Relic Chart

Creating a good and appropriate Relic can be a daunting procedure. This is the chart from the Companion, to make the task a bit easier. Remember that no single Relic can be rated higher than 5 dots.

Sample Historical Relics

1 Purview: Animal, Chaos, Darkness, Death, Earth, Fertility, Fire, Frost, Guardian, Health, Illusion, Justice, Moon, Psychopomp, Sky, Sun, War, Water, Magic, Mystery, Prophecy.
Birthright Connection
Link a single Birthright to the Relic's use; must expend 1 Legend.
May completely regenerate any Followers or Guides destroyed that are linked to it.
Gain a +1 to an equipment bonus.
Gain a +1 to a weapon's Accuracy, Damage, or Defense.
Gain a -1 to a weapon's Speed.
Add (Legend x 5) to a weapon's Range.
Gain a +1/+1 to an armor's bashing and lethal soaks.
Gain a -1 to an armor's Fatigue or Mobility rating.
Add wearer's Legend to any single (Attribute + Ability) roll.
Dissuade thieves who steal the item, killing one of their loved ones until it is returned.
Doubles the Duration of a given Purview of Boons.
Reduce the Difficulty of activating a Boon performed ritually using the Relic by -1.
Once per day, may reroll a failed roll as through using Legend, though does not Fatebind.
May mimic the effects of a single one-dot Boon.
Create an emotion within a target struck by a weapon or touched by item. Requires a (Charisma + Presence + Legend) roll, opposed by target's (Willpower + Integrity + Legend), and lasting for a number of days equal to the number of successes over the opponent's roll.
Melee weapon can strike at a distant target out to (Legend x 5) yards away.
Increase efficiency of one aspect of a Knack.
Add +1 to DVs.
Item may alter its basic shape, length, color, or some other physical attribute.
Reduce die penalty for multiple actions by 1.
An ammunition-based weapon never needs reloading.
A fuel- or energy-dependent machine no longer needs either.
•• Add wearer's Legend to any roll using a single Ability.
•• May mimic the effects of a single two-dot Boon.
•• Covering that completely regenerates a single item placed under it overnight.
•• Item may be used by a ghost or other intangible creature.
••• Add wearer's Legend to any roll using a single Attribute.
••• Double the Legend award given by an Itzli Boon if the blood resulting from the ritual is placed within.
••• May mimic the effects of a single three-dot Boon.
••• May communicate via a medium (mirrors, fire, television sets, etc.) and use Boons within (Legend x 5) miles.
•••• Undertake an Underworld quest to return a mortal or Scion (of lower Legend than user) back to life.
•••• May mimic the effects of a single four-dot Boon.
•••• May animate the item in question to function on its own. A Singing Sword that can fight by itself.
••••• May mimic the effects of a single five-dot Boon.
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