Richard Masri
Portrayed By: Paul Wesley
Status: Alive
Age: 18
Calling: Rebel Without A Cause
Pantheon: Pesedjet
Divine Parent: Sobek
Significant Other(s): Single


Richard Masri, despite his surname, can't lay claim on any ethnic heritage save that of an American - generations of interbreeding has left him a traditional American mutt, or at least that's what he believes. It's not as if his mother is aware that the lawyer she had a brief fling with was, in fact, Sobek the Crocodile God. She probably wouldn't even tell him if she knew, because that's the sort of thing crazy people say.

Growing up without a strong masculine figure in his life, with his mother struggling along in her job as an office secretary, he ended up lacking in something generally called 'respect for authority'. He was always getting in trouble in his early days at school, generally going after people he felt had 'gotten away with something' out of some misguided sense of justice, and although he never ended up in juvie he came close a few times.

He found an easy niche in high school - the 'cool loner' that smoked in the bathroom, gave lip to the teachers, and got popular because of it. He might have kept a distance between himself and everyone else, but that just added to his mystique, as did the motorcycle he picked up because of his part-time job. Out of necessity to be an athlete of some sort, he joined the swim team, but despite his natural stamina and impressive skill, he barely showed up to practice and only enough meets not to get kicked off the team. Of course, he had to keep his skill in art class hidden, for the sake of his rep.

Angry at the world and without any direction, he watched the news about these 'demigods' walking amongst them and just got angrier. All that power just because of their parents, and he barely had one. Little did he know, that Fate would be a'knocking soon…

Events So Far

A late-night seance at the school pulled off on a lark had a little more effect than they thought it would, and soon there were Angels trying to kill him and the other teenagers that he was with at the time. Surprisingly, they managed to defeat the cherubim, and with 'allies' the sort he ordinarily wouldn't even talk to in the halls he started looking into the situation.

After doing some asking around the city to learn the basics of what these 'scions' were all about, him and his erstwhile school allies investigated the Order of Divine Glory - and while he and Hopper were searching around the back, they were attacked by the Holy Maiden. About to be killed, he was saved by his father… Sobek, God of Crocodiles, who told him of his heritage and task in this world. Arming him with gifts, he sent him home once more, but Hopper was less lucky - and was captured by the Order.

On the beach at Coney Island, a kelpie dragged itself free of the waters and headed for the board walk; beside Melissa and Marius, he leapt to the attack, and the beast was soon felled. Flush with triumph, he kept its skull-like head as a trophy.


Gayle - Hot, but hot-tempered too. Touchy. Note to self, get her alone somewhere for some fun. Make sure Matt's not around.
Matthew - Meathead's not as much of a jerk as he acts, but he's still fun to taunt. Dumb as rocks, though.
Hopper - The nerdling's useful, so long as he doesn't start thinking I'm his friend or anything.
Freida - Freaky Freida's annoying and bitchy, and just makes me want to strangle her. I'd do her.
Dion - Neon's… Neon. I don't think there's any words in the English language. I think he should've been born in France.

Character Sheet

Strength 4 Charisma 3 Perception 3
Dexterity 3 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 2
Stamina 5 Appearance 3 Wits 3
Epic Attributes
Strength 1 Charisma 0 Perception 1
Dexterity 1 Manipulation 0 Intelligence 0
Stamina 1 Appearance1 Wits 1

Combat Stats

  • Init (Wits 3 + Aware 3) = 6 Dice + 1 Succ (Epic Wits)
  • Attack: Sobek's Bite (Dex 3 + Brawl 4 + Acc 1 + Legend 2) = 10 Dice + 1 Succ (Epic Dex) Speed 3
    • Damage (Weapon Dmg 2B + 1 + Strength 4) = 7B + Threshold Successes + 1 Succ (Epic Str)
  • Attack: Clinch (Dex 3 + Brawl 4 + Legend 2) = 9 Dice + 1 Succ (Epic Dex) Speed 6
    • Damage: (1 + Strength 4) = 5B + Threshold Successes + 1 Succ (Epic Str)
  • Dodge DV ((Dex 3 + Athletics 4 + Legend 2) / 2) + 1 (Shedyet Jacket) + 1 (Epic Dex): 7
  • Dodge DV (-1 Mobility penalty from Body Armor): 6
  • Armed Parry DV ((Dex 3 + Brawl 4 + Defense 1 + Legend 2) / 2) + 1 (Shedyet Jacket) + 1 (Epic Dex): 7
  • Soak (Stamina 5, Epic Stamina 1, Jacket): Bashing 8 / Lethal 3 / Agg 3
  • Soak (Body Armor): Bashing 10 / Lethal 5 / Agg 5
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