Shaman King Pt 3



Scene Title Shaman King Pt 3
Synopsis A competition that comes every couple of centuries has arrived. The next two tasks involve a long and arduous climb and zombies…

The pattern is by this point becoming routine. A sealed note outside of Maia's door leading to an appointment somewhere empty and innocuous, but a door at the appointed time leading to somewhere far different. This time, when that door opens, it's a very different scene than the least. She is alone for one thing, no other contestants visible or any of the guides that helped the last event to proceed. Before her in the hillside is a large boulder blocking the entrance to a cave, the tiniest of symbols carved into it suggesting her challenge somehow lies past it.

There's a large boulder blocking the way! Oh noes! There's no Haldor around. She wrinkles her nose as she chews on her bottom lip while she runs her fingers through her hair and stares towards it. Is there anything that can help her move it? Like a large crowbar or something else that can act like a lever?
Nothing immediately stands out to use as leverage. The hillside is a scraggly one, a few small plants seeking to thrust their way out of gravel strewn dirt. Further back there is a forest, gloomy and dark and shadowed in the way that Maia probably hates. The boulder sits. Big and boulderlike and she is indeed missing her Haldor.

It's dry and desolate. Dang. There's no water for her to play with, but there's paper. She always has a lot of apper. Hopefully it'll work as she hrmms for a few moments as she pulls out paper and lots of it until it forms something that can give her a bit of leverage to try to move the boulder away. Really, she's trying to not just ask the boulder to move to the side!

Even with leverage it is not a quick job. It takes a full hour of back breaking, physical, sweat inducing labor to actually dislodge that boulder from the cave mouth enough to get through. The massive weight dislodged by force of arm and wit and ahead a tunnel leads into the rock. It's not dark at least, torches lining the walls providing flickering illumination. Oh yes. She must be expected to go this way. The tunnel winds a bit here and there before at last terminating in a rising cliff face. Hand and foot holds are slight, but it is probably climbable although it looks like another difficult physical challenge. Well. It might be for a normal person. Maia of course is anything but normal.

Phew! That was tiring! The sheets of paper go back into her backpack and she zips it up as she peers in the tunnel. There's a sheen of sweat on her features as she starts to head inside and goes through the tunnel, her eyes wary the entire time as she chews on her bottom lip before reaching the rising cliff face. And it's still windy. Would it be possible for her to fly up ala paper airplane?
There is not really all that much wind in the cave, what with it being a cave. Still a slight breeze occasionally blows in from the open cave mouth she left behind her. It might be possible, it might be terribly frustrating. Her massive intellect would guide her into knowing that the later conclusion is the more likely.

Sometimes, just the physical challenge is easier in this case. She takes a deep breath as she hrmms for a few moments, chewing on her bottom lip as she starts heading up the wall holds. Besides, once she gets high enough, maybe she can glide up the rest of the can be the best of both worlds?

Maia /flies/ up the wall. Non literally of course. Strength may not be her thing but this wall poses her no problem whatsoever, even the most difficult of footholds managed with negligent ease and she's up it in under half an hour. Whew. Still exhausting. Ahead there exists more cavern.. and ahead of it.. more cavern. If she pays attention enough the motions seem almost circular, like she is climbing up a mountain from the inside. Pant. Pant. Unsurprisingly it's exhausting work. Her Strength and her Dexterity have already been tested, now it comes down to a test of her Stamina.

She's still pretty durable! Having lots of hot love with Haldor builds up one's stamina afterall. She phews a little, wrinkling her nose as she opens her backpack and tests the wind. The higher she goes the more there has to be a bit of a breeze, right? So perhaps she can combo it this time…
She is still inside a cave, and a lot further from the entrance than she started. While there is airflow.. it's just pretty minor. That idea might work great outdoors, but in this interior environment it faces many more problems. Still! She is pretty durable! But it is also a highly daunting climb. Unfortunately the environment seems to be offering her little help, it seems the competition meant this part to be difficult.

A /hard/ and arduous uphill climb of ninety minutes ensues. Endless plodding away in torchlight going up and up and around and around. It is the sort of climb that leaves calves aching in agony, limbs shuddering in a painful desperate need of rest. Finally though she comes to the end of the cave and back into the light once more. A beautiful view awaits her, she is above the clouds now and they stretch out from the mountain below like a majestic field of snow reflecting the light of the sun brilliantly. Down a short path is a quaint Japanese manor, the sort of thing one associates with nobles of rural prefactures in times past.

Maia is gross. And sweaty and tired. Still the view that awaits her lets out a soft sigh of relief as she wrinkles her nose as she chews on her bottom lip as she catches her breath. She's so tired right now. Oh so tired. She needs a little bit of rest, but she remembers this is a challenge and she looks down the path, wiping the beads of sweat from her forehead. Wow.

Still she reaches into her back pocket for her iphone and takes a picture of the view. Gotta remember this afterall, and soon she rushes towards the Japanese manor.
It is a challenge! And while nothing has told Maia that there is a timer running it seems not improbable that there is. When finally she reaches the manor she finds the entrance guarded by a rather large and slovenly looking fellow. His attire fitting the surroundings, faded and worn as if from heavy use. A spear is held up diagonally, barring the way as he calls out, "The Lord will see no beggars! Be gone with you!" Oh dear.. Maia really is looking rather the worse for wear.

Maia is a natural charmer when she really wants to be. She flashes a bright smile towards the guard as she curtsies before him. "I am not a beggar…I have travelled a long way to see your Lord, and if I might ask for a room to change and become more suitable for your Lord, I would much appreciate it please.."

"Oh" The guard says seeming to suddenly understand, "I see. You'll want to see the Deputy Steward of the house then." He turns his head to call out as much to that effect. Stepping out of the way so that Maia can actually make her way within. Shortly past the main entrance she is met by a bent overly old woman, her attire in contrast to the guards is immaculate and orderly. Sharp birdlike movements as he moves down a hall, "Girl. I will show you to a place to change. You look a shameful mess."

Her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red as she wrinkles her nose and nods as she looks towards the steward. "My apologies..getting here was not an easy task…" she says, bowing her head as she lets out a soft nervous little chuckle at the woman. "Thank you for your hospitality.."
The steward for her part looks less than amused. Yes. Less than amused. Slovenly messy people getting above themselves! Still she leads Maia to a small room, contained within a wardrobe and a bowl of water to aid in washing up. The wardrobe appears to contain.. geisha attire. Oh dear. The guard and steward must think her a rather high class if especially scruffy hooker. Still, it seems to have gotten her in the door.

Geishas are not hookers! They are companions with no sex needed. Still, the kimono is pretty enough! And Maia took some shimasen lessons and even remembers some noh play training. She changes and looks much better, tying her hair back as she slips into the kimono and doesnt take long at all. She's oh so fresh this time. Easy, breezy beautiful..covergirl..

It is hotter to think of them as hookers! Lives of tasteful sin and debauchery! Still, the Kimono really is pretty and fan ornate and she manages to wash the stink off of her. It doesn't help with feeling exhausted, surely. But every little thing. Eventually the steward pops in to guide her out, giving her a once over and seeming to thaw slightly at her new and improved appearance. She's guided now into a central garden, a small stream flowing over rushes and trees ornately trimmed. The steward informs her, "You look the part now, but the Lord is a man of exacting standards. Only keeping company with those who show a true understanding of harmony. For all these surroundings look idyllic, there is imbalance here, if you correct it he shall appear."

Maia takes in her surroundings as she hrmms for a few moments, chewing on her bottom lip as she hrmms and looks around at the small stream. It's flowing over! And it's rushing! Her eyes widen as that's what seems most obvious to her and she peers curiously towards the steward. "Yes ma'am.."

There.. her musician talents do not guide her wrong. One stone has come dislodged from it's place, a tiny thing that ever so slightly altered the flow, changing the harmonic. It is a simple thing to return it to it's place. The sound of the water now becoming again a thing of peace. That sound is so soothing even her muscles seem to ache less, spirit lifting. Perhaps it is because of that she can now notice the ornate stonework that lines the pathways of the garden. At first glance it seems merely decorative but upon closer inspection.. it is almost fractal. There is order and complexity here, and yet here too something is off. Pieces have been kicked aside, the pattern broken.

Oh noes! There have been pieces that have been kicked aside. Maia takes a deep breath as she startsputting up the pieces once more as she hums in harmony with the soft notes of the music as she wrinkles her nose. She chews on her bottom lip as she takes a deep breath and continues to look around, trying to bring back the harmony of the garden.

Given Maia's bountiful intelligence reassembling those pieces is not terribly challenging. It's certainly a puzzle that others might struggle with but for her it goes quick. Logical complexity.. sound.. and yet there is still something in this garden that does not fit. The flowering blossoms seem colorful enough, a beautiful display and yet here too something does not fit, one bush deep in the midst of others simply does not belong. It would be a bitch to walk in and pull it out though, trampling things would only make the disharmony grow.

There's only one plant that does not fit! Inside her head, she's singing, "Which one of these do not belong with the other.." and she hums the little Sesame Street song as she looks around and hrmms. When she finds the offending plant, she starts to draw out the moisture and the water with but a gentle touch, the plant instantly withering before her eyes..

It is actually one of the more glaring contrast within the garden, flowers of a garish hue that simply do not match in the least with the palette around it. This is of course quickly corrected as the plant begins to wither, those flowers losing their color as they lose moisture and the plant curling in and down upon itself until finally only a withered husk remains out of eye level. The approach is silent behind her, the thoughtful voice suddenly seeming to come from nowhere "It is good? Yes? When all is aligned. Perfect order restored."

Slowly and gracefully she turns around, raising her brows as she hrmms for a few moments as she peers back towards the voice, smiling brightly the entire time. Maia curtsies low and properly, even bowing a perfect 90 degrees towards her host before easing back on up. "I am glad it pleases you.." she says softly.
The host gives a rather more shallow bow, and he does look every bit the rural lord. On the older side, but form fit and his attire somewhat simpler than one might expect. "Let us dispense with games child. They always request I play them a little more but I rarely have the patience. You have passed, this stage, for what it matters. Not all will. Many give up when faced with their areas of weakness, abandon hope and yield before them."

"I want this.." she says firmly and resolutely as she peers towards the rural lord with a warm smile curled onto her lips. She bows once more, her hands put together as she peers towards him. She lets out a sigh of relief, wrinkling her nose as she chews on her bottom lip. "I have to admit..getting here was one of the more difficult things I've done.." she says softly.
"It is not meant to be easy" The Lord says simply. "Some challenges will test skill. Some aptitudes. But today? Today it was you alone and your will alone. There is nothing you faced that anyone might not have accomplished with time and effort. Of course there is a lesson there as well, that for all we depend upon others we sometimes forget what the individual is capable of."

"It was definitely enlightening. I am not the physical powerhouse in my band, that would be my beau.." she admits ruefully, letting out a soft chuckle escape from her lips. "I think the first challenge was the most daunting..that boulder..was big."

"Ha" The Lord says, "I know it. My son's work, and the cave that lays beyond. For him such things come easy, although I think what came later would have troubled him more. You have met him, I think. He described a girl such as you, at least."

"…" Maia stares at him for a few moments as she hrmms for a few moments as her brows raise a little. "Your son? You mean.. The Rock?" she asks curiously, grinning a little since it seems quite appropriate. "I take it that isnt the usual route he takes? I would hope not anyway.."
"That is what he calls himself now" grumbles the Lord, "Foolish child. A good boy, but foolish. Of course he usually takes that route, he did not get so big and strong by going through shortcuts. So it was you then, that helped the first time." From his robe he pulls out an ornately craved tiny box and opens it to display the contents. It seems a necklace, strands made of tenuous cloudstuff made solid. Pretty. "A token. Twist it between your hands and it shall shatter apart creating a torrent of water. You may only do so once but sometimes this is enough. My son, he said you were skilled with water. Perhaps such will be of aid to you in the days to come."

"No..the competition..there's a fanboy that has given us nicknames. His is the's better than mine..Rainbow Brite.." she says with an impish giggle as she chews on her bottom lip before hrmming for a few moments and looks at the necklace. "Thank you very much.." she says softly, bowing once more as she nods. "Your son was verynhelpful..we worked together at the first challenge. I am honored.." she says, bowing once more.
He bows again as well. Head tilting suddenly to the side for a moment, "They wish to return you now. The later windows are filling, many are taking longer at their task than you did with yours. I wish you success, Rainbow Brite, if not quite so much success as I wish my son." Box with the necklace is pressed into her hands and then the scenery is flickering around her. Shifting and fading out in a now familiar process as she again finds herself in New York. But with loot this time!

Another of those cards arrive at Maia's door. Carefully embossed with a time and place. They lead of course to an office building, as usual. The door appearing at it's usual time. Things.. seem worrisome though. This time from beyond the cloudy glass the lights seem to flicker. The faintest sounds of things breaking in the distance being heard.

More invitations! More cards! More things to do! Maia heads out and wrinkles her nose as she peers around and wrinkles her nose. Lights flickering? Is it going to be the dark? Oh noes. She's tensing a little as she chews on her bottom lip while taking in the sights and sounds around her.

The other side of the door leads of course to somewhere far different. Surrounding her are concrete walls, the reinforced concrete look having the appearance of an old military or industrial complex of some sort. Above the lights really do flicker unsteadily. "Unknown Survivor" warbles a computerized voice from overhead, "Containment was breached 12 hours ago and lockdown commenced. Subjects have been loosed and at this time approximately 95% of the facilities staff have been infected. Advise you to.." A powerful flicker of the lights and the voice warbles out and does not return.

Oh yeah. Anyone who has ever watched a horror movie while clinging to a Haldor would probably recognize the sounds of the chaos out there. Zombies. Massive zombies.

Yes, during zombie flicks Maia does cling onto a Haldor. Clinging onto Vikings makes Maia a lot less scared,and it seems she's stepped from the real world into a Resident Evil movie. She blinks a little as she tenses and chews on her bottom lip as she idly runs her fingers through her hair as she swallows nervously, pulling out several ofuda between her fingers.

"Zombies..bring it..I've played Resident Evil enough times.."

The door beyond opens to a hall. No zombies are evident /yet/ although moaning certainly echoes throughout the halls. An arrow to the right indicates the armory is in that direction, no doubt home to shotguns and flamethrowers and things.. Maia probably does not get much use out of. The other way is indicated as being the Cafeteria.

Flamethrowers and shotguns! She knows how to use those things! Kinda, sorta. It's just point and pull the trigger, right? And so she dashes following the arrows towards what would hopefully be the armory. Rawr! Maia's in full Jill Valentine mode.

She is not the first to have been there. Are other competitors in here with her somewhere? Maybe. There is a gruesome mess before the door where it looks like several zombies got their heads blown apart, the telltale greenish greyish tint to their skin and overexposed sinews hint that something is really not right with the bodies. Through the door the armory has been kind of raided. There are in fact several shotguns remaining though, and ample ammunition. Pistols galore. One lone flamethrower sits upon a shelf, although it looks as if others have already scavenged all the fuel.

There's a bit of a gasp as she wrinkles her nose at the blood and gore around. She tries to not throw up at this point before she goes and grabs as much ammunition as she can hold. Is there a bag or something to hold more? She's definitely looking around for a bag of some sort as she grabs one of the shotguns and looks around. "'s just like using the Wii-gun. Point and shoot, point and shoot.."
There are backpacks! Green and all military style issue, if a bit dated. She can load up decently on ammo. Poking around also happens to turn up a map of the complex on the rooms desk. That voice earlier said she was on floor 20 which is designated for the messhall and backup armory. There is a bigger one somewhere?!? This particular complex does seem to be 20 stories deep and she's at the bottom. Levels 1-4 are Administrative. 5-6 Living quarters and recreation. 7-12 low security labs. 13-16 high security labs. 17-18 Containment and Storage. 19 Security. Perhaps this is why she has not yet been jumped by killer zombies herself, despite the presence of a few corpses in the hall. A security buffer is protecting her current floor from the rest of the complex. Stairwells and Elevators are both marked.

And of course she grabs a backpack, the biggest one they have. She wants as much ammo as possible as she cocks the shotgun and hrmms for a few moments hearing the voice. She chews on her bottom lip as she runs her fingers through her hair before she takes a deep breath.

"As long as it's not too dark, I will be okay. As long as it's not like 30 Days of Night, I will be okay.." For a demigoddess she has certain fears that remain deeply rooted. Vampires and the dark are a bad combination. It freaks out the sunchild.

"Point and shoot, point and shoot.." she tells herself as she starts running towards the stairwell through the security buffer. But what exactly is her goal?
That is a good question! Unfortunately, answers are not exactly in short supply. Obviously the contest has thrown her in harms way to see how she handles matter, but with what outcome in mind? The answers to what happened here probably exist somewhere in the laboratory levels although those seem likely to have some of the highest rates of infestation. Escape is probably possible by getting to the top floor and somehow getting past the containment protocols. Of course, Maia being Maia it is probably the flashing screens of the security offices that draw her attention as she makes her way up the stairs. Emergency protocols. Tracking software. People in need of help. The large group of survivors on floor 5 currently holding back but struggling a large zombie push from floor 6. A smaller group of 3 that looks about to be overwhelmed on floor 14. Then there are the bright, individual dots? Fellow contestants? They are scattered about the complex.

Maia likes answers. She wants answers. But can she handle the truth? Probably not, but damnit, she's going to try anyway. The flashing screens get her attention as she wrinkles her nose and starts heading toward the fifth floor. She needs to help the survivors. She's ended up in a Deadlands game afterall. Rawr.
Things quickly get messier as Maia makes her way up the long flights of stairs towards the fifth floor. Bodies, some clearly infected zombies lay scattered here and there drapped over hand rails or piled on landings. So to do some that are more clearly Human. Lights continue to flicker madly, patches of shadow frequently scattered about. There suddenly comes that brief feeling of a touch on one shoulder, shadowy and cool and that murmur in her ear, "Little one, this is no safe place for you."

Zombies are squick. Really squick. It's really gros and she's already starting to freak out just a little. Still, she cocks the gun once more cause well, that always makes someone feel better when infested with zombies afterall, right?

However, what makes her yelp isnt the blood and gore on the ground. It's the cool and shadowy whispers by her ear and gasps."This is no safe place for anyone, but I have to save them.." she says firmly and resolutely.
"And do you think you'll do so alone?" That voice whispers again in her ear, "This is a place of shadows. Of darkness. Wherever every darkened corner might hold a horror waiting to be unleashed.. unless you know the darkness. Unless it is your friend. You might save some without me little one, but you won't save them all." For the first time Maia now sees live (in a manner of speaking) zombies ahead, an unsteady mass working their way of the stairwell with shuffling steps driven by the smells of life above. Two though turn, seemingly drawn by her own scent and begin to advance.

Her eyes widen as she spies the zombies slowly heading towards her. Maia takes a deep breath as she chews on her bottom lip as she looks aroun for any sources of water. Wait..blood is watery! At least the plasma is. She takes a deep breathand just focuses for now before she spreads the blood over the ground, hoping to make the zombies trip. Prone zombies are easier to blast afterall.

"I don't need you.." she says firmly and resolutely.

There comes a chuckle in her ear and the words, "We'll see" fading away. Then! Zombies! Making tripwire out of blood proves somewhat effective. Zombies are not the most nimble of creatures and one does indeed hit that obstruction and go down. Unfortunately, as the zombies are up stairs from here and she is.. down stairs. This results in a diseased claw happy angry corpse suddenly crunching and smaking it's way down the stairs as it falls rapidly in her direction.

"Fuck me.."

Maia jumps back a little, the epitome and paragon of grace as she moves. She wrinkles her nose as she channels her best Chow Yun Fat. Everything seems to start moving in slow's not really slow,but it's more dramatic when it happens. There's a gasp that sounds much lower than it really should as she waits for the body to end up at the bottom of the stairs.

At this point, she's high in the air and puls the trigger, a loud and slow boom as the bullet starts flying towards the target intending to splatter it into a million pieces..well, at least a few dozen really.
These are not the fast moving and zippy sort of zombies. Well.. at least no faster moving than falling down stairs will get them. Maia does manage to leap up before the zombie reaches her. A resounding splatter occurring as she pulls the trigger. It's not like a wiimote at all! There is feedback! Major feedback! Shotgun pushing back into her forcefully even while below the zombie splatters into a gory mess that coats the walls. Up the stairs a bit the other one avoided the tripwire, arms flailing in the air as it but waits for her to land to do it's terribly zombie thing to her.

The recoil! Ack the recoil! It sends her back a bit, and she uses the momentum to flip back to try to give her a bit more space from her attacker. She is not going to be bitten! She does not have green herbs nor does she know how to mix the proper herbage to make better meicine! This is so unfair! Still, she pulls the trigger oncemore, hoping to splatter more zombie brainz..
Given her own state of recoil induced chaos that second shot does not land still quite so squarely as the first. Still, it is a friggin shotgun. Half of the zombies arm goes tearing off as it is spun almost in a full circle, a graagh emenating from it's throat as it goes crashing down the stairs. The way up is still almost totally blocked by zombies. The queue rather huge to eat the survivors above. They don't even seem aware of their two blasted companions yet, for zombies are dumb.

Dumb zombies are dumb. That is a very fortunate fact at this point. Maia lands on the ground and wobbles a little as she looks back up towards the stairs as she spies the various zombies on top. She takes a deep breath and hopes to rely on her catlike balance. Maybe she can start running up the rails of the stairs. She wants to go over zombies! By stepping on their heads!

Maia's balance is indeed catlike, and the stairwell rail is already designed to support a persons weight. While not exactly /broad/ does provide some support, and where it fails zombie heads provides more. It's a harrowing experience though, more than once she can feel hands clawing at her ankles as she passes and the sound of groans hungry for her flesh follow her. Still she can make her way up.. up.. to the fifth floor. As she gets closer she can actually hear the sound of weapons in the distance now. Shotguns. Pistols. It sounds like a full on massive battle is underway somewhere ahead. Zombies block the exit door to the level, no stepping on their heads will be possible.

There's more zombies! Oh geez. This is so not good. Maia groans a little at the sight of the zombies. She facepalms a little as she can hear the various weapons shooting. See! she didnt need Mikaboshi at all. She starts running as fast as she can, dashing towards the sounds. Zombies be damned!
Long distance to Jason: Maia nuzzles and cuddles close.

Zombies are slow, and Maia is fast. This is a good thing when rushing through the middle of a zombie horde to get through the doors. Even with her speed the tight quarters simply do not allow for much dodging about, clawed hands shred at her clothing and the more tender flesh beneath and the clammy feel of dead flesh is pressed around her. Then she is breaking through! Right into.. a pointing shotgun. "DOWN!" shouts the blonde haired toughguy handling it, things going all bullet time as he slowly pulls the trigger.

Blonde haired toughguy? Did Maia really end up in one of her character fantasies? She squicks about at all the clammy claws trynig to molest her before she spies the end of the shotgun and ducks, expecting to be covered in gore soon. "EEEEEK!" She doesntjust duck, she's sliding for home, baby..

Did she? Who knows! Regardless she DOES slide home right between the spread legs of the tough guy. Hot. And there is indeed bloody gore left in her wake as he fires a shell directly into the zombie formerly behind her resulting in explosive gooiness. Cocking of the gun and another meets the fate of the first. There is a line of similarly armed men she is now behind, through a doorway a large recreation room seems to have become a makeshift infirmary with a number of people sporting some rather nasty wounds.

Hot indeed. Maia scrambles through his leg as she winces and wrinkles her nose, not minding her cuts for now. She continues to crawl until she heads into the makeshift infirmary looking around for any survivors, though she heads towards those most wounded. "What happened here?!?" she asks curiously.
A rather harried looking woman gives her an equally harried look and says, "Oh not another." To another hovering woman she says, "Get her a cot. Poor thing doesn't even remember the zombie attack." Reassuringly to Maia, "Just sit down. We'll get you some water sweetie. You're all safe now."

There's another blink.. a blank blink. She is clearly confused and wrinkles her nose as she acks and flails her arms just a little. "Let me help those injured. What's going on? What happened?" she asks curiously.
Harried woman continues to stare at her and those then flailing arms and she says to the assistant, "Maybe a sedative too. I hate to do it with all those things out there but right now she is just a danger to everyone else." A tentative hand reaches out to stroke at Maia's shoulder as the woman's voice goes especially reassuring, "It's ok dear. You made it to the safe point. I can tell you don't remember thing dearie but we're going to take good care of you." BANG BANG BANG goes on outside, not all /that/s afe.

"There's a way don't have to stay here..if you stay here, you'll eventually run out of ammo..then what then? There's a way out..and that's up.." Maia says, staying away from the harried woman, not wanting to get sedated afterall. She isnt crazy, really, she isnt!
"The upper levels are sealed dear" Says the harried woman. The assistant fills a needle up with sedative, trying to inch up on Maia. It's for her own good! Really! "That crazy woman that thought she was a Princess released the computer locks but the manual overrides don't have anyone there to activate them." A nod goes to one of the corpses nearby, "Poor John was going to but they got him first."

Maia is fast! Really fast. She scrambles back from the assistant as she blinks a little as she chews on her bottom lip. "Did she call herself the Shadow Princess?" Gah, there's the Kagehime once more. Not good. Still she looks towards the woman, trying to distance herself. "Where are the manual overrides..I'll take care of it.."
"Dearie. You're as insane as she was." The harried looking woman says while the assistant continues to try to chase her down with the needle. "The overrides are on floor one, even though the zombies didn't make it up there the automated defenses are active. Just sit down and let us help you. And that was it. Shadow Princess?" An aside to the assistant, "They must have been being held in the same ward. They even look alike."

"I'll get past the automated me.." she says firmly and resolutely as she starts heading towards the wall of hunky men. She got in, she can get out, right? "Just tell me the instructions for the automated override and I'll get us all out of here.."

"Erm…" says the harried woman perplexed, "Maybe you are just psycho enough to have a chance?"

Meanwhile the hunky men consider their epic battle. They are pretty good, pistols taking headshots and shotguns filling the halls with gore. "You mean the manual override for the exterior doors? It's easy enough, crank on both sides just needs a lot of turning. There were a secondary series of measures but some crazy chick maid it to the mainframe core and disengaged them awhile back." They sound admiring. Clearly Shadow Princess kicks ass.

Great. Why does she get the cranking part? Computers she could deal with, but lots of cranking, that's still to be determined. A wry grin curls onto her lips as she chuckles softly. "Yes, the manual override, just crank away, right? Lemme through. I'm going to get everyone out.." she says firmly and resolutely as she hops up onto the heads of two hunky men before diving into the fray of the zombies. She wants the zombies and only the zombies attention. It's time to light up their world..

"And don't look at me!" she cries out to the soldiers.

As Maia happens to be given an upskirt look, her words are not entirely heeded by the stalwart defenders. A few pained screams greeting her going all blinding light. A few gun blasts go wide, zombies grr and rawr and stumble about blindly. Oof. She at least left chaos in her wake. Still the zombie horde parts behind her and the stairs beckon ahead. Up one flight.. and two.. and then the lights no longer flicker. Here they are strong and bold, sirens flashing leaving red lights flickering along the walls as a computerized voice on recording says. "This facility is under full lockdown. All personnel are to evacuate to the lower levels and await extraction. Automated defenses are unlocked and active."

Automated defenses blah. Maia just looks around now, her eyes glancing from side to side as she looks around and hrmms for a few moments. She idly runs her fingers through her hair as she looks around at the siren and takes a deep breath. "Okay..let's do this.." and she starts running as fast as she can, trying to get to the exits. Defenses be damned. She's going all colossused out, her skin taking up a metallic sheen.
Nothing attacks her in the stairwell. There at least is clear. Up. Up. To the first floor. That changes dramatically once she gets out, almost at once two chaingun turrents suddenly swivelling at the newest arrival. Yikes! The hallway they protect is fairly narrow. Even with Maia's speed she probably won't be able to dodge their sustained fire, but armored up Maia might at least be able to take a few shots.

Armor isnt the only thing she's going to use. She's Maia. She's brainy. She likes to think outside the box. She has paper, lots of it and she takes a quick moment before muttering a soft prayer. "You guys better block these bullets.." she says firmly and resolutely, pleading with the kami of the papers to harden just a bit and take a few shots of her. And so on top of her metallic sheen, a bit of paper armor starts to form around her as she runs! Maia..petite tank.
The paper /tries/ but paper is rather notorious for it's frailty after all. The spirits could /not/ soak a bullet really really well if asked! This is kind of going against their nature. Still a fluttering paper storm does confuse tracking lasers a bit which helps in it's own a way. A hail of gunfire fills the hallway, a roaring blasting cacophany within the narrow space. She does take shots, a glancing blow to one shoulder, a particularly vicious one to one calve, while others pepper her here and there not quite getting through given her speed of motion and protective shielding. Then she is past the turrents. Yay! "Secondary defense protocols engaged" intones the computerized voice in a monotone, vents near the ceiling starting to exude a roiling gas.

And there's the twang of bullets flickering off her skin. Still it kind of hurts, the impact that is even thoughit's not piercing her metallic skin. She gahs and continues to run until she hears about the gas. Fortunately, she's buff! There's a bit of a bolster of her health before she takes a deep breath. She needs to get out of the gas and not breath afterall…

Maia has Epic Stamina 4 now! She can hold her breath a really long time. This is a good thing. Even her metallic skin burns though at the touch of the gas, whatever it is it is truly nasty stuff and it billows in clouds around her as she rushes down the hall. "Tertiary defenses active" chimes the voice and ahead of her the hallway erupts into flames. Jets of gas firing from the walls at an almost brilliant intensity.

Geeez. No wonder the mortals didnt think they could take it. Still, le petite tank rushes through the jets of flames trying to dodge what she can, but she just takes it like a woman. Sure, her clothes are getting burned and singed off, but she doesnt care. She can remain mostly metallic afterall, right? Right?
Probably. Still, there is flesh beneath and those jets are HOT. But Maia is also moving awfully quickly! So.. she gets through cooked a little a few places on the inside, but not all that many. She is still going. And there ahead are the previously mentioned cranks. A TV screen nearby is showing a svelte and fit Japanese women setting behind a bank of keys tapping away in the confines of a shadowy computer lab, "About time" she mutters before a nearby camera swivels, "The fuck? Rainbow Brite?!? Where's John?"

Maia is bruised and bloodied and her metallic skin is erroding from the gas. THere's of course a noticeable lack of clothes that have been burned off and she rolls on the ground trying to put out the last of the fires. Hot hot hot hot! She slowly gets up, keeping her modesty as she looks like a petite little metallic robot now as her brows raise a little at the screen. "Dead." she says firmly and resolutely.

This day..could it get much worse? Hopefully this was recorded to give Haldor a bit of something to get turned on about. It's a literally hot Maia afterall. She looks around and tries to find the manual overrides so she can get crankin away, her metallic skin glowing from the intense heat of the jets. "So let's do this and get these people out.." she says firmly and resolutely.
"Great. So they sent the naked cheery one." Shadow Princess grumbles from the screen, "Rotate both cranks counterclockwise. Even you should be able to do that much. It'll take a lot of spinning but I've disengaged the locks so you just have to get the door up. Once you do that will automatically disengage half the safeties and I should be able to shut down the defenses to get the rest of the people out." Camera pans her up and down, "After this Fusako is totally going to give you a new nickname."

"Rainbow Brite is charming.." Maia grumps a little as she rolls her eyes a little and shakes her head. See, she didnt need help from Mikaboshi afterall! Unless..well..

And she takes that thought out of her head as she starts cranking away and wrinkles her nose as she cranks away! Counterclockwise! It shouldnt be too difficult, right?
Would that door even be raising now without Mikaboshi's help? Given the Shadow Princess's probable allegiance, it seems unlikely. It actually is not all that difficult, the manual systems are meant to be able to be used by just about anyone with enough. Slow cranking later the main doors slowly slide up and the light of a new day beckons. It is not long until the sounds of people can be heard behind her. "Get them out Brite" calls the TV, "Soon as you and them are clear I'm going to key the destruct and make my own exit."

"The crazy girl is naked!" calls out a familiar harried voice.

"My clothes were melted and burned off!"

MAia acks a little. She's not really naked. There's strategically placed bits of clothes left, like she would appear if she were in some Rob Liefeld comic. She sighs a little as she continues to crank until the doors open as she chews on her bottom lip.

"Get out! Get out!" she says firmly.

"She's the Steel Slut and don't you forget" Calls the Shadow Princess from the TV before the monitor cuts off and a timer starts counting down. Yay. Happy ending. Survivors make it into the sunlight and around Maia there is a sudden disconnecting of reality. That jarring transition that puts her back into a hallway in New York. Almost naked. Oh dear, this might take a Haldor call and some explaining.

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