Hideous and yet ever-changing, Proteus is the Old Man of the Sea. Son of Poseidon and an extra-ordinary shapeshifter and prophet, Proteus is a rarity amongst the Greek pantheon due to his innate humility and timid nature. Despite his ability to look like anyone or anything he so pleases, the god finds himself eternally condemned to being a monster, as his true shape is always the one he returns to, inevitably.

In modern times, Proteus has been a shaming beggar, a marine animal trainer, an elderly adviser, an advocate for any type of equality, and the fortuneteller with a heart of gold.

Proteus' humility is rivaled only by his incredible envy. Petty and cruel with those that have more and disdain their 'lessers', he has been known to wreck bloody vengeance upon those who would dub themselves 'The Beautiful People'. Despite this, when he seeks a paramour, they almost always are beautiful men and women (he can assume either gender).

His scions can be born physically perfect, or inexplicably marred like their divine father, though they tend to be humble like him, with strong ties to emotions and harsh tempers when they are in the presence of great injustice.

Associated Powers: Epic Appearance, Arete, Prophecy, Water.

Abilities: Athletics, Empathy, Integrity, Presence, Stealth, Survival.

Rivals: Aphrodite; Inari, Loki, Bastet, Tezcatlipoca, Erzulie

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