Sitara Kumari
Portrayed By: Nisha Kothari
Status: Alive
Age: 19
Calling: Manipulation
Pantheon: Devas
Divine Parent: Shiva
Significant Other(s): Maybe? Maybe not.


Sitara was raised by a mortal Hindu family in New York, but is the daughter of Parvati and Shiva, during one of Shiva's stays on Earth, pretending to be mortal. Knowing her husband's habit of sleeping around, Parvati made a trip to him, to remind him of what he had at home. She rebelled in her younger years, taking more of her father's personality than her mothers, and she got into enough trouble that her adopted parents sent her to live in India, with her 'father's' parents.

It was there that she was visited by Shiva one night when she snuck out to party when she was eighteen. He explained things, as he saw them, and gave her a bracelet with a single charm on it, her first relic. A year later, the day before she was scheduled to head back to New York, Parvati showed up. They talked as well, and when Parvati left, Sita had a shiva lingum stone, and a naga, to protect her and teach her.

Her mother's words helped temper her, a little, when she returned home, but she still took after her father in most things. And likely will for a while yet.


Sita is most definitely a mischievous person. She lives each day like it's her last, and isn't always heroic, since her fun comes above most everything. She's also a manipulator, and one who can go into a rage at the least provocation one day, and joke about the same thing the next.


  • Dhatri - You may be my cousin, but no badmouthing my dad! …That's my job. We are well matched in a fight though.
  • Hopper - What a jerk. But I'll play nice…most of the time…since he's Richard's friend.
  • Dion - A little frou-frou, but he seems okay.
  • Richard Masri - Fun. Very fun. I'm going to keep him. I think dad might approve. And he's hell on fire escapes. And bird ladies.
  • Rufus Scrivner - Dude. Learn to live a little. I'll be getting you a set of pliers for Christmas. For that stick. The one up your ass.

Events Thus Far

Character Sheet

Associated Powers: Chaos, Fire, Darkness, Mystery, Magic, War
Favored Attributes: Epic Stamina, Epic Dexterity, Epic Appearance
Favored Abilities: Athletics, Brawl, Command, Fortitude, Melee, Survival

Epic Attributes and Knacks



Di, Naga Companion
Creature: ••••
Guide: ••
Powers: Shapeshifting
Description: This is a naga of legend, with the stone in its forehead gone. It goes by the name Di, and is a female. It can change between several natural forms; a normal looking snake, a human, a half-human half-snake (of human size), and a human sized snake.

Shiva's Charm, The Offense
Relic: •••••
Purviews:Darkness, Fire, Magic
Powers:Can change size from charm size to full weapon size.
Description:As a bracelet this is silver with lots of little loops for charms, though it holds only a trident charm. As a full sized weapon it's silver in color, with three sharp tines.

Parvati's Stone, The Protection
Relic: •••
Purviews: Guardian, Mystery
Powers: Can summon Naga creature.
Description: This looks like a normal shiva lingum stone, a little more than an inch long and half an inch wide, so it fits well in the palm.

Naga Stats

Stats listed as X/X/X/X refer to the forms, in order, Snake, Human, Half-Human Half-Snake, and Big Damn Snake.


Initiative: 5
Soak: 3B/2L
Dodge DV: 6
Parry DV (Trident): 7
Attack (Trident): Accuracy +0, Damage +4L, Defense +2, Speed 4
Movement: 5 yards
Dash: 11 yards
Climb Speed: 3
Swim Speed: 3
Vertical Jump: 5 yards
Horizontal Jump: 10 yards

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