Saving Seven Scions


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Scene Title Saving Seven Scions
Synopsis After receiving a call from Dee about their comrades being in trouble, Rufus and Vette rush in to help. Lots of things go horribly wrong.

The Atlantean Palace

Thirty-eight floors up. That's pretty high.

Late in the night, while Dee the Thief has been making her strike against the palace for purposes of gathering information and (or) stealing relics, Rufus Scrivner has come as close as he dares to the palace. Nestled in the shadows of a rooftop, high above the city, he looks up at the tall building from where he crouches. He has his cell phone up to his ear, listening to the woman talk, and he hisses a breath. "We're on our way, Dee. Be careful. No, I mean it. …. Be careful." He's clearly worried as he snaps his cell phone closed, and then he hands it over to Vette to tuck into a pocket of her clothes. The steel armour that his father gave him, the armour that he's wearing now, doesn't exactly have lots of pockets for hiding things.

"There are seven Scions up on the thirty-eighth floor, she said," Scrivner tells Vette, even as he gathers her up into his arms so he can take off into flight. "She told me their vague location and some of the security we need to watch out for, but it's now or never. We need to get them out somehow. We're going to have a Hell of a time with this."

But off he goes flying, as fast as he can, to get to the thirty-eighth floor, eyes narrowed.

Vette holds on to him as he makes his flight, eyeing the armor dubiously as if unsure whether it's going to hamper him. She relaxes when it doesn't, but she chews on the inside of her mouth. "Well, let's see what opportunities we can find. Where there are problems there are always opportunities."

Up, up and away. Each floor on the way up is filled with advocates and Atlantean guards scouring the area. However, there's the broken window on the thirtieth floor. Inside, there are nine people. The floating, looming hooded figure of the Advocate remains in the hallway. And for now, that's all they see.

"Oh, bloody Hell," Scrivner whispers. He got a glimpse of everything swarming around inside, and he breaks a sweat as he climbs higher past that broken window. Breaking and entering is not exactly his area of expertise. "I'm thinking," he says, as he approaches the thirty-eighth floor, "that you get inside and perhaps open the window for me. I get in. Then we disconnect our friends from all of the equipment, hope they wake up and if they do, great. We ferry them out or have them all ride piggy-back and cling to me like a bunch of frenzied squirrels. If they don't wake up, we might have to improvise."

Vette glances inside. "They look like theyr'e in electronic cells. I'd have to get to the keypad, which means facing that thing. I think our clever plan had better be go in through the broken window and kick that thing's ass and the ass of anything between us and it. Or just make a new broken window right there at that Advocate and kick its ass."

The Advocate looms by the key pad menacingly. The electronic cell is all they can see, but they can't see what's going on inside. For now, the lights flicker on and off as if there was a power surge of some sort. But all the power is back to normal.

Go up about eight floors and risk being seen early on? Or just go in through the window at the thirty-eighth floor and engage? Either way, Rufus figures this is going to get fairly ugly. "You deal with getting the door open," Scrivner decides. "Get them free. I'll hold off the figure as best as I can." He's not entirely sure he could kill that thing, having seen its power. He draws back a bit, and then he goes soaring at the wall with every intention of bursting through the window. Some people, like Dee, are clever and sneaky and subtle. Scrivner decides to just go at it like af freaking sledgehammer and hope for the best.

"Right," Vette says with a nod, reasonably confident she can figure out the code. Or how to get the top part off and rig the wires so she doens't have to, which strikes her as the better notion. "Once I get them free, if they're in any shape to fight we'll be much better off. If not though…" Of course, now they're going through the window. No more time to talk.

And they bust through the windows. Oh that is definitely going to alert more Atlanteans to the fact that their palace is being invaded. Melanope will surely throw a conniption fit, and maybe more people will die. Who knows?

Still, inside, they can see through the cells now. A young girl, blonde and wearing a completely black dress with pale porcelain like skin lets out an amused chuckle. She stands over the body of an unknown female either to Vette and Scriver as she picks up a knife and stabs the young girl in the heart. Poor Elin, it was nice knowing you. Her once immaculately pure and innocent features are replaced as the blood splatters onto her features. On her crimson blood red bow tied in her hair, a skull starts to form as she starts vivisecting the young woman.

That makes seven to save into six as she works and works on mutilating the body. Of the six remaining bodies are Marius, Zach, Corgan, Glory, Amirah and Kailin. And there's still the electronic key pad. At least she has yet to notice Scrivner and Vette, or maybe she's just ignoring them.

The Advocate starts to bring up a large broadsword as the two Scions crash through the walls. There's a mighty roar as it remains floating waiting to see what the pair does.

"STOP!" Scrivner bellows, as he releases Vette from his arms and steps forward. Reaching up, he pulls free his longsword and brandishes it defensively before himself. "Vette! Seal the door with a Ward! Try to buy us some time!" He glances back to the Advocate and to the girl, and then he advances a step. "Let them go. Just let them go. Those are my people, and you have /no right/ to do this to them!"

Vette is more than happy to do that. She throws her hands out as her puzzle box glows, sealing the ward against anybody sentient until she sees fit to take it down. She isn't going to go out that way after all. Then she's going to try to dart around to the keypads.

Stab Stabbity McStab. It's a study of scarlet inside the cell as the little girl in the black dress continues to stab away at the prone Elin's form. She starts running the dagger over the young woman's face, peeling the skin away with surgical precision as she cackles with glee. She seems to be enjoying herself as her eyes widen and she seems to either be ignoring the pair of she's lost herself in blood lust. Blood continues to splatter onto her cheeks as she makes sure the body is getting mutilated.

The Advocate just looks confused. If Scrivner is trying to be intimidating, it's not working on the creature as he remains there floating in front of the electronic key pad. He has his orders..

Elsewhere on high, there's a loud smack.

"Of all the times my son decides to follow my advice is now." Tyr grumbles under his breath as he speaks with Hephaestus through a looking glass of sorts. "Gods, what have I done wrong.."

Poor Tyr. Poooor, poor Tyr. Rufus would be so embarrassed, but he's trying to be a good son here.

As that little girl goes on mutilating so cheerfully, he starts losing it. "I said stop!" he shouts, before he suddenly charges at the Advocate. "Get out of my way or I will /MOVE YOU!/" he bellows, as he calls forth the ichor in his blood. It wells up in his skin, slick and shining, coating him like pewter.

Well since the thing isn't out of the way yet, Vette pulls out her gun. She doesn't stop to talk to the Advocate. She just raises the pistol and tries to shoot it in the head, because when you care enough to send the very best, it's .45.

Wiish! Woosh! In the flicker of an eye, the Advocate steps to the side as it remains in front of the keypad. It remains passive for now. It's there to guard and to stop. Those are it's orders.

Meanwhile, the little blonde girl sighs softly, picking up her knife as Elin remains a mutilated corpse with blood splattered everywhere. She lets out a soft sigh and wipes a few beads of perspiration and blood from her forehead before starting to point at the various remaining bodies.

"Eeny, meeny, meiny, mo. Catch a Scion by it's toe. If it hollars let it go, if it just lays there, stab it and mutilate it for Dee's woes. Hee!" she says with an impish giggle. And her finger lands on…Corgan.

Uh oh, she menacingly approaches. At least no one is attacking the pair.

"Vette! Get in there! Stop her! Stop that monster! Don't let her kill another kid!" Rufus bellows when Vette pulls out her gun. In the blink of an eye he crosses the distance across the room, launching himself at the Advocate with a violent swing of his drawn blade. He grits his teeth as he comes forward, swinging his arms down and then up, aiming to bisect that creature in half. His feet skid as he comes to a sudden halt, and digging in the balls of his feet, he grunts as he channels all of his strength into that blade. This mustn't go any further. Time is running out. They have to hurry and /do/ this.

"Can't," Vette says grimly, raising her pistol up again. "Those are wards, I'll just be repelled. We have to get tall dark and upsetting out of our way before we can do anything about her." Then she fires again, into the Advocate.

Woosh! The sword slices through the advocate and then bam, klblam! Bullets pierce through the advocate's hooded form. If it's bleeding or damaged, the two can't exactly tell for the moment as a skeletal hand comes out from underneath the cloak. In the flicker of an eye, a large scythe forms and he starts floating towards who had hurt him. With the scythe, he starts slashing at the air as if preparing for something as he starts to circle the pair. At least he's moved out of the way of the electronic key pad. Remember, they've encountered this Atlantean creature before. It's what pulled the Fate and Switch.

Meanwhile, the young little girl takes a deep breath and brushes her fingers through her hair. "Mmm, that was satisfying. Next!" she says with an impish giggle as she raises her hands high over Corgan's prone form. With a sudden schlurp and the sickening sound of bones cracking, the blade in her hand breaks through his chest as she starts making circles starting to rip flesh and bone asunder. Damn, the girl's stronger than she looks. "Hee!"

"Vette!" Scrivner is all but screaming now, his voice straining and hoarse. "HURRY! Get in there!" Whatever this thing is about to do, he's fairly sure he's not going to like it. As his rage mounts higher and burns cold inside of him, he forces it through his hands and down into the blade. Metal rimes over with a thick coating of frost, steaming in the air as he launches himself at the Advocate again. He starts roaring as he draws back his arms, preparing to swing his sword at this thing, hoping to cut it in half, cut it off from whatever it's about to do.

Vette is going to try to slide around the thing now that Scrivner's got it busy, yanking out her little electronics kit that she carries whenever she needs to rig something up. She's going to attempt to get the doors open from the keypad by bypassing the code and going straight to putting the proper wires together. She doesn't look over her shoulder to see how it's going. Either Rufus will keep the thing busy or she'll feel something real unpleasant in about six seconds.

There's a happy little song escaping from Mary's lips as she continues to stabbity mcstab her way through Corgan's prone body. The room is once against a study in scarlet as she giggles in delight, a maniacal look on her features as it seems she's enjoying herself while she slooshes the guts about. She reaches in and pulls out a still beating heart before she looks towards Vette for a few moments, a wry grin curling onto her lips.

Bleep bloop bleep. Fortunately for Vette, she doesn't get zapped. It's a relatively low level Atlantean security system. The difficulty was actually understanding the Atlantean, but her kit goes through various variables for her to put the proper passcode. And woosh, the wards around the cells drop.

With the wards dropping, the little girl looks towards Vette and throws the heart towardws Vette. "Catch!"

The heart through and splatters at her feet, spreading blood out on the floor that soon quickly becomes frozen from the cold emanating from Scrivner's body as he slashes through the advocate once more. The advocate doesn't attack, it's still preparing something. But what.

And as the ward opens up, they'll find that the five remaining prisoners are connected to various Atlantean medical devices. Glory and Amirah's legs are spread apart with tubes going to places they really shouldn't. Fluid comes in and out the two women. Kailin also has a different arm. It's clear his old arm was amputated and a new arm was grafted on, while other tubes stick in his body, a green fluid coming in and out. The others have similar devices monitoring them, but these just aren't unconscious patients. They're connected to lots of devices. Advanced and extremely sophisticated Atlantean medical devices.

In the midst of his battling, Scrivner whirls around to take a glance back at Vette. Wards are down, door is open… and the victims are out cold. A cold, nervous sweat beads down his back, right between the shoulderblades, and with one last look at the Advocate, he turns and whirls away. The door's open. What he sees silently disgusts him, and some small part of him makes a mental note to demand of Tyr /why/ they are letting the Atlanteans live. He's never seen anything this mental. "Get them loose, Vette!" he yells as he comes darting after the woman. "Get them loose so we can get them out of here! And as for /you./" That last is snarled at PsychoChild, and he advances on her, holding the frosted blade warily. "They were unconscious! And helpless! And you killed them!"

Vette starts trying to free the trapped Scions, looking a little green around the gills. "Yeah. Atlanteans? Bad. I've seen all I have to." She at least has been studying medicine enough to have a shot at not killing the victims. She's not aware there's been more Fabulous Body Switching, of course. She'll start with whoever is closest and work her way down, cause she's practical that way, but she works quickly, again not watching either the Advocate or the Amazing Psychotic Child. The nasty heart that just got lobbed at her, she ignores. She'll lose her lunch later, if they survive.

The guilt apparitions take their toll on the little girl. She blinks for a few moments and smiles cheerily as shelooks towards Scrivner for a few moments. "I know. I know they're out cold. I know they're suffering. I'm putting them out of their misery." she says cheerily as she continues and doesn't stop stabbing. If anything she's increased as she finishes as she looks towards Vette. "Eeny meeny meiny mo. Which one here will become your beau?" she tells the older woman before she points towards the Advocate.

With it'slast dying breath, the Advocate starts another spell as he points his hands towards the crowd and Scrivner. "Fatum ablienato!" and suddenly, the still unconscious Glory slips into Scrivner's mind, dropping him cold while Scriv.. well, we know which body he's in. At least the advocate is dead. Go team Scrivette!

Slam. Suddenly he's in another body, opening his eyes and basking in a world of pain… and awkwardness. Opening his eyes, Scrivette winces against the rush of sensations and the dizzying disorientation that comes from being someone else. Someone who is in dire straits. He lifts his very girly head, looks down at how he's being violated…. and his jaw hangs slack. Then? He screams. It's so /shrill/ before it breaks off into something hoarse and raw, where he starts yelling, "What the bloody Hell! Fucking bloody fucking piece of gods be damned motherfucking….. FUCK!" DO NOT WANT.

Vette is over there working on Marius; she /jumps/ when Glorscriv starts screaming. "I'll have you out in a second," she says. "But I can't stop once I've started." She sounds much calmer than she is. This is not going well, at all, and the plan for getting them back /out/ now that they are /in/ has sort of gone the way of the do do bird unless she can wake up one of the flying boys or figure out how to use Scrivner's flying talisman herself, since she knows Scriv-In-Glory can't. Complications, complications, everybody's coming to get them.

"Well, that was amusing." the little girl says as she lets out another soft chuckle as she hrmms and heads towards Zach now. She looks towards the others with a rather cheery smile before placing a hand over Zach's chest. She starts molding and shaping his flesh like clay as if she were playing with silly putty or playdoh. Mary lets out an impish giggle, sighing contentedly as she's having her bit of fun.

"Oh, this is what happens when you pick a silly little relic over your friends." she tells the pair.

"Vette!" Scrivette screams, before he manages to get his shrieking back under his control. It's not going to do Vette any good, and it's not going to do the trapped Scions any good either. Sucking down a breath, he turns his attention to trying to get out of these tubes and needles himself. How are they going to get out? That's the big question of the day. He can't fly anymore. "Leave him alone!" he shouts, whipping up his head as PsychoChild turns on Zach. "Leave him alone! Stop it! They deserve to live! They can be helped, you don't need to put them out of their misery! They can be helped! Please, just leave them alone!"

What is the kid talking about, relics over friends? They've only been here for the trapped Scions. As soon as she's done freeing Marius she's going to turn and attempt to sink the little girl in the floor so she can't continue doing her damage. "I did not want to attack you; not even to do this; but you are forcing my hand. You could have walked away. You had to know that I could not allow you to continue your disgusting…games."

The floor starts wrapping and warping around the little girl as she raises her brow, furrowing them as she looks towards the pair. Did they really just try to accost her? There's a laugh. A hearty laugh as she stops molding Corgan until she has him explode at her own terrible and divine will.

With the snap of her fingers she disappears from the molded floor and peers towards them. "You have no idea what you are dealing with, do you children? I gave your friend, Dee a task. She had the choice. Go for the crown jewels, the crafted godhand or save her friends. I have watched her the entire time and she didn't really try to save her friends until the end, but even then, her selfish ways made her go for the relic. And look, she had friends with her. How wonderfully and awfully convenient." she says with clear anger and madness in her eyes. "This was a test to see whether she was worthy of being one of my champions to save humanity. Instead she sends you pests. Do you have any idea what I can do to you?"

She's huffing and puffing now. She's angry. She's throwing a temper tantrum. Mary, the little girl Titan is not pleased.

Staggering off the medical bed, Scrivette's knees almost give out from beneath him, and he grips the edge as he gets back up to his feet. He's freezing cold, he's naked as the day he was born, he's /FEMALE,/ and…. as far as he can tell, he's pretty much freaking helpless. Things could not possibly get any worse. He wants to scream in rage, and… what the bloody Hell? He wants to /cry./ Cry and beg Dad to get him out of this damned mess and throw in the towel because he just /can't hack it./ WTF, thank you, estrogen. He swallows hard and stares at this girl, and coldly, he snaps, "Yes, you can bloody well kill us if you wanted to, I'm sure. Well, if you're going to do it, then bloody do it already and put an end to this fucking farce. Otherwise, /get the fuck/ out of our way, because we give a goddamned shit about our friends, and we are going to finish this job or we will die trying!"

Vette keeps her calm and says, "Dee did not tell us this. She only told us there were Scions here who needed saving. As you can see, we only care about our Scions. And I have /always/ put rescuing humanity first, no matter who is hurting them. Perhaps we can make a deal?" She looks down at the little girl. "Perhaps you can help us all escapethe remaining living ones and usand perhaps I can take another test and see if you find me worthy. I would not leave you empty handed, but we desperately want to save our friends."

Their words. Their passions. It tugs at her heart strings and the once murderous visage of the little girl becomes a bit calmer a bit more joyous. She giggles impishly with a little teehee as she snaps her fingers and chuckles softly under her breath as the blood on the floor disappears. The mutilated bodies that she was doing disappear to leave the latter six in tact. Was she really fucking them up or was it all an illusion? She'll never tell.

Mary looks towards the downed Scrivner and the Glorner before peering towards Vette. "No. You two passed the test." she says with a cheery smile as she reaches into her pockets and pulls out two little gems before handing it to them. "Swallow these in your darkest hour and you will have my help." she says with a bow. "Now, do you want to stay in that body or do you want back in your originals? I know some men like boobs." she says with another chuckle of glee.

Now he really, really wants to cry, both with relief and with pent-up rage and all of these thousands of complicated emotions he doesn't want to sort through. Dully, Scrivette takes that jewel and stares rather blankly down at Mary, unable to find his voice for the first few seconds. "In our originals," he rasps. Please, put him back to rights before he starts giggling and demanding chocolate. "Who /are/ you?"

Vette takes the jewel and murmurs, "Thank you." She tucks it safely away, sighs in relief at all of the restored bodies, and gently goes to unhook the next one. At least Rufus will be able to fly them out of there—and what /was/ Dee about anyway?

"You're quiet welcome." she says cheerily as she looks outside, the moon shining high. There's a faint whistle and the sound of wild horses starts to come before a chariot appears floating just outside the window they busted through. "That should help you take them home." she says. She doesn't answer the question and instead just fades out of existence.

Whoosh. Back into his own body. That little girl is /frightening/ in her power. As Scrivner opens his eyes again and looks up, he groans and pulls himself quickly off of the floor. Oh, thank the gods. He has all his bits again. And he has clothes. With the little girl gone and the chariot waiting outside, he scrambles up to his feet and takes back the jewel from Glory's littler hand. "Let's get them loaded up and out of here, Vette," he rasps. "Quickly. We haven't much time."

Vette nods her head and says, "Marius is ready to go. Glory will be ready in a moment. I'll get them out safely, you load them up, and then we'll take them back to the Hub unless you have no objections, where I'll try to care for them and revive them."

"None whatsoever," Scrivner quickly answers. He spends a few moments looking around the room for any bedsheets he can use to wrap up some of these kids. /Some/ protection against the cold and the elements is better than nothing. But if there's nothing, they'll have to make do with simply hurrying to the Hub and getting them warm and looked after as quickly as possible.

Thank you, Pikaaaaaaa.

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