Robin Hood. No Lie.

Scene Title Robin Hood. No Lie.
Synopsis Connor, Dee, Megan and Tybalt ogle naked Greek marble men.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York City

This mammoth building houses art forms of all kinds, within its sanctums and halls. Art forms of all kinds, American, Near Eastern, Korean, European, Cypriot, islamic, Japanese… every region of the world is represented. Beyond that, there are collections from individual people, education centers, a full scale library, two lecture auditoriums… and displays on things such as arms and armor, musical instruments, drawings and photographs… even an institute of costumes. If it exists and could possibly be considered art, it has a section here, most residing within the two main floors, though one Auditorium, the center for education, and the costume institute are on the partial ground floor, along with the museum store/souvenir shop, and the cafeteria. Throughout the building there are also other eating areas, balcony bars, dining rooms, new cafeterias, roof gardens with cafes… On one section there's even a temple of sorts, taking up a full section of the building. The library, near the entrance as well as the Greek and Roman art sections, is immense.

Often, Dee's motives for being in a meseum aren't exactly pure. Even when she isn't there to actually steal something, she's still there to keep in practice and maybe rearrange a few things. Must drive museum security nuts. Occasionally though, she just likes to enjoy the scenery. Just now, she's enjoying the statuary in the Greek section. No real surprise there, for those that know her.

What's not to like about Greek sculpture? They certainly appreciated the male form and that alone is enough to bring Connor into this section for at least a little bit of browsing. He's standing in front of a statue of Apollo, arms folded across his chest as he studies the technique. As is usual, his sword is at his side (and noticeable with a per+awa roll vs 4).

It's certainly true that the Greeks knew how to immortalize the male form. As it were. Dee, too, is appreciating their skill at it, despite that there's arguably something very wrong with ogling one's relatives. It doesn't stop her just now though, and she makes her way around the room till getting to Apollo. The redhead also studying him earns a smile, then she doubletakes to consider him for a moment to place him.

Connor glances over as someone steps near and gives the woman a quick, idle smile the kind you flash a stranger to acknowledge their existence then turns back to Apollo. Though after a moment, he looks back to study her a bit longer. "Have we met?"

Dee purses her lips for a moment, then nods. Her excellent memory fills in the blank then. "The park. That hippie thing and the woman that killed those three men."

Connor loses the smile at that memory. "Oh. Yes, that. They never found the woman that I heard of. I've been keeping an eye on the news for reports of an arrest. You were talking to Alexander, right?"

Dee shakes her head. "Not that I'm aware, no. Not that I didn't want them to suffer some, but that was uncalled for." There's a nod then, regarding Alexander. "Decent guy, for a serious bookworm." She gestures towards the statue of Apollo with her head, and asks "You one of us?" She seems to mean Greek.

"With this hair?" Connor asks with a chuckle and turns back to study the statue. "No, Irish." Glancing over a moment, he asks "You're related to Alexander right? I'm familiar with his mother though we've never met."

Dee grins. "Hey, it could happen. Your mother could just be Irish. Well, okay. She probably is regardless. I'm Greek, yes. On both sides. So he's my cousin. I think. I'm not sure how his mother is related to my father, since accounts differ." They're standing by a statue of Apollo in the Greek wing, speaking quietly.

Connor nods at Dee's comment. "Yes, she is. As is my father though since he's also an American citizen, I'm a child of both worlds." In several ways. Motioning to the statue, he asks "Is this him? Or one of the others?"

It's a quiet day so far, and Megan has decided that since she's in New York, the city that never sleeps, she might as well see some sights. Which is how she's ended up in the Met, though she looks at the exhibits with new eyes. After those things her father has told her, her brain processes them differently. What in these halls, these antiquities, are real? The line between truth and myth has long since been blurred, though she watches with fascination as she heads down the Greek hall, heels clicking a little on the floor.

Dee chuckles quietly. "Aren't we all children of both worlds, in our particular and peculiar way?" she replies. "No, my father's over there." She nods towards a statue of Hermes. "I guess your relatives weren't as into statuary, the way mine were."

Connor turns to look to where Dee indicates then nods. "Hmmm, no. Not to speak of. Though the Catholics did make several of my mother when they turned her into a saint. Someday I need to ask her how she feels about that. I suspect it amuses her greatly. Or really pisses her off, all things considered." Maybe even both.

There is something that catches Megan's eye as she makes her way down the hall. While she doesn't hear the pair speaking to each other, what one is wearing is something that causes her to raise a single eyebrow. Self-consciously, she adjusts the large backpack-like thing on her back as she edges closer, looking at the exhibits while going in for a closer listen.

Dee considers, then nods. "I can see being torn about it, but at least it's kept people knowing she's real. Most of the gods haven't been that lucky." She purses her lips, then adds "That might change a lot now, of course. And the fallout from that will probably get very bloody. Moreso than it already has, I mean."

"Oh, gods yes." Connor sighs. "I can just imagine the forces that are massing for the next crusade or inquisition." He's perhaps not being as quiet as he should and a nearby woman gives him a curious glance. "Hopefully it'll just be one of words this time and won't distract us from the real job."

"Isn't that part of the way," says the blond woman, who speaks with a profound British accent, her head turning just so to regard them, now that she's close. "It will, more than likely, be a cluster of recriminations and name-calling until it is almost too late." Her lips quirk, a little. "Though I think your ideas would be preferable."

Dee glances towards the woman whose attention they've accidently caught, then looks back to Connor. And then Megan, when she joins the conversation. "That would be nice, but it isn't the way to bet. Unfortunately. There are too many religious fanatics out there. Even the ones that are normally reasonable are having fundamental beliefs thrown in their faces. It's going to get ugly. And yes, it's going to be an annoying distraction." She studies the woman with the bow case then, before saying "One of us, then?"

"Religion always gets ugly." Connor agrees with a grimace. The history of Britain has proven that. Turning, he looks to Megan and considers what she's said. But Dee asks the obvious question before he does so he just waits for an answer.

"Such is belief," Megan says. "For every person who worships quietly, there is a blighter who shouts it all over and makes an ass of themselves." With the question, she turns around and flashes teeth in a smile. "I have a very broad definition us 'Us,' actually. But, I think I know what you mean because your tall, broad-shouldered friend here is packing iron. I take it is not one of those Creative Anachronism deals?" She extends a hand. "Megan."

"I think it's probably closer to steel, really." Dee replies in a casual tone. "And if both your parents are British, I guess that makes you two cousins. I'm Dee." She accepts Megan's hand for a short shake.

"Connor." he says and accepts the hand in turn. "And yes, iron doesn't normally hold an edge well. And while it might not matter to certain smiths, it's probably much easier to use the proper materials." Nodding, he studies Megan speculatively. "Yes, cousins might certainly be possible. If you'd care to say…?"

"Merely an expression," Megan says at being corrected, though her expression says nothing of being cross about it. "Though, both of my parents are from Britain, so you're right, Dee," she says, and adds a smile to it. Still, she surreptitiously looks around, just in case. "Cousins might be the proper term indeed." Her voice lowers for a moment. "Robin Hood. No lie."

Dee's eyes widen a bit, and her eyebrows rise. "Really? Well. That is… fascinating." She doesn't mean that sarcastically at all. "I hadn't thought of him like that. It's very cool, though."

Open mouth. Close mouth. Blink. Repeat. Connor looks to Dee then back to Megan. "You're not joking?" Back to Dee. "That's possible? I mean, he's not a god or anything and…" Back to Megan. "Really?"

"On my bow," Megan swears, with a nod, and steps away from the exhibits. "Believe me, I had some of the same questions," she continues, in a quiet voice. It's a great big echoing museum. "There is power in belief. Archetypes taking a familiar face through culture and the passing of stories from one generation to the next. The…archetype of my father currently wears that face because it is his most well known, fueled by shared memory of stories." She turns a hand. "But, since that was the name he gave me, it's how I name him now. But, I am not lying to either of you." Her head tilts every slightly to one side. "And you both?"

Dee's head tilts some as she thinks about it. "He could have started out a Scion, like us. We're supposed to eventually ascend if we aren't killed, right? I mean, a long time from now? Or, right. He could have been around as long as any other, but just known by other names. It really is cool, though."

Having the evening off, and wanting to get out of the firehouse for a little bit, Ty makes his way to a piece of NYC Culture that he doesn't visit offen, just for shits and giggles. He wonders around one of the upper levels taking in a few Botero works. He is dressed casually in jeans, a cowboy shirt, his boots but is sans hat for the good of tact.

"That's kind of cool." Connor notes musingly at Megan's explanation. "I wonder if Arthur and Merlin are out there as well somewhere. That would make a great song." The three of them are all standing in front of a statue of Apollo, talking quietly though one woman standing nearby seems to be shamelessly eavesdropping. She caught emough to catch her interest and with all the weird things breing reported in the news… She'll have quite a take to tell her bridge group. "Brigid." he replies in answer to Megan. "So we're not cousins after all, it seems. Unless Dee's guess is right." He shrugs; it's not terribly important.

"Of the Tuatha," Megan says, his grin widening a little. "That's fantastic." She muses on the questions. "I wish I knew exactly how it happened with him. My father. But, sometimes you have to take something as it is and go forward. What's been happening in this city has parents all over the world watching, or sending available children to investigate and assist." Hence, why she's here.

Dee mms quietly. "New York is the hot spot. It's all coming apart here, apparently. Or, not coming apart, depending on what we do. No pressure, right?" She says with a smirk. "But it's nice to see so many here and willing to give it a go."

Turning to watch a little girl poke at the glass of one of the exhibits, he smirks a bit and shakes his head, pausing to note Megan and Connor and Dee. The smirk widens into a grin and he disappears into a back hall only to emerge near by a few moments later. He makes his way over and sort of oozes into the scene without much proclimation or harolding. He gestures to a statue of Poseiden. "You gotta feel bad for the greeks, ya know? There you are minding your own business and then boom. Statue, letting you know the proportions of your old man's junk." He shifts his eyes over to the group and beams a pleasant smile. "How's it goin'?"

"Well, it's either help fight or die." Connor points out. "It's not like we'll be safe if our side loses so it's in our interest to make sure we win." Not to mention mommy or daddy will be royally pissed and likely yo do something unpleasant. Looking over at someone joins uninvited, he smiles broadly. "Oh, hey Tybalt. So that's your dad?"

"It's not like my father really had to persuade me," Megan replies, her grin getting a bit roguish. "If it makes all the old biddies back home scandalized, it's my moral obligation to go where the action is. Willing, it is," she adds, and then looks towards the atatue with an appraising eye as Tybalt points out the statue's accoutrements. "Well," she says, and leaves it there as the others speak, taking notes of the names.

Dee grins. "Like I said - No pressure. Nothing like having a god looking over your shoulder, judging your actions, right? I've only recently gotten into the thick of things. Fortunately, I have a very specific skill set. Seems to be needed." Then she realizes what Tybalt says, and makes a concerted effort not to look at her father's statue again. "Oh, thanks. I needed that…" She's chuckling, though.

Tybalt laughs a little and shakes his head at Connor. "Naw, man. My divinity is matriarchal…er…Momma's Boy." He looks around for a few moments, trying to find a picture but he shrugs a little in the end and turns back. "I'm with the Aesir….which when you think about it, it don't make sense as Freya was from Venir, but was a captured queen. So…Aesir by proxy?" He scratches the back of his head and looks around at the others. "Megan, I think we met a couple of times, but nothin' formal…and yer…." He thinks for a moment. "Dee?" He extends a hand to each of them. "Ty Odeman. Freya's Kid." If accepted, his handshake is friendly, strong and warm…matching the smile he gives each of them. Sincerity is not dead folks, it lives on in the Urban Cowboy.

"Most of us have specific skill sets, I think." Connor agrees. "I'm pretty sure it comes with the parentage though I haven't met enough of us to figure out if it's genetic." Though given what's obviously now a bowcase on Megan's back, some things seem to be. "Oh, so you're Norse?" he asks Tybalt. "Huh. I wouldn't have guessed."

"Let them watch, I say," Megan says, squaring her shoulders a bit. "I've nothing to hide." So she says, at least. It could be honesty, or bravado; her expression doesn't betray her much. "Entirely possible," the Brit woman replies to Tybalt, taking in the information. "Megan Clementine. Daughter of Robin Hood." Another pause. "No lie, as I was explaining to Dee and Connor here." At the mention of skills, the young lady gives a demure smile. "I am told I have my father's eye," she says.

Dee grins at Tybalt. "Yes, Dee. It's nice to see you again." She tells the other two "He has the most incredible place. That firehouse from Ghostbusters. It's beautifully decked out. A pool and everything." To Connor's comment, she says "Oh, mine is totally genetic. On both sides. I'm definitely my parents' child." She doesn't seem all that concerned about being overheard either, though she does keep her voice pretty low.

Tybalt certainly keeps his voice low. He is still in the Closet of the Divine. "Pff. Haven't seen the inside of it in a month, then suddenly I feel stuck there. I'll be relieved as hell when school starts up." he offers as he moves to take a seat. "I got my Momma's looks, but other than that…yeah…" He gives a sideways smirk to Connor and quirks a brow. "What would you have pegged me for?"

Connor nods to Dee. "Yes, I've definitely inherited some of my mother's aptitudes. Though I think I've got a bit of my grandfather in me as well, especially personality-wise." At Tybalt's question, he just shrugs. "No idea really. I just wouldn't have connected it with the whole cowboy thing."

Looking impressed as Dee describes Tybalt's place. "That does sound great," she chimes, with a chuckle as the others speak. Her eyes shift between Connor and Tybalt for a moment before going back to Dee, with a shrug of her shoulders.

When Tybalt goes to have a seat, Dee follows along. For the moment, she listens.

Connor also wanders over the bench Tybalt picks. As the woman eavesdropping also drifts nearer in response, he turns to give her a grin and she suddenly blushes, having been caught. She hurries out of the hall though not without looking back over a shoulder a few times. Connor laughs. "That was fun. So Megan, that is a bow right? It's the right shape and given who your dad is…"

Tybalt looks up and grins a little. "If I had known Pecos Bill was an option, I would have asked for that one." He offers with a grin. "Taking it that Fate has a since of humor and theme, it makes since. Freya was a goddess of fertility, patron protector of cows, steers and the like. The norse were agrarian for the most part. Farmers, ranchers…." He shrugs. "The rest is just show I guess….A nicely decorated label that I can tear off when I don't want it anymore."

"One of his, so he told me," Megan replies, keeping a stance leaning against a pillar with her arms crossed. "Bit faster than the average, and the quiver that went with it is pretty much bottomless. The Spawn better watch out." She appears to be confident in her abilities, at least. She speaks when Tybalt is done. "I mean this in all seriousness Tybalt," she asks. "Some children of the divine who are associated with animal can sometimes communicate with them. You?"

"I've always wanted to be able to do that." Connor grumps. "Most of my relatives can to one animal or another but I haven't managed it yet. I'm hoping some day." Grinning at Tybalt, he adds "Just not to cows."

Dee chuckles quietly. "My father's animal is a tortoise. Funny, given how fast he is. I've never really tried talking to one, though. Even if I could understand them, I don't think I'd have the patience to wait for a whole sentance."

Tybalt laughs a little and shakes his head. "I can tell what's wrong with a cow without that gift….but yes actually…" He scratches the back of his head. "I can talk to cats….came in handy not long ago….I'm sure you've noticed the cats running around the firehouse." he offers to Megan.

"Cats?" Megan considers that for a moment, and a bit of envy touches her expression. "Cats who are innocuous and can usually get into anywhere, and listen to anything…oh, my, that must be vastly useful," she says. She shoots COnnor a sympathetic look. "Same here, I'm afraid. Though, another of my Pantheon, John Bull, had an affinity for Bulldogs. I've never met one of his, however."

"My mother has a way with swans and I'm told the Dagda has a thing for pigs." Connor offers. "Neither would be my first choice. Cats could be cool. Or dogs, like Lugh. I'm more a cat person myself though. So I'm told by someone that it's really safer for us to get together in groups. Any of you done so yet? Is she right about that? I can see it would generally be safe if you intend to actively go hunting trouble to have backup."

Dee nods to that. "I did notice that. I like cats and all, but I couldn't handle having that many of them." she replies with a grin. There's another nod to Connor then, and she says "Bands, yes. There are a number of them in the city. I'm in one. Though I wouldn't really call it safe for us to be in groups. Bad things seem to happen when a lot of us are in one place."

Tybalt gives a nod of his head. "It has it's ups and downs." he replies before nodding in agreeance to Dee. "Makes you a little gun shy to go places in public…but I figure Fate already has it put down what is going to happen, so live it and deal with it as it happens." He shrugs and then goes quiet.

"Fate's a powerful thing," Megan says, from where she's standing. "But don't seel yourselves short. We are not slaves to it; it's part of who we are." The right side of her mouth lifts. "Besides, predestination is boring. I might die tomorrow, who knows. Today ends when I'm well and done with it."

"I've noticed that." Connor agrees, nodding to Dee. "I hope one of the dinosaur skeletons doesn't animate what with the four of us here." Even if that would be totally awesome to see. They're all in the Greek hall, surrounded by statues of Olympians with Tybalt sitting on a bench.

Dee chuckles. "That would be something, considering the dinosaur skeletons are on the West Side, at Natural History." she says with a wink towards Connor. "But there are plenty of things in here that could come to life and serious screw things up."

"I am almost expecting it," Megan says, keeping an eye out for the moment. It's then that her phone chimes. "Dammit," she says, removing it from a pocket and looking at the glowing display on the outside. "Shit," she says, before turning to the others. "I need to take this, and the bars in here don't exist. I need to go, but it was nice meeting you all." She rattles off a quick phone number, before taking her leave.

Ty leans back against the wall behind him and shakes his head and blinks. Too many conversations happening at once. "Paradigm versus Paradigm." He offers in response to Megan. He however looks around and shakes his head. "I don't think it's gonna happen. I mean…already happened once. And it seems entirely too soon to restart it, else it become cliche." He offers with a shrug.

Connor grins back to Dee. "Yes, I know. Think of them marching across town to get to us. Much more impressive than some animated statues. Nice meeting you, Megan." he says, lifting a hand in farewell. Pulling his cellphone out of his jacket, he enters the number given. "What, skeletons animated?"

Dee waves to farewell to Megan as well, then looks back to the menfolk. "Well, there's already been one dinosaur fight. Up in Harlem. That was fun. Not. I could live without another. That wasn't just the skeleton, though."

Connor begins to shakes his head then pauses. "Oh, wait. I think I heard about that after all. I met someone with a dinosaur tooth. T-Rex wasn't it? He was talking about making it into a knife but I think it would be more useful for the impressive factor than as a weapon."

Dee nods. "I have a few of those teeth. And some claws. We gave the heart to the area's protector." she replies. "As it shuld have been."

"That would have been interesting to see." Reaching into his jacket pocket, he pulls out a business card and offers it to each. "Ny number, of future reference. And if you need any custom auto work." Which is what the card says. "I need to get going but I suspect we'll keep running into each other. Seems to be the this works."

Dee smiles as she accepts the card, and in return she offers one with her contact information to each of them. "For future reference. And, if you need any custom, well, breaking and entering." she offers with a wink. It doesn't seem to be a joke, though.

Connor grins and briefly glances over at the statue of Hermes. "I'll keep that in mind." Looking at the card, he then puts it into the same pocket he took his from. "I was half expecting a messenger service."

Dee chuckles. "Well, if you need, I can break into someplace and leave a message…"

Connor chuckles as well and heads for the exit. "Talk to you later." he says and slips out.

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