Shou Kekoalani, Squall of York
Shou Kekoalani
Portrayed By: Hyde
Status: Alive
Age: 20
Calling: Rude Hero
Pantheon: Amatsukami
Divine Parent: Susano-O
Significant Other(s): None


Shou Kekoalani was born twenty years ago to a then young woman that lived in the Hawaiian island of Oahu. As a child, Shou never knew his father. All that his mother Alana would say was that his father was a man that defied the ropes of domesticated living and that he had left Shou only two things apart from his life: his name (as a note, written on Alana's pregnant belly as she slept) and a silver surfboard necklace. Both things Shou carried with pride through his childhood.

Even as a young child he was a rebellious troublemaker. He started skipping school at nine, to go surf with the older kids in the low mornings. By the age of twelve, he'd joined up with Da Hui, the legendary Hawaiian surf gang. He had all the makings of a great surfer, too, with skill and courage seen in very few. He would face the highest waves without flinching, and pick himself back up after a thrashing as if nothing had occurred.

Surfing became his passion. Mid-way through highschool, it became his life. He skipped out on both his mother and his schooling at the age of fifteen, and with the little money his friends from Da Hui were able to scrounge up for him, he went into the world, traveling by any means necessary to different surf spots, wanting to find the perfect wave.

Mexico. Venezuela. Brazil. Argentina. Italy. France. Australia. Malaysia. Japan. Japan. Japan. It's when Shou hit his father's homeland that his life would come to a sudden, irrevocable change.

A gang of Yakuza titanspawn had taken over one of the warf turfs. Susano-O, god of the sea and storms, was displeased. When his hurricane eye caught sight of his unmistakeable offspring surfing along the Japanese coast, he descended upon his scion like a tsunami, lifting him high into the sky, and then engulfing him in a tidalwave that sunk Shou to the bottom of the sea. Suspended in the endless darkness of the ocean's depths, Shou met his father. Susano-O explained, with great haste, that Shou was no ordinary mortal. He was the son of a /God/, and as that, was to defend the world from the threat of the titanspawn. Shou demonstrated inherited stubbornness when it came to accepting this, but Susano-O, being shrewd and versed in the arts of persuasion, told his child of the wonders he'd be able to experience in his journeys; and the world he'd be able to explore.

Shou ended up accepting, and with his father's help, defeated the Yakuza titanspawn in an epic battle atop a skyscraper rooftop. The last of the titanspawn, a vicious, scarred beast, made a desperate attempt to kill Shou by flinging them both off the skyscraper roof. Shou landed thousands of feet below without a scratch, on the tips of his toes. The titanspawn was not so lucky.

After the battle, Susano-O gave Shou two gifts. The first, was the knowledge that the necklace he'd borne his entire life was not just that, but also a powerful relic that allowed him access to some of his inherited powers. It could also become a weightless, silver surfboard that could ride waves and clouds alike. The second was a companion for Shou's travels: Mishunigami, a hatchling umbral dragon from the shadowy depths. Barely able to speak, Mishunigami (Mishu for short) does so at great length, whether Shou likes it or not. He is immaterial and visible only to Shou and other people endowed as he is with divine ichor.

Susano-O disappeared without so much as a good bye, and Shou, finding himself alone but with new-found purpose and power, made his way back to North America. He made a pit-stop back home, to tell his mother all about it, but his ultimate destination is much higher up in the globe. Something ethereal is pulling him to New York.


He likes surfing, long walks on the beach, and girls. Fights to the death are entirely welcome, but optional.


Kaylee, the Irish Naturalist
First friend in the Big Apple. She's real nice, charitable, a little shy, and very cute. Shou goes back and forth between her good side and her bad side, but he always manages to get back into her good graces, miraculously enough. It may be his chaotic nature, or just his persistence.

Hikaru, the Shifter Fox
He has a tail, and can shapeshift between male and female shapes, along with other details. Shou picks on him a lot, but the relationship is definitely a sibling-like one. Hikaru and Shou both recently took a trip to Takamagahara together, and fought oni and ninjas!

Melissa, the Turtle Maiden
Another sea-child. She's hot and blonde and likes turtles a lot. Like Kaylee, she's into nature or whatever, and like Hikaru, can shapeshift to some degree. She likes swimming and has a huge turtle as a familiar or something. Nice girl. Marine biologist, so she must be smart. Right?

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