Rupert Patel
Portrayed By: Upen Patel
Status: Alive and Sexy
Age: 20s
Calling: Super Sexy, Rich, Famous, Rocker
Pantheon: The Devas
Divine Parent: Kali
Significant Other(s): Gotta love groupies


Rupert "Ripper" Patel is the British-born son of an Indian immigrant and Kali, goddess of destruction and change. He is the front man and lead singer of a successful death metal band called Kali's Kiss. He is know to be exceptionally attractive and charismatic in addition to being a fine singer and musician. He also has an amusing rap sheet.


"None of your business, is it? Now bugger off."

Ripper is standoffish, vain, sarcastic, and cocky. His mother is the goddess of destruction and change, and he exemplifies that in his own way. He is powerfully charismatic, and enjoys breaking things down. His music is a passionate critque of society and humankind. His stage shows are masterful exercises in swaying the thoughts and feelings of crowds. He's not particularly moralistic, and he has no patience for those who are afraid of change. He appears to change quickly. One day, he's a badass rebel with a chip on his shoulder, the next he's a jaded celebrity, the next he's a whirlwind of destructive chaos in the center of the world's most epic bar brawl. He doesn't let himself get close to others, though, and often hides his real thoughts and feelings beneath the superficial mask of an arrogant rock god with an ego bigger than his bank account.

Ripper is becoming increasingly inhuman in aspect as he progresses in power, which only adds to his legend. His appearance is flawless to mortal eyes, the living epitome of the attractive bad-boy. He moves with a grace and surety that stands out sharply in a crowd, virtually flowing like shadow. His force of personality is immensely strong, and his fans are almost rabid in their support.

Ripper has taken to seclusion as his power increases, becoming more and more remote from both mortal life and his fellow Scions. He rarely makes public appearances, and travels incognito. He has not spoken to his Kali's Kiss bandmates in weeks, and his old friends are unable to comment on his current location.

Events Thus Far

"Met some people. Did stuff. Now, seriously. Go away."

Seriously, Rupert has participated in a number of epic feats alongside his band, saving New York and possible the World on multiple occasions. His latest feat was to charm an entire Underworld's worth of ancient ghosts to prevent their hatred from being used to overwhelm Earth. He has not been seen in public since.

In the mortal news, it's all over the papers that Rupert has fired his long-time friends in Kali's Kiss and secluded himself on some sort of personal journey. He was spotted in Japan, but again dropped off the radar. Rupert regularly makes the news when he appears, and there's always a mention of his name on TMZ.


Name Role in Life Notes
Haldor Englund Thug He's grown up a bit. Probably the only real friend Ripper has.
Jolie Watkins Necrophiliac She pops up from time to time, but not often.
Tsuchimikado Maia "Hime" Annoyance Soft-hearted. Soft-headed. All-around just soft.
Scott Cornwall Dork Think I met him once. Maybe.
Jason Xanthis Questor Not a bad guy, but burdened by selective morals at inconvenient times.

Character Sheet

Strength: 3 Charisma: 5 Perception: 3
Epic Strength: 0 Epic Charisma: 3 Epic Perception: 0
Dexterity: 6 Manipulation: 3 Intelligence: 2
Epic Dexterity: 6 Epic Manipulation: 3 Epic Intelligence: 0
Stamina: 2 Appearance: 6 Wits: 6
Epic Stamina: 2 Epic Appearance: 6 Epic Wits: 3
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