Recriminations And Plans


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Scene Title Recriminations and Plans
Synopsis A chance meeting in an patio restaurant leads to three Scions sharing information, making plans, and questioning tactics.

Rockefeller Center

Almost a self-contained city in and of itself, the Rockefeller Center is a collection of buildings and galleries. The towering General Electric building, with its 'stepped' design on the facade, is the 'flagship' of the center, marking its location and heart. Top architects were involved in the construction of the Center, leading it to be declared a City Landmark in 1985. The center is alive with people night and day, all through the year, its offering of shops, entertainment, gardens and dining unmatched for many years. In the minds of many, the Rockefeller Center will be what they remember. Restaurants and galleries are here a'plenty, with the Rainbow Room atop the GE building offering a luxury '30s-style setting, the Channel Gardens between the British Empire Building and La Maison Francaise providing a strip of displays, fountains and calm. In winter, millions flock to see the lighted Christmas Tree and display, which brillance adorns the huge outdoor skating-rink.

"If you like. I could find out, you know, but I suppose it's fairer if I let you keep it." The man is seated outside of one of the myriad of resturaunts, having a chat with Asterisk. It's dark out by now, the city mostly lit by cars and bright yellow bulbs of streetlights and windows. "Is it me? I'd be flattered if it was me." His fingers lift then, pinching at the top of her menu. "Are you ready?"

"Why do you keep pressing the issue?" Asterisk questions of Leonard after a moment, looking over her menu to him. Then she rolls her eyes. "Do you want it to be you? I could say it's you." Afterwards, she nods. She was ready, she supposed.

Peter steps out of the very same restaurant, looking over his shoulder and waving a farewell with a boisterous, "Absolutely Mr. Gisseppi! You know me, if Peter Lambros says it will be in by Tuesday, it will be in by Tuesday. So Tuesday..un huh. Un huh? Okay. Ciao!" He lets the door shut and the noise from inside dies down, so does Peter's exuberance. Taking a deep breath, he pauses just past the door way as if getting his bearing or otherwise centering himself after whatever was going on inside. As he lingers a couple approach the door, an elder couple. Peter holds the door open, commenting to the lady that she looks very lovely tonight. They take a little time getting up into the restaurant, but Peter doesn't seem to mind.

"Well," The magician comments, "It's fun. I like questions." The man's fingers pinch, drawing the menu backward, dropping it over his. "I have something for you, you know. Besides the food, the food is extra." One arm rises, making a polite, universal signal for 'hey, I'm hungry over here'. It's on his glance for a server that he spots Peter, Leonard's head craning, making an almost owlish tilt before his hand changes from 'food', to 'hi', to 'hey, over here'. One big wave.

Asterisk rolls her eyes a moment again at Leonard, though this time it is of fun and a laugh might even be on the way. But it doesn't come and she instead releases the menu from her fingers with another wary glance. "Not more flowers?" she questions before looking out to whoever caught the man's attention besides a waiter. Oh! "Peter."

Peter is not the most observant man in the world, but even he can notice people saying his name and doing elaborate waves. The stillness on his face is broken by a warm smile and he walks over, "Well, good evening cousin. Mystery." He nods to Asterisk and Leonard in turn. "I was hoping one of you might call me so we could catch up, and here I run into you. Lovely." He looks at the pair at the table. "Of course, if this is not an opportune time, we could meet later? I wouldn't want to interrupt anything."

"Too late. You're already ruining things, so you might as well stay. Have a seat." Leonard's arm sweeps, making gesture toward empty space at the table. No chair, but the invitation is still there. "Actually, I was hoping to run into you. You realize, don't you, that you did something increadibly stupid?" He doesn't seem upset, really. He's even cheery about letting Peter know of his opinion, smile flashing up toward the man before he attempts to flag down one of the wandering waiters. "And no," He mentions to his companion, "Not flowers."

Asterisk doesn't let her comment be said between, only a slightly idle, "Don't mind him. He speaks strongly." It's just a little slip about Leonard as he talks. She leans backward, though, as the man continues to talk.

Peter is perfectly happy to snag an empty chair from another table. What he doesn't have in perception, he at least has in the physical skills. Despite the restaurant patio being crowded, he manages to get the chair out from behind another table, over to yours, and spun, without any injuries to anyone involved. Sitting down, he smiles to Asterisk, "I don't mind. Honestly, I am just glad he is speaking." Looking to Leonard he says, "I find there is wisdom and stupidity in most actions…except maybe betting on the Mets. I assume you mean the newspaper article and the activity that prompted it?"

"I do," Leonard admits, head arcing once toward Asterisk before he centers on Peter again. "I just know what I'm doing, is all. Most of the time, anyways." A pause, "Either way, that would be the one. Not a good idea, you know. Especially since I did tell you I'd figure out a better way." He does finally get a waitress, allowing the woman to take orders, giving his own before he adds, "Is there any reason why you didn't feel the need to wait?"

Asterisk places her own order quickly waith the waitress before looking back toward Peter and Leonard to stay focused on the conversation. "I was planning on doing it to, y'know. I just.. Had a building fall on me," she explains softly as if to lighten the situation.

Peter only offers coffee, though he does order a French press style as if regular house coffee isn't good enough. No food, though. Apparently he ate inside. He seems perfectly calm at the accusation, pausing easily as the orders are taken, and even afterwards as Leonard asks his question. Peter nods seriously, "Yes, a very specific reason," before the smile returns to his face, and he nodes to Asterisk. "You, Miss Sirko. Your mother is my cousin, after all. My mother's brothers' daughter. I don't think I can quite say she is a sister of any form despite my mother being married to her father." He looks almost apologetic to Leonard, "Sorry, the family is horribly complicated. My mother's husband's daughter, and I prefer not to call him by name, less he notice me. Anyway. Where was I?"

Peter's eyes dart up and right, trying to recall, and then he ahs, and he looks back to Asterisk, "The family may be complicated, but we are related by blood. We have a common ancestor, my grandparents, your great-grand parents." And he looks back to Leonard, "And that is why I feel there was a need for expediency. I have to protect my family. She is my family. If there was any chance, what so ever, that the Angel would find Miss Sirko before me, I had to remove that chance." He takes a breath, the seriousness fading, "I apologize, I really do, if it complicates things. But family, always, comes first to a son of Hera, protector of families. But if it protected Sirko, it was not a foolish thing to do." He smiles, "As proven by the fact she would just do the same anyway."

"That's interesting. However nice of a gesture it may be, killing yourself needlessly won't be particularly productive. Not to mention now you're a marching target, who happens to be around myself and other people I'd like to stay alive. Not the most ideal situation." Leonard's eyes sketch over toward Asterisk, peeking up from over dark lenses. A smile comes after a second. "Well, that was that." He doesn't seem to find the need to say any more, instead continuing, "Either way, I feel I should voice my dissatisfaction."

Asterisk looks between Peter and Leonard with a soft sigh. "Guys. Guys. /Please./ I'm a big girl now. I can take care of myself, alright?" the woman claims at the men before reaching forward to toy around with the salt and pepper shakers.

Peter nods, "As I say, I appreciate the difficulties this presents. But is not our way to hide, to be quiet. I mean, think about it. Heracles is my brother in law! Obviously, I have never met him, but still, even preparing for a life time it is still mind blowing." He leans back in the chair, pausing as starters are delivered, including his French press. Once the area is clear again, Peter continues. "I shall try to be inclusive in the decisions, Mystery. I very much agree it is not an ideal solution. But this is not some passing fancy, to protect my cousin. It is my vocation. It is the thing that pounds in my veins." He does appear sympathetic to Leonard, dissatisfied with the results here. Then he looks to Asterisk. "Were you taking care of yourself before or after the building fell on you?" He grins, a joke, and one that his staggering charisma blunts to try and make it non-insulting. The grin fades, "I am sure you can. Doesn't mean I don't have your back as well, Asterisk." He pauses, "Is it okay I call you Asterisk? Blood aside, we really don't know each other that well.

"I do hate to tell you, but it was our way to be quiet for quite a long time. Now, unfortunately, it's not so much the case." Leonard's hand rises, making dismissive flick. "That's not the case, though. The case is being smart. You want them to come to you, while I want to go to them. You're way entails bearing your chest, closing your eyes, and hoping for the best. My way is taking a knife, sneaking up behind them," A pause. "And, well, hoping for the best. It's the matter of approach. Either way, I'd like you to help do this my way, provided you're not dead by the time we start." Finally, to Asterisk, "I know. I'd be giving you the same talk if it were different, don't feel so left out." There's a smile then, playful tilt of lips before he turns again toward the other Scion.

The woman leans backward very slowly before letting out a soft sigh. She doesn't say anything for a few moments before canting her head to one side. "Okay. I feel better," she claims with a little laugh, one hand waving through the air. "Asterisk is fine."

Peter looks to Leonard, saying, "Only recently, Mystery. Our way was to be loud, to fight and love and die in ways that people talk about thousands of years later. That went away for a while, but I think the time spent being open is much longer than the time to be silent. So really, 'our way' is a matter of perspective. Besides," he points out down the street that eventually leads to Time Square, "Even if it weren't, the cat's out of the bag now." Pressing the cooked beans with the plunger, he does have to laugh at the part about sneaking up and hoping for the best. Laughing, "But, friend Mystery, isn't it easier to find someone's back when they are looking at something else that is louder?" The laughter ends in a chuckle as he looks again to his cousin. "And please, call me Petros. So, a building fell on you? Please, how did that happen?" He seems sincerely to want to know.

"Of course." Another flick of Leonard's hand and it sets to the table again. "Either way. I have information for you, since I don't consider you hopeless yet. Not much, but enough." Lips split into another lopsided smile, though he doesn't press further. Instead his eyes set on Asterisk, palm moving up to support his chin. "Good to hear." Other than that he waits.

"Uhm.." Asterisk begins after being prompted the reason for the collapsing building. "Well. It was on fire, you see. And I was a first responder. So I was first in. And I was last out. End of story, really," she claims with a shrug of her shoulder. "The building was of a very flimsy lightweight construction and hasn't the proper reinforcements."

Peter nods, and waits for more to come, but when there isn't more, he nods again. "I see. But you saved lives, helped put the blaze out, made a difference?" The question seems rhetorical, as is if he is assuming all that to be true to the point where confirmation isn't even required. "Well done, cousin," he finally responds, pouring out a rich dark liquid. "So," he looks back to Leonard, "Not completely hopeless?" He nods approvingly, "Not a bad start then. Anyway, you had some information?"

"A bit. They aren't on earth at the moment, so that makes finding them hard. They aren't servants of the Christian God, unfortunately. Titans own them. We can find them through a priest." Leonard moves to collect his own drink when it arrives, mentioning, "That's the most revelant information I was able to uncover." Hand moves at Asterisk after, mentioning, "I'm sure that was the case."

"As if it wasn't the case," Asterisk huffs lightly as she leans forward t snatch up her own soda from the table to sip at. Eyes move between the men before back toward her lap where her fingers twist together.

Peter nods, and frowns that the angels are not related to the Christian god. He seems almost let down by that news. "I notice you are saying servants and they — so there are multiple assailants? Is that also from your research, or just something I missed in the police reports?"

"I'm assuming multiple. They've also got connections to the fanatics running about. Be it merely belief or something more, I can't tell." The magician's fingers wave toward Asterisk. "I know it's the case. You do your job." Another show of teeth. "Either way. The way I asked the questions, it seemed to be that there are several of them. So, the idea is to find a priest. I'll tell him something to make him bring the angels, and then we take one."

Peter opens his mouth, and then just shuts its while shaking his head amusedly. "I was about to ask what it was you were going to say to the Priest," he explains with amusement mixed with a hint of annoyance, "that would cause the angels to come, but I suspect you will not tell me. So the plan is to summon one via this Priest, interrogate it, destroy it, and find out where its kin are?" He sips his coffee and muses, finally offering. "What if they all come, not singly?"

"I haven't worked it out yet, actually. I was going to go with a mission from God, actually. Unless the Priest is like us, it shouldn't be a problem." Leonard reaches to pluck up his glass, taking small sip from the container. "Even then, unless he has the same deductive powers I do, I should be fine. People listen to me when I tell them what to do, and the believe what I say. I just have to ask in the right voice." A smile. "And, if they all come, well, it's better than you're plan because they'll be surprised and we won't."

Peter frowns, this time he is annoyed, "My plan, as you call it, was not a plan. It was insurance. Please don't think it was my goal to lure the angels into attack me. I was doing so to make sure that if," he hits that word if firmly, "If there was another attack, it would be against someone who was expecting it instead of being blind sided." The annoyed tone fades, "I do not mind being called foolish," a grudging smile goes up, "But I prefer to be called foolish for the things I actually did or thought." He raises his eyebrows a moment, the wordless, 'okay?' mannerism, before continuing. "I see we share a commanding presence, this is good." He leans back into the chair, crossing his legs. "Any idea which Titan these angels serve?"

"Unknown. I didn't want to waste my time with it, and I was spectacularly disappointed that the one God wasn't behind it all." Leonard's eyesbrows raise in return, making mirrored gesture. His shoulders tilt back, rolling once in response. "If that's how you'd like to call it. Perhaps I misunderstood."

Peter nods, "It is my preference. My actions might have appeared hasty or impatient, but they were neither. They were done with specific consideration. You seem to have a tactical mind to you, Mystery. If you are in camp and plan an attack at dawn, don't you still put out sentries to make sure you are not caught unawares the night before?" A rhetorical question, for he moves on. "We had an exposure, I want to try and mitigate it." He glances to Asterisk, trying to gauge if she is ready for battle after her ordeal, even asking her if she appears engaged. Finally, though, he goes back to Leonard. "And I can understand your disappointment. Well, maybe not. I don't know your reasons. But I cam certainly empathize with it." He drains the last off his coffee, even as your meal starts to arrive. "So, tomorrow the three of us and the Detective shall seek out a Priest, eh? I shall put a note in my planner," he chuckles, "Right after monthly donations."

"If you want to be helpful, find a good lists of clergymen. We'll want to start with the big ones. The ones that eat up attention. Hopefully we won't have to go looking for real devotion, or it'll get trickly." Leonard's head cranes in a gracious bow, lips ticking into a lopsided sort of grin. "I still think you've made a mistake. Thank you for explaining yourself, though."

Asterisk shifts her body lightly on the chair, nodding her head once. "Tommorrow will be interesting.." she notes very softly with one hand reaching to scratch at the back of her neck. "Thanks for being the news-fodder, Petros." Her head dips a few times in a nod.

Peter nods, and pulls out a billfold, leaving money for the coffee and a very generous tip. "Then we shall have to agree to disagree, Mystery. We'll let our songs and stories decide. I don't know clergy specifically, but I know many people who know people. I shall see what I can find." He looks back to Asterisk, "You are welcome, Asterisk. Better me than you, especially if you were injured. I am glad you survived your ordeal so ably. May we all survive this upcoming battle so well." And with that he rises, with a final nod, "Mystery," before leaving the two to their dinners.

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