Protector vs Destroyer


Dhatri Karmali Sitara

Scene Title Protector vs Destroyer
Synopsis Dhatri (son of Vishnu, the protector) spars against his cousin Sitara (daughter of Shiva, the destroyer).

Battery Park

Ringed by statues and monuments, this park is named after the cannon that were once stationed here. A swath of green on the southern tip of Manhattan Island, it is an escape from the bustle of the city. Battery Park is as far south as you can go in Manhattan. It offers an expanse of green from which to view the harbor and the Statue of Liberty. The 23-acre park is where the colony of new Amsterdam first began more than three centuries ago. The skyline of southern Manhattan and Wall Street is clearly visible from the park, the huge buildings dominating the view to the north and east. The trees do often hide the view, however, growing thickly around many sections of the park. Looking the other way is the harbor and Liberty Island, where the Statue of Liberty stands out to sea. During the day, flocks of tourists can be seen, putting money into telescopes to see the famous statue. Many choose to venture down to the Port and onto the ferry-boats which shuttle vistors back and forth to Ellis and Liberty Islands. Off to the north, at the edge of the Park, a huge building stands serving no purpose other than pumping air into the Brooklyn-Battery tunnel.

It's evening, though most would consider it morning, given the hour, but sunrise is still an hour away and Sitara is still wide awake. She's got a big puffy coat on this time, and the earbuds are in place as they were last time. This time however, her lips are moving and she's speaking or singing quietly while she walks. Who knew she liked moonlit walks through the park?

Dhatri is dressed much as usual, though he is also wearing a smart looking overcoat. He is sat on one of the many benches around the park; one of the ones not too far ahead of where Sitara is walking, in fact. He is currently munching on a rather nice smelling bacon sandwich with ketchup, and has an unopened can of coke classic next to him.

Sitara spots Dhatri after a minute and stops. "Ahh, hello cousin. Are we cousins? I suppose we are. How are you tonight? Looks like you're being boring," she says, grinning.

Dhatri shrugs. "I find boring is sometimes underrated," he says drily as he finishes off his breakfast and opens up the can. "And yes, I'd say cousins is probably the best word to describe us. I see you're up early…"

Sitara laughs. "Early? Hell no. Up /late/. And boring is overrated. I hate being bored. It leads to bad things. Or sometimes just violent things," she says, opening her coat up a little, so a cobra can poke its head out and peer at Dhatri. Or stare at him, more like. "Why are /you/ up this early though? Oh gods. Don't tell me you're a /morning/ person," she says, as if horrified at the thought.

"I have to be; I'm a medical student," Dhatri points out drily. "Doesn't mean I like mornings much, just that I have to get up early for class. A pet?" he asks regarding the snake.

"Eww. Morning person /and/ a brainiac. Double whammy," Sita says, nose wrinkling. "And no, she's not quite a pet. She's a companion, and she wanted to see you so she could recognize you, since you're part of the family."

"I see," Dhatri replies dubiously. "A morning person and a brainiac who could probably still kick your arse any day of the week," he then points out with a slight smile."

Sitara's brows lift. "Oh, it's on now. We're sparring. Right here, right now," she says, offering her hand to the snake, who coils around it, and waits until she puts her hand down near the bench, so she can coil up there. Then she starts to take her coat off. "C'mon brain boy. Got a weapon on you? Won't hurt you /too/ badly, promise."

"Well, wouldn't you know it I brought my gym bag with me," Dhatri says, opening it up and pulling out a wooden training blade. "Unless of course you'd prefer to use live blades; it's up to you of course…"

Sitara smirks. "If you're going to kick my ass then you shouldn't have a problem with using real weapons, should you?"

Dhatri shrugs, and puts the training blade back in his bag. He then pulls out a tulwar. "Whenever you're ready," he invites Sitara, raising his guard.

Sitara continues to smirk as she steps back from the bench, the snake crawling into the coat and curling there. It's warm. The charm on Sita's bracelet shimmers for a moment, then expands into a full sized trident. She grasps it, giving it a little twirl before falling into a two-handed ready stance. "You asked for it!" she says, before she moves, thrusting out with the weapon towards Dhatri.

Dhatri bends over backwards, his natural agility and supernatural speed both allowing him to move out of the way of the attack. When the trident is recovered, Dhatri slices horizontally at Sitara's belly. He's not quite as technically good as Sitara, but he's fast enough to make up for it…

Sitara's body shifts to one side, and she blocks the attack with the tines of the trident, filling the air with the sound of metal ringing against metal. She smirks. "Not bad, brainiac," she says, before she twists again, swinging the trident around, trying to send the butt of it into him.

Dhatri ducks under the but as it sweeps past, thrusting his blade at Sitara as he does so. "You're not too bad yourself."

Sitara brings the trident around to easily parry his next attack, and she smirks. "Maybe I spoke too soon?" she asks, a gleam of excitement in her eyes. Clearly she loves fighting. The trident is then brought over and down in a slightly diagonal arc aimed for him.

Dhatri ducks out of the way just a little to late, and one of the tines scratches his forehead. "I'm not out of the fight yet," he says in a dry tone, moving his blade toward an opening his last attack created.

Her own last attack helped to leave her open, and Sita can't bring the trident down in time to prevent her side from being cut by his blade. "Indeed." Though despite that injury, she's not out either, and the trident is brought around, and the sharp pointy end of her weapon shoved towards him again.

Dhatri steps nimbly to one side, cutting downward at Sitara's arm; the one towards the business end of the trident.

Sitara blocks the attack again, getting the pointy end between her and the blade. This time however, she doesn't try to pull the trident away, but instead tries to tangle the blade and tines and send the former flying.

Dhatri pulls his blade back just before Sitara twists her trident, allowing him to keep hold of his sword. He then steps forward and slices diagonally downward at Sitara's chest.

Sitara opened herself up with her disarming attempt, and so tries to jump back to avoid his blade. Instead skin and cloth are torn, which draws a soft growl from her. She drops then into a crouch then, swinging out with the trident to try to knock him off his feet.

Dhatri jumps nimbly over the trident before thrusting down at Sitara's chest.

Sitara tries to twist around, to use her momentum to evade the next blow, but doesn't quite manage it. So instead the trident is aimed up towards him, and she shoves off from the ground, looking as though she's trying to skewer him.

Dhatri bends over backwards in a style remaniscent of the Matrix, and, much like the Matrix, he still gets hit; the trident scrapes along his torso, ruining his nice shirt and overcoat. "I'll send you the bill," he says drily as he attempts to grab hold of Sitara's throat.

Sitara manages to sidestep and bend, avoiding the hand with a roll of her eyes. "Must you?" And with both hands on the weapon, she turns, to again send the butt of the trident towards him.

Dhatri ducks back, and the butt of the trident glances off of Dhatri's forehead. He then leans forward, making a quick slice at each of Sitara's arms.

Sitara looks down at her arms and she grimaces just as there's a soft hiss from her coat. "That's enough," she says, taking a step back, setting the end of the trident on the ground. It shimmers again then returns to the tiny charm size. "We will not find a winner like this."

"Indeed; we're fairly even matched," Dhatri replies as he heads to his gym bag to wipe his sword clean and put it away. "Maybe if we ever come up against multiple enemies, we can see who killed the most at the end?" he suggests drily.

Sitara looks amused, the visible cuts already starting to heal. She moves back to the bench, offering her arm to the cobra, who climbs up and coils around her throat loosely, then her coat is put back on. "That would work…if there were an odd number of enemies. Otherwise we'd just tie."

Dhatri smiles. "Well, for now I suppose I'll need to get changed; I don't want people asking why the front of my shirt is shredded," he says drily. "We'll have to do this again some time; with training weapons if only for the sake of our clothing…"

Sitara smirks. "Hey, at least you can't get arrested for having your shirt shredded. But yeah, I agree."

Dhatri chuckles and drinks his coke - that fight worked up a thirst. "Well, you take care; I can't prove that I'm the better fighter if you're dead," he says drily as he picks up his gym bag. "See you around."

Sitara arches a brow. "I'm not dyin' anytime soon, believe me. Dad would be so diappointed." She grins impishly. "Later, Brain," she says before she starts to wander off.

Dhatri burned 1 legend, while Sitara burned 2 willpower.

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