Secrets On Solstice


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Scene Title Secrets On Solstice
Synopsis Kaylee and Cedric meet the night of December 21, 2009, after everything has fallen apart. Hope and plans prevail.

It's probably one of the oddest places to meet someone at. Namely a back alley in downtown New York. It might be a classic, but the directions were pretty simple. Cedric also apparently had faith in himself to get out of there if it wasn't her as he was waiting alone right now. His disguise of the evening was a baseball cap, trenchcoat, and a different shirt than what he normally wore. Sufficient enough to stay hidden at least.

It's a night for disguises. Kaylee is wearing jeans, boots, a hoodie, a parka vest, and a baseball cap as well. A bulging messenger bag is slung across her shoulder. Stepping into the alley, she whispers, "Cousin?" A benign enough word.

It's a moment or two before Cedric speaks, "Here." He says simply. Stepping out, it's obvious he hasn't shaved in at least a couple of days from the stubble, but it's still Cedric. "… anyone follow you, priestess?"

Kaylee is surprised at being called 'priestess', but then she nods, accepting it as her due. "No one," she replies. After a glance behind her, she focuses on Cedric again. "What happened?" Her expression is more open, showing worry, anger, and sadness. Much sadness.

"We were tricked. Caryl, myself, and whoever else was involved… I didn't get names. Caryl and I are holed up with friends. Someone named Erika." Cedric sighs as he looks towards the sky for a moment, "I still don't know how, father help me." He gives a small hmph. "And the only lead? Kuroko Industries itself. According to the help we did find, they're after Scions."

"Illusionary magic, of some sort," Kaylee offers. "Something powerful, if it tricked you all." She becomes cooler, calmer. "If Kuroko Industries is after Scions, they've succeeded. The whole city is calling you a murderer. No one is going to show their face. The one with the mask was smart." She glances away. "I'll do what I can, but it won't be much."

"Don't get involved if you don't have to. You're the one keeping all of us kicking around, after all. The problem right now is freeing up Caryl from this whole mess. I can get myself free of this whole mess easily. Caryl, however, is stuck with it, thus us both hiding. She might be good at what she does, but even I'm not stupid enough to believe one known Scion is going to be safe in this city." Cedric sighs, fidgetting a bit. "… question is, what do we do now? Mom's staying in Ireland. I managed to contact her from a pay phone."

Kaylee tugs on the bill of her cap, not used to wearing one. "Neither of you will be able to leave the city, they'll be watching the airports, bus terminals, train stations, you name it. And you're right, Caryl's face is too well known." She sighs. "It's too bad Shou's gone, he could have flown you guys out of the country."

That earns a bit of a look, "Shou's gone? What happened?" Cedric frowns at that, obviously more than a little concerned.

"I got a note. It said: We are not for human consumption." Kaylee's voice is soft. "I don't know if it was me, or what happened to you and Caryl, or what. But he's gone. It hurts, but not as much as it did."

"… you need to talk about it still? You two seemed pretty close." Cedric sighs a bit, looking down. "… why'd I have to be the kid of the blasted king? Coulda been happy as Lugh's son at this rate. Seems like every time I talk with you at least, I'm playing counselor. Makes me wonder what'll happen when we find another of our pantheon?"

A sharp laugh escapes Kaylee's mouth, before she remembers the need for silence. "Sorry. And you call /me/ priestess. I'll get over it, cousin. I have to, for your sake and the others. Do you trust this Erika?"

"Technically you are. I just don't claim titles here… as for Erika… yes and no. I did discover something." He pauses, looking around, then looks at Kaylee. "There's another Scion on the police force. His name is Lin. If you absolutely have to contact myself and Caryl, he knows where Erika is."

"And you trust this Lin? Is he out? If he's not, he could sell you out to keep his cover intact, or if he is, he could sell you out to prove that he's a 'nice' Scion." Kaylee gets a surge of paranoia.

"Easy, Kaylee… he's got to preserve cover as well due to Kuroko Industries." Cedric shrugs, "Besides… like I said, I'm not the main problem. Caryl is. We have to somehow get her innocence proven in this."

"You can't prove her innocence because she isn't innocent," Kaylee states. "Just the same as you and the others. You /were/ all tricked into killing those people, but you did kill them." She holds up a hand before Cedric can object. "That doesn't mean that I think you should go to jail. This Kuroko Industries is the one that deserves the punishment. Right now, laying low is the best you can do, unless you can get some underground plastic surgery or something."

"Still… our lives are over, Kaylee." Cedric sighs, "That's not the solution I want or that Caryl wants, I imagine. We're going to have to fight back somehow. I've got two or three ways I can, but I don't like it 'cause it means doing it the warrior way. I prefer peaceful before resorting to that."

"Peace is a wonderful thing, but we're a warrior people," Kaylee says. "You're a cop, you know that sooner or later, violence has to be used. It is the why and the how that is important. And as for your lives being over…" She looks up at the sky. "It's the Solstice, cousin. Time for the death of old ways, time for rest. Renewal is just around the corner."

"… fine, I'll talk it over with Caryl and see what our options are with Erika. We obviously need the help and need to figure out what to do from here." Cedric grumbles a bit, something about 'crazy healer priestesses being right' or something or other.

Kaylee smiles, very faintly, as if she heard the grumble. "You know how to contact me. Take care of yourself and Caryl, cousin. And blessed be." Those final three words have the feel of more than just a farewell, she truly wishes to bless him, if the gods allow.

That one really gives Cedric pause, "You, too, Kaylee… be careful. And watch for that company. I don't want you to fall to their traps either. Blessed be, cousin." His own words sound sincere as he turns to go.

Kaylee watches Cedric leave, and after some time to discourage any spies, she leaves as well, fleeing into the cold darkness.

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