Raymond Moon
Portrayed By: Ian Anthony Dale
Status: Alive and Cynical
Age: Mid-late twenties
Calling: Freelance Police
Pantheon: Amatsukami
Divine Parent: Tsuki-Yomi
Significant Other(s): Small horde of cannibal cheerleaders who want to kill him.


Really, if Erin Moon, star of such Z-movie knockoff films as "Shapechangoids", "Graboids" and several others films with titles ending in -oid" hadn't gone to the art show, Ray's life would have been very different. To be fair, though, it also wouldn't have been Ray's. And since that's who we're talking about, she -did- go to the art show, where she met charming man named "Sun" who worked at the Japanese embassy. One thing led to another, and there was a one-night stand that both remembered fondly, even after "Mr. Sun" had to go back to his official duties as Japanese god of the moon. (Calling himself Mr. Sun was his little joke. Not all the gods have a gift for comedy.) Not that Erin knew about that part. She just knew that nine months later, on the set of "KILLER BABIES ATTACK!" she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy she named Raymond, after her grandfather, and Raymond- Ray for short, grew up in his mother's disturbingly large wake in Hollywood, California. At least to some extent, this prepared him for the levels of weird yet to come.

We fast-forward some eighteen years. Ray had always dreamed of being an Astronaut. What he -got- was several years of private tutors and an all-expenses trip to film school, and what seemed like no hope of escape. This -despite- the fact that he repeatedly made completely awful films. Everyone just assumed he was being awful on purpose and thus he was heralded as being 'avant garde.' (It should be noted: He was being awful on purpose, but it was an effort to flunk out that backfired spectacularly.)

It was finals week of his third year at film school that Ray got his visitation. It started innocently enough; all day, Ray noticed that there seemed to be more cheerleaders around than normal. He wasn't going to complain about that, but when they started showing up in a packs of three and four outside his dorm, and again outside one of his classes, he got just a little weirded out. He was sneaking off campus to go talk to an Air force recruiter- he did this at least once a month, but the family lawyer usually got wind of his attempts to enlist and made arrangements to 'honorably end' his stay in the Armed forces before he even got to basic.

The recruitment office was closed, and the fry cook from the shop next door was the only one around when Ray arrived. He was followed shortly thereafter by nearly a dozen of the weird cheerleaders, who, on seeing the cook, dropped to all fours to charge Ray, howling for blood.

"Well, then. I'll guess you'll need this." And that's when the fry cook tossed ray Ray the katana, and Ray gave him a look of "Okay, so you're completely crazy" just before one of the Shikome bit him on the shoulder.

It was all sort of a blur after that, with Ray fighting back against the insane feral cheerleaders with a still-sheathed katana in a way he -knew-, absolutely, he should not have been able to do.

Afterwards, the cook took Ray out for coffee. After he punched out the waitress for being a poor hostess, he explained a few things; namely, that he was Ray's father, Tsuki-Yomi, the brother of Amatseru goddess of the sun and that he was god of the moon. Titans, Titanspawn, the coming war. Ray believed about half of it, but agreed to keep an eye on things in Hollywood, if Tsuki-Yomi would do him one favor:

Get him out of film school.

So now, Ray is a freelance agent of the gods of Japan, going wherever they send him, and his dad's promised to let him see the moon one day. Erin Moon is off on a film shoot in Hungary and is suddenly, mysteriously, strangely accepting of Ray not working in the industry. Ray tries not to think too hard about that.

He's also the faintly embarassed owner of a magical katana and a trenchcoat that can conceal it without anyone the wiser, as well as a magical fedora. "It goes with the coat" is the only explanation he was ever given for it.

Every few weeks he hears from his father or one of his relatives about something weird going on, and goes to check it out. This is how he wound up in New York. And of course, being a Scion, weird things are bound to happen just from him being around. That part? That part he hasn't figured out yet.


Ray is the gripiest scion to ever gripe a gripe. He gripes about the weather, he gripes about his job, he gripes about the fact that his dad likes to give him cryptic clues instead of just telling him things straight out, he gripes that his dad talks too much and drinks all his beer. Despite all this, he still does his job, usually while loudly complaining about how much he doesn't want to do it.


Ray's met his cousin Maia so far, who filled him in on some useful info. Admittedly, it led him to going to Greenland, but it was still useful. His relationship with his dad is…complicated. Mostly because he's slightly embarassed by the old man's tendency to sulk and test out new recipe ideas on him. Also there's some freaky deal with the army of Shikome cheerleaders where they -keep showing up again- and attacking him and he's not sure why and no one wants to let him in on the joke.

Events Thus Far

Character Sheet

Strength 3 Charisma 3 Perception 3
Dexterity 5 Manipulation 2 Intelligence 3
Stamina 3 Appearance 2 Wits 3
Academics 3 Art- Fim 2 Athletics 3
Awareness 3 Brawl 2 Command 1
Control- Cars 2 Empathy 1 Integrity 2
Investigation 4 Larceny 2 Marksmanship 1
Melee 5 Occult 2 Politics 1
Presence 2 Science 2 Stealth 3
Fedora (Grants access to Darkness Purview) Trenchcoat +1 soak, -1 mobility penalty over biker leathers, birthright tie to the Kusanagi The Kusanagi: Katana Template, +2 Damage, -1 Speed
Night Eyes Shadow Mask The Wakeful Spirit
Benefit of the Doubt Holy Bound Holy Fortitude
Knockback attack Monkey Climber Self Healing
Untouchable Opponent Instant Investigator
Epic Attributes
Strength 2 Charisma 1 Perception
Dexterity 2 Manipulation Intelligence
Stamina 2 Appearance Wits 1
Duty 1 Endurance 1 Intellect 4
Valor 3
Legend 3 Legend Points 9
Wounds 0 0 0 Willpower 7/7
Health -0 -1 -1 -2 -2 -4 I D Available XP: 21 Total XP: 50
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