Daisy Valeria Palmer "Roxie"
Portrayed By: Brody Dalle
Status: Rockin'
Age: Early 20's
Calling: Wild Child Rocker
Pantheon: Dodekethon
Divine Parent: Artemis
Significant Other(s): Flying solo, baby!


It all started, with the noise of the crowd. I came to being, at the first strum of my guitar. I gained grew up, at the first strike of the drums. At least, that's how I tell people who ask. Well, when they used to ask. I haven't seen my mates in a few weeks though, not since I got thrust into the shit storm, that is the battle. But, I suppose I should touch on that in a bit. From the beginning.

I was born, I grew up, sort of - I found sex, I found, drugs, and I found rock and roll. Though not really in that order.. I don't think. It's been a hell of a party. I grew up in Orlando Florida, with my Step dad Mitch, and my mom. Mitch was a career looser, and my mom was some sort of pushover. You know, the sort that just agree with folks, just to stop the argument. Mitch used the hell out of that, to stop an argument before it would start. That is, when she was brave enough to speak up. Normally, Mitch would beat the shit out of her first. And, like any other kid, I tired to help. No one wants to see their parent used as a punching bag - but it would just put me under his fist as well. Ass hole.

Anyways, I didn't spend much time at home - not even at a young age. I would be the last to leave the playground when everyone was called back into their white trash tin cans for dinner. I'd elect to sit outside, and get eaten by misquitos - rather then deal with her own personal hell. All of this bled over into school as well. The school counselor was always telling me that I had anger 'issues', that I needed to find better ways to vent, then taking my frustration out on other kids. Probably the only reason I didn't get expelled for my antics? Was the fact that I was a nationally competing violinist, at the tender age of ten. I'd always had a thing for music, and art. Of course, it wasn't until later on in life, that I'd find out why.

By the time I was in middle school, I'd hooked up with another crowd of rejects. Mohawks, music about anarchy, about bucking the system.. and general antidisestablishmentarianism. Well, maybe not in such a big word. I went from playing the violin, to playing the guitar. I started wearing all my favorite punk groups on my clothes. At one point, Mitch and I had a huge falling out over my 'change of attitude' towards him, which ended in me getting my ass kicked, and taking off with the clothes on my back. At fifteen, I was homeless. But I still had my mates, my band, my music, I had it all to keep me going.. and the situation? Just helped me write my music all the better. I quit going to school, I lost myself in the drugs, the music, and the sex. Fuck the Authority, was my theme song. Fuck the establishment. Fuck the man, fuck anyone over the age of 25.

You can probably imagine my first encounter with my real dad, when he decided to show his face. I was wasted after a show, and some old man in a suit comes up to me, while I'm polishing off a 40. He starts giving me the speech about the war in the heavens, about the titans, and my true heritage. My reaction? To throw my bottle at his head - I missed, sure, but it got my point across. Fuck you. Rage. I felt it bubbling deep down, felt it heating my blood to a boil. I could feel that what he said was truth, that I had divine ichor running through my body. But this jack ass? Left me with Mitch, for seventeen years. He let my life hit rock bottom, destroyed my mother - and then wanted me to fight for him? Fuck all. He said I'd have to make a choice, that I'd have to fight, and defend the earth against the Titans. He didn't take it so well, when I told him I hope they won. I hoped they won, and bent /him/ over a counter. I told him I hope they left him with some asshole step father, who did shit to HIM that you only really see in those after school specials. I was so pissed off, that I couldn't even see. He tried to offer me some sort of sword, and I spit. That's the last time I'd ever seen him. Zeus.

I went on a wild bender after that, after that. I spent so long suffering, only to have that bomb dropped in my lap? I guess it broke my mind a little. I'd given up on the music, for the drugs - the partying that came with the community. I lost myself, and I suppose that was all the Titans really needed, to make their move. The 'crack house' I found myself in finally, was run by worshipers of a titan. The users, the pushers, all part of it in some.. sick and twisted ritual. And I? Was some sort of sacrifice. Some sort of dedication of commitment or some shit. I was kept drugged, and sedate. A hostage, to my own vices. I'd been in there for nearly a year, when I finally heard her voice. My mother's voice.

"Get up. See. Fight." And it felt as if.. instantly, the haze lifted, and I saw the.. snakes, for what they really where.

After Zeus had given up on me, Artemis caught wind of me. Of my fighting spirit, and she decided to take me as her own. I had to fight my way out of the lair. I had to fight for my life, I had to fight tooth and claw to get out, and I did. It's then, that my mother, my adopted mother Artemis, finally approached me. She took me in, because of who I was, not who someone wanted me to become. And I.. accepted. She gave me two gifts, to help in my 'fight'. A gun, and a bracer. It really was kind of moving, considering no one had ever 'given' me anything before. She also told me, that my place in the war, was to punish the weak. Punish those, that would take advantage of others. She told me that I'd have to make my way to New York, that others where already fighting for our world, there.

I hear the place isn't quite the music scene it used to be. I hear it's actually a bit of a hell hole now. I hear that I'm going to have to kick some ass, and take a few names in the processes.



Roxie's personality is.. diverse. It's ever changing, it seems. As rebellious as she might wish to be, she /is/ a child of the Dodekethon. She's driven by art, and valor at her core. Of course, call her Daisy, and she's likely to punch someone in the face.

Of course, when it comes time to fight? Roxie's liable to be the first one with fists (and lead) flying. Fight first, fight hard, and live to fight another day.


Getting attached to people is for the weak! (Aka, none yet!)

Events Thus Far

Character Sheet

Strength 3 Charisma 2 Perception 2
Perception 2
Dexterity 5 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 2
Epic Dexterity 2
Stamina 3 Appearance 4 Wits 3
Epic Stamina 1 Epic Wits 1
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