Shaman King Pt 6


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Scene Title Shaman King Pt 6
Synopsis Two more fights. Rainbow Brite v Firegem and Rainbow Brite v Shadow Princess! Then an appearance of the mysterious fanboy!

This time Maia actually has some forewarning of what is to come. While the previous rounds have had a great deal of variety it seems that the finals are all about good old fashioned honorable combat. She has the expected correspondence from the competition instructing her she could be prepared for combat. She has far larger and more colorful correspondence from the fan newsletter. Two full length posters showing the matchup today, one with Maia looking all Shrine Maiden with a bow cocked with an arrow of glowing light in hand on one side while on the other is a man in armor of angular red crystal with a sword of fire in one hand. The other one depicts The Rock looking solid and upstanding and thoroughly the immovable object on one side with Shadow Princess, trendy attire and striking a post as the shadows swirl majestically behind her. At the appointed time a sliver of light appears and a door opens. This time directly into her apartment, she's moved up enough to get first class treatment!

Oh goodness! Old fashioned honorable combat! Maia isn't sure about this. Part of her really wishes Haldor can fight in her stead, but part of her is glad that she gets a chance to practice the skills she gained thus far with Sojobo. Of course, she's nowhere near a badass as her beau, but she definitely looks the part as she wears her long flowing Shrine Maiden robes. It's a long red dress from the bottom down and a comfortable white robe top that leaves her body loose and free, easy for movement. With her golden bow of light slung over her shoulders, she peers at the door of light and starts to head on through. Time to go to the competition! Rawr!

Perhaps it is good that Maia gets some exposure to the other side of things! Haldor is not always around and sometimes you just have to fight your own battles. She's going to get her chance. Stepping through the portal brings her to a familiar ready room. She has been here once before, when fighting Winternight and Shadow Princess. She must be the second bout of the day for past her on a stretcher is being taken The Rock. Stony skin is cracked and splintered in multiple places by arrows of pure darkness, tendrils ripping and tearing at his flesh even now as he jerks in response. He is being well cared for though. Maia's own bountiful talents can easily recognize that the three healers attending to him are each more powerful than her, working to slowly undo the damage and put things right. Were they not there he'd almost certainly have been dead already. Shadow Princess must have seriously fucked him up.

Her eyes widen as she looks towards the Rock. He is one of her BFFs and her half-brother so of course she's concerned. She looks at the damage and winces, wrinkling her nose as she chews on her bottom lip. "Wow.. I had no idea it would be this intense.. he'll be all right, right?" she asks the healers, not quite sure if he can answer at the moment.

"She used a bow that supernaturally tore at his very essence" The healer says sternly and disapprovingly, giving Maia's own bow a dark look. She does not approve of such things! "Such weapons deal grave damage that is nearly always fatal, and if not leave marks that will last a lifetime. We are very skilled at what we do, he will probably recover and be more or less his old self."

There's a sigh of relief hearing that he'll eventually be okay. She wrinkles her nose and smiles sheepishly as they look at her own bow. She did get it from a Titanspawn afterall. She blinks for a few moments and mutters under her breath, "Aya was always such a biter. Copying me.." she grumbles a little before looking towards the healers.

"You don't want me to use mine, do you?" Maia asks the healers.

The healer sniffs, "You'll do what you feel you have to to win. But I know I could never use something like that on my family. It's horrible and monstrous enough to use on your enemies." Horrible and monstrous it is! Agg damage is no pretty sight and while they are continuing to put The Rock back together his unconcious thrashing shows the terrible torment he is in. So messy. So so messy.

"I wasn't really planning on using it. It's meant to take out creatures of darkness. At least my arrows are anyway.." Maia says firmly and resolutely,sighing softly as she knows she can tear through most people with her arrows of pure doom at this point. She sighs softly. "If I make it to the finals, my arrows should be able to nullify Shadow Princess'. Mine are made of pure sun light." she says firmly and resolutely.

The healer sniffs again! She still does not like such weapons! Little wonder, really, given that she is the one who has to put people back together after they have been used. The Rock is carried off finally towards a back room where he can be treated properly. A robed representative of the competition approaches, "I apologize for the delay. There was a great deal of blood to be cleaned before the next match. You can head on out." And so the gate does open, sunlight streaming in from the Arena beyond filled with the great roaring of a crowd.

Meep! Great roaring! When did she transfer from Japan to ancient Rome with it's gladiatorial bloodsport?!? Still, Maia heads out, dressed rather simply in her clothes as she peers around, squinting as she looks aruond for people in the crowd that she may recognize.

Japan has gone all mass media! And if modern Japanese TV has proven anything, it is that they really enjoy watching other people suffer. A cheer arises as she emerges from the gate, most of the crowd are surely strangers to her. There though.. is that her father? They invited her mortal father? And up close in what is a clearly a VIP section is that.. Kamui? It looks like Kamui! And the Fanboy! And Winterheart! A smug looking Aya flush off her own recent victory!

OH dears! Talk about pressure! Her father is there! What about her step father? Takumi-Musubi, god of the skies. Or what of NInigi no Mikoto, one of her greatest half-brothers considering it was he who eventually begat the Japanese Imperial Family. She wrinkles her nose and chews on her bottom lip, looking rather sheepish. She's still a shy and naive girl at heart afterall. Her gaze then goes back to the field, looking for her opponent.

Divine family is not as well represented. That should perhaps be of no surprise given the recent problems in Tamagahara. Niniji no Mikoto is there though, off to one side speaking with an elegantly attired woman. Coming out the other gate then is her opponent. Like most of the male members of her family she has met so far he is a rather impressive specimen, lean yet well muscled and clad in crystalline armor that catches the light of the sun above and reflects it in a thousand pinpoints of red hues. Noble and majestic and more than few women in the crowd seem to be swooning.

Amaterasu is renown for her beauty. It makes sense that her children would be known for theirs as well, and Maia takes a deep breath as she looks at her lean specimen of a half-brother. Oh dears, people would want to TS him! Scary!

Still, she tries to calm herself down, wrinkling her nose as she wrinkles her nose as she peers at his crystalline armor. The gears in her head are already turning as she tries to figure out any weakspots the armor may or maynot have. She hrmms and gets jealous. Why does she not have any armor?

Why doesn't she? Everyone else in her family seems to. Maybe Maia just likes running around scantily dressed. The armor for all that it is of supernatural origin contains similar weakspots to mundane from the look at it. Elbows and knees must bend. Hands must be allowed to work. The crystals there go to a smaller spackling instead of the large heavy protection offered elsewhere on his frame. An announces voice in the background is giving a rather inspiring speech about the virtues of the competition and introducing them both. The crowd cheers wildly. They are eating it up. Firegem gives a proper bow to her, "We shall make this an honorable fight, sister, and do our family proud."

She doesn't like to be scantily dressed! Not in front of family anyway. That's a Haldor thing. Still, Maia wrinkles her nose as her skin starts taking a more woodsy like quality that gives her flexibility and the ability to bend even with attacks. She bows low and at a perfect ninety degrees to her brother as she takes a deep breath.

"That we shall. Considering how brutal the last fight was, let us not try to kill each other, no? It would be a shame to kill a family member." Maia says matter of factly.

"Agreed" Firegem says with dignity. Nearby the Judge comes to make his speech, calling for a fair fight as well and instructing them on the virtues of honor. Then with a sharp motion the fight is declared on! Oh noes!

Maia is quick on her feet and fast in thinking. She's already been planning her movements and considering the armor of her opponent, he has to be well experienced in fighting. This might not bode well for her as she wrinkles her nose and takes a deep breath as she starts zigging and zagging from side to side. She's bouncing of various iron spikes, showing off her own acrobatic skills as she already starts spreading various seeds she keeps with her on the dirt floor. She's playing Johnny Appleseed as seeds drop from her person as she flips, flops, twists and turns through the arena.

As she does so, he might notice smoething. The arena itself is becoming wet. She's not only dropping seeds, but considering his name is Firegem, he probably has fire powers. What is fire's enemy? Water. So what is she doing? She's dousing the arena and the dirt in water to make fires a bit more difficult to create. Huzzah!

Bounce bounce bounce goes Maia! She's having a grand old time as she's just frolicking merrily in the arena. A wry grin curls onto her lips as she finishes spreading the seeds around the arena along with watering the seeds. She winks and presses her palm down to the ground, taking a deep breath as she spreads her divine influence on the dirt to make the seeds grow. Grow baby plants! Grow for mommy!

Quick Maia is quick! Poor Firegem has not even had time to react before small trees are starting to sprout up around the arena. The ground a mix of still bare patches of dirt, swampy bits of mud and bits of tangled roots and newfound plantlife. Firegem looks.. less than pleased! This really does complicate his usual strategy. Strides quickly carry him to a spot of still remaining dirt and with barely a flicker he sinks into it. Oh my. He's underground now, somewhere, no doubt waiting his moment to spring out and take Maia by surprise!

Maia takes a rather odd approach with the disappearance of her half brother. She wrinkles her nose and starts to sit in the middle of the arena. She's still focusing on the newfound plantlife. If he's going to be traveling through the earth, she's going to continue to change the environment to suit her needs. And so she sits down in lotus position, even closing her eyes underneath one of the sprouting trees, continuing to let them grow as much as she can while she waits for Firegem to make the first move. Yes, her eyes are closed. Surprise attack away!

There is little warning, but the growing vegetation have limited the paths he has to emerge. Suddenly there is a bloom of scintillating red as the armored figure bursts of the ground to the side of Maia, sword swinging for her side in a blow that well might put her out of the fight if it were to connect. Of course he is moving slow, too too slow.

There's a rumbling in the ground. There's lots of roots that make traveling the earth difficult, and well, she can feel it. Well, no, not really. She cannot feel it. She isn't that powerful yet. But there's a hint as nthe ground starts to burst as the sword of her half brother swings towards her side as she sits in lotus position.

However, when the sword slices where her side would be, she's already flipped back and giggles impishly as she wrinkles her nose and lets out another giggle under her breath before disappearing into the thicket. Natural camouflage for the win! Where the hell did Maia go? Now it's her turn for a surprise attack it seems.

His sneak attack has failed! Oh no! Firegem is not out of the contest just yet however. What Maia can make grow he can burn away. Straightening that armor of his seems to glimmer for a moment, the dark red gems taking on the look of real fire deep within them before suddenly that is just what they are. In an instant he is transformed into a pillar of white hot flame, brilliant and so very very hot as he darts into the nearby cluster of vegetation running up along the side of a trunk of one of the growing trees with a wake of fire burning brightly in his path. In an instant he has become a portable forest fire seeking to flush Maia from her hiding place.

For once, Maia is very glad there are no wood spirits about. They'd be pissed at such wanton destruction of their 'relatives' and as she remains hidden within the foliage, she wrinkles her nose as she mutters something under her breath. As she continues to chant in a language long forgotten, a huge ball of water starts to form right over Firegem. It keeps on getting bigger and bigger, as she's trying to do that whole scene from Final Fantasy X when the massive sphere of water forms so they can play their weird version of water polo! It keeps on getitng bigger and bigger until she no longer has the strength in her divine will to keep it above his head. Then it's a woosh! Water everywhere!

Blitzball is not weird! It is a noble sport showing off the true competitive spirit of the teams involved! The supernatural fire meets supernatural water and the combination is impressive to behold. That flame really is white hot, well above the boiling point of water and where it cascades down upon that fiery figure there is an instant outpouring of superheated steam. Scalding waves radiating throughout the area causing the plantlife to wither and die at it's touch. There is a roaring cry of pain as well, if fire could be wounded this one is and it stumbles through the trees leaving scorched branches and trunks in it's wake. She actually hurt with that, although the fire does still burn. He is not to be so easily extinguished. Instead of manually working away at it this time he simply lets out another roar and suddenly a significant portion of the arena is suddenly totally consumed in flames. Trees and sand burning away brilliantly. If she can make this like her terrain, so can he!

A roar of amusement rises from the back of the crowd as the water starts raining down on Firegem's Devil Body. Wait. Wh- When did Haldor get here? God could he look anymore out of place? He's a gaijin in a black Hawaiian shirt, surfer boardshorts, sandals, and a giant sombrero that inexplicably does not conceal his long, spikey red hair. Maybe he's /TRYING/ to stand out in here.

That roar of laughter from the stands. That's a familiar one. Could he really be hear? Even as she's all green and hiden within the burning embers of the forest she had created on the arena itself, Maia peers up towards Haldor and giggles a little. She definitely can't lose now. But he's made out of fire. Fire. How can she beat fire if her water isn't. Think. Think. Think.

Oxygen of course. It needs oxygen to survive. She wrinkles her nose and starts muttering something under her breath, using the last of her time to summon the hyperactive cyclone spirit she won from the previous round of the competition. She mutters the chibi spirit's name under her breath with her plea.

"Please suck all the oxygen away from Firegem so his fires can no longer affect me.."
"omgomgomgomgomgomgogmgomgomgomgomgicantotallydothatiwilldothatjustletmegoanddothatanditwillbeallwheeandhewillgoallchockeanditwillbeallgustyfun!ohyouarejustfilledwiththebestideaseverwherearethebabiesisthatyourboyfriendinthestandsareyoumakingbabieswithhimyetohyouhavetotellmeallaboutit" Chirps the wind spirit as it gusts into being and flings itself in the direction of Firegem wrapping him in a cyclone and suddenly causing a pillar of fire to shoot far into the sky. It's impressive as hell really. He is not to be undone however, fiery fists pound down towards the earth and suddenly from the ground two massive walls of earth are rising. Disruptive to wind. So very very disruptive. His fires are flickering madly but not going out. Not yet. He roars out the name of the fire spirit in counter and it comes. Lines of flame suddenly form at the corners of the arena and rush madly towards each other to create a massive fiery explosion in the middle. Things are heating up. Literally.

"… Oh. /SNAP/."

Haldor stares at the explosions of earth, fire, and cyclonic wind. The Viking stares for several moments before glancing around the stadium briefly, maybe he was expecting Kamui to suddenly interfere. Who knows what goes on in the Viking's mind?

He asides to Maia's dad, "So this is what it's like not being the cause of all of the special effects."

The babies are with the daddio as well. They are wriggly and wiggly and the explosions definitely makes a few of the more sensitive ones to start crying. Not Raitaro, the Thunderbaby though! He claps his hands and ooohs at the explosions. Whose kid is he anyway?

Still, the entire explosion makes Maia squint like this: -_-. That is not what she expected at all. She should have expected something like this to happen. This is the power that would be available at her finger tips should she win the competition afterall. But still, air is not enough even as the pillar of fire shoots straight up into the sky.

she remains hidden within the remaining foliage as she continues to mutter another prayer. She makes the appropriate summoning sigils in the air with her hands, drawing out the kanji in the air as she mutters yet another prayer.

"Spirit of the water,I need your help and beseech your aid. Help me put out the flames of Firegem."

She might as well go out with full elemental fury afterall!

Kamui is not in fact interfering! Although he is in the audience, up front in the VIP section chatting amiably away with a few others all of whom wear the symbol of the contest. Past winners perhaps? He even politely applauds as things escalate.

"Spirit of earth!" roars the fiery form of Firegem, "I need your help and beseech your aid. Be the Dam to block the waters. Be the boulder to block the river. Divert water from it's intended course!" The entire arena shakes a little as a considerable portion of the floor picks itself up and stands erect on two legs. A large earth golemn that lumberingly moves to begin to fend off the forming vortex of water. Splashes going all over the arena but few on Firegem himself. It is at least serving as something of a fire retardant as fiery explosions continue to bloom at random throughout the arena.

Haldor nods at whatever Maia's father says in response to Haldor's aside. And then there is water, Haldor reaches out toward it, as if to freeze it solid when the mystical force shield around the arena stops the splash zone from getting wet. The Viking shifty-eyes, coughs, and sits back down.

Maia's dad would've said something, but he was busy worrying about his only daughter. Worry worry! His eyes widen, about to cover himself and the babies when the water is stopped by some unseen shield. He coughs and lets out a soft chuckle of amusement.

"It is definitely impressive, that is for sure. This is the true power you children ofthe gods possess. And you can do things like that too?" he asks, definitely impressed! Ooooh, he wants to know more. He picks up Raitaro and puts him on his lap, as he giggles and coos at the display. meanwhile, the other babies cry, though they start to get hushed by other attendants. They are important afterall.

And now, things have turned into a Michael Bay movie! Maia hrmms for a few moments as she tries to take advantage of the chaos around her. She isn't normally one for sheer chaos, but if it gives her an advantage, might as well use it, right? She's trying to not get squished by falling boulders, or drowning in her own torrential waters or blown away by the spirit of air or even burnt to a crisp by random exploding firebombs. This is too much! It is freaky! There's high pitched yelps every now and then as she zigs and zags across the ruined arena as she decides to go up close and personal. She should have the advantage in terms of speed as she looks for exposed points. Surely not all of him can be flaming afterall, right? and when she gets close she lets out a kiai and tries to kick her half-brother in the face. Rawr.

Wow. Maia does good. Firegem was looking rather unconcerned as she charged him clearly not expecting the little girl to pack much of a punch. If the competition has shown anything so far it is that Maia is not a fighter! Or at least, it showed that up until that point. While it can be hard to tell front from back on a figure of living flame you don't really need to in order to see it spin around from the force of that blow. She just kicked the fuck out of him. Of course. Now he also knows exactly where she is. "Here!" he roars out as liens of fire suddenly form around them zooming in their direction. A massive fiery explosion occurring a moment later right at his feet.

"… Hel. /YEAH/!"

Haldor stands up and fistpumps victoriously as Maia kicks the fiery snot out of Firegem. The Viking even does a little victory dance that likely earns him some ire, but hey, his girlfriend just kicked some fiery face in baby.

"Now that's how we roll. Sting like a bee, float like a butterfly, and whip his ass with some other-side-of-the-world windstorms, Maia!"

Yay! Maia's definitely proud she made her man happy. Hopefully that turns him on for later celebrations. Right. But back at the issue at hand!

Her eyes widen once more as the fire suddenly zoom towards her. With a hop skip and a jump,she gets out of the way and wrinkles her nose as she sticks her tongue out towards her opponent. She's huffing and puffing, fatigued by all the energy she put into the fight thus far, but there's still so much more to do. She was surprised by the power she had in her legs!

"That's.. kinda hot.."

She takes a deep breath and hrmms, running around, doing a completely different set of tactics. She's been the girl to take advantage of her environment, but thus far, he's matched her in every single aspect. So, it's going to be down to a typical brother/sister brawl. Time to kick some butt! She's going to channel her Viking side now.

"RAH!!!!!" she yells out, letting out another kiai, hoping to do her mentor proud by kicking butt.

This is not the way it should be! All of Firegem's research before the fight showed things would really not wind up on this level. Another kick to that fiery head sends him reeling backwards dazed and disoriented, those flames starting to look a little weaker. Harder to maintain. Hints of the physical man not hinting through once more. "Again!" he cries out to the fire spirit hoping for it to do the work for him. Once more lines of fire converge. Once more there is an explosion at his feet sending fire splaying in all directions.

Haldor hoots and does a mighty dance as Maia cracks Firegem in the head with her foot again. And then there is fire exploding everywhere, narrowly avoiding Maia's all too close body. The Viking stops hooting and dancing, eyes widening as he watches, slumping down into his seat.

"Well not quite the same as they're doing. I do stuff with the cold and the skies and the dark."

Maia's father doesn't hoot and hollar. He's covering his eyes. And that of Raitaro's. He doesn't want to see his daughter in something like this! So he's turning away as he looks towards Haldor instead.

"Please tell me when it's finished.." he says slowly as he looks towards Kamui to see what that other onmyouji is doing!

And there's another blast of fire sent her way. She's getting singed as her clothes aren't as white as they used to be. She winces and wrinkles her nose as she takes a deep breath, looking at the devil body once more. She hrmms for a few moments and takes a deep breath as she bounces to and fro, continuing to dodge the fires as they go around her. She phews and winces when she gets a second of reprieve before looking towards her half brother once more.

"Can't you ust ya know, pass out already?" she whines!

He is tough, and she's never faced an opponent like this. Maybe she should of taken training with Sojobo more seriously, but at least she's learning from the experience as she starts dashing towards him head on. at the last second, she jumps in the air, flipping over the devil body of her brother to kick him behind the head. Or at least try to! KIAI!

He is tough. He is so very very tough. And yet Firegem can finally not take another of those kicks to the head, there is a very solid thud as finally her foot meets flesh instead of flame and the fires finally flicker out around him to leave him simply a man once more. Wobbling for a moment he looks about dazed and murmurs, "It was not.. supposed to be like this." Then he is crashing forward. Out of it. Landing face first upon the charred dirt that surrounds the pair quite thoroughly unconscious. The stands go wild! Roaring and cheering applause even as the Judge makes a motion with one hand, counting time. Given the fallen foe at least a chance to regain his bearings, provided Maia does not kick him again of course. Tick. Tick. Tick.

"I think it's over, Mr. Tsuchimikado. Maia just aced that guy with another boot to the head."

Haldor, promptly, looks to the person the row behind him and gestures toward Maia.

"That's my girlfriend."

"Is it over?" That's Mr. tsuchimikado at this point, opening his hand up just a bit to look down upon hearing the roaring and the cheering applause. "What if he's just down to try to trick her into letting down her guard?"

Huff. Puff. Huff. Puff.

That thought has certainly crossed her mind as she calls over both the water and air spirits as she wrinkles her nose as she watches Firegem fall down to the ground. She winces, actually feeling bad that she beat up on her brother, but he would've done the same to her. She takes a deep breath and sits next to him in lotus position as she wrinkles her nose and tries to poke him gently with a finger.

"Uh.. you okay?" she asks curiously, her brows furrowed.

"It's Over!" The Judge finally declares with a downward motion of his hand. Medics at once rush out to carry poor Firegem away. Poor poor Firegem. He never answers Maia, but then she really did manage to pummel the proud warrior into complete unconsciousness. Her health senses should at least report he will be fine though. Everything but his pride, that's toast forever. An attendant urges her off the field and back towards the preparation area, another leading her family to her. It's time for celebration!

Haldor, Maia's Dad, and the God Babies (who may be the world's cutest and most ineffectual super heroes ever) all tromp down toward Maia. They are being ushered along and Haldor is doing his very best not to just outrun everyone and tackle Maia. Such would be terrible manners and Haldor doesn't want to come off as the uncouth barbarian - in spite of his choice in apparel - in front of so many people, including Maia's dad.

Blink. Blink.

Waittaminute, what? Maia seems dumbfounded for a few moments until she sees her family, and the God Babies and of course, her beau. She purses her lips as she watches Firegem be ushered off and when she's led to the sides, she calls out to the attendants, "Sorry for messing up the arena!" she cries out.

With that said, she bounds on over to Haldor, running quickly to where she'll jump in his arms with a smooch on the cheek as she wraps her arms around his shoulders and squeezes fondly. She looks towards the God Babies and giggles at Raitaro's antics before smiling sheepishly at her father.

"Um, hope I didn't worry you guys too much."

Haldor catches a Maia in his arms, spins around, and finally comes to a rest on the balls of his feet. The Viking smiles at Maia and smooches her politely as he can on her cheek. People are watching, he's trying not to be a barbarian. No, really. St- Hey! Stop laughing!

Maia sighs softly as her boyfriend is behaving though she whees as she's twirled, giggling happily the entire time. It's probably because her father is around afterall. Still, she smooches him on the lips, wrinkling her nose as she peers towards the others.

"That… had to be the most intense things ever…" she says firmly and resolutely. She typically isn't a frontline fighter, and this was her fighting!

Damn it, stop laughing at Haldor! Do you want him to congeal out of the text on your screen and erupt forth from your monitor to beat you like a savage with unspeakable strength?

No one is laughing at Haldor. Though a congealed Haldor would be hot. Mmm. Congealed Haldor.

Still, Maia bonks her forehead against his own, not minding the PDA in front of her father. "Now we have to celebrate because well, it's Aya next and she almost killed Rock.." she grumbles, sounding worried for him. Her eyes widen as she starts to tug on Haldor and her father and of course the God babies.

"Let's go see how he is!"

Haldor is tugged along by Maia. Even though she's in his arms. Fortunately physics have no place in Scion, so he is tugged along obediently with Maia's dad and the God Babies in tow.

"You do know I can't stay long, right? Sojobo let me out on a day pass for good behavior."

«Then obviously, we need to partake in some naughty behavior before you go»

Ahh, telepathy. Maia is glad she possesses that skill. It would be uncouth of her to say such a thing in front of her father, the God babies and the others afterall. And she didn't tug him along really. She just tugged on him. That's how she rolls afterall.

The Rock is in the small alcove they were carrying him too earlier. He still looks to be out of it, but the arrows of pure darkness have been removed and the horrible warping of his flesh that was a result of their presence is gone. The medics really really did do good work. Still he is all alone there! No father! No other family! Perhaps everyone is in Tamagahara safeguarding their secret leaving him to come alone, and lose. Poor Rock.

The final stage of the competition has dawned and the final two square off against each other. While the semifinals might have been held in a roaring stadium filled with people here the finals are empty. The setting is somewhere in the mountains, snow capped peaks in the distance and a layer of clouds below. The ground itself is snow covered, drifted here and then in places with the force of the blowing winds. It's a desolate place for this final battle, but there is also something terribly solemn about the surroundings. Aya has already made her arrival, as has the elderly male judge from the competition dressed in the red robes of it. The other daughter of the sun looks prepared for war, dressed in tight fitting black and for once actually looking every bit the kunoichi she actually is and a hand crossbow at her side seeming absolutely resonant with a sort of malignant darkness, the tool that did so much harm to The Rock in earlier rounds.

In brightest day, in blackest night. No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might. Beware my power… Amaterasu's light! Yes, Maia did totally take that from Green Lantern, but it's perfectly fitting. Where there is light there is shadow and she looks towards her counterpart in the darkness. In contrast to Aya's kunoichi outfit, Maia has come dressed as a shrine maiden. Her clothes completely white fromthe robe that covers her form down to the simple hakama pants that drapes over her slippers. In juxtaposition to the dark crossbow, a golden bow of light is slung over her shoulders along with a quiver. There's the white ofuda in her hands as she stares towards her half sister and bows her head properly.

"Aya." It's curt, but clean and crisp. Maia means business.

"Maia" comes the response equally as deadpan from Aya who does at least return that bow, it is just that sort of occasion. The judge hobbles forward to explain the rules of which there really are not all that many. This mountaintop is meant to be their battleground, not the skies above or the earth below and to leave the circle made by it's edges is to receive a warning of a disqualification. Events will begin when the sky flashes red, something yet to occur.

Aya passes the time with conversation, "I'm surprised you made it this far. I'd never have thought the spoiled daughter would, but then the competition must have been easier with strings pulled for you every step of the way. I mean to be allowed to continue with that pathetic time you turned in on the first course? Really.."

"I also didn't maul people during the first course, Aya. There has been no malice in any of my fighting." Well, she's ignoring that time she thought she killed Winterheart. He turned out to be alive so it's all good in her mind. She runs her fingers through her hair as the wind whips through both daughters of the sun, the atmosphere tense.

"If I did I wouldn't of warned you about those assassins of Crom Cruach. They don't like your other patron and wanted me to win." she says firmly and resolutely. "And as much as I don't like making one Titan happy, I'll take it when I defeat you." Oooh, there's no if, it's a when.

Aya clicks her tongue, not so fast to let her sister forget, "You stopped the heart of our poor brother cold, or at least a copy of him. Without a thought for him and his family you tried to murder him in cold blood." Heh. Winterheart. Cold blood. "You see.. I've come to realize that is the difference between you and me. Oh I may come across the hard edged bitch on the outside, and I'm all business.. but at the end of the day that is all it is. Business. Killing isn't who I am, it is just what I do." She walks through the snow, circling Maia with her hands near her weapons just waiting for the conflict to begin, "But you.. you play all sweet and naive and innocent on the outside but whenever anything comes down to the real you? To the core beneath? It's murder. It's violence. It's killing. The shrine maiden is just a mask you wear to hide the real you, just as all this is the one I wear to hide the real me."

"I went overboard because I thought you had killedthe Rock." she says back snapping towards at her sister. "You kill in cold blood. You hide your emotions. I am in touch with mine, whether it means loving Haldor or fighting you." Maia really does not like her sister at all, does she? Still, she watches, her gaze locked on Aya's form the entire time as she takes a deep breath and sighs softly. "But I'm not letting you goad me so I will make a mistake, so you might as well stop now."

"Exactly my point" Aya coos, verbally moving in for the kill. "I might take a life but I don't /enjoy/ it. I don't revel in how right I feel doing it, or how necessary it was. I am simply the blade striking the target without passion. But you.. dear sister.. you are a murderess through and through because you enjoy it, because you take passion in your work. That is no goad sister.. I respect it after a fashion. You will not kill me though, not today, as much as you would enjoy spiling my guts upon the snow you won't have the satisfaction.

Suddenly the sky flashes a brilliant red. It's on! Aya's first motion is not towards her bow but towards her belt, a hand slipping into a pocket there and grabbing a handful of pebbles which she throws into the air to scatter about the nearby snow. Hissing and sparking black smoke begins to billow forth from those points of contact drifting skywards making the battlefield filled with small pockets of relative darkness.

Aya isn't the only one with plans to travel about. A wry grin curls onto her lips as she takes a deepbreath and reaches into her pockets throwing various seeds of all sorts across the snowy hill top. There's a soft prayer muttered under her breath as she forms several hand seals before placing her palm against the cool snow.

Patches of greenery start to grow. Thick greenery really. Bushes and other sorts of foliage as it seems each daughter of Amaterasu is trying to change the battlefield to their advantage. Even the snow patch under her own feet has the seeds bursting forth into full patches of flowers on the mountain top.

"Making hiding places, Aya? Predictable." she says with a pfft. But then again, so is she.

"You know head on fights just aren't my style" Aya says as she steps into a pillar of that smoky darkness and vanishes appearing a moment later at a totally different angle and a handful of throwing stars is whistling through the air. A spray of sharp blades seeking out tender flesh to bury themselves within. Aww.. she has not drawn her bow of death, not yet, perhaps she does not actually want to murder her sister.

"I know."

Maia replies as she throws several ofuda at the throwing stars as well. There's clinking sounds made as she miscalculated the number thrown. Most are intercepted, but a couple strike herin theshoulder asshe winces andquicklypulls themout, her crimson ichor spilling the ground. It seems that the Shadow Princess has drawn first blood! A surprise. It's obvious that Maia's holding back or maybe she's waiting for more of the greenery to grow.

The patches of foliage continue to grow on the mountain top at a rather quick rate. She really is trying to change the battle field to her advantage, even sacrificing the first blood to her sisterfornow. Trees are growing from the various seeds even in the cold, but the shade the trees provide also start to give Aya some advantage to the darkness as well.

When the saplings are big enough, there's a sudden lash of them as they try to grab and clinch the Shadow Princess. So that was Maia's plan all along.

A surprise? Or is it? The two sisters are quite evenly matched after all and one of them had to draw first blood. Aya's lips barely flicker in response to those first drops of blood splattering the snow. Her moment of triumph is interrupted though as sudden lashing and snapping of branches is underway. a hand grabs at the shorter of her blades and it lashes out to fend them off even while she dives for another of those billowing pillars of smoke, flickering out of sight once more only to appear in one of the areas of the mountaintop relatively free of plants. The plants may not have a hold of her, but they have at least limited her range of possible movement that the smoke had earlier opened up.

Darkness is Aya's friend. It is Maia's greatest fear. With the mountain a lush forest fromherdivine will, another series of hand motions aremade as this time the diamond on her magatama ring glows. Her body starts to glow faintly, but then lights up the immediate area aroundher. She wants no darkness or shadows near her person that would open her up for a sneak attack.

"Hiding again, sister dearest? I thought you were the badass?" she says mockingly with a disappointed click of her tongue as her immaculately white shrine maiden outfit has been stained red from first blood. Meanwhile, she watches the warmth from the growing trees melt the snow on the mountain top. All is going according to plan.

"Come out, Aya. We both know that I'm the smarter one of the two of us. You're the brute who just follows orders. Never had an independent thought in your head. So I tell you now, give up and let's get this over with."

Aya zooms by gliding on the surface of the snow and the ground is suddenly far more chill around her. Aya has frost powers? It is not surprising one supposes given her affinity to darkness and the frequent relation between the two. Posture lowering to a crouch her crossbow is finally raised to snap off a shot of pure ebon darkness towards one of Maia's legs, her path carrying her into one of those bunches of plants which almost instantly begin to wither away from the intense chill that now surrounds the Princess of Shadows.

"You got lucky last time, not letting you hit me with that thing."

Maia knows all about those arrows. She jumps up, her body still shining brightly as she looks towards the withering plants. There's a harumph that escapes from her lips as she jumps high into the air, giving her time to draw her golden bow from her back.

She doesn't want anyone to get hit with the arrow and she's a trick shot for sure. Her eyes squint, focusing on the flying arrow of darkness as two golden arrows of light form on between her finger tips. There's a flick and the two fly through the air, letting out a high pitched whistle as one is aimed towards the ground next to her sister and the other at the arrow of darkness. That should make for an interesting explosion when they hit. She doesn't want to kill Aya afterall. That would be bad.


The two arrows collide in midair, darkness and light churning about each other in a ball as the air distorts and reverberates around them before with a sound like tearing there is a massive explosion, a thousand tiny shards of individual light and darkness exploding around the battlefield like a shrapnel grenade. While no shards contain near the killing force of their former arrow components, that is not to say they are not destructive. Aya's clothes are torn in over a dozen places, flesh showing bloodied lines as her own ichor now seeps from her to stain the snow below red. Maia is likely caught in the blast as well, given the way it envelops the whole mountaintop, although the Judge not being confined to the air took flight above it to escape the range of the blast.


So that's what happens when an arrow of the sun hits an arrow of darkness.Maia tries to shield herself, but putting your arms in front of your face can only do so much. The shards rip through her clothes and flesh likefrag from a shrapnel grenade and she lands down in a crouch, her crimson ichor staining the ground. Her eyes widen as she looks in the direction of her sister, more than a bit concerned. She doesn't want to kill anyone afterall.

"Aya… you okay?!?" she asks, panting as she hrmms and purses her lips as she coughs a bit, getting her bearings once more. "We may have overdone it with that." she says, puttingnthe bow over her shoulder once more as she continues to bleed into the ground.

Aya pushes herself back upright, a hand raising to wipe at her brow and leaving a swiped smear of crimson in it's wake. Yeah. She is kind of messed up really. She is quick to reclaim her feet though, looking ready to do more violence. The Demigoddess ninja is simply not that easy to put down. She is almost knocked off her feet though as the mountain begins to shake, a rumbling coming from somewhere deep beneath them. A seismic rumble that seems far out of scale with what they just did. More than willing to blame her sister Aya shouts out, "What did you do?!?"

"What did I do?!? I control plants and water, not mountains!" Maia flails abit, keeping her balance due to her divine balance. She wrinkles her nose and looks around as the trees and forest she made on the rooftop starts to crumble and fall while looking for a source. "This is totally your fault for serving Mikaboshi you know. Mom said to try to bring you back to the light, but noooooooooo, you just have to be snarky ninja bitch with mommy issues." she grumbles.

"You're so incompetent you probably controlled the mountain by mistake!" Aya fires back looking thoroughly displeased as another tremor rocks the mountain beneath their feet. The ground is starting to glow red, brilliant gleaming red and with an explosive oomf all the snow is dislodged in a single powerful blast to expose bare stone beneath. Mountaintop it may be, but beneath the snow they have been fighting upon is one massive and ornately carved stone circle with deeply grooved lines. Protective runes are everywhere, and the source of the glow, it is now increasingly clear that there is major magic of some sort underway.

"Shut up! You totally planned this. See that kanji. Darkness." Maia points out one of the ones within her isual range as she looks accusingly towards her sister. "It's some end of the world device that Mikaboshi planted here so you can open it up, isn't it." she says, definitely annoyed asshe continues to look around. "So stop with the shitty acting. Just because you play me on a CW show doesn't mean you can act well." she grumps.

"That one says light!" Aya points out gesturing to another. The ground does in fact say both, if one looks closely enough between the protective runes a message can be read. "Sealed by the powers of our two lines until both are merged with the sun. Sealed until one chooses the light and one the dark. Sealed until both willingly spill the blood of the other upon this sacred place. We seal here that which must never be found again, may fate never conspire to see it freed once more."

With a sudden whoomphing sound all the protective runes suddenly go dark, a recess suddenly revealed in the center with a Katana held within. It looks both ordinary and extraordinary, there is no glow, no crackling power, no special effects and yet it somehow appears perfect. Flawless. Simplistic and yet divine, everything in harmony in a way nothing ever truly is.

"MINE!" calls out a voice, the red robed judge overhead shapeshifting even now back into his natural form a far more geeky looking young man who snags the sword in one hand. It's the fan who publishes the competitions newsletter, who has spent so much time hounding both Aya and Maia within this competition. "I doubted you two would actually go through with it. Despite all the planning I never really believed fate would allow it.. but it has.. and it is mine!" he calls out excitedly toward the pair.

"Mysterious fan boy!"

Maia's eyes widen as this is just way too surreal for her at the moment. She scrunches up her nose, reading the kanji along the circle as she puts two and two together. "The two lines?" She's confused. Then again, she has yet to relive her past lives yet, but surely enough it comes together before peering towards the fan geeky man with glasses.

"The lines of Abe no Seimei and Doson. Us? What?!?" she says, still in shock as she stares at the sword, simple andneat while she stares at the tub of lard. She is annoyed beforeshe takes a deep cleansing breath as shelooks towards her sister.

"Aya. We were used." There's a softness in her tone as she looks towards her sister before she looks back towards the fat tub of lard.

"You were used" The fanboy says happily as a finger trails along the blade he now holds, "It was no divine smith that made this blade, simply a man with a love of craft and dedication to work that somehow made something which transcended all the blades made before. A part of the very spirit of the Amatsukami made manifest, an incredible power to be used by any possess it but with the threat that the Amatsukami themselves will break should the blade ever shatter. Fools that they were they sealed it away against the most unlikely of circumstances. Both your mother and.. patron.. knew of this. Both tried to sway you from the path you are on so it might never be freed, fearing the dangers the sword might pose to them. You were each too stubborn to be swayed and too blinded by your conflict with each other to see the threads manipulating you to this moment." A laugh, "I might kill you, but for freeing this I grant you your lives." A mocking salute with the blade and he vanishes in a shimmer of rainbow colors.

Aya stares, and stares, still bloodied and disheveled and looking VERY much like she wishes to murder something now. Several somethings. For once, not a one of them actually being Maia.

"So shall we stuff the geek into a locker sick feet under ground?"

That response is rather cheery, trying to add a little levity to the situation. Even when talking of murder, she's chirpy. Maia must not be rightin thehead onsomeextent, but then again maybe her sister was right, maybe she does enjoy what she does. Andshe istheemotional one in juxtaposition to her sister's rather stoic countenance.

There's a soft sigh asher wounds slowly start to heal, she's regenerating already before shelookstowards Aya. "Come on, lemme heal you up before we kick that guy's ass." she says.

"Have you some way to follow him?" Aya asks turning her dark eyes on Maia, "He is gone, far from here, and I can tend to my own wounds." Her lips quirking downward she says, "But the offer is not unappreciated. You have your own matters to attend to, from what I hear. I shall track him down wherever he has gone to lair and when at last I have found him you shall know as well." Aww.. murder in the future as a family bonding experience. Sort of.

"Wouldn't he just be in front of his computer masturbating from his own self delusions of grandeur while playing World of Warcraft? Seems like the type to me."

There's a hrmm as she scrunches her nose and thinks for a few moments before she has a light bulb over her head. Not literally of course, but there's an idea.

"I'm no psychopomp. You're not one either. But we're both omnyouji. Do you still have that newsletter he gave out before? We can ask it where he made it and possibly find the basement of his mother's house."

"Later" Aya repeats, already starting to move to leave the mountain behind. "We are neither of us in shape to pick a fight with someone wielding a weapon our ancestors went to such struggle to conceal. We will find him in time. We will kill him in time. Follow this newsletter lead if you choose, it seems sound." Wow, so encouraging Aya.

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