great idea."

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