Sceadu Raseri
Portrayed By: -
Status: Alive
Age: Unknown
Calling: Enigmatic Corrupter
Pantheon: Atlantean
Divine Parent: Demosia
Significant Other(s): None


Demosia left her child at the doorstep of social grace and monetary power. Left to the Raan family, her child was dubbed Shawn, and raised as if he were his adopted parents' biological son. They were a rich, afluent family in upstate New York, with incredible connections. Shawn had the best education possible, and was everything his parents would expect: athletic, charismatic, intelligent, and beautiful.

After high-school, Shawn went on to college, where he majored in law and minored in ancient history. despite all his conquests of women (and men) and the inevitable rise to social power that he was increasingly drawn to, he always felt a fascination for the mysteries of old. It wasn't until he stumbled upon an ancient tome in a language nobody could decipher that he came to the truth about himself, and the World.

Months of intense, relentless studying bore fruit: just before graduation, he deciphered an incantation in the book. As he spoke the words, the whole of reality seemed to slowly melt around him. Unafraid, he spoke on, and when the building and city had deliquesced from sight, the moon shewed itself bright and silver down upon him, and his mother, Demosia, Visited him.

He has graduated now, and after quite some time sequestered, learning all her could learn and developing his Legend, he has come back to New York, this time to the Big Apple, where he hopes to further his mother's pantheon's schemes. Even though he legally still goes by the name Shawn Raan, he has taken his real, Atlantean name that his mother bestowed upon him: Sceadu Raseri, the Umbral Madness.'


Sceadu is a manipulative, charismatic, intelligent individual. His thirst for power is rivaled only by his pleasure in seeing others bow to his whims and fall head over heels to make his wishes come alive. He will deceive, lie, seduce, and hurt anyone he needs and wants to to achieve what he desires, with absolutely no remorse about it.


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Recent Events

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Character Sheet

Strength: 2 Dexterity: 5 Stamina: 2
Epic Strength: 0 Epic Dexterity: 3 Epic Stamina: 0
Charisma: 5 Manipulation: 3 Appearance: 5
Epic Charisma: 2 Epic Manipulation: 1 Epic Appearance: 3
Perception: 3 Intelligence: 3 Wits: 5
Epic Perception: 0 Epic Intelligence: 0 Epic Wits: 1
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