Run, Scions, Run!


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Scene Title Run, Scions, Run!
Synopsis After discovering zombies on a field trip out of New Atlantis, the second bunch of High Schoolers now have to bash their way out of hordes of zombie and get to safety.

Zack just bolted, Hopper blinks and looks around to the three others and tilts his head. "Plan….what do we do?" He asks curiously as he moves to prime the gun hanging from his shoulders. "Anyone feel like taking point? And what do we do now?" He asks, not wanting to be a leader as that tends to end poorly. "I'm the thinker, not the leader…." He looks over to Dion and James and then Maui. Tiffany is free and after a few minutes of beating the zombies the room is free of zombies currently. There is a brief moment of piece.

Apparently Zack is alone on the second floor and nobody thought to follow him. Or everybody was too scared. He could probably get out of here on his own. He knows he could. But should he? They'll need his help sooner or later..

Dion looks at the others, then says "I say we stick with Zack. We'll all be together that way." With that, he follows to the second floor. He's ready to whack anything coming his way, ubt he hasn't been very good at that so far.

"Plan… hrm… right now, I don't know… let's go with the class president for now, though? I'd rather us all stick together, mortals included." Maui pauses at that, looking back to the mortals, "Alright, everyone follow the others. I'll bring up the rear just in case we missed any. DO NOT separate. Period. If you've been bitten, you stick in the back near me. Everyone got it?" He's still got the greenstone poi in hand as well.
"Do the fire extinguisher thing. I'll go first." And James does that, taking the lead, doing his thing. It involves a lot of putting fists into things and watching them explode.

Zack is quick….very very quick and very very stressed and not coming back. He is downstairs to the first floor and heading towards the busses on his own. Mr. Smith sighs a little bit and grumbles to himself. "If I ever live through this, I'm not ever going to hold back ever again…." He mutters as he eyes a couple of the girls but says nothing. Hopper sprays everyone down. He then holds his fingers to his lips and the entire chilly group hits the stairs heading down to the lobby. The door is ripped off it's hinges and you can see a good number…maybe 20 or so zombie faculty and students shambling in the lobby of the school. Outside a parking lot…busses. To the left, Offices, to the right. The gym. Hopper puts up a hand and slowly slinks back speaking in barely a whisper. "What do we do?"

"Well, fuck it." Zack says, mostly to himself, as he heads for the busses, using whatever he can as a weapon on his way there. He's sure he can find a way to steal one, and then the group will be able to get in and he'll drive them all to saftey. As he moves towards them, he looks to see if he can spot any zombies with a bus driver uniform on.

Gym… gym… then it dawns on Maui. "Weapons… we arm the mortals. Baseball bats, hockey sticks, even kickballs. Anything that can squash in a head. Even if we have to break off hand rails to do it. When I peaked out, there was 60 something zombies… at least I hope it was only 60…"

Dion looks at the others, obviously willing to go along with the crowd. He nods though, at the mention of what's in the gym. "And then get them to a bus and out of here as soon as possible?"

James points, gesturing off toward the busses. "Probably be better to go fast." He decides on that, and keeps up his job. Mostly, it involves just herding people, making sure zombies don't get too close. "Weapons won't hurt, I guess."

Mr. Smith shakes his head. "We are not fighters….we are getting on that bus…Kids." He turns around and looks to people. "This is a moment for you to hold tight, be quiet and follow these people quickly and quietly. We are getting on the bus." That said, there are no bus drivers to be seen, those there are the occasional pieces of them still left behind.

Hopper nods his head in agreement. "We just need to go. Killing them is an option but not the fastest….The more we seperate the weaker we are…" With that he sort of steps out to find that all the zombies are shambling slowly after Zack….who is running there for making noise and warmth….causing them all to start that way. "Now." mouths Hopper as he starts to shamble out in the direction of Zack and the busses. Moving a little quicker than some zombies….as they all need to beat the group of undead to the bus.

Nodding, Maui brings up the rear to the whole mess, bashing heads as needed, but doing his best to make sure the group stays together… and to take care of any that suddenly turn. "Any ideas where to go, by the way? Other than out of here?"

Dion says quietly "As long as they sit quietly and keep getting sprayed occasionally with that stuff, they should be safe in the bus. I can do that, if you want. I'm no use in a real fight, anyway." He is deluded about that kind of thing.

James bobs his head at Hopper, seeming to agree with that plan. "Let's do that. They can drive out of here if they want, but it might make noise." He considers, shoulders rolling afterward. "Either way. Should we check the offices and everything for more people?"

"We'd be risking everyone we have already." Maui notes as he brings up the rear, frowning a bit as he looks around, making sure the zombies aren't coming after them. "… can we really do that? We need to find out what's causing the zombie thing and stop it. Maybe it will get rid of them. The other thing we can do is call New Atlantis or call the government here and say they need to burn this place down."

Zack dropkicks a zombie that gets in his way, and then finds no bus drivers out here, "Damnit.." He doesn't think he can hotwire a bus, but he can kill as many zombies as possible before the others get out here, "HEY!" He yells out, "IF ANY OF YOU CAN HEAR ME, HURRY UP!" He yells, hoping one of them is paying attention.

A few of the zombies turn in the direction of the talking Maui who is currently making noise and attracting their attention. The other students are very speedy, as is Mister Smith and Hopper all of who take this momentary reaction as an opportunity to speed ahead, almost jogging in a sort of way that keeps their feet from making too much noise. They are out the door as is Dion. However, Zack yells and they Zombies turn away from Maui and start shambling towards the group. Mr. Smith starts towards the bus and pushes one of the door getting it to open. "In, in. Everyone quickly!" Hopper stands outside and helps people into the bus and then jumps on. Hopper waves to Maui in an attempt to hurry him.

Looking back, Maui hurries up, then just flat out runs to the bus. No powers, just flat out regular speed to get there ahead of the zombies and give time for Mr. Scott to get the bus going. Hopefully. Once he's there, he hops in quickly, and turns to close the door, "Go, go! Get this thing going and get us out of here!"
Dion turns to Hopper, then. He says as quietly as possible "Can you hotwire this thing? Get it going? They can get out of here then, and we can go help Zack."

To the bus! James breaks into a sprint when everyone else does, shoulder-tackling a few undead along the way. He doesn't board, though. The boy takes position outside until everyone can get on, standing vigil should zombies grow too close. "Get it started," He hisses, head craning back over his shoulder.

"Hurry up!" Zack yells, doing his best to fend off any zombies that go after any of the mortals, "Get on the bus! Now!" He really hopes none of them got bitten before they get on the bus. Otherwise it'll be bad..

Hopper launches himself into the bus and throws himself to the floor, turning over quickly and grunting. "Gonna need a second or two." he offers having hotwired a car in his day, but this is his first jacking of a bus. He quickly shoves his hands up and into the steering column to pull out a huge chunk of wires which he starts sifting through.

While Hopper works, Dion tries to make himself useful. He gets on and goes to Mr. Smith. Speaking in a whisper, he says "You said earlier that they were just rumors. You had to have heard *something*, then. What was it?"
Zombies are slow….at least the ones left. They are coming and in a great number. Given James and Maui and Zack keeping the first wave at bay.

"Don't take too long," James chimes. It's just a short note, as he's busy with zombies for the most part. Some are hit, some are thrown, some are just torn into neat halfs between hands.

"Hopper, hurry it up already!" Maui calls, bringing his greenstone chain around to bash zombie heads, swapping between using one end and two ends periodically. The musician of the bunch is just concentrating on head shots. Cave in the head, and it's easier not to think about it more than likely. He calls over to James and Zack, "Don't suppose either of you are strong enough to literally move a bus?"

The bus's lights come on, go off. Windshield wipers start. There is a zot and Hopper litterally spasms for a few moments as he gets the ever loving shit shocked out of him. The horn goes off, causing even more zombies to start towards the bus….they are coming from everywhere. Tons of them. The people on the bus start screaming. "Working on it…."
Says Hopper.

Mr. Smith shakes his head. "Some of the kids talk about having found a ghost tone recently out in the hills….but more like a city that has just been abandoned….they talk about zombies…but….it was just talk….not real." he offers, screaming himself as a zombie plasters itself against the window. "Get it!" He yells to those still out, and he goes to grab the lever to shut the door. "They are coming!" The zombies beat against the glass, not having much strength, but their numbers are increasing.

"Hey, adult-types, do these buses shut down if the back door's opened!?" Maui calls back towards those on the bus, finally starting to get into the whole 'combative' thing as his moves start to look more like a dance. A step here, a swing there, a kick to the end of the greenstone poi. Even a couple of swings that take off multiple heads here and there. "Ghost town, huh? Well, which way was it so we can avoid it!?"

Dion frowns. "Ghost town. Lovely." Then there's panic again, and he rushes to get out of the bus and help keep the zombies at bay. Since there's all sorts of noise anyway, he says to the others "Maybe that's where we'll have to go, to stop this, though."

"Let's save that for later." James decides that about the town, shuffling his way back to the bus once it begins to get at least somewhat working, "For now, let's get out of here."

Zack jumps back onto the bus once everybody is onboard, "Let's just get the hell out of here.." Zack says, once he's on, "I'm sure the Air Force will takecare of this place with a firebomb." At least he hopes they will, "Drive. Just get us away from here.."

*KAROOOM* The Bus's engine turns over and the bus rumbles to life. Hopper jumps up, hitting his head on the steering wheel and letting out a curse before he wobbles towards a seat in the back. "Zack….yer driving…." He offers as he primes his gun and sort of crouches in the middle with the rest of the crowd, given that there are zombies surrounding the bus now.

At the sound of the bus starting, Maui calls to the others, "Go, go, go! I got the range here!" Case in point, he begins to swing the weapon in arcs, the weapon extending to nail zombies left and right as he tries to buy time for James and Zack to get in before following himself quickly.

"Got it." Zack says, as he hops into the driver's seat, and then floors it, tearing off away from the school, heading south as fast as he can. He's not going to stop unless this thing runs out of gas.

James hops on last, the boy hanging out the doorway as they floor it. He seems pleased enough, letting out one little whoop of excitement, head hanging outside. He even swipes at a few passing undead, though he's too far to actually do any damage. It is, however, a blast.

Dion has found himself a seat, unable to do much more than watch. Now that there's nothing else for him to do though, he puts his head down and tries to block out all the recent memories of awful things while he hyperventilates some.

Dion does manage to say, while trying to breathe, "Turn on the radio. See what's being said."

Zack just keeps on driving, pedal to the metal. Though he does click on the radio to see if anything comes up.
There is the wet sick sound of wheels on flesh and the crunch of bodies and the majority of the students are thrown backwards as Zack drives…..assuming he has control car at least. The zombies fall away. Mr. Smith offers, "We should go back to New Atlantis….it will be safer there."

"You remember the way?" Maui asks as he cleans off the zombie bits from his poi, then turns it back into a necklace as he slips the item back on. "'Cause we need to go quick… and do us a favor? Keep this a secret so we don't have to deal with it so much? Please?"

"Let's drop these guys off first." A nod form James, the boy hanging outside of the bus a moment longer, eventually yanking himself back up across the stairs. Down into a seat, and he leans back to take a rest.

The bus zooms down roads that are crawling with the dead and dieing, you can see a military outpost already set up to quarantine everything off. Once in the encampment everyone is checked for bites and possible infections. Those that need to are given communications and medical attention. Otherwise, the group is treated to a ride back home and protection.

Dion spends a fair amount of the ride back having the breakdown that he couldn't let himself have at the time. It involves various bouts of shaking, hyperventilating, and trying hard not to cry. Much. His success is questionable. Fortunately, he has a kerchief. And a little something to apply to his eyes to minimize the puffiness.

Zack eventually ends up sitting in the quarantine zone. He probably won't leave until he's sure that Pei-Pei and Gayle are safe.

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