Revenge of the Rabbits


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Scene Title Revenge of the Rabbits
Synopsis PETA protesters interrupt a NRA barbecue, unleashing insane rabbits on the unsuspecting crowd.

Little Italy

It's a Hunter's Festival in the City! What does that mean for those in attendance? Gamey food. Really gamey food. Most New Yorkers don't get a chance to taste more unusual and wild foods like boar, rabbit, ostrich, water buffalo, deer, quail and other foods like that. That's what this festival is for. Of course, it's sponsored by the NRA, meaning Matthew's mother is in attendance. In fact she's one of the cooks due to her penchant for guns! Still, she's happily serving some skewered grilled rabbit to passers by in Little Italy There's all sorts of other unusual foods nearby ranging from the normal parmesan to the far out quail balut. Yeah, there is quail balut. FEAR.

Still, the light are brightly shining in little Italy as the mood is generally happy. People are wandering about sampling various foods while learning about hunting, whether from arrows to guns to traps to all sorts of hunting gear. RAWR.

Matthew has been drafted into helping out his mother. Sort of. Not that she lets /him/ near a grill because that would be way too dangerous or something. Instead the well muscled young man is helping to pass out dishes to attendees, especially when those attendees happen to be cute girls he can flirt with until motherly calls to move on invariably return him to duty. Life is hard for Matthew, so so hard.

"I don't think we have any dinosaur meat" Matthew tells one attendee glancing back thoughtfully towards the grills, "I mean.. they might be bringing them back somewhere but if so I don't think they're all edible yet. I'll check for you in a bit though and if we have any let you know."

Pei-Pei isn't even sure how she got drafted into helping Matthew and his mother with this soiree. She was awakened early by her mother and told to get dressed - at which point she was hustled out and into Mrs. Morgan's waiting minivan (with a gun rack) - before being shuttled into Little Italy. The Yellow Princess scowls at the back of Matthew's head, utterly failing to point out the improbability - even with rampant Scions - of dinosaur meat being available.

Instead, Pei-Pei works on hacking assorted forms of meat into small pieces for sample cooking. Again and again, the Yellow Princess brings a cleaver down on a cutting board, wetly splitting meat into bits and pieces. Every so often some bone or marrow gets splurted in random directions by this activity, but Pei-Pei doesn't seem to care anymore - her clothes are streaked with blood and dried ick anyway - so much as she cares about glaring holes into the back of Matthew's head.

It wasn't that long ago that he had been eating interesting things in Ireland, and the amusement that he would be getting the same here was not lost on Aillen. He had a bit of the hunter thing within him, probably that connection to dogs and all. Still, no point in worrying about having to eat any of that here, when the things to be consumed were various and gamey. Following his nose, it brought him towards the grills though, not particularly interested in the guns to be had.

Upon hearing the comment about the lack of dinosaur meat, he let out an exagerated sigh. "And here I thought that we'd have a nice sampling of tricerotops today, or at least a bronto burger. Something Flintstonian. " He chuckled at his own comment as he glanced over the dishes to be had and looking to Mathew, he said "What would you recommend out of the lot?"

Jocelyn wanders through the crowds, listening at the edges of conversations as she passes by, picking up idle gossip and chatter. In her right hand, she carried a rather tasty beef shish kabob, or rather, she truly hoped it was beef. She honestly didn't much trust the word of some of the vendors in this festival, but it put her mind at ease to assume it was beef, so she went right on assuming it was. Either way, it was good.

The comment about dinosaurs makes her pause momentarily, honestly wondering if someone would ask about such a thing. Certainly, Science has made great strides recently, but since when did we start regenerating extinct species to see how they would taste with barbecue sauce.

Of course, there's probably a reason why angry Pei-Pei is angry. The Q-model ads for New Atlantis have been released. And there's a giant billboard that can be seen from the Hunter Festival with her on it. It's sexy Pei-Pei! ( that can be seen for it. Of course, it's an ad for the latest in Atlantean lingere, but hey, that can make a girl cranky when it's blown up for everyone to see. Still, it's not the only ad from the q-models campaign. The station that Matthew and Pei are at are in front of a giant picture of a crotch. It's Matthew's crotch! Of course, it's covered in jeans for an Abercrombie Atlantis ad, where the door is where the crotch would be. He doesn't seem too pissed about that, though, his mother seems to be miffed. Perhaps that's why he keeps on getting called over for meat duty.

Still, there's no dinosaur meet. There are lots of people out and about though. And no, Jocelyn. It wasn't meat. You're totally eating buffalo, that's the closest thing to beef they have around anyway, though there's a few specialties like dodo-bird on some of the menus! Buffalo-dodo-bird wings! HAWT!

You know, a cookout is a very American thing to come to. So that's why Zack has made his way out here. He didn't even realize that he'd know people who were out at this. He just wanted to get some food, and have a good time. However, all of those good feelings are now gone. The plate in Zack's hand tumbles to the ground, practically in slow motion, as he stares up at the billboard. He swallows the bite of food that he had in his mouth, continuing to stare.

Zack's mind is now entirely focused on the billboard. The one that depicts his girlfriend, dressed…He's not even sure what she's in. She sure as hell never dressed like that for him!

After checking with the cooks Matthew returns to say, "Yep. No dinosaurs, except I guess all birds are sort of dinosaurs but they aren't the fun kind. Maybe in a few years though we'll have dinosaurs roaming the streets again and stuff. I bet we will once the Skaft Labs get up and running." He for his part is looking quite pleased with the ad presence and on the next trip getting over to Pei Pei he says, "They are starting out with the mild ones. Soon the slutty ads will actually be out. Did you do some of those too? They are going to be totally great! I can't wait. I mean it's a little weird and all but cool." His mother gets a determined look as she stares disapprovingly. Hmph. Taking clothes off for New Atlantis is a noble cause damn it.

Yeeeeeah, being plastered on billboards around New Atlantis in lingerie (or less) in spite of not having actually posed for any of these sexy pictures is probably a pretty good way of driving Pei-Pei (or any woman, most likely) to smoldering fury. Pei-Pei, however, tends to come with a shorter, more violent fuse than most women and is a Scion to boot.

Working in Matthew's favor, of course, is the fact that he is a fighting freight train and Pei-Pei definitely is not. She is, however, terrifyingly super-intelligent. This probably does not work in Matthew's favor at all. No doubt she is sitting there, cleaving meat and bone in twain while her fury twists and knots itself inside of her brain, sorting and sifting through thousands of vengeful possibilities for the people responsible for that much of her skin being visible and blown up to the Nth exponent and being posted on billboards for an entire city-state to see.

It is probably also for the best that Pei-Pei has not yet seen Zack. She is, instead, wholly focused upon glaring holes through the back of Matthew's head and chopping meat into tasty, bite-sized morsels ready for cooking. Although she has no proof Matthew is in any way related to the billboard nonsense does not faze her in the least - her burning fury inevitably finds ways of venting white-hot nerdrage at Matthew any how - because she is at least distracted by being dragged out of bed to help Matthew with his (mom's) meat.

Pei-Pei glares her (impotent) fury at Matthew and attempts to put her cleaver through the meat, bone, and cutting board.

Aillen shrugged at the bird comment. "Lets go with some rabbit then, unless you have any stag back there. Either will be good." He looked to the billboard enjoying the view abit, looked to the angry Asian girl, thought…Nah, couldn't be. A pretty girl up there wouldn't be so damn angry looking and covered in blood. Might just look like her. Course… the crotch wonder on the image was walking around. He put it out of his mind, not a pleasant thought currently of lusting over a girl who looked like she would cut him into little bits. He learned that about the big M's daughters the hard way. "Oh, and medium rare if ya can"

Matthew gets a plate together and hands it over towards Aileen, "Uh. They aren't cooking to order but that probably looks right." Worried look is given to Pei Pei and he says, "But don't be upset. Really. I mean.. you look great up there.. I'm not even into you and I'm totally turned on by it! I bet the same is true for most of the guys here!" He looks over his shoulder back to Aileen, "Right man? Tell me that ad isn't hot."

Yeah. They say everyone has a breaking point. They say that every man has a moment in his life where he has to stand up and tell the world that enough is enough, and it's time for a change. For Zack, that moment is right now. The young man lets out a scream of pent up rage, at the very thought that the Atlantians would exploit Pei-Pei in this way. He has to destroy that billboard, and possibly the company behind it, if he can make it that far without the cops taking him down. Either way, the billboard will be destroyed.

Zack looks around himself for something to throw. Then he realizes that he's standing on it. He steps off of the manhole cover that he was standing on and crouches down, doing his best to rip the manhole cover out of the ground.

Jocelyn glances up at the billboard, as so many others around her were looking at it. She smirked behind the remainder of her shish kabob, recognizing the rather pretty, scantily clad model as one of her fellow classmates. She kept the thought to herself as she noted the same girl who was rather violently rendering meat into tiny bite size pieces behind the stand Jocelyn was standing near.

Finishing off the kabob, and figuring it was most likely not beef at all, seeing as no one exactly brags about hunting the majestic wild cow. She regards the samples of meat at the stand with curiosity, looking for something less exotic to nosh. She noted out of the corner of her eye that the stand sat in front of a billboard of a guy's crotch. Thankfully, Jo could not identify this model, as she does not make a habit of identifying people by their crotches.

Suddenly and rather abruptly, water balloons full of animal blood starts dropping down from up above. It seems that PETA is involved with this, as various people are flying with Sky's Freedom or something akin to it as they protest. "FUR IS MURDER!" one of them cries out.

"NO HUNTING!" yet another crazy vegan Hardcore PETA member shouts out. Oh dear, they're ruining the festival. Matthew's mom looks pissed. It looks like she's ready to grab one of her shotguns at the group of people flying up above throwing blood balloons.

Jocelyn regards the splatter of blood on the ground, pulling back in disgust and sneering, "Wait a minute, they're whining about us killing and eating animals, and they're just wasting their blood by inaccurately throwing balloons filled with animal blood?"

Grinning, and as he was specifically asked for his opinion, how could he not? "Oh aye, I've not seen nearly so many lass's this side of the atlantic who I'd say could draw the eye so well as that poster. If the lovely lass back there with the meat cleaver is indeed said lady wearing so little, I must give my eternal compliments, for brightening my spring time so. " Aillen gave a gracious bow at that, hoping his charm was enough to prevent getting a new hole ripped into him taking a bite from the plate Matthew gave him finally, just in time to hear the Fur is Murder cries, and looking towards the sky, he frowned.

"What a bunch of wankers they are," and he dipped abit below the protective cover of the tent. "Things like that are pretty damn lame there. One would almost think making a pot shot into one of their screaming mouths would be worth it. Perhaps a taste of meat would make em less cranky."

In the back of her head, Pei-Pei has been replaced by Alice from Dilbert comics. At Matthew's response, she somehow manages to both squint at Matthew and bug her eyes out at him at the same time. This is somehow full of murderous fury until there is a scream - a terrible, blood-curdling, rage-fueled, mass murder scream that should belong to another time and place, possibly a place related to Nordic or Greco-Roman legend - that stops her quasi-silent menacing cold.

Pei-Pei wheels around, ignoring Matthew, Aillen, Jocelyn, and even PETA as she tries to spot Zack. It doesn't exactly take Epic Perception to spot him as people start running away from PETA blood balloons. Normally she would point out how ridiculous and contradictory this behavior is, but A) Jocelyn has already done so and B) Zack is on a war path. Zack being on the war path is, admittedly, kind of excitingly hot, but not exactly what Pei-Pei wants her BF to be doing in the middle of Little Italy. The New Atlantean mafia could get upset and bust a cap in his punk ass! Or something!

Okay, so Pei-Pei isn't very good at this criminal stuff. She is, however, concerned with Zack's well-being and this is not conducive to its persistence. The Yellow Princess promptly darts away from the table she was using to chop up meat - which has a cleaver embedded deep in its surface and whose legs look to be about ready to give out anyhow - and runs toward Zack. Knowing Pei-Pei, she may well tackle Zack into the sewer and accidentally knock the manhole cover out of his hands, sealing the duo in there.

Oh no! The gathering is under attack from flying PETA protestors! Matthew gapes upwards for a moment as blood balloons come splattering down, then he strides determinedly to the stand just vacated by Pei Pei and picking up a quail leg, he spins it through the air before catching it by the shaft like a throwing knife and narrows his gaze up towards the heavens. "Hey guys. We are just having a BBQ, if you wanted to come have some fun you should have come on down but if you insist on being served up there I guess I'll just have to see what I can do." The arm arches backwards and quail leg goes flying, spinning end over end towards the closest PETA sort. "Oh yeah! And if you guys need anyone girls to model naked for your billboards or stuff I totally know some! We can like.. chat after you regain consciousness" Matthew calls up as an afterthought.

It'd be just awfully convenient if PETA was the actual problem of this scene wasn't it? Still, there's a cage of pet rabbits in one of the petting zoos near the back. This isn't a festival of just meat eating afterall! There's a chance for little kids to pet the animals they're eating! See, it's fun for the whole family!

Still, there's someone back at one of the tents doing something to the rabbits. Suddenly, they start to shake and rattle their cages before they're suddenly released. There's screams from screaming mortals as there's even more blood spilled. This time, it's not animal blood. It's the spurting blood from a decapitated head as the fountain of gore splatters various tents nearby!

Actually hearing someone in real danger… or at least it sounded rather much like that… he let out a curse. "Always something." Starting out at a sprint towards the petting zoo, Aillen barely slowed as he ran by a conveniently raised set of flags for the various local organizations. He just snagged the lot of them as he ran, ripping the flags off with his teeth as he skidded to a halt approaching the giant blood spattered mess, the flags fluttering down behind him as he held onto the aluminum flagpoles with vaguely pointed tips, a set of improvised spears in his hand, hoping he wouldn't need the real thing… yet.

All of this craziness has all decended upon this group at once. But Zack is nothing if not focused. PETA protestors and deadly bunnies are no match for Zack's rage at that billboard. Focusing everything he has on this throw, he hurls the manhole cover like Captain America might hurl his shield into the face of an evil Nazi super soldier. The manhole cover flies up into the air, arcing around to shatter the supports that hold up the billboard, and then bouncing off a building to begin it's return flight to Zack.

However, even the best laid plans sometimes have to deal with unexpected turns of events. Because Pei-Pei comes out of nowhere and tackles Zack, who stumbles back, grabbing ahold of her as he does, and then falling down into the now open manhole. It's about now, of course, that the manhole cover finishes it's return trip, and slams closed over the hole a few moments after the two vanish down inside of it.

Jocelyn blinks and stares at the scene for a brief moment, before she jumps behind the stand, grabbing the handle of the meat cleaver and yanking, attempting to pull the blade from the table as she moved toward the fray, following after Aillen. Admittedly, Jo had the intention of following a bit slower, more cautiously, and letting the rabbit bai… Aillen, get there before her. No sense in getting there too quickly, when she wasn't exactly sure what the enemy was capable of. Better to let the head strong Irish lad get there first.

Matthew is focused on PETA initially, his qual leg finding target and with an oof a protestor goes flying out of the air. The jock has a good throwing arm on him. Then there are screams elsewhere and he is quickly looking about to see.. what! Necks fountaining blood! Killer bunnies! A look around for buds in time to see them vanishing into the sewer, "Damn it guys! This is no time to go fuck in the sewers! Bad stuff is happening!" Rage rage rage grumble grumble, "When did Pei Pei become such slut. Maybe there really is something to that Zack guy." Buffalo steak is snagged and sent flying at the first rabbit to poke it's head up. Improvised meat weaponry seems to be the order of the day.

The steak misses! It floppages on the ground with a loud thudding smack. Still, it attracts the killer vorpal bunnies. They are at least not decapitatings mortals now for the sheer fun of it as a couple are now fighting over the delicious t-bone on the ground. Nawmnawmnawm.

Nemean rabbits? Whoever was in charge of bringing death unto the good people of New Atlantis was getting crazier than well a March hare. No no, its April now. Attention Aillen attention! He focused himself on the problem at hand. He planted three of the flags in front of him into the ground, forming a primitive balustrade that would in no way shape or form stop a rabbit, but it made him feel better about it dammit!

The fourth spear stayed in his hand however, the shaft flipped back against his forearm, the pointy bit out and as dangerous as it could be considering he didn't want to pull out anything legendary.

As one of the bunnies leapt towards him, having to adjust its leap slightly to avoid the wall of spears set in its place, Aillen spun about, left hand swinging up, the protective barrier of his shield bracelet slowing it down midair as he whipped his body in an arc, spinning out of the way as he unleashed the spear down into the back of the bunny trying to impale it into the ground with the prodigious strength of a Scion

Vorpal bunnies are quick. They were genetically designed to be vicious vicious killers. They're speedy and fragile, and so it wooshes to the side as it's tried to be impaled on the spear. No Vorpal kabobs for the moment.

Pei-Pei squeals as she knocks Zack off his feet and backward into the manhole. Zack promptly grabs her in one muscular arm and drags her down into the hole with him as though he were the balrog and she were Gandalf. They plunge down into the darkness and stench, which quickly grows stygian as the manhole slams back into place and rains a few sparks down into the hole.

Impact doesn't occur until a good four seconds later, made all the more epic because it is an enormous splashdown in the fetid, rotten filth of the sewers. When Pei-Pei emerges from the filth, she lets out a screech of indignant fury and actually shakes a fist in the direction of 'up' before she tries to swim toward the edge of the tunnel. There's always a cement walkway on the edges of the water in cartoons and TV shows, right? Ought to hold true in Scion, unless the Atlanteans have constructed some kind of nefarious perfect sewer system for their city.

Jo stands in the shadows behind one of the now vacant stands, watching Aillen's bout with the bunny, hefting the meat cleaver in her hand, watching the movement of the psychotic little fluff ball as it zooms past Aillen, completely untouched by his makeshift spear.

As the rabbit lands behind him, Jocelyn leaps over the counter silently, lunging for the wicked bunny, her left arm plunging towards it with the meat cleaver. The blade already glistening in the sunlight with blood from the previous hacking it had been used for.

These rabbits were dynamite it seemed, faster than a freshman running to the bathroom with a dose of the runs, and meaner than the upper school staff. Still he had his brains, what little he had compared to some of the noggins around, but it might be enough with the brawns he had to bring to bare. "Hope you've packed your air sickness bag bunny, You're going to enjoy the blue skys of New Atlantis via Tuathan Air!"

With tight hold of the improvised spear in his hand, he flipped up into the air whipping it down low around the ends of the other poles planted deep into the turf, his combined strength and the falling gravity allowing him to fulcrum up the gigantic pseudo pitchfork to try and fling the turf and the rabbit standing upon said turf skywards to buy himself some time

Matthew at some point in things gets distracted by a girl shoved aside in the mad rabbit dance. Not one to pass up playing the rescuer that is just what he does, picking her up and scooping her out of the way and wandering off with the female companion. Off.. elsewhere. Probably to get her medical treatment. Probably.

Jocelyn spins around as she misses the rabbit, her eyes narrowing in concentration at the speedy little creature. She glances about, trying to find something to distract the bloodthirsty beast. Her eyes settle on an overturned ice chest, spilling various unidentified meat products onto the asphalt, wrapped in neat little cellophane packages. No doubt abandoned by some poor vendor fleeing the psychotic bunnies.

Leaping forward, Jocelyn grabs for one of the meat products, tearing open the packaging as she slides the defrosted steak of unknown origin along the asphalt, the meat packet stopping just inches away from where the rabbit had been when she lunged at it.

Seeing Jocelyn handling one of the other bunnies on the ground, he felt abit freer to deal with the matters at hand. With a rabbit airborn and quickly descending with sharp pointy teeth designed to decapitate, Aillen decided it was time to stop playing around and go all out. He snagged the freed poles and hurled the batch airborne into the falling thing, knowing that an airborn target without flight had nowhere to dodge after all. It was nothing then but a batch of blood and fur raining down as the poles ripped its body apart midair before falling down, pinning a rabbit leg and a head around the four corners of the meat fest.

With her prey now quite distracted by the tasty meaty treat, Jo lunges at the creature again, meat cleaver raised to strike a killing blow against the rabbit's fragile neck. The blade whistled through the air, slicing through the rabbit with shocking ease and lodging itself into the pavement bellow with a rather sickening splort crunch. She grimaces a bit as the rabbit twitches it's last beneath the blade.

There was little left to do besides cleaning up at this point it seemed, as bunnies were busy consuming their kills or the meat flung at them as distractions. Taking up one of the nearby grills by the legs, he did a quick up to fling its lid free along with its cooking contents, snagging a kabob between his teeth in the motion. It was just a quick hop, flip and a slam away from cooking himself a distracted bunny beneath fallen coals, trapped in the steel bowl shaped container of the grill.

Jo winces as the blood rains down on her as a result of Aillen's rather gruesome dispatch of the airborn hare, "Oh gods, could you not have done that cleaner?" She now looks like a horrifying serial killer, standing there, bathed in far more blood than should have been present in just one little rabbit, holding a meat cleaver.

Kicking the grill he had flipped over to cook alive the other bunny he gave a shrug. "Sorry about that. I wasn't sure how strong it was, so a good bit of rain of spears seemed the logical move." He wiped the blood spatter off himself. "Guess the partys over none the less. Can't imagine too many stuck around after that. Well aside from the ones with the guns holding down the fort over there. " He nodded his head at one of the tents in the distance.

Regarding the charred bunny with disdain, Jo grabs a white towel from the same booth she had borrowed the meat from, wiping the gore off herself, "Yeah, nothing like a bunch of psychotic rabbits with big huge nasty teeth and a mean streak a mile wide to ruin a perfectly good barbecue," she took her glasses off, trying to wipe blood off of the lenses rather futilely, before shoving the spectacles into her messenger bag, "Please tell me you are not going to eat those."

"Well I hadn't been intending to eat it. I prefer it marinaded abit. This is probably too well done by now." Aillen kicked the grill again, flipping off his button up shirt and using it to wipe down his face and arms, the t-shirt underneath clean enough aside from being abit sweaty from the heroics. "At least it ended quick enough. No chance for reporters or anyone too curious about how it got handled." He found a convenient hand cleanser dispenser to get the grime of dead bunny off his hands and disinfect the nasty bits.

"That's reassuring. Not sure what we should do with the carcasses, though. Leaving them out for the normal people to deal with is likely not a good idea," Jo nudges the dead rabbit with the toe of her sneaker, as though to make certain it is good and dead. She drops the cleaver, after wiping it off as best she can, behind one of the abandoned counters.

"Guess there isn't really much of a reason to stick around here anymore," she glances at her wrist watch, "The longer we stay near the scene, the more curious people will get," Jo starts walking back towards the entrance to the fair, checking down the manhole her classmates fell into, "Hoping they made it out of there ok. It would be rather unfortunate to escape vorpal bunnies, only to be devoured by vorpal gators."

"They should be fine, probably taking the nice bit of privacy to go over what he saw on that there billboard ya know?" He grinned at that, glancing towards the manhole cover and chuckled as he walked. "Least it was only bunnies this time. Always could be something far worse." Shaking his head at that, he ventured a possibility "Like undead ones. Or ya know, flaming ones. " He sighed as he wrapped the bloody button up shirt around his waist as he made way out of the fair. "Still, least the meat was tasty before it got all ruined."

Jo wrinkled her nose up at the thought of undead bunnies, "Agreed, it can always be worse. There's always a bigger fish. Or rabbit," she sighs, looking down at her ruined outfit, "This is going to be a fun trip on the subway. But, honestly, not the first time someone has ridden the underground coated in rabbit blood."

"Well the laws still might let you go topless if you prefer." He smirked. "No don't hit me for that one. You can wear mine if you don't mind smelling like a sweaty guy? I don't care what Dion says, the chicks love it plenty more than the guys at the gay bar." He made a face at that, not having desire to be hit on in that way.

Jo snorted, shaking her head, "Yes, legally, I don't need a shirt anymore than you do. But," she nodded up to the rather enormous billboard towering over the scene, "I don't think I'm quite cut out for that sort of exposure, a few too many twinkies and a bit too much enjoyment of Greek cooking take their toll. I'll stick with the bunny blood shirt," she chuckled, "If nothing else, I can say it's performance art." She struck a dramatically silly pose before continuing past the rather nasty destruction wrought by the bunnies.

"Yeah Art." He sighed at that. "Well enjoy your subway ride home. I have to see about hiding this shirt from my mum abit till I can get it to the cleaners. Start asking about blood, I have to start lieing some more, having to change her mind about some things. Rather not have to use anything on my mum. " He shrugged. "Try to avoid any more blood from PETA or killing rabbits on your way home."

"Good luck with that. See you another time. Hopefully with less blood," Jo waved slightly, heading for the subway entrance, quite thankful that even coated in blood and gore, she just blended into the background of the city.

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