Six Feet Under Pt 1



Scene Title Six Feet Under
Synopsis Jolie learns a lesson

The Dark Hour Castle

Time is so hard to determine in the Dark Hour. It's a place where time stops afterall, so who knows how long has passed since she was knocked out. For now, Jolie's in a large full sized bed with a little blonde girl attending to her. There's the little boy standing to the side as he sighs and shakes his head a little..

Jolie slowly wakes up, wincing in pain. "That stupid trigger happy woman! If she's shot David I'm gonna - " She looks around, rubbing her head. "Where am I?" The little children get her attention. "Wait, you're /those/ kids, aren't you?"

Mary, the blonde little girl nods and wrinkles her nose as she chews on her bottom lip putting an ice bag over Jolie's forehead. "She made your tests much moer difficult. I sent her away, along with everyone else.." the young girl says. Meanwhile the little boy seems to have disappeared..

"Thank you much for the ice bag. You get me some aspirin and I'll be very grateful and on my way outta here," says Jolie. She winces again. "Tests? So that's the reason those copies of me and David were galivantin around in here? And where /is/ David, by the way?"

Suddenly and abruptly, aspirin appears in the little girl's hands and she hands the bottle towards Jolie. "Only take two.." she says matter of factly, chewing on her bottom lip and nods. "Yes, daddy decided it was your time..and your boyfriend is fine. He's chilling another part of the castle.."

Jolie only takes two. Considering what has occurred so far, following the directions would be a good idea. "May I ask who your daddy is, and why he's testing us like this? I really didn't have any idea what was goin on, except that somebody thinks that David's got a huge ego. And that I like havin parties. Alla that is true, no doubt."

"My daddy is old. Older than time.." she says matter of factly, wrinkling her nose as she flops up onto the bed, smoothing her jumper up a bit as she smiles cheerily towards Jolie. "And it's to prepare you for your apotheosis.."

Jolie has heard that word before. "Mordred talked about that apothe-thing, when he tried to kill David. What does it mean? And David killed Mordred, shouldn't that mean he's got it already?"

"They misinterpreted the purpose of this place." the little girl says, giving a subdued smile as she looks towards Jolie studying the young woman for a few moments. "You still havent figured out the truth behind the Dark Hour? I thought you all would have figured that out already.." she chirps shaking her head just a bit.

Jolie glances away. "I'm not the brains of the group. All I know is that three women died to bring this place into this dimension or whatever. And my group managed to keep it from coming all the way in. And that I want it gone from Times Square before anybody else gets hurt or dies." She turns back and looks Mary square in the eyes, not like an adult to a little girl, but as an equal to an equal. "If completing a test and reachin my apothe-whatever will make it go away, then bring it on."

"For someone who claims she's not the brains of the group, you have a very good common sense.." she says, beaming brightly the entire time as she snaps her fingers and all of a sudden they're out of the little bedroom and at a partyinstead. There's faux Jolie dancing the night away surrounded by nekkid Davids…woooo!

"Brains and common sense are two completely different thi - " And whoosh, Jolie is whisked to another party with faux Jolie and the Nekkid David Dancers. She sighs. "Okay, I like to party. I /love/ to party. But I /do/ have /some/ kinda self-control. My momma raised me that way. /I/ was the one who kept me and David from gettin busy in the middle of the Art museum and…" She looks over at Mary. "Ain't you a little young for this?" Then she yells at Faux Jolie. "Make sure they wearin jimmy hats, girl!"

"Several millenia is not old.." the young girl grumps though she does cover her eyes like one of the monkeys. Yes, those monkeys.

The faux Jolie starts heading towards the real Jolie with a wry grin. "Come and join the party, no worries, no nothing. Just have fun and enjoy life, live it to the fullest!" she says brightly.

Jolie shakes her head at her doppelganger. "You don't get it, do you? Yeah. Life is fun, and you should live it to the fullest. A child of the loa of Death knows that more than anybody. That's why we dance and sing when we worship. But that's only one side of the coin. There are consequences for our actions, girl. Drink too much, get a headache, or your liver goes. Eat too much, you get fat, get diabetes or a heart attack. Too much sex, you get pregnant or get a disease, or you just become lonely when your body gets all old." She shrugs. "Too much of alla that, and you lose sight of what you /need/ to do. Like help people. Like stop injustice. Like doin your duty to your father and the other loa." Shaking her head again, she starts to turn away. "Good luck with your fun, but Prince once said, "Life is just a party and parties weren't meant to last." It'll all be over soon enough, and you need something /true/ to get you through the part where you can't party anymore."

"With your eyes only on your duty will make you forget the fun and joy in your life. You are to be the source of joy and happyness. Look at the rest of your band. They're all caught up in losing themselves to duty, they forget what it's like to be..human. you havent reached your apotheosis life and enjoy while you still can, lest you lose yourself. And lest your band will fall apart as well. They are stressed. They also need joy and happyness. Remember that.." faux Jolie says matter of factly as she bows her head and smiles warmly, offering the classic version a warm hug.

It's warm and fuzzy and eventually, Jolie's Times Square..with the others…

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