Nakatomi Shiki (中臣 屍姫)
Portrayed By: Jeon Ji-Hyeon
Status: Alive…maybe?
Age: Indeterminate, Late teens to mid 20's
Calling: Corpse Princess
Pantheon: Amatsukami
Divine Parent: Izanami
Significant Other(s): Long dead.


(Work in progress, needs some editing and fleshing out from the original)

Shiki (whose name is written with the characters for "Corpse" and "Princess") originally lived over 1500 years ago during the Kofun period of classical Japan when the Imperial Yamato clan was still solidifying its power. As a member of the Nakatomi clan who held sway over Shinto rites and rituals family enjoyed privilege second only to the Imperial clan themselves. She would rise to be a notable Shinto priestess in her own right. She died under mysterious circumstances, a casualty of the ongoing feud with the Soga clan, proponents of Buddhism. After she died she was buried in an elaborate Kofun tomb as was the custom of the era and rites were performed to appease her vengeful spirit.
Thereafter she found herself in Yomi, the land of the dead full of the darkness and taint that she had so long sought to purify from the earthly realm. Over time she came to terms with her death and eventually even let go of revenge taking up a position within Izanami's Yomi Court. As the centuries wore on her breeding and talents as a princess of the Nakatomi earned her a place among Izanami's elite Shikome and finally a special gift for which she was uniquely qualified for. That qualification was that she still had a body of human flesh and blood preserved in a tomb in the earthly realm. Izanami desired a Scion but as the Queen of Yomi, the antithesis of the living world, there were certain problems there. By infusing her Ichor into Shiki's mortal corpse in a grand experiment of her own design, however, these problems were solved. Shiki was given a second life but not as who she was, Izanami was her mother now and she was a divine living corpse so to speak, Izanami's ichor allowing her body to rise again. After fifteen centuries in Izanami's court she was nothing if not fanatically loyal to her new mother.
Charged with the task of hunting down beings that had escaped from Yomi out into the world, Titan-spawn included she is sent back out into the world again, of course the world as she knew it has changed a great deal.
Shiki clawed her way back out of her own Kofun with superhuman strength and stamina endowed upon her by Izanami's ichor, an exodus that would no doubt leave archaeologists puzzled for some time to come. She then set off for the nearest city, which happened to be Nara. Her first target had already been relayed to her by Izanami.
That was two years ago, flash forward to the present and Shiki has largely become accustomed to the seemingly outlandish changes of the modern world. Selling the objects from her Kofun to less than scrupulous private collectors provided her with more than enough money to take care of her needs. Shiki has also become quite good at tracking down and dispatching the targets her mother sets her after. Of late the trail of escaped Denizens of Yomi and Titan-spawn have been leading her away from Japan and across the Pacific, all the way to the City of New York. Something seems to be drawing them there and her in their wake.


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(黄泉の魂) Translates roughly to "Soul of the Underwold". Pronounced "Yo-me-no-ta-ma-she"

This relic takes the form of a Magatama jewel crafted from a stone so black that it seems to literally absorb the ambient light around it. As with all Shinto Magatama it is said to grant spiritual power, but in this case the power comes from the dark tainted world of Yomi granting access to the Darkness, Earth, and Frost Purviews. Izanami has also bound the souls of her loyal Joshitai soldiers into this relic and she can use it to summon/regenerate up to 20 of them at any time from the Underworld into the mortal realm as powerful undead servants. The relic is normally worn as a necklace upon a piece of leather twine.

5 point Relic

Events Thus Far

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