Ruth Suarez Morales
Portrayed By: Michelle Rodriguez
Status: Alive
Age: 23
Calling: Urban Gardener
Pantheon: Atzlanti
Divine Parent: Quetzalcoatl
Significant Other(s): None


Childbirth is a painful experience. Sometimes, it can even be deadly. The birth of Ruth Suarez Morales was no less than such. Ruth's mother was a self-sufficient woman with no family. Due to finding no one to take care of her, Ruth was placed in the foster care system. This can be a hard life.

Ruth went from family to family early in her life, problems sprouting early with lots of them. The problems weren't really on her end, but on others. One was found to keep the kids in poor conditions. One was found to be abusive of some of their children. It took a few tries, but eventually, Ruth was placed with a family that actually wanted a child.

They learned quickly that Ruth was a fast learner. She loved to read. Her mother had a small window planter that she would teach Ruth the basics of caring for plants. Ruth absolutely adored this. Seeing something grow from a seed into something beautiful was simply amazing to her.

While she had friends, she wasn't exactly one of the most popular people in her school. She was a smart kid, and often got picked on for that. She did learn how to take care of herself, though, without bothering her parents. After all, they didn't need to know that she had trouble, she was strong enough to deal with it herself.

As she went into high school, she already knew that she wanted to major in plant sciences in college. She just wasn't sure whether to focus on Botany or Agriculture. Her grades were impeccable, but she simply wasn't that interested in most extracurriculars or popularity contests. She chose to simply focus on her studies.

After graduation, her parents sent her on a trip for the summer, to explore and learn a little about other areas. As she walked through some botanical gardens, inspiration struck her. She had read about an urban gardening movement, to turn torn down vacant lots into gardens for local families. These gardens not only grew a few edibles, but also made a bright spot in worn down locales. She knew this was something she would have to do.

While pondering all of this, a man approached her. The man had long white hair and was dressed better than Ruth could ever see herself.

"Why do you do that?" The man asked her. Of course, Ruth had no idea what he was talking about. Fortunately, he simply continued. "Why do you not think highly of yourself? I know… you know your intelligence is far above that of those around you, but you keep yourself dressed down and acting as though you can't stand out. You really shouldn't do that. Any child of mine has the ability to be everything they want. My children are smarter, more beautiful, and more potentially powerful than most." He laughed.

Ruth tilted her head. "I'm sorry, sir. I don't have a clue what you're talking about."

The man reached a hand to touch her on the arm. "My name is Quetzalcoatl. Yes, that one. And you are one of mine, whether you know it or not. I believe it is time you came into your own." He stated firmly. "Be who you are meant to be, Ruth. Claim your destiny. Fulfill your dreams. Finish your studies and start what you are planning in your head. Make your city magnificent… I believe you have it within you. It will take much work and sacrifice, but don't forget to take a little time for yourself as well." He added, before handing her a carved wooden box.

The carved wooden box contained an ornate necklace that seemed to have map carvings scrawled across it, an armlet in the shape of the quetzal, and a wood-handled sickle. As she touched them, she knew they were meant for her.

This was a few years ago. Ruth continued through her college, consistently taking heavy loads and summer classes in order to finish quickly. While she is now working towards her master's, she's lightening up her class loads in order to focus on the urban gardening initiative. Most of the funding for it comes from families willing to donate. For herself, as she's still taking enough classes to qualify for a full time student, she's able to continue her government assistance and live on campus. Though, how long all of that will last is variable, now that she's moving more and more in the direction her father wished.


Perhaps a little too forthright sometimes, Ruth doesn't hold her tongue. She does what she feels is necessary, and tells people exactly how she feels.


Yeah, who do you know? Who is important?

Events Thus Far

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Character Sheet

Strength 3 Charisma 3 Perception 4
Dexterity 3 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 4
Stamina 3 Appearance 2 Wits 3
Academics 3 Awareness 2 Brawl 2
Command 2 Craft (Gardening) 3 Craft (Woodworking) 2
Fortitude 3 Investigation 2 Marksmanship 2
Medicine 2 Melee 3 Science (Agriculture) 2
Science (Chemistry) 1
Feathered Serpent Armlet: 3 (Purviews: Fertility, Guardian, Sky) Mapped Choker: 1 (Purview: Psychopomp) Harvesting Sickle: 2 (+1 acc, +1 dam)
Green Thumb Maguey Sting Unerring Orientation
Vigil Brand Weather Witch Wind's Freedom
Body Armor Fast Learner Inner Furnace
Teaching Prodigy Uplifting Might
Epic Attributes
Strength 1 Charisma - Perception -
Dexterity - Manipulation - Intelligence 2
Stamina 2 Appearance - Wits -
Conviction 1 Courage 2 Duty 3
Loyalty 3
Legend 3 Legend Points 9/9
Wounds 0 0 0 Willpower 6/6
Health -0 -1 -1 -2 -2 -4 I D
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