Shaman King Pt 5



Scene Title Shaman King Pt 5
Synopsis A competition that comes every couple of centuries has arrived. The next two tasks involve one on one battles with Sunspear and the Maiden.

Maia got another competition letter left at her door last night. Today there are more festivities it seems, and she's instructed to wear something suitably fit for battle and to come armed with her favorite weapons. There is also a box with a severed head in it from her stalker chastising her for a lack of necklace wearing. Woe. But! Competition!

OMFG! It's Gweneth Paltrow's head! Still, the severed head is placed in the freezer for later analysis, but the competition comes first. She wrinkles her nose and takes a deep breath, suddenly having an idea as to who the stalker might be. So for this portion of the competition she wears the necklace, as she looks back towards her freezer.

"I swear, if the fanboi is the stalker, I'm going to kill him.." she says firmly and resolutely, dressed in her long onmyouji's robe, completely immaculately white from head to toe as she has her ofuda hidden within the sleeves and the golden bow over her shoulder. It's off to the competition!

The road to the competition is one she is surely becoming familiar with. This time the address the note provided is a parking garage in Queen's and on the 12th level, C section at precisely 3:04 PM a doorway does open and she can once again step through. When she arrives she finds herself at a massive field, large circles marked off with elegantly inscribed runes for the various elementals and she is almost at once approached by a figure in the robes of the competition. "Greetings. Greetings" says the young woman after a deep bow, "I wished to go over the rules for this portion of the competition. You and your competitor will be doing battle, each both fighting each other and having control of certain elementals. You will make two selections before the competition and only elementals of that type and magic of that sort will be allowed. Should you both pick the same element, it will be excluded from the contest."

Across the way she can see her competition having a similar discussion. He cuts a rather majestic figure, golden armor perfectly polished and shining like the sun itself with an impressive lance in one hand. This must be the one they call Sunspear. He's an impressive looking guy, the very model of everything their mother values.

Her eyes widen as she wrinkles her nose and heads on over. She does not have much armor! And with someone that light oriented, she's pretty sure her agg sun arrows of doom will have little to no effect. Well, that goes one strategy! Still, Maia is the expression of beauty and grace while her opponent is the model of strength and majesty. She too embodies her mother's values just in a different way, that's all.

She hrmms and purses her lips as she bows before Sunspear and the judge, nodding as she smiles warmly. "That sounds good. Who will make the first choice?" she asks curiously.

"You will choose in unison without nothing the selection of the other" The advisor informs Maia, "That is part of the competition you see. There is a strategic element to it. If you simply select your personal strengths your opponent might be aware of them and pick similarly simply to deny you. However, if you do not pick your own strengths you are likely to be denied. You must balance these factors when making your two selections."

Maia's got water down. She's got wood down. That leaves fire, metal and air in her mind. Those are three choices,and from the looks of it, her competition may have metal and fire because he's so dang shiny. She wrinkles her nose as the gears in her head starts to turn and takes a deep breath as she nods and bows once more.

"I am ready to make the selections."

Sunspear seems to have decided upon his selections as well. Words whispered to his competition representative who then makes their way over to the Judge. Maia gets an expectant look and told, "Proceed. Remember you may only choose two. What are your selections?"

Maia takes a deep breath as she wrinkles her nose and runs her fingers through her hair as she smiles warmly towards the pair. "Metal and Air." she says matter of factly.

"Metal and Water" Sunspear says sounding faintly disgruntled about the whole thing. As one might guess judging from that sheer quantity of golden armor he really is fond of his metal and he's suddenly been denied it. Maia also made quite a show of her water abilities in the last competition, his second choice having been purely chosen to outdo her.

The Judge gives a solemn nod, "Metal will be used by neither party. This will instead be a contest of Water versus Air." Hands are clapped and the runs carved upon the ground begin to glow. Watery fluid serpents forming at the back of Sunspear even while behind Maia a breeze begins to blow and tiny little torado funnels start to form. Things are about to get stormy.

And it's then that she looks back towards the tornado funnels starting to form behind her. She wrinkles her nose as she looks at the watery serpents behind Sunspear as she starts running, trying to get a clear view of the environment, seeing what she can take advantage of and what she can't.

The surroundings really are a flat nearly featureless plain. There are patches of grass, dirt, a small stream visible in the distance although there are a notable lack of trees or any large rocks. Sunspear meanwhile is already on the attack, rushing forward and the tip of that spear digging into the earth as it turns into a makeshift polevault. It's really a dmaned cool sort of move, that golden figure in the air for a moment glittering almost like the sun itself before suddenly he is coming downward in an arc in Maia's direction with boot feet aimed for her midsection.

Polevaulters rely a lot of wind currents. It's part of what helps them get the boost. Still, her eyes widen as she looks back towards the tornados as she motions towards the high metal one in the air. Woosh go the tornados hoping to fuck with his trajectory before she dashes towards the side, letting out a little high pitched yelp. She's trying to figure out what he's capable of afterall.

Leaping through the air was perhaps not the best choice given Maia's command of the air elementals. A miniature tornado does plow into him leaping in the air in defense of her and sending the metal clad man off course to land noisily in the dirt nearby. A broad swath of his spear slices the little tornado in two and spends tiny spirals of air away as it attempts to reform from it's assault by the relic weapon. Meanwhile two snakes have followed him and they plow into the earth on either side of Maia exploding on impact to spend waves of water and mud flying all around her in twin geysers.

Oh snap! There's water and mud flying all around her. This isn't good! Still, she wrinkles her nose as she calls the tornados to her aid once more as she starts dashing back and forth until she takes a direct hit, sending her flying! She probably would slam the ground hard if it wasn't for the winds of the elementals buffeting her landing as he pulls out several ofuda. She mutters something softly under her breath as she starts throwing the ofuda towards him with speed enhanced by the air. She wants tocover his face in paper to make him not be able to see so she can go for a sneak attack! Sneaky Maia is sneaky!

Sunspear is fast. So very very fast. He is as fast as her, but unlike her that armor is actually slowing him down enough to give her the edge in terms of sheer mobility. Even after that awkward landing he is wasting no time and already that spear is darting in her direction aiming at one of her legs. He really does seem to be trying to avoid going for any sort of killing blow, a fact which is also making his movements more awkward. He means to disable her if he can though! Aim is impacted by paper of course, the air proves the perfect compliment to the ofuda and they blow viciously into his face clinging there. He lets out a roar and the water snakes spring once more to life, one flinging itself into the air where it explodes filling the area where with a drizzle quickly causing paper to become soggy and unbalanced.

Huzzah! There's paper in his face! Part one of her plan is accomplished and she lets out a squeak as the snakes of water start striking at her feet as she does a series of back handsprings and backflips to get out of the way. Dextrous Maia is dextrous! If there was a crowd, hopefully they'd be cheering, for this would definitely deserve a ten at the Olympics.

As she continues to nimbly move in and out of the way of the strikes of water, she continues to let the winds whip as she moves closer and closer to Sunspear himself. At the last second as she leaps back up into the air, she rides the winds to try to land on his back. With his golden armor, he reminds her of Haldor and in a feeling os nostaligia she leaps up for a piggyback ride. Hopefully.

Her greater speed allows Maia that perch, his armor even providing convenient places for her fingers to dig into and providing her something of a perch. Sunspear is shaking his head violently trying to dislodge the paper, it being wet having not actually made that task any easier. Elbows powered by large amounts of epic strength drive themselves backwards trying to knock Maia free, the angle poor but the power of the blows mighty.

And she gets elbowed in the side. There's the sickening sound of bones crunching as the mighty Sunspear is mighty. It's definitely going to leave a mark and without a Haldor here to kick his ass, she just has to keep on clinging for dear life. Literally in this case.

She winces and leans in as she places a hand over his chest as she continues to cling on tightly towards him, her legs wrapping around his waist as she hrmms and whispers softly. "Look, you're my half brother and I really don't want to hurt you. But I /really/ need to win because I'm sure Shadow Princess is going to kill her way to the finals if she has to, and mom really wants me to bring her back to the light instead of being a Mikaboshi servant. So, you can either surrender now peacefully, or I can give you a heart attack then revive you later. So please, can you just ya know, surrender, please?" she asks, secretly hoping that he doesn't call her bluff.

"Mother is alive?" Sunspear asks sounding so terribly terribly relieved by that and he goes still, standing stoically despite his clinging passenger. Elbows cease to pound, snakes cease to attack and he simply stands there majestic and proud hardly seeming aware at all of the little girl upon his back. "If you are lying to me there shall be consequences later, but if one of our sisters is in trouble you must do what you can to help." Louder them, voice solemn and brief he calls out to the judge "I yield"

"Uh yeah.." she says, her eyes glancing around furtively as she wrinkles her nose. "Please don't let anyone know. She wants to remain hidden, but she'll be back in no time!" Maia chirps merrily as she beams brightly as he yields to the judges. Now her clinch turns into a hug as she gives him a kiss on the cheek. "By the way, asides from these stupid names we got from the fan boi, what's yours? I'm Tsuchimikado Maia!"

If Sunspear looked rather taken aback by Maia before he seems even more so now! He has the stern polite thing going and the affection looks to confuse him a bit! Well it is either that or the fact that when he introduces himself it is as "Tsuchimikado Kaji" The Judge is declaring an end to this round of the competition and Kaji does not even seem to care already moving to the side while a Maialump still attached to further the conversation, "She is well then? I was so very concerned. I went to the palace myself but they would tell me nothing."

"The palace is kinda messed up now.." Again, Maia looks a little guilty as she scratches the back of her head and hrmms for a few moments. "You just have to trust me that mom is doing fine. But you're a Tsuchimikado too? Dang, mom really does like certain families. So other than being half-brother and sister, where along the family line are you? My dad is Tsuchimikado Mikuru, ya know the concert pianist and mortal onmyouji." she seems proud of that fact.

"My father is Tsuchimikado, he is a painter and also a mortal onmyouji" Kaji says sounding just a bit down there. He did after all just forfeit his place in this contest and who knows when another will be held. Still that moment of being downtrodden is quickly replaced with steely resolve, "I believe that makes us.. second cousins? I did not know our mother had involvement elsewhere in the family, else I would have spoken to you long before this. You have come quite far in this contest."

"Oh! Neat!" Maia chirps merrily as she finally jumps off his back and beams brightly towards him. "I think we have a lot of them in the family, though it makes sense. The Tsuchimikados are the keepers of the onmyoudo arts now.." she says with a shrug of her shoulders before scratching the back of her head. She's hrmming for a few moments as she wrinkles her nose and looks back towards Sunspear, "Hey uh.. would you mind doing me a favor? It's really important."

"I believe I just did you a rather large one" Sunspear responds as he takes a moment to readjust his armor that had been pulled out of place and to finally remove the paper that has continued to make a mess out of his vision. "Of course you are also family. Ask."

"In a way.." Maia says with a sheepish shrug of her shoulders. She could have given him a heart attack to defeat him afterall. She just didn't want to because that would've been mean, very mean and probably very painful. She scratches the back of her head once more as she shuffles her feet on the ground. "We have a half sister, Akemi. Mom asked me to grab her so she could be raised on earth. I have her at my condo in New York, and well, there are four other babies with her, whom I believe are Scions of our uncles. The palace has been attaced by Mikaboshi when I was there, and so I need to make amends to the family by going to Hiroshima. Would you mind uh.. babysitting? They're really cute and I'll totally make up for it! I promise."

"I am not good with babies, but I have a mortal sister who has several children. She can care for them while I play guardian in case anyone should seek to bring harm to these children" Sunspear answers quickly and without hesitation. He really is very dutiful towards his family! "The palace was attacked by Mikaboshi? However did he breach it's defenses? The wards there have long stood against the incursions of his dark touch."

"That…" and she looks down, clearly embarassed and ashamed by everything. "Would be my fault. I'm not going to lie to you. I used his help to defeat an insane goddess of chaos who stole mother's powers and to remove her influence from the heavenly plains. But you know how in the end everything balances out, and well, he was able to breach the defenses of the palace because of me due to that.." And she winces, already expecting to be chewed out.

"That was incredibly foolish of you!" Sunspear says, "We all hear the beckoning calls of the darkness, there are few things it enjoys more than corrupting and using a child of the sun. I have many times been offered the easy road but.. you must not take it. For all it seems welcoming at times the darkness always holds hidden surprises and unexpected treachery for that is it's nature. You must make it right."

"And that's why I have to go to Hiroshima. There is something there that I can do, that's what I was told anyway.." Maia says, wincing once more a she does feel bad about the whole thing. She takes a deep breath and her attitude about the whole thing belies her youth and naivete for now. "So, thank you for helping with the kids. They're really cute, though I think their exposure to Takamgahara has accelerated their innate divinity to come out already."

"It is no proper place to be raised" Sunspear says sounding slightly disapproving, "Mother usually acts as she does for a reason. When you grow up knowing of your heritage and becoming used to it you never truly feel a part of humanity. It is a tale that often has the ugliest of endings. I shall see these babies stay safe while you make your journey."

"That she does, and I was raised as the hidden shrine maiden of Ise, mother's greatest shrine. I knew of my duties since I was a child, but prior to that I still had a normal childhood. I want them to have one too, and once I get back, I'll definitely take them off you and your sister's hands once more. Besides, I need to visit dad's relatives more,I keepon seeing more relatives from mom than dad.." And at that, Maia pouts. She really doesn't know many of the Tsuchimikados. She just knows they're rich as hell and usually hold important government positions.

"There is a hiking trip next month" Sunspear offers, "A yearly thing we often do with the family. Your branch does not attend, that I am aware of, but several do. You and your father would be welcome if you wanted to join us. We rent out a resort and spend several days there amongst ourselves. I will see you are provided with the information."

"Thank you!" Maia chirps happily, offering yet another squeezy hug, for she is sunshiney and affectionate towards others. "Is it all right if I bring my boyfriend? He's a son of Thor. And our puppy! Drake! He's like part Valkyrie horse mixed with shiba inu.."

A suitably long pause results from that question before Sunspear replies, "I would say yes. You understand that some of the family may not make him welcome, and the resort itself might have certain concerns about making all facilities available to a foreigner. He would not be totally alone however. The pet is no concern, many people bring them."

"Well, he is an Aesir, and he knows of how some may perceive him considering he is gaijin. But he's a nice guy and I think even you would get along with him!" Maia says cheerily before bowing low once more. "But thank you for all your help, I'll bring the babies so you can watch them for a bit. I really do appreciate it. And uh.. do you know anything else about the rest of the competitors that may help me out?" she asks curiously.

"I fought against The Maiden" Last round Sunspear states looking unhappy at the moment, "She is a master of illusions. I found myself often fighting foes that were not there, responding to threads that were not real while she would hit me from unexpected angles. I also do not believe she shares my sense of duty. While you might ask her to yield should you come up against her, I would not expect it. You might however from The Rock, he is a powerful fighter but seems to possess a noble spirit."

"He's awesome!" Maia says brightly about the Rock. He's probably one of her favorite half-brothers if not the favorite by now. "We worked together against Shadow Princess and Winterheart. That was an intense one.." she says, wrinkling her nose as she wrinkles her nose at the mention of an illusionist. "Great, first Kamui, not this one.." she grumps.

"Winterheart I encountered in an earlier round. Not the best of fighters but an impressive grasp of tactics and strategy. Had events not been so chaotic when I fought with him I think he might have won. Who is this.. Kamui?" Sunspear tries to keep up with the flow of words, listening closely to his newfound sister!

"He's the son of Tsuki-yomi, and from my understanding the winner when they held the competition of his kids. He's of the Mitsurigi clan, the dark onmyouji of Japan." She hrmms, pursing her lips for a few moments as she takes a deep breath and sighs softly once more. "He serves the Titans, and I believe is a Titan Avatar himself now. Incredibly dangerous. A master tactician and brilliant mastermind."

"You deal with many dangerous people and situations sister" Sunspear says sounding one part approving and one part not. There is even worry in there, she really is family now! "I do not believe the Maiden is nearly so dangerous as the man that you describe."

"Considering Kamui has been trying to kill me for the past several months, I would hope not.." Maia says with a soft yet nervous chuckle. She wrinkles her nose and takes a deep breath. "Anything else I should know about? Or anyone else for that matter? The newsletters are always so.. vague.."

"They do not allow him to say much. I think. They do not wish to give us too much of an edge against each other before going in." Sunspear answers and then apologetically says, "But that is all. The others I have encountered have already been eliminated from the tournament."

Maia puts her palms together as she bows and smiles warmly towards him. She wrinkles her nose as she does a perfect ninety degree bow, holding it for a few moments before easing back up. "Well thank you for your help. Hopefully you'll be rooting in the stands for me.. or whatever. We cannot let Aya win. That's all I know.." she says firmly and resolutely.

So, is the judge going to come over to do some more talking?

The competition is heating up and as a result the events are coming closer and closer together. Maia is able to be in New York for only perhaps half a day before she receives her next invitation. Barely time to check on the babies and make sure Aya has not murdered anybody on the carpet before she is having yet another encounter with a mysterious doorway and stepping through into a strange locale. There is no mention of arms or armor this time, it seems this event is not going to be combative in any one on one sense. When she emerges from the doorway it is a round stone room decorated with wildly chaotic patterns engraved in the stone and frequently set with lapis. Pretty. There is of course also the usual assistant wearing the robs and the symbol of the competition.

Oh goodnes! The babies are fine, as it seems that Haldor is still helping in some regards, and there's Kaji and his sister now who help. And fortunately there were no more murders! That's always a good thing. But at least the little foray gave her some time to shower, get her laundry done and other stuff like that.

When she emerges through the doorway, she's still dressed in her usual onmyouji's garb, the long sleeves hiding her ofuda as she heads through the door. She blinks a little at the round room with various chaotic patterns on the floor as she peers at the assistant.

"Hello!" she chirps merrily.

"Hello" says the assistant after a deep bow. "I am here to explain the rules again for this challenge." Outside of the room there can be heard a tornado like roaring, gusting sound. Whatever is outside the room t here seems to be quite the breeze! "As you can probably hear today's challenge will involve the wind and air, and the wind spirit has already offered her services to the winner. The competition will be taking place in a large circular tunnel much like well with moving platforms located at three different levels and a very large drop beneath. Along the walls of the tunnel will be regular spaced gemstones which are to be claimed either be you or by your opponent, and yes you can claim a gem your opponent has already claimed to disrupt their efforts. The winner will be the first to activate the points of the symbol of the onmyouji, that will require a mix of tactical planning and agility given the dangerous nature of the jumps required and the perilous nature of the winds. You will also need to watch out for your opponent who may attempt to stop you."

"I see. Who is my opponent for this match?" she asks curiously, raising her brows as she wrinkles her nose as she hears the rather strong gust of wind outside. Hopefully she doesn't get transported to Oz, at least that's what she's thinking in her mind as she continues to just try to visualize some sort of game plan.

"She is the one being called The Maiden" The assistant informs Maia. Oh dear. Platforms, checked off gemstones versions a master of illusion? At least if what Sunspear told her is true. That sounds like it is likely to be really really troublesome.

This is going to suck. Her eyes widen and she grumbles something under her breath as she wrinkles her nose and takes a deep breath. She hrmmsand purses her lips once more as she thinks for a few moments.

"So, are there any rules about using our powers, like in the last challenge?" she asks curiously.

"There are not" The assistant informs her, "Obviously an affinity to the magic of the air would be of great assistance in this challenge but we are not placing limits upon you. Whatever your divine blood is capable of or your mind and body can manage to pull off is acceptable. It is only the outcome which matters."

If Maia were the cursing type, she'd totally do it right now. She has no real affinity to air, which is why this is surprising to her. She hasn't even gotten the wood spirit yet, but still, she is more agile than your average demigoddess and she purses her lips while lost in thought. "All right then, I think I'm ready!" she chirps merrily.

The assitant gives another bow before rising and gesturing broadly. Around them the blue stones in the wall pulse for a moent before the walls seem to simply ripple away in blue energy. It really is a well, perhaps thirty feet across and with platforms gusting too and fro in midair at three different levels. She is on the only stationary one, located on the middle level and in the wells center. Sharing it with her must be the one known as the Maiden, she is a lean woman dressed in flowing white robes. White on white on white, her features hidden behind a white mask lacking even eye sockets that totally conceals her features. There is no time for introductions, a voice in the background already counting down "Three.. two.."
One! Maia looks around, staring down the Maiden first. That's so not fair, stealing her schtick with the white robes. That's Maia's thing. She was the Shrine Maiden of Ise. The hidden one too! That's a really important position. She looks towards the other woman before she starts to look around for the gems, not really quite clear on what she has to do for the moment.

The Maiden gives a precisely formal bow but seems to have no doubt herself what is going on. She leaps onto the layer above and quickly begins zipping between platform to platform finally tapping one of the gems on the wells edge which begins to glow white instead of the preexisting blue. White must be her color! On Maia's level in the middle the platforms shimmer for a moment and.. hey.. weren't there less of them? Did that bitch just illusion up some fake platforms?

The setting is a circular stone enclosure, it is a bit like being down a well or an old time silo except down below there is no ground in sight. Simply a descent leading far far into the darkness somewhere beneath. The walls are studded with gemstones of blue and floating platforms extend on three levels zipping about somewhat randomly. Any powers are allowed, and The Maiden has already used her illusionary talents to plant some platforms on the middle layer that were not already present. She has already claimed her first gem on the topmost tier, one point of the onymouji star made. The rules as Maia might recall are anything goals, they are out to make their star first and the winner takes all.

Well, that's one point that Maia knows is for real. Hopefully. As she stares at the various new platforms, she wrinkles her nose as she takes a deep breath and mutters something. The green emerald on her ring starts to glow as she pulls out a variety of seeds. There's lots of seedsreally and she starts to scatter them over the various platforms. Plants wouldn't continue to grow under her divine will on fake platforms afterall, but the plants would grow on real platforms, right?

With her divine will spreading over the various plants in her vicinity, she rushes to the first platform to disrupt the Maiden's efforts! While she isn't the most perceptive of Scions, she is clever as well.
Jason has reconnected.

The seeds scatter, the angle of their fall leaving few going up above and all eventually going to the level below. On the level where The Maiden has activated her first crystal Maia can only tell of two platforms that are real now slightly studded in plant growth. Five on her current level she knows are solid, several illusionary ones having had the seeds pass right through them. Seven on the level below are confirmed as real. Not having to delay with tossing seeds The Maiden has now somersaulted over several platforms and activated her second crystal. She is showing an early and increasing lead.

While the Maiden may have an early lead, Maia is one who has come from behind to victory before. Still, she wrinkles her nose as she disrupts the first jewel and goes through a different route connecting her first platform with yet one of the seven below. She flips and flops and twists and turns in using her divine dexterity to perform truly amazing gymnastics moves as she travels from one platform to the next. Still, she pulls out a few more seeds, this time that of ivy as she tosses it towards the Maiden, hoping to catch her off guard and unawares for the ivy to wrap around her to limit her movement to slow her down!

While Maia is doing that the gemstones on her level seem to suddenly.. vanish. Ripples of illusion as suddenly simple stone replaces where they once were. Oh no! That will make finding them difficult unless she remembers just where they happen to be. Of course doing that does slow the Maiden as well and ivy snags at her feet causing her to not just be limited in movement but to stumble from her platform near the top, crashing down onto one in the middle layer. A moment of concentration and withered vines are falling away from her form, dried out husks with all the water quickly desiccated away. Her routine is certainly disrupted but not for long, she is already seeking a new way to bound back up to the topmost layer to further work upon her design.

"Fuck me.."

Such language from the young woman isn't exactly appropriate, but considering she almost falls three times from lack of remembering is not a good thing. Still,she's lucky to get another seven on the same level,trying to activate yet another of the jewels as she looks down towards the Maiden. Oh, so it seems they both play with water. Interesting. Things are truly becoming interesting at this time as she hops and skips to the same level in front of her counterpart. From there, she watches the movements as she synchronizes her movements with the Maidens, grinning the entire time, canceling out whatever she tries to activate.

It's during this time that she starts to hum a soft little song under her breath. Oh yes, she's singing a lullaby, but why? Well cradlesong of course!

Well that almost worked, the Maiden seems ready to doze off for a minute nearly toppling from her platform before she draws herself up straight and that white mask turns towards Maia. Her robes swirl about her and for the first time she can be heard to speak, "You would try to make me slumber child? To visit the world of dreams? Behold the full power of the lands of nightmares!"

And for a moment, Maia starts having her thoughts go at a million miles a minute. Still, she has an epic brain and she lets out a hearty laugh as her own robes continue to flap in the air as she stares out towards the Maiden.

"You call me a child? And you're the Maiden? So that means you're like a virgin right? What are you, a 40 year old virgin? Ha! Pathetic!" she says with a hearty laugh as she continues to move in synch, canceling out everything the Maiden does still. She really just wants to get the Maiden to lose her cool at this point.

If a totally featureless mask could look furious The Maiden's is managing it! A gloved hand lifts and makes a come hither gesture. It is very Nero, "Come get some"ish. In this case though it is accompanied by a sudden tugging upon Maia that is quite unnatural and is making her place upon her own floating bit of stone all the more difficult. A gravity well suddenly seeming to tug her towards the other woman and making keeping her place just that much more difficult.

Maia tries to tug back. She doesn't like this! She wrinkles her nose and sticks her tongue out towards the woman as she tries to scramble off to another pole, wanting to get out of the influence of the Maiden as she goes to turn on yet another symbol. That's three for Maia! Hopefully, unless it was another illusionary one.

"Look hun, you're my half-sister, I'm not into lesbian incest, even though I'm totally cute and adorable, kay?" Sassy Maia is sassy!

The Maiden is clever! She is also furious still! Still she quickly moves to reclaim that first gemstone that she had originally marked. Stealing it away from Maia and returning the score to two for two. Each holding the gems to make only part of that pentagram. "Oh we all know what you are into" the voice of what is indeed an older woman purrs out, "Your continued defilement by a dimwitted foreigner is a continued source of shame to our family. It's no wonder that you turned traitor to your people like you have, it is the predictable outcome for such a naughy loathsome child."

"My continued defilement? And did you just tell me I'm a naughty loathsome child? What?!?!? Who talks like that? You're way older than fourty then."

Maia is definitely trying to get under the woman's skin as she continues to keep away from the woman as she continually guards her two, not wanting the Maiden to get an advantage. She hrmms for a few moments, her eyes looking at the various plants that still grow and she wrinkles her nose as she tosses out more and more seeds, using her divine will to have them grow all over the platforms. There is a method to her madness!

And the plants begin to wither almost at once as the water is sucked out of them. The Maiden may not be able to guess at Maia's purpose but she seems little inclined to simply let her plant her seeds and wait. Springing to an off angle gemstone she taps it, three now glowing white. "Do try to keep your game in the head, child. I may not expect much in the way of competition out of you but you might as well try to use whatever meager gifts you possess."

"You're really starting to piss me off!"

Maia is definitely getting annoyed as that one plan seems to be brought down. No natural camouflage for Maia then as she goes back to another level, flipping and twisting and turning as she goes and touches yet another gem. That should be three and three now, right?

"So troublesome.." she mutters under her breath as she wrinkles her nose and just stares towards the Maiden. She can't exactly blind her temporarily, and she doesn't want to hurt her sister. And Sunspear told her she wouldn't just give up. Troublesome indeed.

Much with the troublesome. The Maiden dives to another platform and gestures a hand in Maia's direction. A glowing arrow of pure moonlight takes form, driving directly past the other Scion to impact one of the gemstones there changing the color from Maia's red to Maiden's white. Hey? Did she really just do that or is it another illusion trying to waste her time?

OMFG!!!!! Why didn't she think of that sooner! That's so totally unfair! Maia's a good shot as well, and she wrinkles her nose as she stares back at her half-sister.

"So that's how it is? I'll have you know, Sojobo trained me to be an expert shot! Sonyeh!" and she sticks out her tongue towards her much older sister. It's not just a fight of sun versus moon, but it's one of youth and progressiveness against age and conservatism! With her naivete and still slight innocense, there's nothing that Maia can do. That's what she tells herself as she wrinkles her forming two arrows of golden sunlight to strike her gemstone back as well as one of the maiden's.

"Oh? For how many centuries have you been training with him?" The Maiden taunts as she leaps onto a nearby platform, "Did he teach you this?" She takes the opportunity while Maia is distracted taking aim and shooting at two different gemstones to aim a kick at her head and wow.. those martial arts are superlative. She really must know Sojobo!

Ding! Ding! The golden arrows of light hit both targets even though there's a foot aimed for her face. But crafty and dextrous Maia is both crafty and dextrous. She lets out a hearty laugh as she wrinkles her nose and looks back towards the Maiden, sticking out her tongue as she mocks the older woman.

"I've only been training with him since I was a little girl, but I can say he definitely didn't teach me that. I don't recall him showing me how to look like an arrogant bitch who counts her chickens before her eggs have hatched." she chirps merrily as she frantically looks around for yet another, hoping to finish this round of the competition as another arrow of light forms in her finger tips.

The Maiden tries to fling herself at that last arrow, her foot spinning around and glowing with white energy but her martial arts simply do not seem up to her illusion. It fails to make contact and the arrow goes zinging back to connect with that last gem. 5 red points now glow in the darkness, lines converging to form the symbol of the competition in midair and filling the well with a brilliant flash of light. There is no after conversation this time, no making chitchat with the Maiden. A violent swirling of wind picks up Maia and swirls her violently about. She is captured in a tornado for a moment before suddenly finding herself roughly back in her apartment with a swirling gusting body of air before her.

Hooray! She did it! Her eyes widen as she sees the little dust devil swirling in her apartment. Papers fly around and she wrinkles her nose, letting out a soft chuckle of amusement as she seems to be rather disoriented after the whole teleporting back. She wanted to chat with the Maiden afterall. That was her much older, snootier sister! And she wanted to rub it in her face that her youth won out over the Maiden's experience.

"Um.. hello!" Maia chirps brightly towards the dust devil instead.

The dust devil twirls merrily about the apartment, it really is making a mess out of things! In a high pitched girlish tone it says, "Iamsohappyyouwon! IsaidIwouldhelpwhoeverwonbutthatotherladywasscaryandkindofmeanandIdon'tknowwhatwasgoingonwithheranditwasallveryweirdbutyouseemedniceandfunandIlikedthewayyoukeptmakingfunofherandcanwebefriendspleasebecauseIwouldreallylikethatIdonthavemanyfriendsbecausepeopleneverunderstandwhatIamsayinganditiscrazyandisntthatweird?PeoplearedumbandweirdandIdontjustgetthemomgisthatapictureofyourboyfriendheissocutedoeshehaveabrother?"

"Genki des!"

Maia lets out an amused chuckle under her breath as she wrinkles her nose and scratches the back of her head as she processes the fast paced talking of the dustdevil before her. The energetic whirlwind kami is energetic and whirlwindy! The excitement is making a mess of the apartment and soon the crashes start to wake up a few of the babies as they all start crying.

"Of course we can be friends, but do you think you can calm down just a little, please? And I'm Maia!" she chirps merrily before snickering softly at the question about Haldor and his brothers.

"And yes, that's my boyfriend, Haldor. And he has lots of brothers, or half brothers really. All quite cute.." she winks as she starts heading towards the nursery.

"Iamcalm!" The whirlwind exclaims as it happily bounces over to swirl around the babies sending mobiles and toys afluttering madly and it continues "omgthebabiesaresocutebabiesbabiesbabies!AretheyyourstheylookjustlikeyoubutnoneofthemlooklikeyourboyfriendhaveyouotherboyfriendsIwouldhaveboyfriendslikedozensanddozensofthemandIcouldjustblowfromonetotheotherandthatwouldbefun!"

"One of them is my little sister, and the others are little cousins, I think. My boyfriend and I don't have any kids yet. And it's better if you only have one boyfriend. It's more special that way.." Maia says as she starts hopping around trying to catch the toys in the room as she wrinkles her nose and tries to coo softly at the various babies, singing a soft lullaby to put them back to sleep.

A toppling over a lamp and the little tornado gets bored of babies and wanders out towards the living room to cause destruction there once more while it continues to babble happily "WellifyouneedmejustcallmeandIwillcomeIamreallyreallyfastandgozoomorfroomorsomethingthatmakkesasoundlikeoombecausethatishowpeoplesaythatthingsarefastandIwillgoallwhooshbecausepeopleusewhoosihtooandIdontknowwhybutpeopleareverysillyok?"

"Well thank you. I do appreciate your enthusiasm."

Maia can't help but chuckle at that as she looks around the apartment that the dust devil has messed up. Still, she wrinkles her nose and bows.

"Do take care and thank you once more!" she beams brightly. Huzzah!

With a furious last burst of energy the dust devil disbands. Powerful gale force winds for a moment going in all directions. Two more lamps topple, the couch thuds over on it's back. Whoosh goes the mini tornado and then the spirit is gone gone gone. Victory for Maia!

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