Rufus Scrivner
Portrayed By: Paul Bettany
Status: Active
Age: Mid-thirties
Calling: Aspiring Champion of Justice
Pantheon: Aesir
Divine Parent: Tyr
Significant Other(s): Vette Adams


Born on the 15th of June, 1973, Rufus was for a long while quite unaware of anything highly unusual in his heritage. His father, a man named Nigel Scrivner, served London as a high court judge. His mother, Madeleine nee Spencer, spent most of her time socialising and networking. Although he lived a very privileged life in the London borough of Chelsea, it was also fairly lonely. His mother was remote and disinclined towards showing much affection. His father was never outright cruel to him, but Rufus learned early that he was looked upon with some measure of disdain. Eventually, Rufus left behind his private junior school and, at the age of eleven, he was shipped off to an elite, private boarding school in Surrey. He sat his GCSEs, scored well, and later he sat his A Levels and did even better. Rufus was a brilliant student, with his favoured studies centred around history, law and Latin. He scarcely neglected sports, often found playing football (soccer to you Yanks) and practising his fencing.

He went on to university, using his father's money and his high marks to obtain a place in Oxford. He continued his studies in law, continued his fencing to keep himself from drowning in academia and eventually left, passed his examinations and began his apprenticeship in a solicitor's office.

He was contemplating becoming a barrister when he received word from his father that his mother had suddenly passed away. Rufus' life changed overnight. At the funeral, his father informed him that he was more or less disowned and had been written out of his will. Then he met Tyr.

The god revealed himself to be his true father, and a sceptical Rufus took quite a bit of convincing before he would believe any of it. His mother had a brief affair with him, and his true father had left her when she began talking about leaving Nigel for him. Nigel, meanwhile, had discovered the truth of the affair and knew that his son wasn't truly his own. He never revealed his knowledge while Madeleine lived, unwilling to raise the issue and bring about a scandal. Tyr then gave the young man his birthrights - a longsword and a torque to be worn around his bicep.

Rufus, finding life in London no longer quite to his liking, left it behind. The man obtained a visa, travelled to America and again went back to school. This time, he had to pay his own way through an American law school in New York. But he finished, and he entered into a partnership to start up a law office that is affiliated with the British consulate in New York, specialising in assisting British nationals who've landed into trouble while in America.


Scrivner is not a man who radiates kindness and warm fuzzies. His sense of humour is frequently lacking. Most often, he comes across as distant, aloof and uptight. He tries quite hard not to give in to displays of temper, preferring to fall back on traditional British sneering veneered with impeccable manners, but in violent situations he has a tendency to slip easily into rage. Still, he doesn't go out of his way to be impolite with people. He's just highly reserved and has a tendency to repress both the good and the bad in himself.

On the up side, Rufus does feel very strongly about a lot of things beneath the surface. Once he has given his loyalty to another, it is nearly impossible to break, and he will go to any length to defend that person, no matter how painful or insanely difficult to do. He is also driven. Once given a task or an assignment, he will work himself to the bone to see it completed and completed well.


Ash Burrows: A strange man, one he encountered on Ellis Island with Vette, but he doesn't seem like an entirely malicious sort. Rufus' initial wariness of the man is waning with every meeting, reinforcing the notion that he's just odd but not evil. He can live with that so long as matters stay professional.

Dee Floros: He met her in the Java House after Vette introduced them. Dee's yet another of Vette's "gifted" cousins and a security consultant. He found her to be quite charming, exceptionally intelligent and good company. When he found out she was a professional thief, after meeting her in the Natural History Museum following a sophomoric break-in and rearranging session of its exhibits, he wasn't sure whether to laugh or chide her. He ended up doing a bit of both. That hasn't changed much in the weeks following forming a band with her, though these days he considers her a very dear friend. Rufus would step forward to defend her from anything that threatened to harm her, no matter what.

Jacob Chen: Their first meeting was at Central Park Zoo, where the young man helped Rufus to bring down a Nemean Snake. Since then, he's come to actually talk with the young man and rather likes his easy-going personality, to the point where he's agreed to take him on as a student.

Lin Kun: Rufus has only briefly met him, but he surely won't forget him anytime soon. The man encountered Dee and him in Central Park after a hunting incident gone gross, and Lin shot the imp-devil-thing that Vette and he were trying to kill themselves.

Marius Forest: They met briefly while Marius was in the midst of a conversation with Vette and Simone. He left before the harpies arrived, though Rufus has since learned from the ladies that he is more than he appears to be on the six o'clock news, unfortunate costumes aside. Although Marius has a tendency to annoy the crap out of him, Rufus tends to slip into a violent mood when something seriously threatens his well-being.

Tybalt Odeman: He's a son of Freya and thus a cousin. Rufus quite likes the young man and is pleased beyond measure to have more family near to him. He has a few eccentricities to his behaviour but after a Lindwurm attack went wrong and nearly killed Vette, Tybalt helped to revive her and bring her back from the brink of death. Scrivner will always be grateful.

Tyra Wulff: Rufus had always known there was a high probability he had siblings through his father's line somewhere out in the world. Actually meeting one, however, and a little sister at that, has secretly thrilled him. He's never had a sister before, has never been close to family, and he hopes he can get to know her and make up for lost time.

Vette Adams: One day he got lost while riding his motorcycle. A fellow rider issued a challenge to a drag race at a red light. He accepted. At the end, he walked away with the victory and her phone number. He met her again, shortly before a harpy attack, and since then he's quietly come to the conclusion Fate is tossing her at him for a reason. He's not going to fight it. In fact, he's been encouraging it with dinner dates and nights at the theatre. He tries not to get too obnoxious about it, especially in public, but Rufus has fallen quite deeply in love with the lady.

Events Thus Far

For awhile, life was quiet for Rufus Scrivner, but it began to get more interesting after he fell into the company of a vixen named Vette Adams. Despite some initial uncertainty, he began dating her, having been in a couple of scrapes with her, one of which resulted in her flat being destroyed. He gave her an invitation to live with him till she found a new home, but they get on so brilliantly and suit each other so well that the man has fallen quite deeply into love with her. He has no intentions of ever turning her out of his flat. After meeting Marius Forest and Dr. Simone Devoir, the four formed a band of their own. His role so far seems to be combat support and smooth-talking the police and other authority figures into not arresting any of them when their work gets noticed.

He's also come to make the acquaintance of quite a few other Scions. They seem to be drawn to each other like flies. Whilst he's been juggling his career with being on the lookout for any oddities in New York, he and his bandmates have come across the unusual time and space rifts in Times Square, on Ellis Island and elsewhere across New York. It worries him immensely, enough to where he's begun keeping a vigil on these locations as much as he can. Following an encounter with a pair of lizard bears and a Scion of Columbia, the band received an odd, antique key. Investigation into the matter revealed it opened a door to a secret, underground base beneath the streets of Harlem. It has since become their base of operations, seeing as how the previous owners have mysteriously disappeared.

In more recent days, he's continued working, more or less quietly, on the problems and trials that come his way. He encountered a hobbit-lookalike named Louie who operated a drug ring. Dealing with that was fairly painful in more ways than one. Then, joining with Conrad, Lin, Dion and Vette, he helped to rescue the Muse Euterpe from the clutches of a maddened Scion of Hephaestus down in the abandoned subways beneath New York.

Then New York turned into New Atlantis, and everything really went to crap.

Character Sheet

Strength: 5 Charisma: 5 Perception: 5
Epic Strength: 4 Epic Charisma: 3 Epic Perception: 3
Dexterity: 5 Manipulation: 5 Intelligence: 5
Epic Dexterity: 4 Epic Manipulation: 3 Epic Intelligence: 1
Stamina: 5 Appearance: 4 Wits: 5
Epic Stamina: 4 Epic Appearance: 0 Epic Wits: 4


Strength: 4 Charisma: 3 Perception: 3
Dexterity: 4 Manipulation: 2 Intelligence: 3
Stamina: 4 Appearance: 3 Wits: 4
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